Chapter 434: The little person at the bottom of the box!


The young ox grumbled. The ox cart rumbled toward the Song family’s old mansion.  

A servant opened the door, allowing the ox cart to drive through. Across the entire Tiandu, the one who could so casually steer her carriage into the house of the Grandfather of the Song family, there was only the pampered Miss Song Chenxi.

The ox cart came to a stop, and Little Star and Little Moon were the first to jump off the cart, lending an arm to support Song Chenxi down the carriage.

“Quickly get the red raccoon cloak and put it on Miss.”

“Bring the dragon’s blood lamp to keep Miss warm.”

The servant girls got busy. They draped a red cloak over Song Chenxi’s body and wrapped her tightly, revealing only her beautiful and delicate little face and her pair of dark eyes. Little Star personally held up the dragon’s blood lamp and stood next to the Young Miss to protect her from the cold.

The dragon’s blood lamp was said to use dragon’s blood as lamp oil, which allowed it to burn for thousands of years without dying out. Moreover, the stronger the lamp oil inside burns, the more blazing it is. It could emit a huge amount of heat, so much so that the area shrouded by the lamp was as warm as summer.

Adding to this the dragon’s blood lamp could improve the spirit and essence of cultivators, allowing them to practice for a long period of time, as well as solve the exhaustion of a lack of sleep. Under its illumination, the exhaustion of several days could be instantly relieved and one’s physical strength would be restored.

Song Chenxi’s body was weak and was sensitive to the cold, therefore, Song Gudu gifted her this treasured object to keep her warm. It was evident that he doted on her.

Song Tao came out to greet her, frowning he said, “Chenxi, why did you come out on such a cold day? The wind is strong and it’ snowing heavily, what if you collapse in the cold? Grandfather is going to scold us again.”

“I haven’t seen Grandpa for a while, I miss him. So I want to see him.” Song Chenxi sniffled.

Song Tao gave in right away, moved closer and reached to hold her small hand, shielding her from the wind with his broad shoulders. “We all know you’re kind-hearted, but your body is too weak. You were just ill and have been resting at home rest for most of the month. What if you get sick again after this trip? Our hearts are going to ache again.”

“Third elder brother, I’m going to be fine. I’ve only been sitting in the carriage and I didn’t have to walk. I won’t callapse. Besides, I am wearing a red raccoon cloak and is surrounded by a dragon’s blood lamp to protect against the cold, how would I freeze.” Song Chenxi tilted her little face and winked at Song Tao. “Third elder brother don’t worry.”

“Sigh, see if Grandfather is going to scold you in a while.”

“Then can Third elder brother help me out?”

“Fine. Even if you are punished by Grandfather, I will help you out.” Song Tao said smiling, he also doted on his frail and weak little sister.

Seeing that Song Chenxi was coming over, Song Gudu, who did not show the slightest emotion even when Li Muyang successfully progressed to the next cultivation realm in front of him, raised his brows and uttered, “nonsense.”

“Grandfather——” Tears swirled in Song Chenxi’s eyes.

“Grandfather, don’t get angry. It was I, who asked Chenxi to come visit Grandfather with me today. If Grandfather wants to scold someone, then please scold me. It’s all my fault——” Song Tao hastened to explain for Song Chenxi, pulling all the blame onto him instead.

Song Gudu noticed the upset look on Song Chenxi’s face, let out a gentle sigh, and waved his hand across the air. In the sky suddenly a white transparent light shield emerged, blanketing the entire little courtyard. The cold wind could not penetrate, and the snow and wind could not enter. It looked like a hidden chamber with air flowing freely around.

“Is it cold?” Song Gudu’s lips were curved in a doting smile.  

“Not cold.” Song Chenxi replied in an excited voice, scurried over, and linked her arm around her Grandfather’s. “Thank you Grandpa.”

“Grandfather had told you many times before to not go out when it’s cold. You just don’t listen.”

“Grandfather, I haven’t been out in two months. I am bored to death stuck in my little courtyard all the time.” Song Chenxi said softly, as if to justify her behaviour. “I heard that Third elder brother and Fourth elder brother say they are coming to see you today, and they said that Grandfather is meeting Li Muyang today——I thought the old mansion must be very lively today, so I also came to see. But I am a little too late. Grandfather’s guest has left already.”

“You saw Li Muyang?” asked Song Tao in an urgent voice.

Song Chenxi glanced at Song Tao and said, “yes. I coincidentally ran into him on my way here.”

“You——he didn’t hurt you? Did he do anything to you?”

“He did not do anything to me, but——I told someone to stop his carriage, and ask him to draw for me in his spare time.”

“Chenxi, how did you——”With an awkward face, Song Tao said, “Nonsense. That Li Muyang killed the Cui family’s Cui Zhaoren, defeated Mu Yubai of the Still water sword school, and now he accepted the challenge of Still water Old immortal. How would he have time to draw for you? Besides, what if he suddenly attacks you? If anything happens to you, we——even if we chop him up, we still can’t avenge you.”  

“Third elder brother, don’t worry. Chenxi thinks that, Li Muyang, the rumours about him is not too good, but, I think he’s a gentleman, he will not do anything to a girl. Besides, he’s very gracious.”

“Chenxi, you don’t understand how sinister the outside world is.”

“Third elder brother, you don’t understand how obstinate a woman’s world is.”


Song Gudu, with a smile on his face, said, “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. That’s just her temper. As long as she doesn’t get sick, it is fine.”

“Thank you, Grandfather.” Song Chenxi tightly hugged Song Gudu’s arm——————

“Muyang hasn’t come back yet?” Lu Xingkong asked in a loud voice, setting down the scroll in his hand.  

“No. Do you want to send someone out again?” Uncle Lu, offering a cup of hot tea, said with a smile on his face.  

Lu Xingkong shook his head. “No need. Even if that person of the Song family wants to kill, they didn’t have to invite him to their old mansion. It’s inauspicious, it’s also not good if news were to spread out.”

“Then, Master don’t have to worry.” Uncle Lu reassured him with a smile.  “

Lu Xingkong nodded, his eyes fixed on the wooden box on the table.

It was a gift from Li Muyang for his 60th birthday. The box that housed the [Xumi spear].

Lu Xingkong lightly stroked the box, when a thought came to his mind, a feeling of enlightenment suddenly appeared, like a hot spring about to gush out. But he was unable to break through because of a thin layer, stopping him from progressing to the next level.

Lu Xingkong hugged the box in his arms and said to Uncle Lu. “I am going to the secret chamber, notify me when Muyang comes back.”

“Yes. Master.” Uncle Lu answered.

Lu Xingkong walked over to a wall of the study, reached out his hand to move the huge vase.

He turned it three times to the left, then two times to the right, and then heard a click from the study wallboard, watching the wall slide open from both sides.

After Lu Xingkong went in, the study slammed shut again from both sides.

In the hidden chamber, there was a deep path.

Instead of walking straight down the deep path, Lu Xingkong turned direction again and slammed his hand against a dark empty wall slab.


Lu Xingkong seemed as though he had entered into another world.

This was a vast white world, there was no sky, and there was no land. There was no mountains and river, and there was no sun, moon, or stars.

He was surrounded by empty objects, his feet dangling in midair.

It was as though he was the center of the world.

There was no other object in the world except him.

This was an illusory world, similar to the existence of a subspace.

The wall of Lu Xingkong’s study was the eye of a formation. One must be familiar with the laws of space, master the principles, before one can enter this subspace where one can concentrate fully on cultivation.

Lu Xingkong clasped the wooden box, sitting cross-legged in a world of nothingness.

He opened the wooden box, where there was a spear-wielding little person at the bottom of the wooden box.

On the lid of the box, there were two ancient little words engraved: Xumi spear.

Lu Xingkong stretched one finger out as a white ball of lightning circled around it.

He poured out a spiritual power as he touched the spear wielded by the little person.

The little person was as though living, immediately began to dance on the top of the smooth ink stone-like box.

It was only one spear technique!

It was the simplest spear, but also the fiercest and most power spear technique.

The bottom of the box was a small world. The power of the spear had almost destroyed the small world.

After the spear attack, tranquility was restored at the bottom of the box. 一

Lu Xingkong one again instilled spiritual power into the box. The little person became alive again, displaying the power of the spear in front of Lu Xingkong.

Lu Xingkong was like a playful child, again and again poured out spiritual energy into the spear. The little person was resurrected again and again, and then performed the Xumi spear technique in front of him.



Lu Xingkong’s face grew more and more serious——————


Although Li Muyang’s identity had come to light, but he still liked to return from the back door.

The carriage had just stopped in the back courtyard, where Li Shinian was waiting at the door, she darted out, grabbed Li Muyang’s arm and shouted, “Brother, you’re finally back. Come on in. Come on in.”

“What’s the matter?” Li Muyang asked with a nervous face, “what’s going on?”

“Come in, I don’t know. Father and mother are waiting for you in the hall.” Li Shinian sputtered, dragging Li Muyang into the courtyard door by the arm.  

Mother Luo Qi and Father Li Yan were sitting side by side in the center of the hall, and when they saw Li Muyang coming back there was still a solemn and serious look on their face.

Li Muyang smiled at his parents, saying loudly: “Mother, Father, you——what are you doing? Son didn’t do anything to make you angry, did I?”

“Muyang——” Luo Qi stared intently at Li Muyang, her eye soon filled with tears. “We have something to discuss with you.”

“What’s the matter?” Li Muyang’s heart was pounding anxiously again.

In the heroic novels that he had read, the protagonist’s parents always have such a serious expression when they want to tell their sons a huge secret.

They——what was it that they were going to say to him?




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