Chapter 440: Dragon spear shown to the world!


Seeing that the bowl of soup in Li Shinian’s hand was about to drop to the ground, Li Muyang stretched his hand out and caught the bowl in midair.

“Come in.” Li Muyang said in a low voice.  


The courtyard door was pushed open and a group of black robed men came in.  

Lu Qingming saw that Luo Qi and Li Shinian had fainted on the table, asked aloud: “Are they all right?”

“I asked Hong Xiu for her ‘Nine flame incense’ that can make one sleep for nine days and nine nights. At that time, they would have already arrived in Wind city, and when they wake up the fight between me and that old monster would already be over——”

“Muyang——-” Li Yan, standing at the back of the crowd, cried out with a worried face, “How do I explain to them about what happened when they wake up?”

Li Muyang walked over to stand next to his father and uttered in a quiet voice, “If they don’t leave, I can’t help worrying about them. As I have said, I sent them away for a peace of mind. Tell them not to be upset with me.”


“Father, there is no better way,” Li Muyang interrupted with a wry smile. “I advised them and they wouldn’t listen. Therefore, I had to do what I have done. Father, you are an understanding man. You should know that it is the safest to send them away at this time. I know that you all want to accompany me to face the danger, but I do not want to. If you all don’t leave, I can’t stop worrying, I can’t calm myself down to think of a way to break the ‘Still water sword technique’.”

“Father, just think of it as helping me beat that old monster, okay? Please forgive me, I can’t be around Father to help take care of Mother and Little sister.”

“Okay.” Li Yan gritted his teeth. The quiet man’s eyes welled up, as he said in a hoarse voice. “We will be waiting for you in Wind city. If you don’t go there, we will come back to find you. No matter what, our family has to live together.”

“I’ll definitely go.” Li Muyang’s eyes also reddened, “You guys are there, I will certainly go.”

“Xu Da.” Lu Qingming shouted.  

“Xu Da is here.” A huge bearded man marched out from the middle of the crowd.  

“Now, will you personally take Young master Muyang’s family to Wind City? Do you dare to undertake this military order?”

“General, Xu Da will take the military order.” Xu Da knelt down and kowtowed to Li Muyang. “Young Master Muyang has saved my life, and without Young master Muyang’s help back then, Xu Da would have been tortured to death and thrown into the river. Young Master Muyang is my saviour. His family is my family. Xu Da will do my best to bring them safely to Wind City. As long as Xu Da is safe, they will be safe. Even if I die, I will die in front of them.”

Lu Qingming patted Xuda on the shoulder, “General Xu Da, I’ll have to trouble you.”

“General, take care.” Xu Da said in a heavy voice.

He then raised his head to look at Li Muyang, “Young Master Muyang, take care.”

Li Muyang pulled Xu Da up from the ground and bowed deeply to him. “General Xu Da, my family is entrusted to you.”

“Xu Da will not let you down.”

Li Muyang took a deep look at Mother Luo Qi, then went over to tidy Li Shinian’s hair, and finally draped the two fire fox cloaks over their body and commanded: “Go.”

Li Yan and Li Muyang held up Luo Qi and Li Shinian, respectively, and headed toward the carriage parked by the entrance of the small courtyard.

After settling the two down, Li Yan firmly patted Li Muyang on the shoulder before stepping into the carriage.

As Li Muyang waved, the carriage disappeared into the night of the capital.

The group of black robed men were scattered around, but all moving in the same direction.

Lu Qingming stood beside Li Muyang, watching the carriage went away, and comforted, “Don’t worry, General Xu Da is experienced and intelligent and has fought many battles on the battlefield. Also he is grateful to you, he will certainly do everything possible to help bring your family to Wind City. As soon as he gets through the Jade Gate Pass, there will be people from Wind city providing support. At that point, even if people of Tiandu notice there is nothing that they can do.”

Li Muyang nodded, asking: “Aunt Gonsun and Young Master Tianyu——are they not leaving?”

“How can they leave?” Lu Qingming shook his head. “If they leave, it will cause a huge reaction. The activities in Tiandu are difficult to be concealed from all parties. Now everyone are focused on the great battle between you and Mu Dingyi, so even if they find out that your family is sent away, they’re not going to make any huge movements to split your attention or add any variables to this fight.”

“But, if I want to send my family away, the noise would be too great to hide from anyone. When the news breaks out, the Lu family would not be able to stand in Tiandu—–They have no choice but to join us and stand with us to the end.”

“It will be fine,” Li Muyang comforted in a loud voice.

Power really was a double-edged sword. At the same time of enjoying the pleasure of power, one was also restricted by social conventions and taboos. Even someone who has the status and power of Lu Qingming was not completely unrestrained. Every decision of his affects the impressions of countless people or where they stand. His life was more difficult and more exhausting than that of ordinary people.

“Yes it certainly will be fine.” Lu Qingming gazed dotingly at Li Muyang. “Everyone will be safe. When this matter is over, we’ll go to Wind City and bring them back. Then everyone can live together happily.”

“Where’s Grandfather Lu? How come I haven’t seen him these two days?” Li Muyang asked.

“He’s cultivating in seclusion.” Lu Qingming explained. “This is a tribulation, then Father is the person to deal with the tribulation. If he pulls through, the tribulation will be broken. If he can’t make it, then the tribulation can’t be broken through.”

“I see.” Li Muyang nodded. “I’m also going to cultivate in seclusion. To tell you the truth, my heart is not prepared at all to face an opponent like Mu Dingyi. But since he came to the door, I can only face him head-on—–for myself and for my family.”


“Uncle Lu, if there’s something then just tell me.” Li Muyang urged, “you and I are as close as a family, do not be too polite with me.”  

“It’s nothing.” Lu Qingming’s eyes were as deep as the sea. “There are many things that you will understand in the future. I just hope that—–you can blame anyone, but don’t hurt yourself.”  

“Uncle Lu, you are referring to?”  

Lu Qingming clapped his hand on Li Muyang’s shoulder: “You will understand in the future.”


Old grandfather Lu Xingkong had been training for several days already.

Li Muyang also went into seclusion to cultivate. He had sealed of the door of the little courtyard where he resided, and no one was allowed to disturb him.

Lu Qingming became the only support of the Lu residence. He gathered all the staffs of the Lu residence and issued an order in a stern voice: “From now on, Lu residence will enter into a state of emergency. If someone will malice comes to the door, kill with lawful authority.”  

“Yes.” The many staff responded in unison.

The next few days Lu Qingming was even busier, he constantly paid visits to the powerful and prestigious families of Tiandu. Some of the influential people in the army also went from door to door.  

When Lu Qingming went to visit the Old grandfather of the Song Family again, he was once again refused entry, and the words that came out were ‘Master is not seeing visitors’.



Lu Xingkong was still in the midst of that illusory realm.

When he just came in, he incessantly instilled essential qi from his body into the spear of the little person at the bottom of the box, and watched the little person again and again administer deadly spear attacks that almost broke the box.

Over and over again, he did not find it tiring and was very patient.

It was only when he had exhausted his essential qi that he stopped for a temporary break. But when the essential qi was recovered and surging again, he started the process again.

One spear after another.

In this illusory realm where he did not know of the time, he repeated the process tens of thousands of times, the little person also performed tens of thousands of spear moves.

Lu Xingkong was sat at one side, seriously studying the process of spear moves for tens of thousands of times.

Xumi spear!

Mount Sumi was where the Buddha lived. Legend has it that it is a famous mountain, also known as ‘Mandalas’ in Buddhist scriptures. According to the Buddhist concept, it is the king of the Mountains, the center of the world, the Buddhist view of the universe.

It was said that the mountain was 84,000m in height, which meant that it is towering and majestic.

But why was this spear hidden in this little box?

“From the name, it should be a Buddhist spear technique unknown to the world.” Lu Xingkong thought to himself. “But when seriously looked into the origin of the spear and the way the spear attacks are administered, this does not seem to be the case—-”

“This spear is full of an air of supremacy, and full of majesty. This is not the heart and mind that Buddha or Taoist should have.”

“If it was not created by the Buddhist people, but took such a name that makes one think of the Buddhist——then, who would do such a thing? It should be said that the sects and factions are very biased. To be able to create such a powerful spear technique, that person is bound to be the pillar or a talented person of a sect and faction. If it was the creation of a sect, they will certainly choose a name associated with their own sect. No one would let such a impressive deed that could be passed on for generations fall on someone else’s head.”

“Also, the little person at the bottom of the box—–the manner in which he launches the spear attack is extremely bizarre, and the way he flies—–Yes, he didn’t look like he was flying, more like soaring, soaring in the sky like a dragon——”

Lu Xingkong’s mind was shaken, eyes filled with utter shock as he stared at the dark box, at the little person inside the pitch black box.

“Is this—–Dragon spear?”




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