Chapter 448: On the verge of death!



Li Shinian lurched up in bed, abruptly awake, her eyes dull, and her face looked dazed at everything in front of her, or rather she did not look at anything.

She sat there blankly. It was unknown what she was thinking.

After a long while, she leapt out of bed and ran barefoot towards the outside.


Her head knocked into a hard iron plate and her body slammed to the ground with a ‘bang’.

She paid no attention to the pain of her head, let alone the blood dripping down from her forehead. She sprang up from the ground and rushed again towards the outside.

“Miss Shinian—–”

Li Shinian had run right into the guard who was ready to come in to see the situation. The little girl’s forehead had knocked right into the chest plate armour. In panic, he supported Li Shinian up only to see her dart to the door. The guard finally reacted, shouting: “Miss Shinian, Miss Shinian, where are you going? Miss Shinian, you can’t go out—”

“Where’s Li Muyang? Where’s my Big brother—–did he go to that battle?” Li Shinian screamed, running out to the courtyard.

“Miss Shinian, come back, hurry come back—-” The guard desperately chased after her.

Creak—- –

The courtyard door was pushed open, and General Xu Da and a group of people in military attire charged in upon hearing the noise.

“Miss Shinian, are you awake?” Xu Da stopped Li Shinian and asked in a deeply concerned voice.

“Where’s my brother? Where’s my brother?” Li Shinian stared firmly at Xu Da, screaming angrily, “Where is my brother? Get out of the way, step aside. Why you blocking me for? I’m going to find my brother—-”

“Miss Shinian—-”

“Answer me.”


“Where is my brother?”

“Calculating the time, now Young Master Muyang—–should be fighting with that person of Still water.” Xu Da muttered.

Li Shinian broke into a run again. “I’m going to find him.”

“Miss Shinian, you can’t go.”

“Why can’t I go?”  

“You are—-in Wind City now.”  


“Miss Shinian is now in Wind City.” Xu Da gritted his teeth. “Tiandu is tens of thousands of miles away. It took us several days to come to Wind City. Even if Miss Shinian sets off immediately, with your current physical state and without a means of transportation, it would be at least one month later before you arrive in Tiandu—–At that time, the battle is most likely already over. If Young master Muyang wins, he will surely rush over to come see Miss Shinian on a hummingbird.”

“I am in Wind City? Wind City—-is tens of thousands of miles from Tiandu? One month—–” Li Shinian all of a sudden shouted at the top of her voice. “Why? Why did you bring me here? Why did you bring me here? You bastards, who asked you to do something like this—–”

Li Shinian burst into fury, clenched her fist and aimed a punch at Xu Da.

Xu Da stood there motionless, letting Li Shinian attack.

“Shinian—-” An upset cry sounded behind.

Li Shinian changed her direction, twisted around and slammed a ‘Breaking fist’ into the middle of the trunk of a Ghost cherry tree. The tree trunk snapped into two, dark brown ghost-faced cherry blossoms swirling down all over the ground.  

“Shinian——” Luo Qi stood under the eaves, shouting out Li Shinian’s name. “Do not be disrespect to General Xu Da. They are just trying to do their best with was entrusted to them.”

“Mother—-” Li Shinian cried, her eyes red. “But my brother—-is fighting with someone, but we can’t stand with him and accompany him. We——how could he deal with it by himself?”

Luo Qi came over, wrapping her arms around Li Shinian’s frail body, softly saying: “General Xu Da did that, it must be because he was entrusted by your brother?”

“Yes, Madam. Gongzi did it all out of kindness.” Xu Da bowed.

“I understand.” Luo Qi sighed softly, “He had talked to us about it before, and said he would send us away first. We all disagreed, and so he also left it at that. Now come to think of it, he must have made up his mind to send us away. In the face of—–an old monster-like opponent, anyone would be afraid. Muyang wanted to face the battle alone and relieve his burden, but we clung onto him. If we stayed with him and did not leave, he would have felt his hands and feet are tied and unable to do his best.”

“In that case, we’ll be waiting for him in Wind City. No matter if its one day, one month, or longer, he will certainly come—-As long as we are here, he will come. Because that’s where his home is.” “

“But Mother—-brother has a very bitter life.” Li Shinian cried, tears streaming down her cheeks, “If—–if—–”

“There’s no if.” Luo Qi said in an incredibly firm tone of voice.  “

“Don’t worry Madam, Gongzi Muyang will definitely return safely.” Xu Da reassured her in a loud and clear voice.

“Don’t worry Madam, Gongzi Muyang will definitely return safely.” The crowd behind echoed in unison.



In the long course of the black dragon’s life, he had experienced countless battles.

Especially when he could transform into human form, he liked to dress up as human and search for human masters to compete with.

It had to be said that he was a diligent and extremely gifted Dragon King.

Unfortunately he met the wrong people—–encountered a miserable betrayal, and in the end his entire clan ended up massacred.

Especially in the battle of the River Tear. The masters of the human race did whatever it took, the Dragon clan resisted with all their might, and in the end still—–their blood dyed the great river, their anger unable to calm, and filled with hatred, dragon blood had been boiling endlessly for thousands of years.

However, in the Tear of the Dragon King, the Black dragon had once encountered the killing move of the Martial God Ximen Saoxue.

As everybody knew, Ximen Saoxue was the Sword God of the Divine continent, even though tens of thousands of years had passed, his story was still widely known.

The God of Sword of the Divine continent, the King of thousands of swords.

He did not wield a sword, but everything in the world was his sword.  

How could a person like that be forgotten? Moreover he was a person who had truly glorified the weapon sword, making it become a trend that everybody felt honoured to wield a sword, and formed a set of knowledge system of sword techniques.

In other words, this guy was not only good at sword techniques, but also had a high theoretical knowledge.

He could not win against him in skill or knowledge, as a result besides respecting him as King, there was nothing else they could do.

The Battle of the Dragon massacre. When the black dragon led his dragon elites to kill the Imperial family of the human race, Ximen Saoxue decided to act.

He used a branch he picked up on the side of the road as a sword, and then soared skywards like an immortal.

In an instant, the heaven and earth faded and all things withered.

Anyone who touched his sword intent, their life was instantly taken away and turned into a lifeless corpse.

Whether it was a human or an animal, or even the wildflowers on the ground.

That sword was the King of sword and the sword of destruction.

It was a sword that made people feel helpless.

The black dragon possessed the magical skills of the dragon clan, and luckily escaped under the 12 sword techniques. However, the two dragon elites with him were shrouded in the sword intent, and then their body was ripped into pieces by the sword, turned into rain of blood, shredded flesh and fluttered to the ground, sprinkling across the great river.  

It was precisely because there were several powerful cultivators of the divine continent similar to Ximen Saoxue that the tremendous dragons, which possessed the remarkable ability of calling the wind and summoning the rain, can soar beyond the ninth heaven, and had an extremely strong physical capacity and ability to recover, had suffered a defeat and failed to escape.

It should be said that, the Dragon clan was born with the body of a demigod.

High and mighty, powerful and majestic.

Yet they were slaughtered by the insignificant and vulnerable human beings, which shows how important it was to cultivate—-

It was also following the ‘Battle of the Dragon massacre’ that the Divine continent was divided into nine states according to the region. They were cooperation and competition between the nine states. Every state had rapidly developed its martial arts, rewarded the talented people who cultivate, and gathered these people to serve their country.

Li Muyang recalled this, not to say how powerful the swordsmanship of Ximen Saoxue was.

He was thinking of the remarkable move that the Black dragon used to counter Ximen Saoxue’s attack——

After the Black dragon was wounded and fled, he was filled with hatred and determined to retaliate against the human race cultivators.

His first target was Ximen Saoxue, but to kill Ximen Saoxue, he had to break his sword technique.

One of the great advantages of being a dragon was that he lived longer than any person—–

When he finally thought of the method of breaking that sword technique, Ximen Saoxue was already old and dead.

The Black dragon cried bitterly, but there was nothing he could. He couldn’t just pull Ximen Saoxue out of his grave and kill him again, could he?

Even though he resented Ximen Saoxue, resented the elites of the human race, he still couldn’t do such a shameless thing—-that would make him lose his dragon face.

The sword technique that Ximen Saoxue used was called ‘Sword-less technique’.

Nothing is the Dao.

The Dao gives birth to one, one gives birth to two, two gives birth to three, three gives birth to everything.

Nothingness exists, and it is everything.

Ximen Saoxue’s sword attack had no moves, no sword intent; it had nothing.

But it was all-encompassing, making it impossible to defend effectively against, and impossible to escape from.

Mu Dingyi’s swordsmanship naturally differed from Ximen Saoxue’s, but the sword move just now was certainly similar to the style of Ximen Saoxue’s.

Ximen Saoxue used intent as ‘sword’, while Mu Dingyi used ‘water’ as sword.

Intent is infinite, but water can also be turned infinite.

In other words, they both have countless possibilities.

Li Muyang, in the face of Mu Dinyi’s sword attack, had a felling that it was impossible to avoid or escape.

Because he knew well that no matter what kind of change he made, no matter what kind of resistance he made, in the end the change in that sword would come to him and then strike him in his most vulnerable spot.

Intent came before sword.

He had already lost on ‘intent’, then how could he move faster than his opponent’s sword?

If Li Muyang was only just Li Muyang, then he would have been dead.

Luckily, he was not just Li Muyang, he was struck by lightning when he was born, and he had fused with the Tear of the Dragon king—-

He had countless ‘personal’ combat experience, possessed profound knowledge that was greater than countless people, and had a body that had been transformed by the Tear of the Dragon King.

So, he was not fated to die.

Li Muyang closed his eyes.

In his mind, the Black dragon’s resistance, or rather counterattack against Ximen Saoxue surfaced once more.

When the black dragon fought back, it was also when Li Muyang attempted to fight back.

All Li Muyang had to do was to duplicate the counterattack that the Black dragon had done in the face of Ximen Saoxue.

Li Muyang grunted, slamming out his right fist.


A white dragon-shaped bolt of lightning sprang up and streaked across the sky.

Frighten dragon fist!

This was the Frighten dragon fist that Li Muyang had practiced the most and was most skilled at.

At the same time, Li Muyang’s body also transformed into a spear, rising straight from the ground.

He took the Frighten Dragon Fist as the shield, deflecting the boundless sword qi contained within Mu Dingyi’s sword.

Then using his body as a blade, he must collide into Mu Dingyi’s body and launch a fatal blow.

Li Muyang did not believe that Mu Dingyi’s old bones and old body would be tougher than his steel-like body that had been bathed in dragon’s blood.

He planned to knock him into a pile of bones.


The lightning dragonhead of Frighten Dragon Fist clashed with Mu Dingyi’s giant blue sword body, and the blue sword once again erupted out an all encompassing and all devouring characteristic.

It was silent, while aiming for the head of Li Muyang and while fusing his fist intent and the essential qi of Frighten dragon fist into his sword attack.

It was the same as the scene that had happened to Lu Qingming at the door of Lu residence.

“Damn.” Lu Qingming clenched his fist.。

Sword Barrier!

He did not expect his son to repeat the same fatal mistake as him.

In a fight between masters, a little carelessness could lead to death.

More importantly, he was dealing with a master like Mu Dingyi. What was his chance of surviving?  

“Is this kid crazy?” Cui Xichen exclaimed, not expecting Li Muyang to neither hide nor evade, but voluntarily faced that invincible sword attack and fight back. Isn’t he afraid of being severed into pieces?

Lu Xingkong also had a tense and serious expression, fist clenching and relaxing,  relaxing and then tightening.

It was when Li Muyang made such a response that he began to be even more nervous.

Although he had been incredibly tensed all along, this moment of nervousness was even greater. He felt an impulse to immediately rush up and throw Li Muyang down and take his place.

“Bringing about own death.” There was a hint of ridicule on Prince Fu’s face as he sneered, “does he really think that Old immortal is just an embroidered pillow? Does he really think that the sword of Old immortal—–is really just a water sword?”

“Is that so?” Chu Xun’s eyes were unblinkingly fixed on Li Muyang, intently observing the situation on the battlefield. “Li Muyang—-would he be killed like that?”

“Ahh?” The bright girl on the Stargazing platform clapped her hand over her little mouth.

“Heavens—-” More people were terrified, closed their eyes and dared not to look again.

For anyone could see that the punch that Li Muyang threw out had been devoured by the water sword and that his head was about to be severed off—–




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