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449 – Don’t have loyalty!

Chapter 449: Don’t have loyalty!


“This boy is astonishing.”

Li Muyang’s reaction had surprised Mu Dingyi a little, and then he was anxious to see him display his skill.

Masters were lonely.

To be able to meet a strong enough opponent was a great blessing for martial artists such as Mu Dingyi.

According to the mentality of normal people, when a sword strikes, everybody would find a way to avoid its sharp point, or try to directly meet the destructive power of sword intent.

When a sword strikes, would you find a way to destroy the sword, or attack the opponent?

Li Muyang chose the latter.

Li Muyang’s style of fight was somewhat similar to fighting with all his might. He charged forward in a fierce and fearless stance and then violently struck back up close.

The advantage of such as approach was that he could break through the killing move and get closer to his opponent to attack the gate of vitality; however, the disadvantage was that he could be slashed to pieces by the sword intent before he reached his opponent. 

“Hateful too.” ”

He was raising a challenge to his strength.

With this thought in mind, the sword in Mu Dingyi’s hand erupted. The giant blue sword grew several times larger, engulfing the lightning dragon at a much faster speed.

The essential qi and fist intent of Frighten dragon fist had completely fused with the water sword, and the body of Li Muyang was about to be struck by the Sever word technique of the Still water sword.

On the verge of death!

Some people gasped, and even more people closed their eyes in fright.

In the beginning they originally wanted to enjoy a fight between two top masters, but this turned to acceptance and sympathy for Li Muyang—–

They did not want Li Muyang to die.  

“I don’t want to die.”

Li Muyang felt the pressure.

While the giant blue sword was infinitely growing larger, that energy of sword qi was like a transparent wall of qi, blocking Li Muyang from charging forth.

Like a tough spider web, Li Muyang was bound to where he was, waiting for the giant sword to befall and kill him.

“I don’t want to die.”

“I also can’t die.”

Li Muyang’s body was surging with qi and blood, and all his hair and skin were as though being ripped off.

His eyes were cracked, and his dark pupils were submerged in red blood water.


He hissed, clenched his right hand and aimed a punch above.

A towering and majestic mountain pounded down, attempted to shatter the sword intent above him and restore the bright heaven and earth as well as the freedom of Li Muyang.


The force of the fist was like a mountain and the power of the fist was also like a mountain.

The mountains responded to the punch.

The Mist Mountain that they were situated on, as well as the farther White cloud Mountain and Crane mountain were all rumbling, as though had been pushed down.

Crackle and rattle——

Large chunks of rock tumbled down the mountainside, and large trees collapsed downwards.

Mountain shaking fist!

This was not the most powerful punch in the sea of memory of the Black Dragon, but it was the most aggressive and fierce punch.

It countered against the ubiquitous sword intent with the tremendous mountains, shattering the layer of protective net to pieces.

This was the intention of Li Muyang’s punch.

In the sea of memory, that was what the Black Dragon did.

The Black Dragon, in the face of that earth-shaking and seemingly flawless sword move, which he could not find a weak point, made the smartest and craziest counterattack.

He transformed to human, his body shrunk countless times, and he rushed to the position where Ximen Saoxue was.

A sword was controlled by a person, and the sword intent was born from the heart.

However, everybody knew well that when human race cultivators condense their whole body of energy and qi into a destructive killing move, their body would in fact be at its weakest and powerless state.

The most powerful and unrivalled killing move was placed outside in order to wound the enemy, but their own body was drained of strength.

This was the reason why that a lot of martial artists would collapse and become unconscious after the completion of a big move.

Without the support of powerful essential qi, his body could even stand upright, let alone administer a second attack or block the enemy’s counterattack.

The Black Dragon understood this, and then ignored the impenetrable sword intent.

With his strong and invincible physical body, he clenched his teeth and withstood the 12 swords, and then charged forward to hundreds of feet away from Ximen Saoxue——

Although he was not able to hurt Ximen Saoxue at that time because he dodged and escaped at the critical moment.

But his main body fled and that inescapable sword formation was disintegrated in an instant.

Attack its origin, and then return to break its formation.

This was what they call: Crumble from the inside.

In the Black Dragon’s memory this move had won a chance to survive. Li Muyang also relied on this move to obtain a chance to live.


The mountains collided with the blue sword, and the giant blue sword expanded several times, before it began to devour the high mountain.

It was just that the mountains were too tremendous and too powerful.

The tremendous qi contained inside were surging like the tide, and all of a sudden burst and ripped apart the giant blue sword.

There were splashes of water droplets, and then a hole split from the giant blue sword.


Like a mountain collapsing, and like a great river bursting its bank and flooding the surroundings.

The body of blue water crashed down, pouring all over everybody.

Li Muyang only felt his body feeling lighter. The invisible chain had broken, and he felt much more relax and free, like an agile eagle, also like a cheetah.

Li Muyang’s body was like a dragon, charging at a much faster speed, pierced through the sword body of the giant sword and aiming for Mu Dingyi’s body.

“Old man, go die.” Li Muyang bellowed.

Li Muyang once again balled his right hand into a fist, and a dragon-shaped lightning rumbled towards Mu Dingyi, whose protective shield had been broken through.

The dragon head emitted a thunderous roar, speeding toward Mu Dingyi, and was about to bite off his head.


The white dragon charged to where Mu Dingyi was, and then continued to slam into the numerous influential officials on the observatory platform.

Cui Jian took a sidestep, standing in front of West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda, and delivered a sword strike to the head of the white dragon.


The tremendous Dragon body was fragmented and scattered, powerful qi madly dispersed, turning into a burst of strong wind and brushed past the faces of the crowd.

“Old immortal—-” The disciples of Still water sword school cried out in panic.

They helplessly watched the White Dragon pierce through the centre of Old immortal’s body, and given the power of that punch and the impact of the force, how would Old Immortal survive?

“Old immortal has died?”

“How is that possible? That Li Muyang—-He killed our old Old immortal?”

“With just one move, in just one round—-”


The spectators around the Sword God Square blinked several times, trying to confirm that they had not mistaken the scene that they just saw.

“The famous Old immortal, how would he—be defeated in one move?”

“If this is the case, then what sort of cultivation level has Li Muyang reached? Could it be—that he has stepped into the Starry sky realm? To reach Starry Sky at his age is something unheard—-”


Li Muyang’s body descended, and his white cloud boots landed gently on the ice.

His forehead was dripping with sweat, chest heaving up and down, and was gasping frantically.

Just now that one attack—No, that continuous number of strikes had almost exhausted the essential qi within his body.

He remained calm in the moment of danger, took the Frighten Dragon Fist as his shield and fought against Mu Dingyi’s indestructible sword.  

He rapidly sized up the situation, and just as the Frighten Dragon Fist was swallowed up by the Still water sword, he retaliated immediately with a more ferocious Mountain shaking fist—–Timing was very important; if he had attacked too early then he would have failed to break the protection of Mu Dingyi, if her had attacked too late then he would have been severed into pieces by the giant sword.

Finally, he delivered a Frighten Dragon fist at a close distance to destroy his origin. If struck, Mu Dingyi would be killed, and removed from the list of Starry Sky cultivators.

“Muyang—-“ Lu Qingming abrupt stood up. “You did—did it?”

When Lu Qingming was confronted with the sword barrier, he was shaken by Mu Dingyi, and allowed his sword to strike the door of the Lu mansion. Had it not been for his Father’s timely counterattack, the door of the Lu family would have been knocked down. At that time, how would the Lu family have the face to stand in the capital?  

The last time, he was only faced with a wisp of divine thought of Mu Dingyi, a residue shadow.

Now, Li Muyang was facing the real Mu Dingyi.

Before the battle, Li Muyang had enraged Mu Dingyi that he absolutely would not hold back—–The sword attack that Mu Dingyi launched out with all his strength, the Still water sword that was known to everyone across the Divine continent, the destructive Sever word technique with astonishing power, was destroyed by Li Muyang?

Not only that, he also had counterattacked successfully, defeating Mu Dingyi with one punch—–

On the Sword God Square, Li Muyang stood proudly alone.

In the position where Mu Dingyi was just standing, there was not a person in sight.

“Muyang—-” Lu Qingming’s eyes were brimmed with tears, grateful that his son had luckily survived. If Li Muyang had not blocked that sword, he most likely would have been beheaded.

Lu Xingkong’s palms twitched, unable to conceal his smile, he decided to burst into a hearty laugh, and said to West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda: “This boy—-does not know how to respect the old. Although the sword has no eyes, but he can’t just use a killing move right away—-He must still have the spirit of martial arts? He sent Old immortal flying right away, what about the face of the 3,000 disciples of Still water sword school? Your Majesty, Muyang is young, please forgive him.”

Chu Xianda’s face was also twisted with shock, “Li Muyang—-won against Old immortal? A young hero, heroes really come from among the youths.”

“How is that possible?” The muscles on Prince Fu’s face were visibly twitching as he stared at Li Muyang with disbelief. “This kid had won? Where’s Old immortal? Where did Old immortal go?”

The corners of Chu Xun’s mouth were curved in a cold smile, muttering: “Yes, this is the real Li Muyang—–Li Muyang, how long do you want to hide? I’m looking forward to your performance more and more.”


A deathly silence.

Everyone looked at Li Muyang with a frightened face or were perhaps still in an absent, lifeless state.

With the exception of the piecing cold wind, the repressed breathing and intense heartbeat of the people around Mist Mountain, no one else spoke.

It was only after a long while that there were sounds at the foot of the mountain.

“What’s going on?”

“Li Muyang won? How could Li Muyang win against Old immortal?”

“Li Muyang had won—-”

First it was whisper, then murmur, and finally gathered together to form a torrent of noises.

“Li Muyang—–”

“Li Muyang—-”

“Li Muyang—–”


From bottom to top, from the civilians to the officials.

Countless people yelled out the name of Li Muyang.

A youngster who had won against a renowned starry sky cultivator should be loved and respected by everyone—–

“Third elder brother, third elder brother—-” On Stargazing platform, the frail girl jumped up and down, pulling Song Tao’s arm and exclaiming: “I knew Li Muyang won’t die, I knew that Gongzi Muyang will win—he really had won. I can give the gift to him now—–”

Song Tao stood by the window and watched for a while, before he sneered, “how could it be so easy?”

Yes, how could it be so easy?  

Just as everybody was celebrating Li Muyang’s victory over Old immortal Mu Dingyi of Still water sword school, a pool of water emerged in the sky once again.

Then, the blue water mirror was constantly expanding and eventually turned into a waterfall that hung in the sky.


The waterfall poured down, and the beads of water pelted the ground of the Sword God Square.

A white figure walked out of the waterfall.

White robe, loose hair, and barefooted.

It was the man who was mistaken to have lost to Li Muyang’s punch, Old immortal of Still water.

He stood unscathed in the high altitude, standing before the world, calmly gazing at Li Muyang on the Sword God Square.

He had a condescending expression across his face, like a tiger looking at a rabbit in a grassland.

Song Chenxi scrunched her brows together, murmuring: “How come he is alive again? How come he’s not dead?”  

“Chenxi—-“ Song Tao interrupted. If these words were heard by the Still water disciples outside, there would be even more trouble.

“I just said it casually.” Song Chenxi also knew that she had said the wrong thing, smiled to her Third elder brother, and shifted her glance to the square again.

“You don’t have loyalty.” Li Muyang looked up at Mu Dingyi, sighing gently: “Since we know each other, you should have cooperated with me and die, and help me succeed, then everybody would think you appreciate talent, how good would that be?  What’s the point of coming alive and play a few more rounds with you?”

“——–” Facing Li Muyang’s accusation, Mu Dingyi unexpectedly did not know how to deal with him.

After a long while, he thought it would be better to not respond to him.

Mu Dingyi looked at Li Muyang, asking, “That punch just now is the Frighten dragon fist?”  

Li Muyang smiled, “I don’t care what kind of punch it is, I just care if it could beat you.”

“Frighten dragon fist—–is called the Frighten Dragon, created by the dragon clan tens of thousands of years ago.” Mu Dingyi’s voice was calm, but his eyes were like blades slicing the body of Li Muyang. “And where did you learn this fist technique?”




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