Chapter 447: Dragon clan protection!


Noticing the strange smile on Lu Xingkong’s face, Prince Fu couldn’t help asking, “What is Defense minister smiling about?”

“Laughing at what we’re doing here.” Lu Xingkong said in a clear voice.

“So Defense minister has an idea—– of what exactly are we doing here?”

“Killing a talent,” Lu Xingkong slammed his hand on the table, running his eyes over everybody like a tiger, “using various ways, situation or righteousness. A rare talented youngster in West wind has been forced to such a circumstance, and then will be killed——Is this not the purpose of the people that are gathered here today?”

“Lu Xingkong, they are just comparing martial arts, the outcome is different to predict—”

“That’s what they say.” Lu Xingkong interrupted Cui Xichen with a fierce smile, “Don’t tell me that the people on the platform, and the people below—-do not know what the outcome of the battle would be? Does anyone else actually believe in the nonsense that the winner is difficult to predict? What everyone is expecting is nothing more than a clean kill—–everyone is waiting for Li Muyang’s head to be slashed off, isn’t that right?”


Once again, the whole crowd went silent.

The truth really was unpleasant to hear.

People who tell the truth really were annoying.

Moreover, they met two today.  

Lu Xingkong’s voice was like a rumble of thunder as he roared, “What are we actually doing here?”


Imposingness descended, and the crowd retreated.

Even the Flying feather army, who were responsible for maintaining order and keeping civilians from getting too close to the core of the battlefield, were frightened by the imposing manner and took several steps back to stabilise themselves.

Silence. 。

Deathly silence.

It was long time before someone whispered.

“Go home, let’s go home—-”

“Don’t fight, we don’t want to see it—-”

“Li Muyang should not die——should not kill Li Muyang——”


“Li Muyang should not die.” Someone wailed. “Why do you have to kill Li Muyang? What did he do wrong?”

“We don’t want to watch this fight, we don’t want Li Muyang to die—-”

“Li Muyang—–Li Muyang——Li Muyang—–”


All of a sudden, everyone yelled out Li Muyang’s name.

The mountains roared and the seas howled.

It was not admiration, it was not respect, it was not worship—-It was just because they thought that Li Muyang was the same kind of person as them, and that Li Muyang was one of them, he was their older brother or younger brother.

Why did such a talented young man have to be killed?

Why? Was this fair to Li Muyang?

No one expected that the situation would develop into such an awkward situation.

Li Muyang’s complain, his heartfelt speech, had presented the truth to the spectators, evoking the people’s thinking. The fact that such an important person like Lu Xingkong had come forward to express his strong support made the civilians who were still hesitant or did not have the courage to state their opinion, find direction. It made them realise their opinion and stance on the situation.

At this moment, they did not agree to kill Li Muyang.

From the beginning of everyone shouting to kill, to now everybody were putting a stop to the kill, this was a situational victory, but also a momentous victory.

At the very least, Li Muyang was no longer going out to fight in grievance, nor was giving the ‘honour’ to fight.

He was forced to go out to battle, was thrown onto the Sword God Square with a virtuous cause—-

The flowery shroud was torn off, and the naked truth was presented in front of everybody. Then a difficult question was thrown to the people on the high platform: does this battle need to go on? Is there a need to go against public opinion?

If Li Muyang was killed, what kind of chain reaction will it attract?

Li Muyang cast a grateful glance at Lu Xingkong. To say such words at that moment in front of the West Wind Emperor and the civil and military officials, was the same as completely placing himself to stand opposite of the Emperor and officials, turning himself into a target——

Li Muyang straightened his clothes and bowed deeply to the position where Lu Xingkong stood.

The muscles on Lu Xingkong’s face twitched slightly, and his fists rattled.

“Are you done?” Mu Dingyi asked as he looked at Li Muyang.

The old fellow really had rough and thick skin. Despite all people were yelling out not to kill Li Muyang, he was still unmoved, as though he was saying ‘my sword is still  hungry and thirsty’.

As far as he was concerned, the affairs of the world were all common affairs, and all the people in the world were common people.

What he had to do must be successful, no matter what the outside world viewed and said to him.

The Skill water techniques focus on ‘mind as peaceful as still water’ and ‘sword like flowing water’.

Mu Yubai’s greed was aroused because of Snowball, and his state of mind was broken, which resulted in his defeat.

Mu Dingyi really had achieved a mind as peaceful as still water.

His thoughts arise and cease from moment to moment.

He was untainted by a speck of dust, uncaring towards the common people.  

“I am done.” Li Muyang said.

“Then let’s start.” Mu Dingyi said in a loud voice.

Li Muyang gave a grim laugh, “Do you really think that you can kill me?”

Mu Dingyi knitted his brows in a frown, “I have never met an opponent who talk so much nonsense, and with all the time you’ve spent speaking, our fight would have started and ended already——However, I have to admit that you really do have a silver tongue. But what’s the point?”

“What do you expect them to remember? Today they may be silent about what you said and will feel unjust about what had happened to you. What about tomorrow? When they wake up, they will forget it all. They will remember nothing. Because, there are more important things waiting for them such as——living. They have to think about how they want to live, how they can live better.”

“So, ultimately what keeps your dignity or alive is only the sword in your hand.”

Li Muyang gently sighed, “An old person has no regard for others, the ancient people really were right.”

Mu Dingyi moved his palm skywards, sending black clouds rolling across the sky, and then made a tearing motion, revealing rays of dazzling white light in the middle of the huge split.


A tremendous blue sword descended onto the palm of his hand.

The huge blue sword was like a flying rainbow, visible and intangible.

Even more surprising was that, listening attentively there was the gushing sound of water flowing.

It was a water sword being condensed from the water in the sky.

Water was changeable, but could melt all things.

Clasping the long sword, Mu Dingyu pointed to Li Muyang and uttered: “Draw your sword.”

“I don’t use swords,” said Li Muyang.

Mu Dingyi nodded his head a little in response, and then raised the huge sword in his hand.

He was like a cluster of cloud, and the sword in his hand was like body of water.

There was no dazzling light or the sound of intense explosion of qi.

In front of Li Muyang and under the gaze of his eyes, he raised the sword in his hand so lightly and calmly to point at him.

Then, he swung his sword down in a slash.

The Sever word of the Still water technique!

The long sword aimed at the head of Li Muyang, the body of Li Muyang.

The long sword was very long, the giant sword was very tremendous, shrouding the whole body of Li Muyang.

However, countless people sensed a very absurd feeling.

What kind of sword was this?

Was this the remarkable swordsmanship—–of the Father of the Sword God?

It should be said that Li Muyang only needed to take a step back to avoid this sword attack.

Li Muyang only needed counterattack with a faster blow to push him into a desperate situation.

“Old immortal Mu—-what kind of sword technique is that? Is that the essence of Still water sword technique?”

“It looks very ordinary, no wonder our West Wind Sword God was badly wounded by a nobody—-such a sword technique, if I knew I would have also challenged him—-”

“He’s nowhere near as good as he’s made out to be—Still water sword techniques are nowhere near as good as they say—”


Every single person on the high platform had a grave and stern expression, nervously watching Mu Dingyi launch out the sword attack.

They all knew that Old immortal was an old immortal, an old immortal who was already known as the invincible West wind sword God decades ago. He had been training all these years and now his strength and cultivation were certainly much higher than before.

However, in the end what realm had he reached, they would only know by the skills he displayed.

“This sword of Old immortal Mu—-is extraordinary, makes other people feel he is beyond reach.” Cui Xichen gently sighed.

“Still water sword technique—-” Lu Xingkong firmly fixed his eyes on that sword, feeling greatly terrified. “This sword is moist as water, but contained the power of thunder. The more peaceful the sword power, the stronger the sword intent. Of course, all this sword intent and murderous qi are wrapped in that pool of blue water, without the slightest overflow and wastage——”

“But when it suddenly releases or erupts——-like a landslide and tsunami, it will instantly engulf the human body.”

The most nervous person was still Li Muyang.

Although he hated that old monster, he had to admit that he was the most powerful human master he had ever encountered in his life.

Snowball was after all just a little animal, or rather a body of energy.

He stood opposite Mu Dingyi, his eyes wide open as he watched him lift up his sword swung down at him.

He could even see the tracks of the water current on his great sword, and could even hear the gushing of water——

Li Muyang closed his eyes.

The reason he closed his eyes was not because he was afraid.

It was because he was recalling his memories.

In the days when he locked himself in the garden, he was not in a hurry to practice, because he knew that no matter how hard he worked it would have little effect.

How could a few days of work compete against the old monster’s hundred years of training?

All he could do was to enter the Tear of the Dragon King, search desperately, frantically find out to see if the Black dragon had faced and how he dealt with an exceptional sword technique before.

With the Dragon clan’s protection, he finally found a move to counter the enemy’s attack.




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