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435 – Deep love between brother and sister!

Chapter 435: Deep love between brother and sister!


“I’m a Dragon.” Li Yan said.

“Me too.” Luo Qi said.

Li Muyang was incredibly worried, worried that they would suddenly tell him that they were all part of the dragon race. His Father was a dragon, Mother was a dragon, and even Li Shinian——Li Shinian should not be a dragon. If there were such a clever dragon, then the Dragon race would not have been tricked tens of thousands of years ago, and their clan would not have nearly ended in extinction.

For an entire family to be dragons, how scary and exciting does it sound?

Only this, could it explain the mystery of him being possessed by a dragon soul——Otherwise, why was it that it was him who was struck by lightning among the millions of citizens of the divine continent?

“Here’s the thing.” Li Yan cleared his throat, looking at Li Muyang: “I have discussed with your Mother, you have been in Tiandu for some time, you haven’t been to school for a while, and the teachers must not be happy. It will affect your cultivation and studies. We are ready to let you return to Starry Sky Academy immediately. The sooner the better.”

“Return immediately?” Li Muyang was taken aback for a moment, then instantly understood the meaning of his parents’ words.

He glanced at his Father, who looked like he did not know whether to laugh or cry, then at his mother, saying, “Father, Mother, you are worried that I will be in danger in Tiandu, aren’t you?”

Li Yan gently sighed, “Muyang, you’ve only come back for a few days, and so many things had happened to you. First it was the attack on the street. Those people dared to kill in broad daylight. Moreover, when I was handling some paperwork for the head of the house, I found that the Monitoring Division was also involved at that time, and General Li of the City patrol was intercepted by them when they tried to rush over to save you——Who could deploy the Monitoring Division? Later that peerless old immortal of the Still water sword school personally came to deliver a written challenge to you. They will not rest until their purpose is reached.”

“I really don’t understand, my son didn’t mess with anyone, you’re just a kid——Why would those people find you an eyesore? Why do they want to get rid off you?” Luo Qi wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and said bitterly. “Muyang, listen to your parents this time, immediately return to Starry Sky Academy, only there you are the safest. I don’t believe that they dare go to Starry Sky Academy to commit an assault. I’ve packed for you already. Don’t delay any longer. Go, go in a while.”

Her son had just escaped from the jaws of death, as a mother, she was obviously reluctant to let him go.

However, it would be more dangerous for him to stay. She would rather sever her emotions and urge him to leave this place as soon as possible.  

This was a Mother, who always thinks about her children. Her feelings and all her needs can be given up, as long as her children were happy.

Li Muyang gently sighed, then went over to firmly hold his Mother Luo Qi’s hand: “Mother, I know you and Father are worried about my safety, worried that I will lose to the old guy of the Still water sword school and might be killed——”


“Mother, listen to what I have to say first.” Li Muyang gripped his Mother’s hand firmly and said, “but, there are some things that are hard to escape from.  Even if I want to leave, do you think I could go easily? Given the power of the Still water sword school, given the strength of the old man, most likely that before I step out of the city gate of the capital, they will be outside the city laying the next ambush? This time, on the contrary, the capital is safer. At the very least, they still have some scruples and are afraid to do too much.”

“At this point, it’s better to actively prepare for the war and try to win against that old guy. There may be a greater chance of success. If I were to escape from the capital, no one can come to rescue me in the wilderness and deep mountainous forest. I really would not have any chance of surviving there.”

“But, you——how can you win against that old man?” Li Yan was just an ordinary person. In the hearts of ordinary people, the Still water sword school Mu Dingyi was a immortal-like character. The title ‘old immortal’ had reached his lips, but in the end he was forced to change it.

He was not worthy to be an immortal, which immortal would go bully others when he has nothing to do?  

So, he also called him the ‘old man’ like his Son.

Li Muyang was very satisfied with his father’s change, gave him an ‘appreciative’ smiling face: “If I do not try, how do I know? Back then, in the entire West Wind there was also no one who thought I can defeat the Sword God of West Wind Mu Yubai, right? What’s the result? I am still alive and well, and Mu Yubai is now still unconscious. Maybe he’s never going to wake up.”

Li Yan and Luo Qi gained a glimmer of hope when they heard this from Li Muyang.

Soon, more worries poured in, covering up that faint light of hope.  

“But that old guy is more powerful. He is the father of the God of Sword, and had made a name for himself many years ago. I heard that he is the strongest of West Wind——”

“The father of the Sword God is more powerful than the Sword God?” Li Muyang interrupted his father, “then according to this, should my Father not be more powerful than me?”

“You child——” Li Yan was speechless, a faint feeling of being ‘insulted’.  

Li Muyang looked at his parents and said reassuringly, “Dad, Mum, don’t worry, I’ll be fine. In fact, I have already thought of the countermeasures for this battle, even if I cannot beat him, he will not injure me.”

“What are your countermeasures?” Luo Qi and Li Yan asked in an excited voice.

“Can’t say it now.” Li Muyang smiled, “it will not be effective if I say it now.”


“Father, mother, since we are on this topic, I also have a request, I hope you can promise me that you will accept it..”

“What’s the matter?” Luo Qi asked.

“I hope you leave Tiandu with Shinian before my battle with Mu Dingyu.” Li Muyang said.

“No.” Li Shinian, who had been standing behind and not said a word, jumped out to oppose. “I’m going to stay with you.”

“Yes. My son is going to battle with someone, how can we leave Tiandu first? How can we do that? I won’t agree.” Luo Qi said with a firm attitude.

“Yes, Muyang, what your Mother and your sister said is right. You have to stay for a battle, how can we leave you by yourself in Tiandu and not worry about you? It’s better to stay and face it with you, no matter what the result is, our family has to stay together.”

“Yes, it’s most important for the family to stick together.”  

Li Muyang gently sighed, “Father, Mother, and Shinian——”

“Don’t think of convincing me.” Li Shinian cast a cold glance at Li Muyang. “Do you think you can fool us now just because you became smarter? Li Muyang, I tell you, this method——is what I taught you back then.”


“Well, it’s decided.” Luo Qi took a heavy breath and stated firmly, “If Muyang won’t go, then we won’t go. No matter what the result is, our family should be together. Live together, and die together.”


“We won’t persuade you to leave, and you also can’t persuade us to go.” Luo Qi showed a very strong stance like the head of the house.

“I just want to ask, is there anything in the house to eat? That old guy of the Song family is very stingy, he did not give me any food, not even a cup of tea.”

“Yes. Yes.” Luo Qi quickly sprang up, “I’m going to make you hot noodle soup. There is some chicken and ginseng soup in the pot, you must nourish your body these days and beat that old thing who dares to bully you.”  

“I will listen to Mother.” Li Muyang smiled.

After eating the noodle soup, drank a large bowl of chicken soup, Li Muyang contentedly returned to his room.

Li Muyang laid in bed, thinking about his battle against Mu Dingyi of the Still water sword school a few days later.

It has to be said that this battle with Mu Dingyi had put him under great pressure, it was impossible for him to not worry.  

Li Muyang had seen Mu Dingyi’s attack before. He was merely releasing a wisp of divine thought but it contained the ability to destroy the sky and land. If he were to attack in person, then would Li Muyang have a chance to win?

With his strength, it certainly was not enough to withstand against a Starry Sky expert.

At that time, should he call Snowball to help?

If Snowball were allowed to help, then its identity will most likely be exposed——and under the eyes of countless people, how can his use of a fierce beast with mass destructive power be hidden from everyone’s eye?

Especially after he had met the Eye of Starry Sky Song Gudu today, he felt that his eyes could see through everything. The reason why he did not expose him, was perhaps because he had other intentions?

Also, he had again and again mentioned his life and background. What does he know about his secrets?

“This is one of the most dangerous opponents I have met in my life.” Li Muyang thought in his mind. “If I were to use Snowball, then the identity of Snowball would be exposed. If I were to transform into a dragon, then my identity will be exposed. Whether it’s the identity of Snowball being exposed or mines, the people across the Divine continent will hunt me down——”

“Why is my life so good?” Li Muyang thought to himself. Of the top ten divine weapons of the divine continent, the Tear of the dragon king and the heart of the weak water, which were ranked second and third, respectively, were already in his hands.

“Why is my life so bitter?” Li Muyang thought in his mind. A man’s treasure will bring trouble to him. The treasures that he had acquired were too good, and were what the people of the divine continent had dreamt of. If exposed, he most likely will be detested by all, and targeted by everyone.  

“In possession of rare treasures, but unable to use it. Can you understand the grievance?”


Because no one in this world could be in possession of both the heart of weak water and the Tear of the Dragon King at the same time, like Li Muyang had.

Li Muyang sometimes laughed, and sometimes was in great sorrow. His emotions were extremely complex.


The door of the room was vigorously slammed open.

Li Muyang sighed: “Li Shinian, when will you learn to knock before going into someone else’s room?”

“Oh, I forgot.” Li Shinian stepped back outside.

“Nerve mind.” Li Muyang got up from the bed and said to sister Li Shinian, “Come in.” He prevented her from coming out and giving a cursory pretend knock.

Li Shinian barged in again, rushing straight over to Li Muyang: “Li Muyang, tell me the truth.””

“What truth?”  

“You said you have thought of countermeasures, was it a lie?”

“Yes,” Li Muyang nodded.  

“You——how can you lie?” Li Shinian snapped.

“Isn’t that what you taught me? When I was in Jiangnan, you broke one of Mother’s jade bracelet, but you said it was a stray cat who did it, and you pulled a pinch of hair from the neighbour’s black cats as evidence of its crimes——When I was going to tell Mother you said it was a white lie and told me that if Mother knew that her daughter had broken her bracelet, she would be very angry, and what if it affects her health? So, I’m telling Mother now that I’ve got a countermeasure so she doesn’t have to worry too much. It’s a white lie, isn’t it?”

“I was so smart and cute already back then?” Li Shinian, not expecting Li Muyang to place the responsibility onto her, immediately changed her tune by saying: “But that time, I did find a solution to the problem. Although Mother was very angry that the stray cat had broken her jade bracelet, there was no way that she could find the cat to make it pay for its crime. But now you’re still going to fight the old guy of Still water sword school. How does this matter work out?”

“I’m not afraid of him.”

“I know.” Li Shinian nodded. “Buy you just can’t beat him.”

“How can you boost someone else’s morale to destroy your brother’s courage?” Li Muyang grumbled.

“Although this possibility is almost impossible——” Li Shinian looked her brother in the eye, saying in a serious tone: “There may be a chance that your sense of shame gives birth to courage, your power breaks out and you beat that old guy? After all, you are younger than him. Or maybe he has some unmentionable condition? It’s also possible that his illness is at the end stage, and that he may accidentally stab himself to death in the last few days of his life——”

“Li Shinian——”

Li Shinian’s eyes reddened, “Brother, I am scared of you dying.”


“When you were little, you were sick, and I was scared that you’d die of illness. Now that you are well, I’m scared you’ll be killed by them.”


“I wonder how many people you have killed in your last life, that you have to suffer so many painful tribulations in your current life.”   


“However, since you met me in this life, and very luckily became my brother, then I have to let you live without illness, without trouble, and without difficulty. Live for 100 years in peace, live for 200 years. How long I live, is how long you will live.”


“Isn’t it very touching?”


“Mother asked me to go wash the dishes, you go wash it for me.” Li Shinian rubbed away the tears from the corners of her eyes and said raising her head.




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  1. Everytime I think of Muyang and Shinian finding out they’re not related I get a but sad. Then even more sad when I think about how she has a sister(?…kind of) she’s never known.

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