Chapter 427: Song Family’s invitation!


Lu Xingkong saw the hopeful look in Lu Qingming’s eyes, and let out a long inward sigh.  

He knew what his son was thinking, but now really was not the time to erupt that volcano.

At this critical moment, who knows if the magma of the volcano would end up hurting the Lu family’s enemy or the Lu clan?

After all, the Lu family had treated this child badly.

Lu Xingkong turned to Li Muyang to say aloud, “Muyang, ever since you came to Tiandu, us two have not had a good chat. I have always wondered that, you have been cultivating for less than a year, what realm you are in now?”

Li Muyang maintained a calm outward exterior, though was nervous and worried inwardly.

He had too many mysteries and secrets on him, and too many things that were hard to explain to anyone.

Whether it was the Tear of the Dragon King or the Heart of the Weak Water, both were not something that could be made clear to outsiders. Even to Lu Qingming, who saw him as his son, and the old man, who regarded him as his grandson, he could not explain the truth to them—

However, if he were to tell them of his real cultivation level, then, how should he explain how he could kill Cui Zhaoren who was of the upper stages of the Free clouds realm and Mu Yubai a cultivator of the upper stages of the Withering Glory realm?

It should be said that a realm was a heavy mountain. There was a huge difference in levels between him and them. On that basis, he should have been no match for them.  

But strangely, why would they be defeated at his hands?

The elder had asked a question and he must answer it.  

Li Muyang looked at Lu Xingkong, smiled and attempted to explain: “Grandfather Lu, my cultivation realm, I am not too familiar, it’s sometimes high and sometimes low. At critical times my strength is a little abnormal, but usually it is quite ordinary.”

He was brushing off the question.

Li Muyang hoped to blur and dilute the question about his cultivation realm, cover up the unspeakable secrets of his body.  

“When one’s life is at danger, one really can bring out the great potential in one’s body.” Lu Xingkong nodded his head, then looked firmly at Li Muyang and asked again, “You haven’t answered my question yet. What cultivation realm are you at now? High Mountain? Free clouds? Or is it Withered Glory?”


“What? Is it inconvenient to say?” Lu Xingkong’s gaze was fixed on Li Muyang, asking in a loud voice.

“No, no.” Li Muyang turned away, embarrassed, and said with a smile, “Actually——I am at the Empty valley realm.”

“Empty valley?” Lu Xingkong was taken aback for a moment, and then chuckled heartily. “Boy, you’re still thinking about hiding in front of us.”

Lu Qingming also burst into a hearty laughter, looking at Li Muyang dotingly.

“This is the so-called family joy and love, isn’t it?” Lu Qingming thought. “Lu Tianyu is also my son, but Tianyu is more overcautious, careful and reserved in front of me and Father. Muyang on the other hand seems like he has nothing to fear, and is much more open.”

Li Muyang also pretended to laugh——and wanted to cry.

He didn’t want to hide anything, he was already incredibly honest, okay?

Lu Xingkong pointed his finger at Li Muyang. “One’s cultivation realm, originally cannot be covered up. After all, once an expert acts, he will know. As soon as you make a move, the others will probably be able to judge your cultivation realm. But since Muyang has a reason to keep it a secret, then let it be. To know one’s own strength and the enemy’s is the sure way to victory. I’m just trying to understand your cultivation realm and see if you have the ability to protect yourself in the event of any sudden situation in the future——”  

After a pause, Lu Xingkong looked at Li Muyang again, “However, since you could kill Cui Zhaoren, defeat Mu Yubai, then protecting yourself is obviously not a problem. The only thing that worries me is that the old guy of the Still water sword school has fixed his attention on you. Mu Dingyi is a famous one, when I had just entered the military as a soldier, he was already the renowned Sword God of West Wind. The world thinks that the old fellow of the Song family is the strongest in West Wind, but in my personal view, Mu Dingyi is a little stronger than that person of the Song family.”

“Moreover, a few decades ago Mu Dingyi had handed down the Still water sword school to his son, while he retreated to cultivate, and paid no attention to worldly affairs. What realm his cultivation has reached now, most likely no one knows. However, judging from the sword attack that launched from his wisp of divine thought just now, his strength is really too terrifying and profound to be understood.”

“Yes.” Li Muyang nodded. “He could achieve that sort of destructive power by just throwing out that sword with one of his illusory fingers. If it were his real body, the power would have to be many times more powerful. That kind of scene——it makes one shudder even thinking about it.”

“So, never face that old guy alone,” said Lu Xingkong, with a stern, serious face.  

“Grandfather Lu, just now at the door I have said to Uncle Lu. The person he is looking for is me, the person he wants to kill is me——If I do not go, would he let the matter go? That old man’s strength is mysterious and powerful, even if I want to run away now, I most likely cannot escape from the imperial capital, right?”

“That doesn’t mean we have to let you give your life away either,” said Lu Xingkong in a serious voice, “what they’re trying to destroy is the Lu family, and it’s the Lu family that they want to kill. The reason why Mu Yubai ambushed you on the street was the order and arrangement of someone. They came for my Lu clan, not for you Li Muyang. So, you don’t have to worry. This other matter, leave it for the Lu family to deal with.”

“The Lu and Li are interconnected, how can I sit back and watch?” Li Muyang refused. “Besides, does Grandfather Lu have the confidence to defeat that old monster of Still water sword school?”

“Yes, father.” Lu Qingming also advised against it. “As long as Father is around, the Lu clan is around. If Father is not around, the family would also not be around. Therefore, Father can’t take the risk. This time, let me go fight.”

“No. Uncle Lu is also an important figure of the Lu family and the core of Lu clan’s future. Only when you’re around, the people can see hope, and are willing to continue to stay around the Lu clan. If anything bad happens to you, those people will lose the direction to work hard for. They will scatter, which is extremely bad for the Lu family. So, this battle, it must be me who takes it. There isn’t a more suitable candidate than me.”

Lu Xingkong burst into laughter, looked at Lu Qingming and Li Muyang, “If you are not around, what is the significance of the Lu family’s existence? What value is there for I, Lu Xingkong, to fight?”

With the wave of his hand he continued, “you don’t need to say anymore, I have made up my mind.”

Li Muyang knew that at this time no one could persuade anyone. In any case, there was still some time before he had to face the old monster, he could think of other plans later.  

Uncle Lu knocked on the door, pushed open the study door, stood at the doorway, and looked at Li Muyang. “Master Muyang, the Song family’s third young master Song Tao came to visit——He said that his Grandfather has told him to come invite Master Muyang to the Song Family’s old mansion as a guest.”

“His Grandfather? The eye of Starry Sky?” A look of astonishment crossed Lu Qingming’s face.




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