Chapter 431: There is no good banquet!


“The character is worrying?” Song Tao said with a look of surprise.

What kind of assessment was that?  

His talent is amazing, this he could understand.

Grandfather just casually asked him a question, and he was able to successfully break into the next realm and progress from the Empty valley realm to the High Mountain realm, to achieve an extremely important step forward.

Grandfather had also asked him this question; however, he did not feel anything, nor did he have such good opportunity and luck.  

What did ‘his character is worrying’ meant? If Grandfather thought his character was worrying, then why would he invite him over  to meet him?

“He talked for half a day, but what he said was full of lies.” Song Gudu explained.

Song Tao couldn’t help chuckling out loud, “So Grandfather is blaming him for not being honest. I’ve talked to him a few times already and I do find that what he said were false and frivolous. However, I am still puzzled by why Grandfather have to invite him over if his character is worrying?”

“One to confirm my speculation.” Song Gudu looked at the plum blossoms in the courtyard glowing with a golden light. “This suspicion has been in my heart for many years, I have been trying to find a chance to prove it.”

“Has Grandfather ever found the answer?”

Song Gudu pointed to the courtyard full of plum blossoms. “This——is the answer.”

“That’s the answer?” Song Tao looked at the plum blossoms, “Grandfather doubted the origin of Li Muyang——suspected that he had something to do with the ‘Twin dragons fighting over the pearl’ fifteen years ago?”

“That was not ‘twin dragons fighting over the pearl’.”

“It’s not?”


“What was that?”

Song Gudu shook his head. “This is also the answer I want to find. So I told you invite him over just to see what kind of person he really is and see——whether he’s the answer I’m looking for.”

“So, for so many years, Grandfather has been sending people to Jiangnan——”  

“They were just some chess pieces of your uncles.” Song Gudu remarked with no expression on his face. “However, it seems that the Lu clan extremely cares about this boy, they unexpectedly invited Taoist spiritual Master Ziyang. All the people we sent to Jiangnan failed. Taoist spiritual Master Ziyang’s strength is unfathomable. Unless I personally went to Jiangnan, the others were just going there to throw away their lives. However, if I had gone in person, it would have attracted too much attention, and it would difficult to hide from those with intent. If this happened then, it is not worth the result.”

“Besides, I’d love to see how far he could go and see just what is the purpose of the chess piece that the Sand eagle of the Lu family has placed. He wants to shake the overall situation with a pawn. I’m afraid it won’t be that easy?”

“So did Grandfather discover anything from Li Muyang?”

“No.” Song Gudu shook his head. “He hides everything very deeply. I can’t feel anything from him.”

“Then Grandfather thinks——Li Muyang, what is he?”

“A verbal statement without any proof is meaningless.” Song Gudu remarked. “Since that person of the Still water sword school seeks evidence, then we will patiently wait.”

“Then Grandfather asked him to come for another reason?”

“He’s an uncertain factor,” said Song Gudu. “Whether it is in killing Cui Zhaoren or defeating Mu Yubai, this chess piece has proved his power. Moreover, he hasn’t really got into the battle situation yet, he is just wandering around and observing——”


“A man of great intelligence often appears slow-witted, his mind is as deep as the sea. As I said just now, it is extremely difficult for a fool to be intelligent, but it is even harder for an intelligent person to pretend to be stupid. You really think he doesn’t know anything? You think he doesn’t have any suspicions about the Lu clan’s bizarre behaviour and his parents? He has doubts in his heart, but he didn’t say it. He wanted to maintain a balanced state, or rather——he was unwilling to touch on other taboos.”

“He doesn’t want to interfere with the situation?”  

“It is the Lu family who does not want him to get involved with the situation.” Song Gudu explained. “Or rather, it is Lu Xingkong who does not want him to.”

“Why? With this important chess piece, why don’t they use it?”


“Protection? To protect Li Muyang?”  

“If my guess is right, Lu Xingkong is bound to accept the challenge of the Still water sword school himself.”

“He really loves and protect him.” Song Tao smiled coldly. “Grandfather knew that Lu Xingkong would react this way, so——told Mu Yubai to ambush and kill Li Muyang on the street?”

“I told Mu Yubai to kill him because I wanted to get rid of this uncertainty. What I did not expect was that, Mu Yubai would be defeated. It is also for this reason that I became more and more curious about him. He killed Cui Zhaoren, and defeated Mu Yubai, I want to know what cultivation level is he actually at.”

“But, Grandfather——he’s just an Empty valley. Before today, he was just an Empty valley——and now he is a High mountain. There is a huge difference in his level of cultivation realm with mine. Why can he beat Mu Yubai? I am very clear about Master Mu’s sword skills, in the entire West Wind kingdom, not many can match up to him.”

“So, that’s the answer I’m looking for——” Song Gudu stretched out his hand as a golden plum blossom from the tree above slowly fell into his palm. “Who is he?” ——————




Li Muyang had a very solemn look on his face.

There is no good banquet, and there is no good people.

That old fellow simply had bad intentions.  

There were many bad people in this world, but there were very few bad people with strength. Unfortunately, he had met one just now.  

No, two. Both the grandfather and grandson were bad people.

Not only bad, also very petty.

They said to invite Li Muyang over for a cup of tea, but he was not even given a sip of tea.

As Song Tao had said, how could Li Muyang not have doubted his life?  How could he not doubt the relationship between the two families?

Lu Qingming treated him particularly warm and polite, although he did save his life in the bamboo sea.  However, Madam Gongsun Yu——the way he treated, and the expression she looked at him with.

It was like she was looking at her son.

When the Still water sword school’s Mu Dingyi sent a written challenge over, Lu Qingming’s worried eyes, as well as his unyielding stance on taking the battle on his behalf, until now, continued to whirl around Li Muyang’s mind.

Li Muyang was not an idiot; on the contrary, because of some of his experience, he had a sensitive perception of everything around him.

Who loves and protects him, who hates and resents him, he knew very clearly.  

“But what exactly happened on that night 15 years ago?”

Li Muyang wished he could ask his Mother, but since his mother did not tell him for so many years, then that could only mean that they had their reasons to do so.

But if he did not ask, he would feel uneasy and apprehensive, and always feel that——that a dense fog was shrouding him.


The wheels crunched over the snow on the road, carrying Li Muyang towards the city gate of the capital.

The Song Family’s old mansion was situated outside the city, and was quite a long distance from the city gate. The snow was incredibly thick, making it difficult to travel. Fortunately, the horse pulling Li Muyang’s carriage was a warhorse that had been on the battlefield, he did not need to worry about the horse stumbling and dragging the carriage to the ground.  

The driver was Soul haunting whip Luo Xu, who was Lu Xingkong’s personal bodyguard, and had previously been ordered to Li Shinian. Today, the Lu family arranged him to drive for Li Muyang about.

Not only Luo Xu was sent out, there were more than 10 black cavalrymen with wolf helmets behind them. These several people were orderly and synchronized, and even the rhythm and movements of the horse hooves were identical. Their whole body was shrouded in black robes and masks. Although they did not utter a word, there was an unimaginable silent imposing manner and a biting cold murderous spirit.

After Mu Yubai’s attack, the Lu family took the safety issue of Li Muyang to an unprecedented level.

Although some people found it strange, what was there to worry about with someone who had defeated the God of Sword of West Wind Mu Yubai?

“Young master Muyang, there is a number of carriages in front.” Soul haunting Whip Luo Xu said all of a sudden.

Li Muyang lifted the curtain only to see a number of ox carts lined up in a row coming in his direction.

The path was narrow, and barely able to accommodate another cart. If the two carriage were coming towards each others, one had to move aside.

Li Muyang said to Luo Xu, “Uncle Luo, let’s move to one side.”  

“Yes, Young master Muyang.” Luo Xu jumped off the shaft of the cart and dragged the reins to pull the horse-pulled carriage to the side of the road, allowing the carts to pass by easily.

The several black-clad cavalrymen also pulled to the roadside, completely obeying the arrangements of Li Muyang.


The opposite ox cart passed by leisurely, a cold breeze blew, bringing a fragrant scent into Li Muyang’s nostril.

“There should be females on the carriage.” Li Muyang thought.

Here was an expanse of wilderness, and only the Song Family’s old mansion was ahead. Someone who would brave the wind and snow to go in that direction should be someone of the Song family. But he did not know who it was.

Of course, Li Muyang didn’t care who it was. Because besides the Third young master of the Song family, Li Muyang was completely unfamiliar with the other people of the Song family. Not to mention that every person of the Song family was either someone well know or was a senior official in charge of major power, they must not want to have any contact with such an insignificant person, right?


As the ox cart rattled past Li Muayng’s carriage, Li Muyang lifted up the curtains to see, coincidentally meeting the eyes that were similarly peering through the curtains.

Li Muyang instantly felt he was struck by lightning, or rather he was stunned.  

“What kind of eyes is that?” Li Muyang muttered to himself. It was like the flowers of spring, the mist of summer, the maple leaves of autumn, and the snow in winter. A touching love poem, a beautiful sad story.

Li Muyang had seen a lot of beautiful women, but, this was a pair of eyes——that he would never forget after one glance.。

While Li Muyang had gone off in another world, the ox cart was already far away.

Then another two ox carts passed, followed by a dozen of escort guards.

“Young Master Muyang, it’s the Song family’s carriage and carts.” Luo Xu said in a loud voice.

Li Muyang sighed softly and said, “Let’s go.”

“Yes——” Luo Xu responded, cracked his whip, and the carriage lurched forward, wheels crunching loudly on the snow.

“Wait a minute.” Cried someone in a loud voice.

From the carriage that had passed, someone came galloping over.




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