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438 – ‘The maiden push open the door’!

Chapter 438: ‘The maiden push open the door’!


Li Muyang turned around to see the little servant of Song Chenxi, Little star, scampering over, panting.

“Young master Muyang, Young master Muyang—don’t go, please don’t go—-” Little Star dashed over and grabbed onto Li Muyang’s arm.

Li Shinian, with her eyebrows raised, stomped over to forcibly drag Little Star’s hand away from Li Muyang.

Little Star had the temper of a child. She shot a defiant glance a Li Shinian and again reached out to hug Li Muyang’s arm, but found that Li Shinian had already wrapped her arm around Li Muyang’s.  

“Hmph.” Little Star grunted, and had to forget about it.  

“I don’t won’t to go, but they forbid me to go in, and I have no other choice.”  Li Muyang pointed to the doorman and said with a smile.

“Hmph.” Little Star once again grunted at the doormen, who looked extremely afraid of her. They greeted her with a smiling face.

She then turned to Li Muyang and urged, “Young master Muyang, don’t go, okay? Miss knows that you will come over these two days, and told Little Moon and I to take turns to check the door. It so happens that it is Little Star’s turn now but if Young Master Muyang left, then Miss will certainly blame me. Miss will be sad, Little Star will also be sad. Young Master Muyang, don’t go, okay? Miss has been waiting for you.”

Li Muyang glanced at Li Shinian who raised her head, saying: “You decide yourself, why are you looking at me?”

Li Muyang nodded, “then I have to trouble Little Star to lead the way.”  

“Hmph, I knew you’d go back.” Li Shinian grumbled in a disdainful tone of voice.


“Get out of the way, Young master Muyang is a special guest of Miss, do you dare to intercept?” Little Star scolded.

“Yes, yes.” The doormen bowed their head apologetically. “Miss Little Star, this is our duty. We had no choice.”

Under the leadership of Little Star, Li Muyang finally stepped into the Song family’s residence, and finally saw how many people doted on Song Chenxi in the Song family.  

According to the usual practice of prestigious families, the East courtyard in the center of the mansion was reserved for the head of the family. The east was the direction of where the sun rises and the where the auspicious purple air comes from. It was firstly to show respect and love to the head of the house and also had the meaning that the head of the house will guard the East and keep the family safe and peaceful.  

Passing through the rockery and pavilion, the pond and garden, the courtyard where Song Chenxi lived in was the most central location in the East.

The Song family’s residence was more luxurious and extravagant than the Lu residence. Many details were original and creative, which reflected its literary reputation of ‘Imperial library’.

Song Chenxi stood by the courtyard door, holding a beautiful golden hand warmer, while Little Moon was closely behind her carrying the Dragon’s blood lamp. She was absolutely not allowing Song Chenxi to step outside the illumination range of the Dragon’s blood lamp.

Li Muyang seemed to have sensed something, and shot a glance at the Dragon’s blood lamp.

That Dragon’s blood lamp gave no reaction at the beginning. But now drops of dragon blood was frantically jumping about in the glass shade, struggling, as if wanting to break out.

Soon, they gradually quieten and calmed down.

They no longer leaped about, no longer struggled, and the dragon’s blood was no longer boiling.

The light dimmed and went out, and the golden brilliance that shrouded Song Chenxi faded at once.  

“Ah—-” Little Moon cried out, looking at the Dragon’s blood lamp in her hand, “The dragon’s blood lamp has extinguished, Dragon’s blood lamp has extinguished——Is it not said that it will not extinguish for thousands of years? How could it be extinguished? Is there no oil?”

“Dragon’s blood lamp burns dragon blood, there is still dragon’s blood in it, what do you want oil for?” Little Star reacted more appropriately, scampered over to support Song Chenxi and urged, “Miss, let’s go back quickly. It’s cold outside, your body may not be able to bear it.”

“Okay—” Song Chenxi said reluctantly. Her face had gone paler, her body was shivering and she could not even speak clearly. It was painful for a frail girl to be thrown from a hot summer into the cold winter.

Li Muyang knew it was because of him that the dragon blood inside of the lamp was no longer angry, no longer boiling. If it was not boiling, it will not emit heat. Song Chenxi would not be able to endure the piercing wind and icy cold temperature.

Li Muyang took a step forward and quickly grasped the small hand of Song Chenxi.

Song Chenxi widened her eyes.

Little star and Little Moon also stared with wide eyes.  

Li Shinian’s eyes were the widest.

All of them stared at Li Muyang in disbelief, puzzled as to why he dared to do something so rude and arrogant——-It should be said that this was the Song residence, and Song Chenxi was the Young Miss of the Song family. No matter whether it was identity or reputation, she was not someone that Li Muyang could touch. If any person of the Song family saw this, they would have killed Li Muyang on the spot.

“Brother——-“ Li Shinian finally reacted, whispered, “Brother, what are you doing?”

Li Muyang looked at Song Chenxi, asking in a gentle voice, “Do you feel better?”

“Ah?” Song Chenxi’s eyelashes fluttered, delicate little face titled upwards, staring at Li Muyang, who was a head taller than her. It was only then that she discovered that a warm stream of air was passing out from the palm of Li Muyang, flowing around her body. Her frozen body had once again returned to its original condition. She was able to breathe freely, speak normally, and did not need help from others to walk freely——–of course, except for Li Muyang.

“You should feel better, right?” Li Muyang asked with a smile. Song Chenxi’s hand was very small, but also very white. When he touched it, there was a chill coming from the bone, as if there were no warmth at all.

Song Chenxi nodded. “Much better. I can’t even feel the cold now.”

As they stepped into the main hall, although there was no fire burning in the room it was still as warm as summer. Evidently, the Song family’s cared for Song Chenxi in every possible way. There was a Qilin fire lamp hung at every corner of the house, releasing a warmth to protect Song Chenxi from the cold.

Li Shinian pursed her lips. “Really extravagant.”

Li Muyang smiled and said to Song Chenxi. “Did Miss Song know that I was coming today?”

“Yes.” Song Chenxi nodded. “I know Gongzi Muayng received a challenge from the Old immortal of Still water sword school, and will have to go head to head against him on the Sword God square in a few days. If Gongzi Muayng does not break a promise then you will certainly come to fulfill the promise before the battle, so I told Little Star and Little moon to take turns to wait by the door.”

Li Muyang nodded and responded with a slight smile, thinking that this girl really was attentive and careful. Her frail appearance gave her a layer of natural protection.

“This is my sister Li Shinian.” Li Muyang pointed to Li Shinian.  

“Sister Shinian, I have heard a lot about you.” Song Chenxi performed an aristocratic bow to Li Shinian. “Sister Shinian, I have always wanted to meet you ever since you’ve come to Tiandu. But Chenxi’s health is not too good and is always bedridden and can’t travel, so I had to forget about such throughs.”

“Miss Song——” Li Shinian also bowed back. Deep inside, Li Shinian really didn’t like Song Chenxi.

Cui Xiaoxin and her were close friends, and she knew that her Brother had feelings for Cui Xiaoxin. Although Cui Xiaoxin had never gave him any response, the way she treated her brother was different from how she was with others——-

The young Miss of the Song family did not lose to Cui Xiaoxin based on family and background, and also did not lose to Cui Xiaoxin based on appearance. Most importantly she was delicate and cute, and will make any man take pity on her and feel the urge to take good care of and protect her.

“What if my brother likes her, then what about Sister Xiaoxin?” “

However, the beauty of Song Chenxi was deadly to both men and women. Not only do men feel protective towards her, even women, seeing her gentle and courteous appearance, also could not help but want to be closer to her.

“Sister Shinian can call me Chenxi. That’s what my brothers and sisters call me.” Song Chenxi smiled. “Since we are so fateful to meet today, Sister Shinian should come here more often. I am always by myself, it’s difficult for me to find someone to talk with.”

“Okay.” Li Shinian reached out to hold the small hand of Song Chenxi. “I’ll come to accompany you more often. Even if my Brother won’t come, I’ll still come.”

“Thank you Sister Shinian.” A bright smile bloomed across Song Chenxi’s pale face.

Song Chenxi looked at the dragon’s blood lamp with a pained expression on her face: “I was born with a cold body, and am afraid of the cold the most. It’s a hard time for me every winter. Grandpa gave this to me and said that it will not extinguish for thousands of years. It can protect me and keep me safe and healthy for a lifetime. The Dragon’s blood lamp has extinguished, perhaps——perhaps it can’t keep me safe for a lifetime.”

Li Muyang sighed softly, knowing that she was worried that her physical state could not endure for too long. Li Muyang did not know much about medicine, but since even the old man of the Song family could not treat her illness, then there was most likely nothing he could do.

Li Muyang pointed to the dragon’s blood lamp, and smiled, “Is it not lit? It proves that Miss Song will certainly live a lifetime free of worry, peace and joy.”

“Ah?” Song Chenxi turned around to see the dragon’s blood inside the lamp was bubbling again, and a golden glow once again shrouded her. “It was extinguished just now? How could it be burning up again?”

“Yes,” Little Moon, who had been carrying the dragon’s blood lamp all this time, also had a confused expression across her face: “Why is it fine now?”

“Probably because the Dragon’s blood lamp also can’t bear to leave your Young Miss and want to spend more time with her.”

“Yes. That must be the case.” Little Moon nodded firmly and remarked, “Our Miss is so beautiful and so kind, everyone wants her to be safe.”

Li Muyang smiled, “Then let’s paint?”

“Yes.” Song Chenxi exclaimed. The dragon’s blood lamp was lit again, the knot in her heart was instantly untied. “I have to trouble Gongzi Muyang.”

“You’re too polite.” Li Muyang smiled. “Where does Miss Chenxi want to paint? Which scenic spot do you want in the painting?”

Song Chenxi, after a brief thought, uttered: “I like snow, but they always forbid me to go outside. Let’s paint the courtyard of snow as the background today?”

“Miss don’t.”

“Miss, Master will blame us.” 。”

Li Muyang waved his hand, smiling: “Don’t worry, as long as there is the Dragon’s blood lamp it will be fine. And I’m not going to take too long.”

“Gongzi Muayng, is it really fine?”

“I said it will be fine, then it will be fine.” Li Muyang repeated confidently.  

Li Muyang’s original idea was to draw Song Chenxi as she was carrying the Dragon’s blood lamp and walking towards the small courtyard door. He would capture the moment she turned her head back with a smile as though someone called out her name. He wanted to draw her smiling face as she glanced back. It will definitely be a vivid painting.

But after a few brush strokes, he tore apart the paper and scrunched it up.

“Gongzi Muyang—–what’s wrong?” Song Chenxi questioned carefully.  

“Let’s change to another style of painting.” Li Muyang explained with a smile. “You carry the Dragon’s blood lamp and open the courtyard door, the wind and snow are in front of your eyes, behind you, and all around you. I want to draw that moment of you opening the courtyard door ——-”

“Understood.” Song Chenxi was exceptionally intelligent, instantly grasped Li Muyang’s idea which he had changed all of a sudden. She bowed deeply to him, “Chenxi is thankful to Gongzi Muayng.”  

“There is no need for this.” Li Muyang hastily went over to support her up.

The greater the wind, the greater the snow.

Amid the blizzard, the deep courtyard door was tightly closed.

After hearing footsteps, a beautiful maiden dressed in white, draped a black coat, and carrying a dragon’s blood lamp pushed open the courtyard door.

Under the bright smile of the maiden, the snow was so pale and had lost its beauty.

Li Muyang engraved the beautiful scene in his mind, and then waved his arms and the Xuan paper rustled. Li Shinian, Little Star, Little Moon and Song Chenxi, who just came in from outside, stood watching on one side.

They were silent, and even breathed cautiously, for fear of disturbing Li Muyang, who was in the midst of producing a masterpiece.

After a moment, the painting ‘Maiden push open the door’ appeared.

“Ah, it’s really Miss, too much alike——–” Little Star exclaimed.

“Beautiful, Miss is beautiful——-” Little Moon marvelled.

Li Shinian looked Song Chenxi, then glanced at Li Muyang, a joyful and sour feeling in her heart.

In the past she had tried to recommend some of her close friends to her brother, want them to get to know each other, and even fall in love.

But no matter how hard she tried, the girls had no interest in her brother.

Now, her brother had become more and more outstanding, increasingly good-looking. He could socialise with the most outstanding girls in the Kingdom, and these girls looked at him with such admiration——

She was incredibly happy, happy for her brother. Her Brother had finally become an exceptionally outstanding man, a real man.

She felt a little sour feeling in her heart again, as from then on, her brother was no longer just her brother—–




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