Chapter 425: Forbid you to go!


Although Li Muyang said that the sword just now was a barrier of confusion, a deceptive trick. But, the fact was Lu Qingming had failed to block it.

It was because he couldn’t block it that he had to take on Mu Dingyi on behalf of Li Muyang.

Since he failed to block it, he was worried that Li Muyang also would not be able block it.

It doesn’t matter if he died, he was worried that Mu Dingyi may kill Li Muyang.

Li Muyang was his son, no matter what he would not allow his son to take such a risk.

Therefore, he asked Li Muyang to agree to his request.

No matter what he had to agree.

Seeing the ashen face of Uncle Lu and him gnashing his teeth as though he was unafraid of sacrificing his life, Li Muyang was unceasingly moved.

Although he had saved his life in the bamboo forest, they had repaid him with too much already. They took great care of his parents and sister, not let the Cui family retaliates against them, and allowed them to live a comfortable and happy life.

Now he was going to die on his behalf, exchange his life for his, which was really difficult for Li Muyang to accept.

Li Muyang looked Lu Qingming in the eye, smiled and said: “Uncle Lu, this request, I cannot promise you.”

“Why don’t you agree?”

“Because he wants to challenge me.” Li Muyang stated with icy-cold eyes. “From the beginning the person that he wanted to challenge was me. I defeated his son Mu Yubai. I destroyed the reputation of Still water sword school——If they do not win against me, do not kill me, then how would Mu Yubai’s hatred by eliminated? How would the reputation of Still water sword school be restored?”

“No. You’re going to die.” Lu Qingming firmly refused. “Mu Dingyi only released a wisp of divine sense just now and already has such a powerful strength. If he were to fight in person, how terrifying would the power of that sword be?”

“Uncle Lu, I understand your kindness. I also know that——that old guy is strong. If possible, I also want to hide as far away as possible and to not have any contact with him for the rest of my life. But have you ever thought about it——if you take on the challenge on my behalf this time, they would not be happy. There will be a next challenge, and a next, next challenge. Who else is going to battle for me then? They won’t stop until they killed me. Only by doing so can they wash away the humiliation of ‘Still water sword technique’ being defeated in the hands of a nobody——”  

“Muyang, I have always regarded you as a nephew. This one time, please listen to me.”

“Uncle Lu——”

“It’s decided.”

“All right, all right.” Lu Xingkong’s line of sight shifted back from a distance, saying in his stern voice, “I’m not dead yet, is there a need for you two to take the challenge?”


“Grandfather Lu——”  

“The old against the old, the young against the young. Since the old guy of Still water sword school has personally acted, it is impossible for our Lu family to not treat him accordingly.” Lu Xingkong grinned, clapping his hand firmly on Li Muyang’s shoulder. “Muyang, promise me one thing?”

“Grandfather Lu——”

“The young master of Still water sword school is also training at Starry Sky Academy, promise me——when you return, give him a hard beating for me.”

Li Muyang nodded hard, “Grandfather Lu, that I can promise you——but let me go to meet the God of Sword Square myself——”

“Nonsense. Are you the head of the Lu family or am I the head of the Lu family? When is it your turn to be in charge? Do as I said.”

“But that letter of challenge is for me——”

“For you?” Lu Xingkong snorted, “That letter is sent to my Lu family’s door, it is for my Lu family. All right, shut up, all of you. Let’s discuss this matter later. Don’t forget, today is my 60th birthday.”

“Yes, Father.”

“Yes. Grandfather Lu——”

Li Muyang glanced at Lu Qingming, then at Li Muyang, and then stretched out his hands to grab the arms of both of them and strode into the courtyard.

When West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda saw Lu Xingkong was returning in huge strides, he fumed: “Defence minister, that Still water sword school has gone too far. Today is the birthday of Defense minister, but they came over to deliver a letter of challenge. Isn’t this bad luck?”

“Your Majesty, a little humiliation is nothing to old minister, I have fought on the battlefield for decades, what kind of battle have I not seen before? I only feared that they will hurt Your Majesty.”

“Well. Defense minister wholeheartedly thinks for me, I am very reassured. Originally plan to put an end to the conflict and negotiate for peace, turn hostility into friendship, but Still water Old immortal had personally come out to send the written challenge. It is inconvenient for me to speak. Old immortal had been living in seclusion for several years, and he came out for a youngster. He said it is to help the country select talents, and to promote the younger generation. I can’t make him lose face. My difficulties, I also hope that Defence minister can understand.”

“Old minister understands.” Lu Xingkong said in a deep voice.

Chu Xianda nodded, “Good. In ten days, I will personally go to the God of Sword Square to cheer for Defence minister, I must make sure than this battle is held fair and square.”

Lu Xingkong’s eyes flickered coldly, but still bowed his thanks, “With your Majesty present, this battle is bound to be held fairly.”

With his Majesty’s attendance, this meant that the fight had to be fought.

Not only to fight, but also fight well.

Chu Xianda looked ‘appreciatively’ at Li Muyang and with a smiling expression across his face: “A little youngster could unexpectedly alarm Still water Old immortal to personally come out to send a written challenge to you. This battle has not yet begun, but Muyang’s name has already shaken the divine continent, right? My West Wind has such a young talent, I do not need to worry about the invasion of enemies?”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Li Muyang knew that the emperor might stab him in the back any moment, so he tried not to say anything more to him, instead just politely bowed. Lu Xingkong turned to look at West wind Emperor Chu Xianda, smiled and said: “My West Wind has so many heroic youngsters, I must congratulate Your Majesty to congratulate——Today the Lu household is honoured to prepare this small banquet to serve you, I hope Your Majesty and everyone have fun, and enjoy the drinks.”

Chu Xianda nodded. “Of course.”

Lu Xingkong turned to the housekeeper, loudly commanded: “Start the banquet, today everyone drink to their heart’s content, drink until we are thoroughly drunk!”

“Start the banquet.” The housekeeper yelled, and nearly hundreds of servant girls and servants immediately got busy.

“Your Majesty, please.” ”

“Defence minister go ahead.”

As Chu Jiang passed Li Muyang, he thoughtfully studied Li Muyang, then smiled, “Last time we met, I did not have the chance to say hello. In the future we should get to know each other.”

“Yes, second Prince.”

“Hahaha, you and I are of the same generation, you do not need to be so polite. It would make us seem not close.” Second Prince Chu Jiang very graciously patted Li Muyang on the shoulder. “Our Tiandu has many talents, it really is worthy of celebration. Later on you and I must have a few more drinks.”

“Yes, Second Prince.” Li Muyang bowed again.

Chu Xun went over to Li Muyang, and said with a smile, “You deserve to be called a student of Starry Sky Academy. You have only been studying there for less than a year but already can compete against Old Immortals and exchange moves. If this matter were to spread out, Brother Muyang most likely would be known across the Divine continent? Our Academy classmates will certainly be proud of you when they hear about it. As your classmate, I must congratulate you.”  


Li Muyang slapped Chu Xun across the face.

The slap was too abrupt.

Also too loud.

The people who were chatting and laughing quieten down, the people whispering to one another’s ear froze, and even the servants, who were busy preparing the wine and dishes, came to a standstill.

Everyone stared in wide eyes astonishment at Li Muyang, and at Little Prince Chu Xun, who had been slapped by Li Muyang.

Chu Xun himself was stunned, his eyes fixed fiercely on Li Muyang like a mad beast.

He did not expect Li Muyang to dare to hit him in public, let alone do so in front of the Emperor and his Father.

Beating a member of the imperial family, isn’t he afraid of being beheaded?

Prince Fu was first in disbelief, then in shock, and finally in anger.

His son was hit in public. The slap not just struck the face of his son Chu Xun, but also his own face.

His elegant cheeks were red with vicious tendencies, and the killing intent that blossomed within a split second could simply crush someone to ashes.

Prince Fu glowered threateningly at Li Muyang, waiting for him to give him an answer, but also an explanation to all the people present.

The shock on Lu Qingming’s face instantly faded.

With his understanding of Li Muyang, Li Muyang must have acted this way because Chu Xun had said something that offended him.

On the other hand Lu Xingkong remained calm and collected, there was not the slightest hint of surprise or worry across his face. No one knew what he was thinking.

Chu Xianda was burning with murderous intent upon seeing this scene.

Who was Chu Xun? A member of the West Wind imperial family, a person of the Chu clan——

Li Muyang’s slap, not only hit Chu Xun’s father the idle Prince, but also the Emperor.

The smile on his face froze, before faded away. Chu Xianda coldly looked at Li Muyang, and warned: “What does this mean? If you do not give me a suitable explanation, hitting a member of the Imperial family is a serious crime——and I must not let you off lightly.”

Indeed, this matter cannot be tolerated. 

If Li Muyang were treated leniently this time, then the other people would do the same. How many times would the west Wind Chu clan be slapped on the face? What about the face of the imperial relatives?  

“I forbid you to go” Li Muyang’s face was pale, his eyes filled with a mix of complex emotions including gratitude and resentment. His eyes were reddish, brimmed with tears, and his thin lips clamped together, as though he was speaking to the woman he loved the most. “I forbid you to hurt yourself.”  


The crowd was even more stunned. What was going on?

This little couple——are quarreling?



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