Chapter 445: Severe complaint!


It has to be said that, with the scene of the waterfall overhead, the tens of thousands of citizens falling to their knees, and the cheers that were like mountain torrents, Mu Dingyi’s appearance was much more awe-inspiring than Li Muyang.

Li Muyang felt that, besides his striking appearance, he had nothing else. While Mu Dinyi had remarkable ability and had created such an impressive atmosphere. The most important thing was that he had the belief of the spectators——   

“Of course, he isn’t good-looking.”

Having figured this out, Li Muyang’s mood finally improved again.

Youth was the greatest capital, and good looks were the greatest gift from the heavens.

He was both young and good-looking—even if Mu Dingyi had everything else, girls would only respect him, love him, trust him, but would never want to sleep with him.

“Of course, it is not the same for me—-“ The thought of the possible various encounters in the future made Li Muyang blush shyly.

“Old Immortal, Old immortal——” There were tsunami-like cheers.

It has to be said that the old man had a lot of prestige.

As soon as he came out, countless believers fell to their knees, and the spectacular scene of barley rippling in the wind was seen once again—–Even the West wind Emperor Chu Xianda did not receive such treatment from the people.

With this thought, Li Muyang felt the need to take a look at Chu Xianda’s face, and to conveniently give him a reminder: ‘Hey, brother, someone robbed you of the limelight’.

Li Muyang turned to look at Chu Xianda and caught a hint of anger left on his face.

However, it was only a flash of anger. Seeing that Li Muyang was looking at him, Chu Xianda also gave a nod in response, like a kind elder encouraging a youngster to work hard and strive to win.

Li Muyang bowed his head slightly to him, performing the standard etiquette of nobles.

This moment, Chu Xianda developed a favourable opinion for Li Muyang——and friendship with the enemy.

“What a good lad, when he came out there was not a single person cheering——” “

When Mu Dingyi emerged from the waterfall, his white robe billowed and his long hair fluttered with the wind.

More importantly, he had not a single water droplet on his body, and his clothes were not soaked at all, as if the waterfall above everyone’s head was just a mirage that did not exist.  

Mu Dingyi slowly descended from the sky, bowing slightly to where Chu Xianda was, “Pays respect to Your Majesty.”

“Old immortal don’t have to be too polite.” Chu Xianda smiled. “You are a person of virtue and prestige, and is a stabilising force of my West Wind Kingdom. Do you hear the cheers, the respect and admiration they have for you—–Old Immortal, come out more, let the people of Tiandu see more of this kind of miracle.”

“I am wholeheartedly focused on the practice of martial arts and breaking the realms, I only desire to reach the peak of the Sword dao and have no intention of involving myself with worldly affairs. Your Majesty, please understand.” Mu Dingyi said without giving face.   

Li Muyang scoffed at this statement and even wanted to openly scold him on the spot: ‘you old immortal, if you only seek to reach the peak of the sword dao and have no interests in worldly affairs then why did you challenge a child to a battle? You just want to avenge your useless Sword God son and to rebuild the reputation of Still water sword school——

Li Muyang knew that it was useless scolding him. 

Old immortal had lived to this age, the skin on his face would be so thick that iron thorn and fire cannot pierce through.  

“Old immortal is indeed worthy of being an immortal figure.” Chu Xianda said with a face of reverence. “Immortals pay no attention to ordinary affairs. Don’t worry Old immortal, we will try not to disturb you with tedious matter. As long as you cultivate in West wind, the enemies will be afraid to step into Tiandu. We only need to borrow Old immortal’s tiger skin to ensure that the West wind Kingdom is safe and peaceful.”

“Your Majesty is over praising me.” Mu Dingyi uttered in an indifferent tone of voice.

Li Muyang looked envious.

He finally realised the gap between him and the old monster Mu Dingyi. The difference was that he was not as good at acting pretentious as him.

Look at the imposing manner and style of the old monster’s appearance, and the movement of the waterfall—-This pretentiousness was simply fresh and refined and surpasses all others of its kind.

In comparison the rookie, Yan Xiangma, escorted him to the Sword God square. Although he knew that it was an escort, but in the eyes of the people of Tiandu it was more that they were afraid he would flee from the scene.


When Old immortal appeared, thousands of people cheered and thousands of people knelt. People were stepping on each other to catch a glimpse of Old immortal yet he remained calm and indifferent as though saying ‘I have seen such scenes many times before in my life’.

On the other hand when Li Muyang appeared, he not only nodded, smiled and gave cupped fist salutes to all sides, but there were only a few girls who yelled ‘Li Muyang is very handsome’ and he already wished to rush up and give them a loving hug.


Old immortal calmly declined the Emperor’s invitation and also indifferent dealt with the Emperor’s concern. Old immortal was not like him at all.

When Chu Xianda gave him a smile of encouragement, he was so happy that there were as though flowers blooming in his heart.  


A huge failure!

Li Muyang felt that the battle was over before it had even begun.  

It may be that Chu Xianda also did not want to deal with that old guy who was as tough as a rock and didn’t want to hear what he says, so he said to Cui Xichen, “Duke, the battle can begin?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Cui Xichen bowed. “The two martial artists are present, the battle can start.”

Cui Xichen’s voice suddenly rose several times. A majestic voice resounded throughout the whole Sword God Square, and then spread down toward the crowd at the farther mountainside of Mist Mountain and the foot of the mountain.  

“The West Wind was founded on martial arts, many heroes have emerged over the thousands of years, and strong martial artists have gathered here today. The battle between Old immortal of Still water sword school and Li Muyang is only for the purpose of promoting the younger generation, and to choose talent for my West Wind Kingdom——-it is sincere and admirable. However, swords have no eyes, so I ask the two competitors to be careful.”

“It’s outrageous. Really too outrageous.” Li Muyang felt a suffocating feeling inside again.

These official people were really shameless. They clearly wanted to kill him, but they found themselves such a high-sounding reason——Even if he was killed it would only be because he was not good enough and he cannot blame the old monster, right?  

Li Muyang knew that Cui Xichen hated him, but he really did not expect him to so openly favour Mu Dingyi of the Still water sword school.

The world was so dangerous.  

The city was so tricky. Li Muyang really wanted to return to his small town Jiangnan.  

Cui Xichen raised his hand into the air, and then let it drop down heavily as he loudly said, “Now, I announce that the battle officially begins.”


The crowd broke into commotion and a thunder of applause.

Soon, everyone calmed down, because they all felt an overwhelming pressure. Although the two competitors had yet to make any movements, it felt as if there may be a sword striking down from above at any moment.

Mu Dingyi was facing the observatory platform and so was Li Muyang.

Although they were here to compete against each other, but Li Muyang thought that if he did not turn to look at him, he also will never turn to see him.  

This time, Li Muyang had decided not to lose to him no matter what——

The wind was rustling and cold, and the two fools stood shoulder to shoulder.

However, it was not convenient to fight like that.

After all, they cannot at the same time launch an attack at where Chu Xianda was and then let it bounce back to hurt the opponent——Chu Xianda also did not have this obligation to do this kind of thing for them, right?

Mu Dinyi had reached his limit, finally turned to look at Li Muyang’s—–side face.

He could only see the side of his face.

Because Li Muyang was still facing the West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda, as though saying, ‘I just do not want to see your old face’.

“Little friend Muyang, we can begin.”  Mu Dingyi said in a loud voice, motioning Li Muyang to make a move first.

“Wait.” Li Muyang shouted out. “Before the fight, I have a few words to say. Otherwise, I think I will die with a grievance.”

“Are you complaining about me?” Mu Dingyi asked, and said it in such a tone that everyone around could hear him.

“How would I be?” Li Muyang laughed, “I just hate you.”


The whole scene was in uproar.

“He said he hated Old immortal—–“

“This boy really is petty and hateful—-”

“Old immortal, you must teach him a good lesson. He does not respect an elder, he does not know courtesy—–”


Li Muyang ignored the people who were urging Mu Dingyi to attack, and suddenly turned to look at Mu Dingyi. “But I can understand. After all, your son—-your own son, he is your son right?”

“This boy is so hateful—–”

“Old immortal, you must kill him.”

“You dare to humiliate our Master, our Still water sword school will not let you live——”

——— Li Muyang swept his eyes over where the people of Still water sword school stood and said with a smile, “Look, is this what you call fair? Is this what fair is too you? I just want to ask what have I done wrong? What on earth have I done wrong since coming to Tiandu?”

Li Muyang pointed to Mu Dingyi. “I am just an ordinary student from a small town called Jiagnan, and because of a little luck and nearly a decade of efforts I was finally admitted into Starry Sky Academy——-The first time I encountered the Still water sword school was when your Sword God of West Wind Mu Yubai ambushed me on the street. I have only heard about the prestige of Still water sword school, and I even greatly admired the Sword school of thousands of years old and wanted to have the opportunity to meet those sword masters and exchange moves with them.”

“But, when I was completely unguarded, when I had not angered anyone, when I was just walking along the street of Tiandu, there was suddenly an attack from the Sword God of West Wind who I greatly admired—–Can you understand my feeling at that time?”




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