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423 – The danger of the sword barrier!

Chapter 423: The danger of the sword barrier!


“Be careful Qingming——”

“Uncle Lu careful——”


On the doorway of the Lu mansion, countless people screamed out.

Mu Dingyi struck a sword attack, and Lu Qingming hastily faced the attack. They feared that Lu Qingming would be wounded in his unprepared state.

Lu Qingming truly detested the Still water sword school, detested the high and mighty Old immortal who placed himself above common mortals but still committed despicable things.

If this matter were to happen to others, for the sake of his family, and for the sake of the Lu family’s social status, he was willing to compromise.

However, the person they bullied was Li Muyang.

“Did my son anger you? You first ambushed and tried to kill him, and after the ambush failed you sent someone over to deliver a written challenge——you just want to kill my son. You would do whatever it takes to kill my son.” Ever since Mu Yubai’s last attack, which failed, Lu Qingming had a burst of hostility inside him to vent.

Fortunately, Li Muyang had returned safely. If anything were to happen to Li Muyang or he was directly killed by them——how could he face his conscience?

Although he had been reunited with his son, they were still unable to acknowledge each other, how could he stand it emotionally?

Given his wife Gongsun Yu’s attitude and the way she treated Li Muyang, she most likely would not be able to continue to live if Li Muyang had died.

At that time, they will have to face the consequence of the destruction of a family.

Because the Lu family was in a chaotic situation, every step was unpredictable to them and full of danger, and the situation was worrying, Lu Qingming had to suppress his anger and hostility. When everyone kept silent, he also treated as if nothing had happened.

What he didn’t expect was that, when the Still water sword school’s plan failed, they launched another plan and even came to their door——

He usually could ignore everything, disregard everything, but today, even if the Heavenly emperor came to the door, he would still pierce the sky, kill the Buddha, fend off god, and sweep away everything in his way

In fact, there was a relationship between these two attacks.

‘Still water sword technique’ was known as the best sword technique in West Wind, and the ‘Heavenly Emperor spear’ was known as the best spear technique of West Wind.

The best spear and best sword both had the name ‘Best’. Whether the best spear was the most powerful, or the best sword was the sharpest, were questions that countless people were looking forward to an answer in their heart.

But both sides were always extremely restrained. Although the two families have had a lot of little frictions, but there had never been a major conflict. The direct bloodline of the Lu family, such as Lu Qingming and Lu Xingkong, and the members of the Mu clan who had mastered the purest sword intent, including Mu Yubai and Mu Dingyi, have never had any direct clashes.

This time, there may finally be a result.

An answer that the world was very curious about.

The long spear was like a dragon. It wildly raged with purple flames, dimming the brightly lit sky.

The gaseous substance and snowflakes that were ignited by the flames hissed and made an unbearably painful sound.

The lightning technique of the Heavenly emperor spear!

The spear like a bolt of lightning, moving unhindered across the sky.

The head of the long spear pierced straight towards the tremendous dark blue sword, about to shatter it into pieces.

Lu Qingming knew well that the Mu Dingyi was an illusory person, and the sword was similarly an illusory sword.

In other words, the sword was purely made up of sword intent and essential qi, and the incessant blue stream was the outer appearance of the flow of essential qi.

A tangible spear struck a formless sword.

In theory, he occupied the upper hand.

Because Mu Dingyi himself was not at the scene, there was only a wisp of divine thought released. Therefore just how much energy and essential qi could it contain?


The long spear struck the heart of the giant blue sword with a piercing blow, and then——

Just pierced right through.

“Just pierced right through it?” Lu Qingming could not believe his eyes.

His long spear was instilled with powerful qi, while Mu Dingyi’s giant water sword was a body of energy completely made up of powerful qi.

The two bodies of energy both containing tremendous qi collided but the defeaning boom that Lu Qingming unexpected did not appear. His hopes of relying on the powerful qi on the long spear to break down the power of the sword had crumbled.

It should be said that every body of energy was a separate field.

The penetration of different essential qi into a field would destroy the integrity and balance of the entire field.

With the slightest movement, the entire field will explode like a volcanic eruption, thereby destroying everything around it.

The more the essential qi contained in the field, the more waves of essential qi would be brought out along with the explosion.

The giant blue sword was like a real water current, there was no strength, no water ripples, and no explosion.  

“Pierced through.”

“How did it pierce through.”

“How did it pierce through it?”  

Lu Qingming found it difficult to accept the reality. In order to break Mu Dingyi’s Still water sword technique, he had placed all his essential qi in this shot. Because of overexertion, he still maintained the stance as before.

It was too late to change his move.  

Lu Qingming could only look on helplessly as the giant blue sword brushed past him, keeping the state of a water ripple, urgently speeded towards the doorway and name plate of the Lu mansion.

“What’s going on here?”

Many people marveled out loud, their faces were equally incredibly serious.

If the sword of that old man did not contain essential qi, then how could it condense into a giant sword without essential qi? How was it possible to sever the name plate and doorway of the Lu mansion?   

If it was just a water current, how can it bring such destructive power as it striked the doorway?

However, if there were essential qi contained in this sword, then, why would Uncle Lu’s piercing spear be defeated? It was as though he was stabbing into a real lake——it was so simple and easy for it to go through.

In that case, how should it be counterattacked?  

“It’s a sword barrier.” Li Muyang said in a low voice.

A so-called sword barrier, was the barrier of a sword, which can also be said to be the barrier of confusion.

It confuses your heart, as well as your eyes.  

You think it’s there, but it’s not there.

The mountains do not look like mountains, the water does not look like water.

It is——faster than the speed that your eyes could capture, but perhaps slower than what your ears hear.

It was like a living thing playing hide and seek with you.

Before its planned attack had not succeeded, it would not explode that easily.

Lu Qingming’s spear just now did not stab the heart of the sword. Of course, what Lu Qingming sees with his eyes was what he saw.

It was the confusion that the sword barrier gave to Lu Qingming, the illusion placed before his eyes.

Lu Xingkong cast a shocked glance at Li Muyang. He did not expect him to know about such a strong sword technique——Sword barrier.

It should be said that this was not what something an ordinary Starry Sky student should know, and also not something that any swordsman could achieve.

Even the current Master of the Still water sword school Mu Yubai did not have the skill to use such a sword technique, and only that old immortal monster was able to display such a powerful sword technique.

Lu Xingkong looked up at the giant blue sword that was striking down, and suddenly slammed out a punch.


A gush of purple flames blazed towards the tremendous blue sword.

The most astonishing scene appeared. After the purple flames and the giant blue sword came into contact, it similarly did not explode, instead the water ripples across the surface of the blue sword grew fierce, unexpectedly absorbing and fusing with the purple flames.


The blue giant sword instantly erupted into a blinding blaze, growing larger and exuded a more intense murderous spirit.

Lu Xingkong did not care, repeatedly threw out another three punches at the giant blue sword once again.




Following the three consecutive punches, three bursts of purple flame shot up into the sky, charging toward the giant blue sword.

They collided with the giant blue sword in the same way as before, then fused and became part of the blue sword.

—— Crash——

The blue giant sword expanded several times all of a sudden in the course of it striking down.

The blue head of the water was also ignited by the purple flames, like a blazing sword was whizzing across.

It neared.  

Falling onto everyone’s head within seconds.

The flames raged, filed with sword qi.  

The breathing under the sword grew more and more rapid, and every hair on the body stood up on its end.

At the door way of the Lu mansion, as well as the many Lu families standing under the eaves were about to be struck by the giant sword.

—— Crack——

A loud rumble came.

The sound was so close that it sounded like a thunder exploding by the ear.


The tremendous raging sword was torn apart into countless little fragments, which continued blazing in the sky.

The giant blue sword finally exploded.

It was shattered to pieces with a loud boom as it was about to sever off the several heads at the doorway of the Lu mansion and under the eaves.

It forcibly swallowed up the four punches that Lu Xingkong had thrown out in a row, and finally filled itself to bursting point and was torn apart to pieces.


Overhead, the blue fragments of sword were still flaming.

The people present were finally able to breathe freely. The scene just now was too terrifying, the power of the sword was unbearable for many of the people present.  

At that time, it felt as if their was shackled, wrapped, and unable to escape or scream out. All that waited for them was death.

In the distant sky, the white figure had not vanished, calmly watched the scene that had taken place in front of him, as if it was something he had already predicted.

“The letter of challenge has been delivered. Ten days from today, I will be waiting for little friend Muyang in The God of Sword Square.”

The voice grew weaker and the figure in the sky became lighter and eventually faded completely.

As the old man left, his wisp of divine thought also disappeared.

He did not wait for the Lu household’s answer, nor did he wait for Li Muyang’s answer.

Because he knew that he did not have to wait, he who should come will certainly come.

The wind continued to blow and the snow continued to fall.

There was a snow owl bird skimming past his head, dropping a mournful cry.  

Li Muyang looked in the direction of where the old man of Still water sword school faded, muttering: “I haven’t agreed yet.”

“I haven’t agreed yet,” he repeatedly to Elder Chengfeng, who had just got up from the ground.

No one answered his question.

It was as if everyone had decided——that it was an inevitable battle.




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