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446 – Heartfelt speech!

Chapter 446: Heartfelt speech!


“It was not just the image of an idol being destroyed, it was not just the collapse of belief, it was heartbroken—” Li Muyang shouted until his voice went hoarse. “The renowned West Wind Sword God acted like those shameless assassins and ambushed a youngster on the street with the elite swordsmen of Still water sword school. I really don’t understand why he would do that?”

Li Muyang looked Mu Dingyi with an icy cold stare, “We all call you Old immortal, because immortals are omniscient and omnipotent. So, I would like to ask you—-Old immortal Mu, why? Your son is the Master of the Still water sword school, the West Wind Sword God admired by people across the world, why did he want to kill me?”

“——” Mu Dingyi’s face sank like water and did not utter a word. Of course, he did not know how to answer a question like that.

“I know that he is unconscious now. However, he will eventually wake up. When he wakes up, would you please ask him this question for me—–”  

Li Muyang ran his eyes across the crowd and said, “I also have to trouble you guys to help me ask why he wanted to kill me—–and give me an answer. Otherwise, I would never understand—–why did he suddenly want to kill me?”

“The reason I say I don’t blame Old immortal Mu is because he’s the Father of Mu Yubai. His son had tried to kill me, only to be accidentally knocked unconscious by me—–If my son had done such a thing, I would also feel very angry and, as his father, feel very ashamed. He had done such a humiliating thing that became known to the entire Tiandu capital. But more importantly, because Mu Yubai was defeated in the hands of a nameless junior, the reputation of Still water sword school is damaged and no longer has the prestige of the past—–”

“Boy, how dare you insult the reputation of Still water sword school—-“ Elder Chengfeng jumped up in an exasperated rage.

“Boy, if you don’t die today, I will certainly break your bones.” Li Xiuwei, one of the three wild guests, pointed to Li Muyang with a long sword and snapped.  

“Li Muyang, my Still water sword school will not rest until you’re killed—-”


Li Muyang scoffed at the reaction of these people, then said with a sneer, “You say it like you would let me off if I talk nicely to you guys. I’m the one who’s going to be killed by you. Would I care if you’re not going to leave me alone until I die?”


The side of Still water sword school immediately quietened down. They all thought that what Li Muyang said was very reasonable and that they could not retort at all.

“If my son is insulted, whether he is right or wrong, as his Father I have to stand up for him to get his face back. I can understand such behavior. If I had a son, I would do the same because he is lucky enough to be my son, right?”

“I can understand why you want to kill me. However, do not say nonsense such as you want to promote the younger generation and choose talents for the country. I am not afraid to die, but I am afraid of dying with a grievance—–Even if my life had been forcibly taken away by you, you would still be given with a righteous title?”

“He makes a lot of sense—–”

“This boy is a pitiful person too——”

“Li Muyang—-”


There were clamours of comments around the Sword God Square.

At last, the wind direction of the public opinion was not one-sided, and finally there were people coming forward to speak for Li Muyang.

Although the number was still very small and that there were more people standing on the side of Old immortal who they had always respected and admired—–After all, the name of a person was just like the shadow of a tree. As a protector who had been guarding the imperial capital for decades, a few words of Li Muyang would not affect his credibility and majesty.

“Third elder brother, what he said is right.” On the Star gazing observatory platform, a bright and beautiful girl rested her chin in one hand as she gazed at Li Muyang on the Sword God Square through the window and gently sighed” “I think he’s very nice, why does so many people have to bully him? I sympathises with him.”

“There is no smoke without fire.” Song Tao put down the teacup in his hand, coldly looking down at the rioting crowd. “The hatred in this world all stem from self-interests. Since he had chosen to stand on the Lu family’s side, then what is difficult to understand when other hostile forces want to kill him?”

“Third elder brother, the world of men—–can’t it be simpler?” Song Chenxi said softly.

Song Tao dotingly looked at the girl’s pretty face, saying in a soft voice: “Our world is complex, only your world can be simple and pure——there is always someone to stand up to shield you from the wind and rain.”

“Sigh—–” The maiden sighed again. “I just hope that Li Muyang can survive through this.”

“Survive?” Song Tao shook his head. “No one can escapes unscathed from that man’s sword, even Grandfather—–would struggle a bit. What makes you think he can?”

“I don’t know.” Song Chenxi shook her head. “Maybe it’s intuition. A girl’s intuition—–I feel that he won’t die young. I think he will survive and that we will meet again.”

“Chenxi—-” Song Tao’s expression turned stern. “Whether he is alive or dead, you better not see him again. Otherwise——-”

He did not finish his sentence. The Cui family’s Cui Xiaoxin also had a close relationship with him, but what had happened to her?

He did not want his beloved sister to become like Cui Xiaoxin, fighting desperately for an unrealistic goal.

That would be a stupid thing to do.

“Are you done?” Mu Dingyi asked in a loud voice.  

“I was finished, but after a thought, since I already started I thought that I might as well speak out all my grievances—–“ Li Muyang stated “I am afraid that there will be no chance to do so in the future.”


“As I said earlier, I’m just an ordinary teenager from a small town called Jiangnan. On the way to school I fell into a conflict between great forces and encountered Cui Zhaoren. Of course, you all know what happened after. I accidentally killed Cui Zhaoren——To tell you the truth, I really did not want to kill him. If you kill a tiger, you will trigger a tiger’s den, and then there will countless big tigers coming to hunt you down.”

Li Muyang turned to Cui Xichen and loudly said, “Duke, am I right?”

Cui Xichen’s eyes darkened, like a blade stabbing towards Li Muyang.

He did not expect the boy to be so bold and dare to point his finger to him in public——and even pointed to the West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda.

Could it be that he knew that he was going to die so he did not care and planned to spurt out all the secrets of the imperial family and the conflict amongst the great forces?

If he dared to do so, he will only bring about his death and the condemnation of the world.

“There is cause and effect with everything, you reap what you sow.” Cui Xichen’s voice was cold, mixed with endless resentment and imposingness. “The so-called conflict between the great forces is just your side of the case. The men of my Cui family have a heavy responsibility to serve the kingdom; would we casually attack an ignorant child? Besides, at that time, there were so many students on board, why was it that only you were attacked?”

“However, you have made one good point- do not provoke a group of tiger, because the end result is that you will be wounded by the group of tigers, and will be ripped to pieces until not a part of you remain.”

“Indeed.” Li Muyang nodded. “At that time your Cui family also sent people to hunt me down, all the way to the foot of the mountain of Starry Sky Academy——I was almost ripped to pieces. What was the name of one of your swordsmen? Right, he called himself by the name Gu Mo. His sword skills were indeed really good and I was almost killed.”


Cui Xichen’s palm gently quivered, hating the fact he could not slap that boy to death.

He was not satisfied with killing the members of the Cui family, he still wanted to destroy the Cui family’s face in public—–He was going to far.

Li Muyang swept his eyes across the crowd, smiling: “Now you understand the true nature of this martial arts contest, don’t you? This is nothing to do with promoting the younger generation, nor is Old immortal trying to seek talent for the country, but to avenge his son and to rebuild the reputation of the Still water sword school——”

“Same with the high and mighty Duke of the country. He did everything he could to kill me. Because by doing so he will be able to avenge Cui Zhaoren of the Cui family, and solve the knot in his heart——”  

“Along the way, I have never taken the initiative to be an enemy of anyone. However, I found that I have enemies all across the world. When others scold you, you just have to have a good attitude and let people scold you. If someone kills you, you’ll just have to let them kill you. Otherwise, if you offend the little ones, you also provoke the old——-This is the sorrow of a nobody.”

“I know you all are now emotional, I know your blood is boiling, and I know you are expecting a great battle to come——-But, everyone, there are a lot of people like me, how would you choose when you are faced with the situation that I did?”


The whole room fell into silence.

Li Muyang’s words were extremely heartfelt.

All the people present, except those who sat high on the observatory platform, were more of the civilian population from the bottom class.

The powerful and influential beings and the civilian population. These two social classes had a natural antagonism.

After listening to Li Muyang’s speech, they had to think about the question: if they were in Li Muyang’s shoe, what choice would they make?

The smile on Chu Xianda’s face had faded and his eyes had darkened.

Prince Fu still maintained a smile on his thin face but the smile was too cold, too icy.

When the other people heard the shocking speech of Li Muyang, all their faces went pale and turned to look at Emperor Chu Xianda to see how he would respond to this behaviour from Li Muyang.

Lu Xingkong smiled.

On the high platform, there was only Lu Xingkong who had a grin on his face, therefore his smile seemed abrupt and striking.




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