Chapter 444: The imposing manner is threatening!



The great ministers around Chu Xianda were the first to get up, and were followed by the officials further along.

The scene was like the wind blowing waves across a sea, rising and falling according to the agreed rules of the past thousands of years.

It blew from near to far, and then spread down to the foot of the mountain.

Chu Xianda extremely liked the shock brought about by the great scene. It was only at such times that he really felt the majesty and earthshaking power that an emperor should have.

Chu Xianda ran his eyes over the people, looked at the vast Sword God Square, and then shifted his gaze towards the mountains farther away.

“West wind was founded on martial arts, and there are countless citizens who cultivate. It is also because of this that my West Wind Kingdom could fight the imperial army all over the world for me, and that many martial arts gods had emerged to defend our country and protect my people.”

“Every time the Kingdom is attacked by foreign enemies, there would be invincible soldiers across the world to counterattack for me. Every time the Kingdom is in distress, there would be martial artists and heroes coming out to protect our country.” ”

“The millions of people who cultivate are branches, leaves, and those that stand out from the masses of millions are flowers and fruits. We have the proverb that heroes come from the masses and heroes are descendants of heroes.”

“Today, we have a young hero emerged from the masses, Li Muyang, and also a descendant of generations of heroes, Old immortal——-They will compete against each other, let’s witness the pinnacle of martial arts.”

“Heaven bless my West Wind, heaven bless my heroes. Today, I will admire the remarkable skills and martial prowess of the heroes with my people.” “

“Divine authority.”

“Divine authority.”

“Divine authority.”


The spectators’ emotions were ignited by Chu Xianda’s speech. One after another, they began to shout the phrase ‘divine authority’.

Chu Xianda glanced around before he said aloud, “Today, a highly respectable person will preside over the battle, you and I will be the judges of this battle. The outcome of the battle will be decided at one glance, and there will be no need for an arbitrator.”

“Divine authority.” When the people heard that they were qualified to be the judges of the martial arts battle alongside the Emperor, there were once again voices breaking out like thunder.

The rain and dew are equal. The Emperor really knew how to control the human heart. To be able to do the same thing with the ruler of the Kingdom, ruling the outcome of this battle, gave the people present unparalleled satisfaction. This was a glorious story that can be retold to the descendants of more than three generations.  

“Duke, do you wish to take up this position?” Chu Xianda smilingly looked at the Duke Cui Xichen behind him.

As though was prepared in advance, Cui Xichen bowed respectfully, and his voice, like a resounding roar of thunder, clearly passed to the ears of everyone present on the Sword God square.

“Minister is willing to take the position.” Cui Xichen smiled.

Chu Xianda seated himself on the observation platform and left the other matters to Cui Xichen.  

Cui Xichen went over to the stage and shouted in a clear voice: “where are the two heroes of this battle?”  

“Damn.” Someone hissed. “The person that the Cui family hates the most is Li Muyang, but his Majesty has let Cui Xichen preside over this martial arts competition. It’s obvious that he is biased towards the Still water sword school—–Also I do not know whether Cui Xichen would do anything that affects the outcome.”

“Although His Majesty says that there are heroes emerged from the masses, as well as there are descendants of heroes——But how would the person above possibly support heroes from the masses? Naturally, they are going to favour the descendants of heroes.”

“Shh, be quiet. There are millions of the Flying Feather Army and Monitor Division around, don’t let them hear your words—-”


Lu Qingming’s fist clenched and loosened, loosened and clenched.

Around him were military generals and commanders loyal to the Lu family.

They were equally worried about the safety of Li Muyang. Although they did not know what the identity of Li Muyang was, but to be able to make the Lu family value so much and make the two Masters of the Lu family be so concerned about him, he naturally had something special about him.  

Moreover, Li Muyang had saved Xuda. He was their benefactor and comrade. They had the bravery to fight, but were not very strategic and resourceful. In their hearts, love and hate were so distinct and undisguised.

But Lu Xingkong, who was sitting near the emperor, was calm, looking down in concentration and sitting with a straight back. As though he was entirely not going to get involved.

Sitting on the opposite side was the formation of hundreds of people of Still water sword school, all dressed in white robes and were barefooted with their swords pressed on their laps.

The expression in their eyes was fierce, restless, but unusually dull. There was an unimaginable suppressed murderous intent spreading.

Because one side supported Li Muyang, and the other side supported the old immortal of Still water sword school, the gaze of the two groups of people would collide from time to time. If you glare at me I will gouge out your eyes——

Prince Fu whispered to his son, Chu Xun, who was standing behind him, “You have interacted with that boy at Starry Sky Academy, do you think——he has any hope?”

Chu Xun, with a calm face, responded, “The fact that old immortal personally went to challenge Li Muyang proves that he really has his good attributes. However, in my opinion, he naturally cannot win against Old Immortal’s hundred years of cultivation. This battle is a certain victory for old immortal.”

“I think so too.” Prince Fu said, seemingly in an extremely good mood. “I do not believe in any youngster heroes. Once they encounter a real swordsman master, they would not even have the opportunity to attack. Today I will have a good look at this battle, see how the mighty Li Muyang will withstand the sword attacks of Old immortal——”

“Probably killed in one move.” Chu Xun smiled.

“That would be boring.” Prince Fu’s mouth was curled in a meaningful smile. “If it is so then I feel bad for the millions of people who had come to watch. Besides, this is the beginning of a general trend, the start of a reign, how can it end so simply? How should the later generations write about this?”

“Someone will teach them how to write and what to write.”

Playing with the parrot on his hand, Prince Fu greeted his elder brother with a smile, but the words that came out his mouth was incomparably cold, “An Emperor benefits from the battles while ten thousand of bones rot, wait until I give you the best.”




The door of a quiet room was pushed away.

Clad in the Monitor Division’s three headed snake uniform, Yan Xiangma stood at the door and said proudly: “Time is up.”

Li Muyang opened his eyes, looked at him unkindly, and grumbled, “Can you change your words? It sounds like I’m a prisoner going to the execution grounds.”

“It’s just the same.” Yan Xiangma grinned, stretching out his hand and made an invitation gesture, “Brother Muyang, please go ahead.”

“Hey, is there a time when Young Master Yan called someone ‘Brother’?”

“I really haven’t before. Who am I, Yan Xiangma? I am Jiangnan city’s most famous hedonistic young master, there is nothing that I can’t do——but after I met you, I really admit defeat, I have to worship you with admiration. You have only come to Tiandu for a while but had already defeated the Sword God of West Wind, and now you are going to challenge the treasure of their sword school—Old immortal. If Old immortal is defeated by a boy, then how could Still water sword school continue to stand in West Wind. This hate is not much lighter than snatching a man’s wife and daughter and killing his parents, right?”

“Did I challenge him? Did I want to do this kind of thing? If he is willing to let me go, I would even call him Grandfather——“ Li Muyang grumbled. He also wanted to roar to the sky, “Who the hell did I provoke?”

Li Muyang followed Yan Xiangma to the Sword God Square.

On either side of the mountain road were members of the Monitor Division, also wearing a black robe with a sword on it. They had surrounded the entire Still water sword school to the point that not even water could pass through.

Yan Xiangma led the way in front and from a distance could already see the numerous figures densely packed together.

Yan Xiangma came to a halt, pointing to a cliff on the east side of the path, he said: “This mountain is called Mist mountain. If you jump down from here, then after 3,000 miles there will be a swamp of death. There is a formation eye in the swamp of death, which will allow you to enter the Flower language plain——-As long as you reach the Flower language plain, there the sea is vast and the sky is tall. If you flee to Starry Sky Academy, then nobody can do anything to you.”  

Li Muyang stood beside Yan Xiangma and asked, “Why are you telling me this?”

“If you slap me now and jump down there——I can pretend to be unconscious for a while and pretend I don’t know anything.”

“You’re not afraid of taking the blame?” Li Muyang asked with a smile.

“I am afraid. Who wouldn’t’t be afraid of taking blame? You think people like us don’t have to take responsibility, you think nobody can do anything to us—–but, we are friends. If I send you to the Sword God Square and let that old guy kill you, then that is not what a friend should do. Isn’t that right?”

Yan Xiangma closed his eyes, pointed to his chest, and urged: “Hit me, hit me here. Hit me hard, or people will suspect that the two of us are colluding. But don’t hit too hard, I don’t like pain—–”

Li Muyang stepped forward and placed his arms around Yan Xiangma.

“Hey, I said jump, what are you doing—–I am also a respectable person.”  

“I can’t leave. I also won’t leave.” Li Muyang let go of Yan Xiangma. “If I escape from here, you have to take responsibility, and the prestige that the Lu family had accumulated for thousands of years will be destroyed, also—–where can I escape to? The old monster will most likely catch up to me? At that time I still have to fight and circumstances will certainly be different.”

“Sigh, it is still she who knows you well.” Yan Xiangma let out a sigh. “Actually when I went to see you yesterday, Xiaoxin was in the carriage. I asked her why she won’t go down to persuade you, I thought that if you had run away at that time, it would have been much better than the present time. But she said she wouldn’t go and persuade you and you also wouldn’t go.”

“Xiaoxin—–she came?”

“She didn’t come.” Yan Xiangma shook his head with a smile. “She likes quiet places, and she doesn’t like scenes of fighting and killing. Besides, one of them is you, and you’re going to get killed by that old monster—–so, did you think she would come to collect your body? It’s not the right thing to do since she has nothing to do with you, right?”

“What you said before, does it still count?”

“What did I say?”

“You let me slap you and slap you hard——”


Under the guidance of Yan Xiangma, Li Muyang walked through the layers of protection network that consisted of the Monitor Division and the Flying Feather Army, and then stood in the middle of the Sword God Square.

At this moment, the gale had stopped for the first time, and there was also a break from the heavy snow.

The Sword God Square was built on the top of Mist Mountain, which was surrounded by emptiness, mist, blue sky and white clouds.

Li Muyang proudly stood in the center of the Sword God Square. His white robe was fluttering and his face was like jade as he stood there straight and imposingly.

He was neither sad nor afraid.

The corners of his mouth were curved in a faint smile as he bowed his body to the crowd.


His action was met with a thunder of applause.

“What a peach blossom young master, he really is like peach blossom, and is better looking than peach blossom—-”

“He is obviously a child from a wealthy family, look at his face, look at his body—–”

“Do you think Gongzi Muyang has something that he likes?”


Now, the eyes of all people around the Sword God Square were gathered on Li Muyang.

“Muyang—–” Lu Qingming relaxed his fist, and then clenched again. He was of course proud to see his son so excellent, so outstanding, but he was even more worried about the fate of his future.

“Why—-does my child has to go through so many tribulations?”

It wasn’t until the appearance of Li Muyang that Lu Xingkong’s still and calm expression finally changed a little.

His brows knitted slightly, and were returned to what it was before right away.

“Defense minister, Li Muyang is talented and good-looking.” Chu Xianda turned around to chat to Lu Xingkong who was sat next to him. “If he wins this battle, he will become the strongest young hero of my West Wind. At that time there would most likely be many people coming to the Lu residence to discuss marriage. Even if he is defeated, it will also be an honourable defeat, and he will be admired by all peoples. With a little cultivation he will become a pillar of my West Wind. Don’t you think so?”

“Your Majesty is right.” Lu Xingkong said with a smile, “I only hope that the child is sheltered by the Gods, and that he will be able to return safely.”

“He will certainly be fine.” Chu Xianda smiled.

The corners of Chu Xun’s were curled in a faint smile as he looked at Li Muyang. “He is much more outstanding than he was in school.”

“Oh, he didn’t look like this before?”

Chu Xun recalled the first time he saw Li Muyang at the foot of Broken Mountain. At that time he was vulgarly taking off his trousers and counting the gold coins hidden inside his crotch.

Compared to the present fine young man, the Li Muyang at that time was nothing but a rogue.

“Third elder brother, he is better looking than you.” Inside the Star gazing platform of the Still water sword school, a delicate maiden looked at the beautiful youngster on the square with a sweet smile on her face, and said to the man holding a teacup beside her.

Song Tao put down the teacup in his hand and frowned, “Chenxi, how many times have I told you to not have any contact with him—-He is a dying man.”

Song Chenxi gently shook her head, a touching smile on her face: “He will not die.”

“What? Do you think he can beat Old immortal of Still water?”

“But do you think he looks like he’s going to lose?” Song Chenxi pointed to the middle of the square, where a leisurely-looking Li Muyang was standing. “Based on my understanding of him, he is not a stubborn man. Will he throw away his life for an unrealistic goal or something?”

“Does he have a choice?”

“Third elder brother, it’s not a question of whether he has a choice. But rather he made such a choice, and——he looks calm and leisurely. This proves that he must have a plan. Anyway I don’t think he’s going to die.”


Song Chenxi turned her head back to look at Song Tao, “Third elder brother, you have lost your fair judgment.”

Cui Xichen was also studying Li Muyang.

The man who killed Cui Zhaoren, the culprit who wiped out the Cui family’s main forces in the Monitor Division, and the bastard with a close relationship with Cui Xiaoxin—–

It was Cui Xichen’s first time seeing Li Muyang, seeing the guy who had repeatedly brought tribulations and humiliation to the Cui family.

“Li Muyang.”

As though he had sensed something, Li Muyang’s line of sight also shifted over to Cui Xichen who was standing on the higher platform.

The two people’s gaze collided, an unimaginable burst of qi cracking and rattling in the air.

All of a sudden, the wind grew stronger and the snow got colder.

All spectators on the Sword God square who had come into contact with both of them at close range felt a chill down their spine and breathlessness.

Li Muyang grinned unrestrainedly and arrogantly.

“I am Li Muyang.””

“I killed Cui Zhaoren.”

“I destroyed the Monitor Division.””

“Cui Xiaoxin—–she dumped me.” ”


In Cui Xichen’s heart, Li Muyang’s smile contained too many meanings.

Cui Xichen also narrowed his eyes and smiled, the killing intent flashed and died away.

“Please welcome the Sword God Elder of Still water sword school.” “


A blue vortex above the head of countless people on the Sword God Square.

That blue vortex was just the size of a basin at the beginning, and then gradually grew larger at a rate visible to the naked eye.

It grew to the size of a millstone, a cold pond, a crashing blue waterfall——-

Everyone was dumbstruck.

It was baffling. Why would a waterfall appear in the sky?

There was also a loud exclaim.

“Ah, that’s the Immortal waterfall——the Immortal waterfall at the foot of Mist mountain——-”

“Yes, I’ve been there, it’s the Immortal Waterfall——–“

“Old immortal moved the waterfall at the foot of the mountain to the above, a miracle—-a miracle——”


Crash ——

The water waves rippled.

Clad in a white robe and with dishevelled hair, Mu Dingyi came out from the middle of the waterfall.

“Old immortal—-”

“Old immortal—–”

“Still water’s Old immortal—”

The audience’s emotions were ignited. They frantically exclaimed out the title of Mu Dingyi, ‘Old immortal’.

It was unknown who started it, but there were people unexpectedly falling to their knees.  

Then, more and more people knelt down respectfully.




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