Chapter 442: You have hurt me!


Li Muyang very helplessly looked at Yan Xiangma who was grinning and said, “A filthy mouth really can’t utter decent words. How do you know I’m going to lose?”

“Not only do I know that you’re going to lose, the whole Tiandu knows that you’re going to lose.” Yan Xiangma made a wink. “There is one thing you must not know?”

“There are a lot of things that I don’t know, which one are you talking about?”

Stumped for words, Yan Xiangma then snapped: “Can you not answer back like that so people can retort, okay? You are so outstanding, it makes me feel that if you died then it is only the heaven getting rid of the pest for the people—–at least getting rid of the pest for me.”

“Say it quickly. What is it that I don’t know?” Li Muyang urged.

“What is the hottest event in the capital recently? It’s naturally the battle between you and the Still water sword school’s Old immortal—”

“Don’t call him Old immortal.” Li Muyang interrupted angrily, “If you call him Old immortal again, I’m going to break off relations with you. What kind of old immortal is he? What immortal who has lived for hundreds of years would jump out to bully a child? His heart is so evil, his behaviour is so despicable, how is he worthy of being an old immortal? If he’s an old immortal, I’m—-”

Li Muyang vented his fury. Despite committing such a despicable thing the people of Tiandu still respectfully called him Old Immortal.

Li Muyang felt that he was the victim. Tomorrow his life may be gone, but how did the people of Tiandu call him?

Young master of Peach blossom?

Fine, that’s a good name too. Li Muyang liked it very much.

“Then call him old monster.” Yan Xiangma said. “If you are not satisfied, then call him Old demon or something, I have nothing to do with him anyway, and there is no deep feelings between us—-”

“I like your shamelessness and boldness.” Li Muyang cast a very appreciative glance at Yan Xiangma.

Mu Dingyi had become famous for too long. The entire West Wind Kingdom called him Old immortal, and even his parents could not change to calling him by another name—Yan Xiangma really knew how to act in front of friends.

Li Muyang did not mind having more friends without integrity.

Yan Xiangma burst into a hearty laughter. “Now the capital are guessing who will be the final winner between you and the Old demon of Still water.”

“What did they guess?” Li Muyang asked.

“They didn’t guess, they said the old demon would certainly win.”


“You know what? A few days ago all the gambling stalls in Tiandu were opened up for betting on the battle. The odds are nine to one for you to win, and two to one for Mu Dingyi to win.”

“Why is my odds so much higher than his?”

“That’s right. That’s what I thought. Therefore, the people of the capital city all bet on the old demon to win. The gambling stalls realised that they would make a loss, so begged those who had made a bet to cancel their bet. After all, they don’t want to lose their fortune either. However, the money has been put down, who will be willing to cancel their bet? All the betting bosses are most likely preparing to run away now.”

“——” Li Muyang grudgingly looked at Yan Xiangma. “You must have bet on me to win, right?”

“That’s for sure.” Yan Xiangma clapped his chest. “I have bet 1000 gold coins on you.”

“Such a good brother.” Li Muyang vey gratefully patted Yan Xiangma on the shoulder.

“I also put 100,000 gold coins on the old demon.” Yan Xiangma awkwardly added. “So, I just came to discuss something with you. Why don’t you not resist too hard in the fight and let that old demon slash you a few times, then we can share the money in a ratio of seventy to thirty, what do you think?”

“Get lost.”

“Sixty to forty is fine. You forty, I’m sixty.”

“Get lost.”

“Don’t tell me you want it to be fifty-fifty? I can’t do that, the money was mine, and even if I did not come to find you, you can’t fight that old demon anyway——The most I can do is forty to sixty, otherwise there is no discussion.”

“Get lost.”

“Are you angry? Are you angry?” Yan Xiangma fumed, pointing to Li Muyang’s nose. “You came back secretly and did not come say hello to an old friend. Moreover, you changed your appearance and your name, do you think you are worthy of me?”

“I had no choice.”

“You don’t trust me, you were afraid that I’ll betray you—”

It was Li Muyang’s turn to blush shyly. “I did have such a concern before—”

Yan Xiangma widened his eyes, pointing right in Li Muyang’s face. “You really think so? You really believed I was going to betray you?”

“However, I knew you weren’t who I thought you were when I saw you at the city gate the last time. You are still Yan Xiangma, the Yan Xiangma I met in Jiangnan city.”

“You have hurt me.” Yan Xiangma was simply heartbroken. “You narrow hearted people always measure people with your own narrow hearted ways. You have hurt me. Don’t you think you need to compensate me? Stand there and don’t move, let the old demon slash you a few times, then I will forgive you—–”

“If I take a slash from his sword I will be dead. You think I’m an idiot?” Li Muyang snorted.

“Then you got to do something for me, right?”

Li Muyang looked at Yan Xiangma and said with a smile “There is really something for you to do.”

“What is it?”

“If I lose tomorrow, or—-if I’m dead.” There was still a smile on Li Muyang’s face, but his eyes had an intense hidden sadness, as he asked: “Please help me take care of Shinian.”

“No problem.” Yan Xiangma took a deep look at Li Muyang, expression growing serious. “Leave this to me. As long as I’m alive, I will protect Li Shinian.”

“Thank you.” Li Muyang said in a grateful tone.

“Which one of us is with whom?” Yan Xiangma burst into laughter, and suddenly felt that there was something not quite right. “

“No.” Yan Xiangma uttered. “I mean, you need to compensate me, what are you going to do for me—Why do I have to do things for you now? What is that about? You’re the one who hurt me, and why do I have to help you protect your sister?”

“If I win tomorrow, I’ll help you protect your sister in the future.” Li Muyang said with a smile.

“I don’t have a sister.”

“Your cousin.”

“My cousin won’t need you to protect her.”

“So, you see, I can’t help you do anything—–”

“Li Muyang—–”

“Please.” Li Muyang suddenly said with a sincere face.

Yan Xiangma breathed a gentle sigh: “Based on the fact that I may become your brother-in-law, I hope you can come back safely.”

Li Muyang smiled, “I hope so. However, if I come back, you will lose money.”

“Money is just an object.” Yan Xiangma swung his hand. “It’s just 100,000, what is it worth?”

“Right. Young master Yan is very rich, and naturally will not care about that small amount of money.”

“Of course.” Yan Xiangma agreed very proudly. “I have been coming every day for a few days but you did not leave the house. The people at the door won’t let me in, they say I will disturb your practice. Am I that kind of person? I haven’t even seen Shinian in a few days—”  

Yan Xiangma raised his head to look at Li Muyang, “You have sent her away?”

“Yes.” Li Muyang nodded. Although Yan Xiangma seemed to be an extremely unreliable person, but he was one of the most trustworthy people to Li Muyang.

“It’s good that you sent them away, peace of mind.” Yan Xiangma uttered. “Well, there’s nothing else—I know you still need to say goodbye to a lot of people, so I won’t take up your precious time.”

Li Muyang smiled, “I hope there will be a chance to see you later.”

“There will be.” Yan Xiangma nodded earnestly. “Tomorrow the Monitoring Division is in charge of protecting His Majesty, I will be at the Sword God Square to cheer for you.”

“Good. See you tomorrow.”

Yan Xiangma waved to Li Muyang before turning towards the black carriage that was parked outside.

Yan Xiangma got into the carriage, put down the thick curtains, and said to Cui Xiaoxin who was sat in the carriage. “Not going down to say hello?”

“My thoughts are there, I am already very satisfied to see that he is fine.” Cui Xiaoxin explained.

“I really don’t know what you women are thinking.” Yan Xiangma sighed. “Every day you do everything you can to leave the house, and every day you tell me to bring you to the Lu residence to visit. We finally could see him today but you don’t want to get out of the carriage—–What is the significance of putting so much effort to come here?”

Cui Xiaoxin shook her head. “I didn’t think there to be any significance. Also what can we do? I can’t change his fate, nor can I change my destiny. If I tell him my troubles that will only add to his worries.”

“You always think for him first.” Yan Xiangma coldly curled his lips. “Then you and that Song family’s little tree——really are going to be together?”

“What do you think?”

“Hey—–” Yan Xiangma chuckled awkwardly. “Most likely will. It’s not just about you two, it’s about the two families. Back then my mother—-never mind, let’s not talk about my Mother. Just by yourself, there is no way you can disagree to the family arrangement.”

“The result that everyone knows.” Cui Xiaoxin muttered emotionally.  

“Li Muyang that kid is a good guy, but he really does not match up to you. Your identity and background is very different from him. We could ignore this, but the Cui family will care. Besides, he killed Cui Zhaoren, and with that, you two already have no hope of being together at all—–but it doesn’t mean there is no significance in seeing him. Tomorrow he will take on the Mu Dingyi of Still water on the Sword God Square. He was already a Withering Glory master more than 20 years ago. Whether he can escape alive from his sword is still an unknown.”

“So the only thing we can do for him right now—–is to pray that he survives.”



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