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450 – Difficult to distinguish between true and false!

Chapter 450:  Difficult to distinguish between true and false!


As expected, the thing that he was most worried about was happening.

However, this was also the result that Li Muyang had long predicted.

When he made this punch in his fight against Chu Xun in Starry Sky Academy, Yang Xiaohu had already doubted its name and origin. There were countless strong cultivators under the Starry Sky, how would no other people know of this fist technique?

Frighten Dragon Fist, one of the most powerful fist techniques in the divine continent, was a mysterious fist technique written about in many rare books.

It was no surprise that well-informed masters such as Mu Dingyi recognised that punch.

Li Muyang raised his head to look at Mu Dingyi high in the air and asked with a bewildered face, “What kind of punch did you say this is?”

“Frighten Dragon Fist.” Mu Dingyi replied in a loud voice. “A fist technique that belongs to the Dragon clan.”

“That’s impossible, isn’t it?” Li Muyang sounded ‘astonished’. “Don’t joke with me. How could there be dragons in this world? Since there are not even dragons, how would there be a Dragon clan fist technique that exists in this world?”

“Who says there are no dragons in this world?”

“There are?” Li Muyang exclaimed with a look of excitement on his face, “There really are dragons? Find a dragon and show me.”

“—–” Mu Dingyi wanted to lift his sword to kill again. Where could he find a dragon at this time?

Mu Dingyi had to reflect in his mind whether or not his Still water sword skills were good enough and whether it had worsened. Why was it that even though he saw that his son was beaten unconscious, he could still maintain his heart like still water, but when he saw the grandson Li Muyang, he would think whether this grandson was really a grandson?

“The punch I made was not Frighten Dragon Fist, I actually don’t even know what it is.” Li Muyang decided to do used the tricky move that he had long planned beforehand: refuse to admit it even unto death.

In any case, the Frighten Dragon Fist was a fist technique tens of thousands of years ago. The great experts had only read about the power and form of the Frighten Dragon Fist from ancient scrolls and didn’t know too much about it.

“So where did you learn this fist technique?”

“That’s a long story.” Li Muyang smiled. “I have a few masters at Starry Sky Academy and one of them is the Dragon slayer Master Yang Xiaohu. Master Yang is an expert in Dragon slayer skills, and who search for real dragons to slaughter. Master Yang broke the Dao through studying and was a student of Starry Sky who later on became one of the three famous teachers of Starry Sky Academy. Many people should have heard of the name of Master Yang, right?”

“His teacher is Yang Xiaohu—”

“He broke the Dao through studying, impressive—-”

“That Li Muyang has great connections. ForWest Wind to insult him like this, will this anger the Starry sky?”


Sure enough, the name of a person is like the shadow of a tree.  

Everybody was discussing about how extraordinary the teacher of Li Muyang was. The West Wind had arranged such a trap. Everyone was wondering whether this would trigger the Starry Sky Academy’s counterattack and ill feeling.  

Li Muyang was very satisfied with everyone’s reaction, and then continued: “Another one of my master is the Taoism teacher Xiahou Qianbai. Master Xiahou also has a profound cultivation base and remarkable power. He is a famous teacher in Starry sky, but also a person of outstanding talent in Taoism. Everyone here knows about him, right? I also have a master who is a teacher in Buddhism called Master Kong Li. Master Kong had been taking care of Muyang ever since I came to Starry sky, repeatedly persuading me to be his disciple—-”  

Elder Chengfeng of Still water sword school interrupted Li Muyang blowing his own trumpet by asking, “So, which who was it that taught you that fist technique?”

“It’s our Dean.” Li Muyang answered in a loud voice. “The Dean felt that my talent for cultivation was extremely high, so taught me this fist technique in private. The Dean called it the ‘Dragon wounding fist’, which has power as strong as a dragon, to wound the dragon. I don’t know about the Frighten dragon fist—–If you don’t believe me, then you can go to Starry Sky Academy to ask our Dean.”

It was impossible for everyone to find the Dean anyway, let alone find him to verify this.

What a good hero to carry the black wok[TN Note: To be framed for something]!

“What?” Elder Chengfeng’s face was crossed with astonishment. Why did this Li Muyang—-not play the usual cards every time he answers?  

You already have three Starry sky academy teachers as your Masters, and now you’re pulling out the Dean of Starry Sky Academy—–such a legendary person. Is he someone you can get in touch with it?

“What nonsense.” Elder Chengfeng sneered. “This boy speaks without thinking. To have any one of the teachers of Starry Sky as a Master is something that would make one’s ancestors illustrious. You say you have three famous teachers as your Masters, do you think we’re all stupid?”

It should be said that Starry Sky Academy was already the most mysterious and difficult school to enter in the whole of the Divine continent. It sounded very unfamiliar to the ordinary people, but the high officials and noble people present had heard about it many times before.

If was already difficult to send the children of their family there, yet Li Muyang was not only was admitted to the school, but also became the disciple of three famous teachers of Starry Sky. Adding to this, he was now throwing out the name of the Dean of Starry Sky—-Even the Prince of a country would not have such good treatment as him.

Therefore, everybody who heard this simply thought that Li Muyang was just claiming connections of higher status, and threw out the three great flags of Starry Sky to frighten and oppress the people present. Let them reflect on the appropriateness of what they were doing today, and whether would like to bear the wrath of Starry Sky in the future.

Also to make Mu Dingyi understand that he was not just a poor and ordinary youngster, he also has a background, powerful backers, and was not someone easy to bully—–

“If you don’t believe it, you can ask Little Prince Chu Xun.” Li Muyang smiled. “Chu Xun is my classmate in Starry Sky. Whether or not what I said is true, he should know.”

All eyes were gathered on Chu Xun.

The smile on Chu Xun’s lips slowly faded, a kind of gloomy feeling taking over his heart.

He was naturally unwilling to help Li Muyang, and was still waiting to watch Li Muyang make a bigger joke of himself.  

But, as Li Muyang had said, he did have three Starry Sky Academy teachers as his masters, which was something that teachers and students across the Starry Sky Academy already knew. In particular, when Li Muyang was trapped in the illusion and failed to come out, the three teachers had repeatedly wanted to get into the Water moon heavenly cave and had again and again asked the Academy to send people into the illusion to bring Li Muyang back—-

It was also because of this matter that Xiahou Qianbai and Kong Li caused such a huge disturbance in the Academy.  

Deny it out loud? That would be lying in public. How can he face the teachers and students in Starry Sky Academy in the future? It should be said that the name of Starry Sky Academy was quite useful. The average person would be afraid to provoke students from the Academy. Therefore, even if he was a member of the Royal family of the West Wind Kingdom, he would not abandon the name easily.

However, under thousands of staring eyes, he had to answer.  

Thus, Chu Xun stood up and said in a loud and clear voice: “Li Muyang and I are indeed classmates in Starry Sky Academy. Li Muyang is indeed a disciple of Teacher Yang, Teacher Xiahou and Teacher Kong, the three famous teachers—-As to whether his punch is the Frighten dragon fist or not, or whether the Dean has taught him this fist technique, is something that I do not know.”  

That was what the outcome he wanted.

Li Muyang sneered in his heart.

True and false, it was half true, and half false.

It was true that he was a disciple of the three famous masters of Starry Sky.

It was false that the Frighten dragon fist was the ‘Dragon wounding fist’, and that the Dean of Starry Sky taught him this punch.

Once fake was wrapped in true, then the fake will become more real.

Li Muyang threw Chu Xun out just to get that half of the truth out his mouth.



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