Chapter 441: Can’t throw away your life!


“This is the real dragon spear?”  

“The little person at the bottom of the box is not a human, but a dragon—–”

“The Xumi spear is not a Buddhist technique, nor a technique of Taoism, nor is it the work of any one of the sects, but the work of the Dragon clan. Only the Dragons do not care about competing against the Buddhism and Taoism, but simply act and name it with their heart——”

For a moment, countless thoughts sprang to Lu Xingkong’s mind.  

“How would Li Muyang have the real dragon spear technique?”

“How can the Lu family’s passed down Heavenly Emperor spear be fused with the Xumi spear? Should I forget the Heavenly Emperor spear, and take a different approach and start again——”



Lu Xingkong once again began to pour essential qi into the spear, and then intently watched the little person at the bottom of the box perform the deadly spear technique.

Time and time again.

One spear after another.

He did not know how long he did this for, let alone what time it was.

Lu Xingkong suddenly felt the essential qi within his body was raging, his robe whipping about in the absence of wind.

What was even more astonishing was that Lu Xingkong’s hair which had strands of silver had turned pure black and his grey beard similarly turned pure black.

His face was rejuvenated and younger looker, his skin became more and more white, his cheeks youthful, the blood veins in his eyes disappeared, and his pupils had turned pure black—–

As the Little person shot out the spear, the little box rocked, as if to break the box into pieces.

At the same time, Lu Xingkong’s body also soared.

His body hovered like the little person in the box, a white bolt of lightning forming in the middle of his palm, rumbling and booming, and then turned into the shape of a long spear.

As it shot out, the heaven and earth were discoloured.


The sound reverberated through heaven and earth.

The sky within the illusion had disappeared.

The ground had disappeared.

All the illusions were gone.

The Xumi spear was so powerful and boundless that it shattered the whole illusion.

When Lu Xingkong reappeared, he was already situated at the end of the passage of the hidden chamber.

His eyes were closed, like he was still deeply engrossed in the wonderful feeling of that spear attack.

His eyes jerked wide open, and in both of his two pupils was a lightning spear cracking and rumbling.


The wind and snow were as before.

The small door of the courtyard was softly and quietly pushed open, servant Zhaihua scampered into the courtyard, softly calling: “Young Master—Young Master—-Young master Muyang—-”

No one answered.

“Strange, where did young master go?” Zhaihua looked puzzled.

She searched the whole building inside out, and found no sign of Li Muyang.

“Young Master, where are you?”


In the middle of the courtyard, a round snowball suddenly cracked and exploded.

Blocks of snow scattered and ice spattered in all directions.

Li Muyang’s body flew out of the snowy egg, his white robe flapping in the wind, long hair fluttering.

“Young master—–” Zhaihua dashed over to ask concernedly, “Young Master, are you all right? How did you get into that snowball? I have looked everywhere for you.”

“How many days has it been since I locked myself away?”

“Seven days.” Zhaihua stated.

“Seven days.” Li Muyang pondered for a moment. “Tomorrow is the day of the battle.”

“Young Master——” Zhaihua could not help but worry. “The old immortal of the Still water sword school—–is very powerful. Almost like half an immortal. Why don’t young master not go? Young master is so young and already has such a high cultivation level. In a few more years, who in the Kingdom could match up to Young Master? What is that saying, for a gentleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long. Why don’t Young master not bear him for a few days?”

“I can wait.” Li Muyang smiled bitterly, “But others cannot wait. They must be anxiously waiting, right?”

“Master is waiting for you in the study.” Zhaihua stated.

Li Muyang nodded, “I’ll go see them.”

“Young Master wait——Young master wait. Your hair, tie your hair——”

Li Muyang came to Lu Xingkong’s study, where both Lu Xingkong and Lu Qingming had been waiting for him.

“Muyang, how do you feel?” Lu Xingkong asked in a loud voice.  

“I’ve just been rethinking what I have learned in the past.” Li Muyang answered. “Whether it’s useful or not, I need to see on the battlefield.”

Lu Xingkong nodded, “Human effort is the decisive factor, you don’t have to worry too much. No matter what, we will support you.”

“Thank you, Grandfather Lu. Since I have accepted this challenge, I naturally want to be victorious. Of course, I also must be victorious. The people of Still water sword school hates me to the bone, if I lose, they will most likely chop me into bits?”

Lu Xingkong looked Li Muyang in the eye and said in an unwavering voice. “I will never allow such a thing to happen.”

Li Muyang smiled and did not speak.

Tomorrow was the day of his martial arts contest against Mu Dingyi on the Sword God square. If that old guy really had the intention to kill, who could stop him? Who would be able to stop him?

It has to be said that Li Muyang felt that his life was very bitter.

He had never done anything bad to an elderly, so why don’t the elderly like him?

While all the Grandfathers of the world seemed to like Li Shinian——

Lu Qingming looked exhausted. It seemed that he had worked too hard during this period of time, felt immense psychological pressure, and have not had a good rest for some time.  

Lu Qingming took a long, deep look at Li Muyang, stretched out his hand and pat him firmly on the shoulder, “Don’t worry. It’s going to be okay. Just fight with your heart, leave everything else to us. We are your strong support—–”

As he spoke, Lu Qingming’s hand suddenly turned from a pat to a clutch, moving at a fierce speed towards Li Muyang’s neck.


Dark flames flickered around the palm of Lu Qingming.

If struck, Li Muyang would immediately lose the ability to move, his body of qi blocked, and could neither live nor die.

Li Muyang’s reaction was swifter; his body tilted to one side, his untied loose hair, like a sharp horsetail whisk, ruthlessly whipped the palm of Lu Qingming’s hand.


Lu Qingming pulled back his hand, anxiously gazed at Li Muyang. “Muyang——”

Li Muyang looked back at Lu Qingming with a grateful look. “Uncle Lu, I know you want to protect me, but let me fight this battle——-The person he challenged is me, how can I let others fight for me, or even die for me?”

“No.” Lu Qingming’s face was ashen, his clenched fist booming, his eyes reddened as he turned to look at his father Lu Xingkong, and roared in a hoarse voice: “Father, say something, we already—–already owe him too much, and I really can’t—–really can’t let him throw away his life—–”

Lu Xingkong gave no response.

He just took a deep look at Lu Qingming, also at Li Muyang.

“Father, say something. Only you can change all this—–Your words, Muyang will surely listen to you.” Lu Qingming cried.

“What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to tell Muyang the truth, I want you to tell Muyang—–”

“How do you know Muyang is bound to lose?” Lu Xingkong snapped, interrupting the truth that Liu Qingming was about to blurt out.


“How do you know that Muyang is bound to lose?”

“I——Father, Muyang’s opponent is Mu Dingyi. In the entire West Wind Kingdom, how many people can win against him?”

“The battle has not yet begun, clamour shakes the morale of the army. Fortunately, you are at home, if it was on the battlefield, I will certainly drag you out for you to receive military punishment—–”

“But, Father there really is no chance of winning——”

“Is that right? I’m going to bet with you. This battle, I bet that Muyang will certainly win.”


“What? You don’t dare to bet?”

“Father, I still can’t help but worry—–“

“Look at you, where is the look of a provincial governor? Look at Muyang——he is young, but much calmer than you——Have you seen Muyang worried before?”

Lu Qingming was full of grievances to tell. Muyang don’t have to worry, but he has to worry about it.

He was the father of Li Muyang, the biological father of Li Muyang.  

With the wave of his hand, Lu Xingkong said, “Muyang, it’s good to see that you’re fine. You go and have a good rest. Tomorrow, I will go to the Sword God Square to cheer for you.”

“Thank you, Grandfather Lu.” Li Muyang smile, then turned to Lu Qingming and reassured in a comforting voice, “Uncle Lu, you don’t have to worry. I’ll be fine. Even if I can’t beat him, I can run from him right?”

“Muyang, don’t be careless.”

“I understand.”

Li Muyang returned to the small courtyard where he resided. His parents and sister were all sent away and there was him living in the small courtyard.

In order not to disturb his practice, even the several servants did not dare to come to serve him.

Li Muyang stood in the middle of the courtyard, watching the snow swirling in the sky in deep thought, when there was a vigorous slam on the courtyard door.

“Li Muyang—-“

“Li Muyang, come out—–”

“Li Muyang, an old friend from Jiangnan is here, hurry come out to meet——-”


Li Muyang forced a smile, walked to the back door of the Lu residence to see Yan Xiangma creating a ruckus. “What are you here for?”

Yan Xiangma narrowed his eyes, looked Li Muyang up and down before his mouth drew back in a smile: “You are about to die, I came to accompany you for your last moments.”



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