Chapter 432: Song family’s bright moon!


The grey-clad horseman steered the horse to intercept the carriage, asking with a cupped fist salute, “Which Young Master of the Lu family is sitting in the carriage?”

“What is the matter about?” Soul haunting whip Luo Xu asked coldly, a guarded look on his face.  

The Lu family controlled the military power, while the Song family controlled the hundreds of officials. The two families could be said to be natural enemies.

The upper class had to maintain a friendly and polite manner, how could the servants be disrespectful? It was already fairly restrained for the two sides to not immediately pull out their swords.

“Is Peach blossom young master Li Muyang on the carriage?” The horseman insisted on asking.

Luo Xu turned his head back to take a look at Li Muyang, not sure what his attitude was going to be.

“I am Li Muyang.” Li Muyang pulled open the curtain.

Li Muyang had long heard that, because he was able to make a courtyard bloom with peach blossoms with his painting, he had gained the nickname of ‘Peach blossom young master’ in West Wind.

At that time he was busy cultivating, and busy preparing for the Land of illusion that he also did not take this matter to heart.

Now that someone was shouting out his title in public, Li Muyang very much enjoyed the reputation——Peach blossom young master. With this nickname, he could charm many of the ladies of prestigious families as well as the daughters of neighbours.

In Jianghu, a title was very important.

If you were called ‘handsome chief’, called ‘The Prodigal Son of the border town’, ‘A flower of the Northern desert’, or ‘A wolf of the wilderness’, then it will be easy to attract the attention and love of the sons and daughters of Jianghu. When you announce your nickname, you can also hold your head up high and speak confidently and boldly like the roar of thunder.  

“May I ask your name, young hero?”  

“I am the prodigal son of the border.”

The one asking speaks politely and courteously, the one answering speaks confidently and gracefully. This could easily become a story of Jianghu.

If you were given the names ‘Single-armed divine blade’, ‘The crippled master’, ‘Three eyed snake master’, or ‘deaf and mute’, then you really will have bad luck in this life.

The matters of flirting with young girls or young wives would forever be barred to you. When women see what you look like, or hear your name, their face would turn pale and then would turn away in fright.

“May I ask your name, little hero?”

“I am——”  

“Speak louder, I can’t hear.” ”

“I am——”

“A little louder, still can’t hear.”

“Single-armed divine blade.”

“Aargh, it’s a ghost——”

The young women turned to run, leaving the young man looking up to the sky in tears.

Li Muyang liked the nickname Peach Blossom young master. He also liked others to call him by this nickname.

“Young Master Muyang.” The horseman dismounted the horse with a leap and bowed respectfully to Li Muyang in the carriage and explained, “Our Miss has long looked forward to meeting you Young master Muyang. Since Miss ran into you by chance, she asked me to come invite you over to meet her.”

“Who is your Miss?” Li Muyang asked. The pair of eyes, which he had just saw a glimpse of, resurfaced in his mind.

“It’s our Miss Chenxi.” When he spoke of the name, his voice was much softer, and there was a light smile on his face.

Song family’s Song Chenxi was one of the three Bright moons of Tiandu. Adding Li Shinian, she was one of the four bright moons of Tiandu.

However, the Song family was extremely protective of her, almost never allowing her to appear in public.

It was said that Song Chenxi’s Mother had a weak body and health and died a few months after giving birth to Song Chenxi.

Song Chenxi’s health was also not too good, and it was an incompletely cured illness, that even the omnipotent Song family was unable to do anything about it.

It was also because of this reason that everyone in the Song family loved her dearly. She was the Bright moon of Tiandu, also the princess of the Song family. Even the real imperial princess was most likely not as spoiled as her.

When the horseman saw that Li Muyang did not respond, he explained: “Master Muyang, please try to understand, our Miss is not well, she absolutely must not get off the carriage in this cold weather. Otherwise cold air may penetrate her body.”

“I’ll go see her,” Li Muyang said in a loud voice.

All of a sudden he had a good opinion of the young Miss of the Song family.

When you observe a person, you mainly see what kind of person they are friends with.

One of Miss Song’s horsemen was such a gentle and polite person, the famous young Miss presumably would not disappoint.

“Thank you, Young Master Muyang.” The horseman bowed respectfully to Li Muyang, “Sorry to bother you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Li Muyang said, waving his hand.

Li Muyang followed the horseman and came to the first ox cart.  

Li Muyang saw that the ox pulling the carriage of Miss Song was not an ordinary creature, but a Blood Ox of Qing city, a species that was usually incredibly lazy, and pulled a cart very slowly. They always looked like they were asleep. But when you stab their butt, they can instantly turn into a mad ox, travel thousands of miles, and even the most formidable and rare horse could not catch up to its speed.

The horns of the Qing city blood ox were red, like they were filled with blood. The eyes were also red, confirming its crazy bloodthirsty nature. They were easily recognisable.  

The young Miss of the Song family was unwell, and it was more comfortable to have an ox to pull the carriage for her so that the ride would not be bumpy. But if they were in danger during the travel, the driver simply had to stab the butt of the ox and it will immediately dart away, and not even the fastest horse could catch up. At that time, safety was first, everything else was secondary.

From this it was clear that in order to protect the young Miss, the Song family was really——willing to spend heavily on a Blood ox.

After the horseman whispered a few words in front of the carriage, a thick curtain made of white-haired lion skin was lifted from both sides, and two white robed boys appeared, no, it was two girls.

The two little girls looked identical with the same top knot bun on their cute heads, kneeling on both sides of the carriage, and staring unblinkingly at Li Muyang with their big sparkling eyes.

“You are the Peach Blossom young master Li Muyang who filled a courtyard with peach blossoms?” The top knot bun girl on the left asked in a loud voice.

“He came to see Miss, so he naturally is the Peach blossom young master,” remarked the top knot bun girl on the right.

The corners of Li Muyang’s mouth curved up. His sight shifted from the two top knot bun girls and met the gaze of a woman in yellow who was sat on a soft cushion.  

“So beautiful.”  Li Muyang exclaimed in admiration, there was a feeling of being stunned again.

“That’s the pair of eyes I just saw.” Li Muyang confirmed again, a joyous feeling surfacing in his heart, like he had found a long lost treasure.

This close contact, even more allowed him to admire and appreciate the attractiveness and breathtaking impact of the purest pair of eyes.

Moreover, Li Muyang only searched for her eyes, and when he seriously looked at her face, her facial features, he was once again dazzled and stunned.

Her eyes were beautiful, her eyebrows were beautiful, her nose was beautiful, her mouth was beautiful, and every part of her was beautiful.

And this beauty was ethereal, illusory, like a fairy of the Ninth Heaven. One would feel that using words to describe her was tarnishing her beauty.

Li Muyang had never met such a girl. She was like a fairy who had been lost in the Flower language plain for a long time. He dared not to speak loudly, afraid of frightening her.

“This is the famous Bright moon of the Song family?”

Song Chenxi was similarly studying Li Muyang, looking at the young man who had repeatedly become the conversation topic in Tiandu.

“He is more good-looking as they say.” Song Chenxi thought to herself.

“He is not like an ordinary young man from Jiangnan, more like the son of a prestigious family.”

“Well, Third older brother is also not as good-looking as he is——”

Song Chenxi, holding a clear yellow heater in her arms, timidly but also a little shyly looked at the youngster.

Her face was pale, and there was not a tinge of colour in her cheeks.

Her body was thin and weak, like a weak willow swaying in the wind and that the slightest touch would injure her.

Affectionate and sad, naive and with a hint of calmness.

What a contradictory girl.

Li Muyang bowed to Song Chenxi and said aloud, “Li Muyang pays respect to Miss Song.”

“Ah?” Song Chenxi’s small mouth slightly opened, as though she did not expect Li Muyang to suddenly speak.

That moment of astonishment made her look more adorable, like a child who did not understand the world.

Very quickly, she calmed down, hugged the heater tighter in her arms, and said in a gentle voice: “I should have been the one to come over and pay respect, but the outside is cold, I——my body is too weak.”

She threw a glance at the two girls, “They again forbid me to get out of the carriage. So, I had to invite Peach blossom young master to come over for a chat. Please forgive me for being rude.”

“It’s my pleasure,” said Li Muyang frankly. The title of Peach Blossom young master was too pleasant to the ear, and from the mouth of the beautiful Song Chenxi, it was simply like the sound of heaven. “Muayng is honored to be invited by Miss Song.”

Her long eyelashes lightly fluttered, staring wide-eyed at Li Muyang. “Chengxi really likes painting. I often draw in the garden. I want to draw the people I love dearly and the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, I lack talent, and my brush strokes lack strength. Every painting that I have completed is just not good enough. So, I extremely admire the painting masters——we are all born as people, how can there be such a big difference between us?”

Li Muyang gently sighed, he understood the girl’s distress.  

Born weak, how would she have the strength to paint? Her vital energy, vigour and health were lacking, how would her paintings have spirit and energy?

Besides, Song Chenxi was exceptionally intelligent, she knows that her health was not as good as others. Life is unpredictable——she may become a wisp of mist or a handful of dust and disappear from this world any time.  

Because there was that sense of urgency in her heart, and the fear of death, she greatly cherished everything that she had. As she said, she wanted to paint the people she loves and the beautiful scenery, because she knew that people could not live forever, and beautiful scenes could not be preserved forever. So she wanted to draw them out well and keep them forever.

“I used to——also know nothing.” Li Muyang comforted her. He felt that although he may not beat others in some things, but if it were to talk about the tragic experience of life, there most likely would be few people in Tiandu who could win against him. He shrugged his shoulders and said in a self-mocking tone: “My classmates called me ‘charcoal’, and some people call me ‘pig’.”


Song Chenxi couldn’t help giggling, blushing a little, she then replied in a serious tone, “But you are not dark at all.”  




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