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430 – His character is worrying!

Chapter 430: His character is worrying!


“Oh, you say I panicked?” Li Muyang chuckled.  

It was only after he laughed when he remembered the identity of the old man in front of him and his cultivation level. One slap from him was enough to put him to his death. He hurriedly restrained his mockery which he had not expressed to its full yet, explaining in a low voice, “I panicked because I do not understand why an Elder with a status like yourself would pay attention to my life, and directly asked me where I come from exactly——I come from Jiangnan city, my Father is Li Yan and my Mother is Luo Qi. Everybody knows this. Is Elder Song trying to imply something with this question?”

Song Gudu looked deep into Li Muyang’s eyes. He felt the anger in his heart, he felt his heart beating faster, and he even knew that he was operating the ‘Mind clearing mantra’ of Taoism to calm his irritation.

However, in the face of such a shameless guy, he really could not just slap him to death, right?

“You are fifteen years old this year.”  


“One night 15 years ago, there were flashes of lightning and rumbling of thunder in Tiandu. The wind and rain were raging, and the whole world seemed like it was going to be flooded by heavy rain.”

Li Muyang looked somewhat taken aback. What was his intention of telling him this?

Song Gudu’s expression seemed like he had fallen into deep thought, as if he was recalling the distant memories, then suddenly said: “Even now, the people of Tiandu sometimes would still talk about the rainstorm 15 years ago. Since the West Wind was founded, there had never been such a heavy rain. Because of that rainstorm, the village outside the capital city was destroyed, hundreds of thousands of people were homeless, the river overflowed its embankment, the mountains crumbled, and the Kingdom suffered heavy losses. That night, you were born.”

Li Muyang became nervous, “Elder Song, this thing has nothing to do with me——I was too young at that time, I was just born, I didn’t do anything. Besides, it’s just a coincidence. You can’t put all the blame on me just because there was a heavy rain and a flood when I was born.”

After a pause, Li Muyang cautiously asked, “The reason that Elder Song Lao asked me to come here today, could it be that you want me to pay for the damage——I have no money.”

“Li Muyang——” Song Tao’s facial muscles were visibly twitching, itching to draw his sword and sever Li Muyang into 180 segments on the spot, no, 3,200 parts. Who wants you to pay for the damages? Does our Song family need this little money? What status does my grandfather have, even generals and government officials come pay him a visit and he refused to see them all——Who would talk to you about a few gold coins?

“Because it was a rare flood, a detailed description of the weather on that day was recorded in the ‘West Wind Chronicle’. The imperial astronomer also observed and recorded the sky of that day, and classified that day as the ‘twin dragons fighting over the pearl’ and reported to the imperial court as a bad omen. Muyang if you have any questions, you can go borrow some books to check. Surely this will be not a problem for you.”

“I didn’t think my birth was so earthshaking, I knew I wasn’t an ordinary person.” Li Muyang smiled proudly. “Thank you Elder Song, I will go back and check. Although those things had nothing to do with me, but it happened on the day I was born, if I understand it more, I can tell it to my children in the future.”

“On the same day, the Lu clan gave birth to a baby girl, called Qiji. At the same time, your mother Luo Qi also gave birth to you, but for some reason she was expelled overnight by the Lu family and fled to Jiangnan city.”

Song Gudu’s eyes finally restored some clarity, his gaze shifted to Li Muyang again, asking: “All these years, have your parents ever told you about these matters?”

Li Muyang hated this in his heart.

The old fellow had gone too far, he had investigated him and his family to such an extent.

However, Father Li Yan and Mother Luo Qi indeed had never mentioned these things to him before.

Even Lu Qingming and Gongsun Yu, who were the main family, had not told these things to him.

Just what had happened that year?

The so-called ‘twin dragons fighting over the pearl’ should be the natural anomalous scene caused by the battle between the black dragon and the Phoenix. In the end the two people——No, the dragon and Phoenix died together, similarly exploded.

The black dragon transformed into a tear drop, the Tear of the Dragon King, entered into his body, and fused with Li Muyang more than 10 years later.

The Phoenix retained the complete Phoenix heart, similarly preserved a complete memory and cultivation technique, and entirely occupied Lu Qiji’s body. The real Miss of the Lu family Lu Qiji was gone, and the Lu Qiji now was the Phoenix that had been fighting with the black dragon for tens of thousands of years.   

However, why did his parents leave Tiandu that night and fled to Jiangnan? What kind of conflict had happened between the elders?

Why was it that after Li Muyang killed Cui Zhaoren, the Lu family cared so much about his parents that even the Lady of the Lu family Gongsun Yu personally went to Jiangnan to collect his parents and sister to Tiandu to take care of them——

One mystery after another, a deeper puzzle after another.

Li Muyang was utterly perplexed.

However, he still stubbornly said, “My parents did tell me something, they said that we have some relatives in Tiandu, and also said that if I am able to get into West Wind University, I can stay with the distant relatives. It was only later that I know they were talking about the Lu family.”

Song Gudu did not care about Li Muyang’s answer, as though his eyes had seen through Li Muyang completely.

“Then do you know that, on that stormy night, why your parents have to take a newborn baby to Jiangnan city?”

“This is the Lu clan’s secret, they can’t let anyone know,” said Li Muyang with a smile. He then gave a cupped fist salute to Song Gudu, “Elder Song, really sorry. It’s not that I don’t want to answer your question, it’s that every family has their own rules. It will be disrespectful to the Lu family if I told you.”

“What is strange is that, when the Lu family kicked your family out, they then invited one of the seven Taoist immortals, Taoist spiritual master Ziyang, to treat your illness——How do you explain that?”

“Maybe they are kind-hearted, and couldn’t bear to see a cute newborn baby die.” Li Muyang shamelessly answered.

Song Gudu did not question further, looked Li Muyang in the eye and asked. “Mu Dingyu of the Still water sword school sent a challenge to you, what are you going to do?”

“I definitely want to be run as far as I can.”

“You can’t run away.” Song Gudu stated.

“Have they already surrounded the entire Tiandu city?” Li Muyang exclaimed.

“It’s fate.” Song Gudu let out a gentle sigh. “You can’t escape, it is fate. Besides, you’re the only one with the ability to fight that old fellow——If you’re not going, then who’s going?”

“Hahaha, Elder Song really overestimates me——” Li Muyang really burst out laughing this time. “If it’s possible, I want to run away as far as possible. It’s best to never see each other again.”

Song Gudu looked deep into Li Muyang’s eyes, saying: “You will not.”

“Even if everyone lets you run away, you still will not.”  


Li Muyang left with a heavy heart. He could not understand why the old man knew that he would not run away?

“Have I grown a righteous- and loyal-looking face?” “

Li Muyang stroked his cheek. He had looked at himself in the mirror but he did not feel that he had a particularly courageous spirit.

“Have I misjudged myself?”

Li Muyang very much wanted to slap himself on the face.

“Bastard, you even lied to yourself——”

Song Tao personally showed Li Muyang to the door, from time to time looking up and down at the guy walking left of him.

The conversation today really was too subversive to people’s understanding.

Especially when Grandfather said in front of Li Muyang that ‘only you have the ability to fight that old fellow’. When he heard this, he almost fell to the ground.

He knew that his Grandfather was telling the truth; he was speaking his mind.

Given his status, there was no need for him to please or flatter anyone. He said that Li Muyang would battle against Still water Old immortal. These were words originating from his heart.

“Li Muyang was just an empty valley——how can an Empty valley win against the Old immortal of the Still water sword school?”

Li Muyang did not say, Grandfather also did not say, Song Tao also could not figure it out.

“Third Young master, really sorry about today.” Li Muyang noticed that Song Tao had been furtively glancing at him. A little annoyed, he broke the silence.

“Why did you say you’re sorry?”

“I didn’t think I was going to break into the next realm all of a sudden, so——maybe I bothered you a little.” Li Muyang said apologetically.  

He went all the way to somebody else’s house and transformed without a word——Is this not too disrespectful to the host? Li Muyang felt a little guilty, so he wanted to apologise.

“Haha——” The muscles on Song Tao’s face began to twitch again. What do you mean by ‘I didn’t think I was going to break into the next realm all of a sudden?’ Others have endured hardships for years or even decades to achieve that and you did it in a moment, how would other cultivators feel? How do they live? “At that time you suddenly went silent and motionless, the wind and snow wrapped around you, I indeed was really a little frightened. I thought Brother Muyang has encountered something. However, after all, I should congratulate Brother Muyang on understanding the Dao very quickly. Only the most gifted cultivators can do that. Brother Muyang has a very promising future ahead of you, please give me a lot of guidance and help in the future.”

Li Muyang chuckled, “Third young master, don’t joke. You need someone else for guidance?”

Song Tao also smiled, “Some things are difficult by yourself. In life, who has not asked someone for help?”

“You’re right.” Li Muyang said, nodding.

Song Tao walked Li Muyang to the door of the little courtyard, saying: “Brother Muyang, take care, I will say goodbye to you here.”

“Third young master ,no need to see me out.”

Watching Li Muyang board the carriage and left, Song Tao turned back into the small courtyard, where Song Gudu was once again crouching under the eaves admiring the plum blossoms.

“Grandfather, what do you think of him?”

“His talent is astonishing.” Song Gudu said, expressionless. “His character is worrying.”




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