Chapter 451: ‘Clumsy birds have to start flying early’


Countless people exclaimed when they heard the words of Chu Xun.

“Heavens, Li Muyang really is a disciple of the three famous teachers of Starry sky—”  

“He really is a young hero, but a person like him is going to be killed. Does our West Wind really have no tolerance towards others?”


On the stargazing platform, Song Chenxi curved her lips into a sweet smile as she said, “Li Muyang is very outstanding.”

Song Tao sneered: “He’s just putting gold on his face.”

“Third elder brother is jealous.”

“Why would I be jealous of a dead man?”


Mu Dingyi looked at Li Muyang, his voice calm as he said, “Since you do not want to admit it, then never mind.”

“As I have already said, this punch really is not what you call the Frighten dragon fist, but it is the Dragon wounding fist, designed to slay dragons—-If I were to admit that you are right, then isn’t that a lie?”

“Full of nonsense.” Mu Dingyi had no interest in the nonsense of Li Muyang. With his body floating high in the sky, he looked him in a condescending manner and said aloud: “in that case, then eat my sword again.”

“I’ve been waiting a long time.”  

But he was  both anxious and apprehensive.

When Mu Dingyi issued out his first sword attack, Li Muyang in fact threw out three punch to resist.  

It was because of the Black dragon’s previous battle experience and his careful preparation beforehand that he was able to evade Mu Dingyi’s Sever word technique.

In other words, the main determinant of the success of his first counterattack was whether the Black Dragon’s moves and combat experience had the desired effect—-rather than the strength of Li Muyang.

That was equivalent to a gamble.

It was possible to win, but there was a bigger possibility that he would lose.

In the face of such a peerless master, who could be certain that he would win?  

He had counterattacked with all his strength yet Mu Dingyi had escaped unscathed. Starry sky cultivators really were this strong?

The move that Li Muyang had thought of when he locked himself away in the little courtyard of the Lu residence did not achieve the outcome that he had previously expected.

“Even if I can’t beat him to death, I still have to wound his foundation—-” This was Li Muyang’s thought.

If people knew about Li Muyang’s thought at this moment, they would think that he was a silly and crazy boy.

Mu Dingyi was one of the strongest Starry sky cultivators and the pillar of the West Wind Kingdom, yet Li Muyang just wanted to get rid of him with one move?

If this matter was made known to the hostile countries of West Wind Kingdom, then their ambitions would most likely be aroused, their scruples destroyed, and they would immediately send soldiers to invade and to conquer West Wind—–The strongest cultivators of the country were so weak. Mu Yubai was like that, and Mu Dingyi was the same. What else do they have to fear?

Mu Dingyi’s body suddenly disappeared from the air.

By the time he reappeared, he was wielding a ghostly blue sword behind Li Muyang.

He swung out his sword.

The Sever word technique of Still water!


A blue brilliance flashed, and a huge hole emerged in the sky.

The giant blue sword was aimed at the head of Li Muyang, attempting to split him and the sword square under his feet in half.

An aura of death shrouded Li Muyang that made him powerless to fight back.

Li Muyang knew about the power of the sword attack, and did not even have the slightest thought to withstand against the sword.

The body of Li Muyang flashed, disappearing where he was.


The place where Li Muyang was standing just now began to split, and a huge trench was formed across the center of the Sword God Square under the eyes of countless people.

As Li Muyang dodged the attack and his figure had just reappeared, before he could catch his breath, Mu Dingyi again vanished in the air and struck towards Li Muyang’s head once more.

The giant blue sword in his hand was swung down in the location of Li Muyang.


Another sword.

The Provocative word technique of Still Water!

On top of the Sword God Square, there was once again a huge trench.

Li Muyang evaded again.

Mu Dingyi again raised his sword and brought it down to where Li Muyang was located.

The Striking word technique of Still water!


A third deep and large trench appeared on the Sword God Square.

The quicker Mu Dingyi’s attack was, the faster Li Muyang dodged.

One was above, and the other was below.  

The figures of the two appeared and disappeared. Disappeared and then appeared again.

There was a ball of white light on the ground, and a ball of white light in the sky.

The rapid movement of the two balls of light made it impossible for people to see their real body.

Because the power of these three sword attacks were too tremendous, the entire Sword God Square was rumbling and quaking.


The whole Mist Mountain was also trembling, as though the towering mountain was about to split from the three sword attacks.

Looking down from above, one would see that the character ‘rice’ was formed on the Sword God Square from Mu Dingyi’s three sword strikes.

The three huge ditches were long and deep that with a careless step one would plunge into the depths of Mist Mountain.

The Free and Unfettered Sword of Still water!

Unfettered and carefree.

The Free and Unfettered Sword of Still Water uses the foundation of the Sever word technique, the Provocative sword technique and Striking sword technique to assemble a combination of sword attacks in any order, and then to form a sword formation.  

By surrounding the opponent in the sword formation, it then kills the opponent through the rapid movement of the body.


Li Muyang landed on his feet, and then retreated rapidly.

Crack Crack——

He retreated to the edge of a huge trench, body swaying left and right, and in the end, stood at the edge of the deep pit.

There were several wounds across his face, his long hair was loose and messy, and the jade hat on his head had long been tossed to some unknown place as he was evading the three sword attacks.

His clothes were ragged and his chest and back were soaked in blood. He looked somewhat battered and exhausted.  

It was evident that, although Li Muyang had dodged the three swords, he was wounded by the sword qi of the three swords.

“It’s too dangerous.” Li Muyang’s chest was heaving up and down, as he violently gasped. Even until now, he still had lingering fears, and he was still situated in extreme danger where his life was on the line. “It’s just too dangerous.”

He knew that Mu Dingyi wanted to kill him, but he did not expect his intent to be this strong.

Of course, for every extra sword attack that a master like Mu Dingyi makes, he would lose a little prestige.

There was a feeling of bullying because he was facing Li Muyang, a young ‘novice’. Everyone knew that Li Muyang was no match for him, and that it was a slaughter targeted at Li Muyang—–

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t slaughter him.

The reality was completely inconsistent with what the spectators had thought and predicted, which was puzzling.

“Is it true that—–the cultivation level of Old immortal is not as good as they say?”

With this thought, Mu Dingyi’s position and status in the minds of the West Wind citizens naturally would plummet from the unrivalled Sword God to a—-a deteriorating old man who was likely to be defeated.

Mu Dingyi had 100 excuses to kill Li Muyang. Li Muyang also had 1000 reasons to live.

You have invincible sword skills, I have exceptional footwork.

As Mu Dingyi issued out a sword attack with all his strength, Li Muyang evaded with the footwork that he was skilful at.

However, it was precisely because of this that Li Muyang’s identity was once again questioned by Mu Dingyi.

Mu Dingyi was still standing in midair, robe billowing about, and long hair fluttering in the wind. His white robe was untainted by a speck of dust, his long hair was not the slightest bit messy, and he still maintained the demeanour of a great master and looked much better than Li Muyang who was now in a miserable looking state.

Mu Dingyi obviously did not think that Li Muyang would be able to dodge all three swords.

It should be said that every sword of his contained the power to kill thousands of enemies.

The three swords were combined to form a sword formation, just to kill a young junior—-which in Mu Dingyi’s eyes was already too much.

Such a huge move should only be unleashed when faced with the Song Family’s Song Gudu or Lu family’s Lu Xingkong. To use this on Li Muyang was simply cheating and bullying.

However, the three Unfettered and Free swords that he struck out with all his strength were evaded by Li Muyang.

Although Li Muyang had also suffered a little bit of injury, but, the few cuts across his face in the eyes of Mu Dingyi were simply naked taunt——The sword of the West Wind Sword God can only make a few cuts?

If foreign enemies were to invade, or they were to be siege by an army of 100,000, then is this how the Sword God clan would defend the country?

“What kind of—–martial arts are you using?” Mu Dingyi asked in a low voice, looking into the depths of Li Muyang’s eyes, where there were flashes of lightning.

“Clumsy birds have to start flying early.” Li Muyang answered in a loud voice. “How about that? Not bad, is it?”

“I’ve never heard of such martial arts,” said Mu Dingyi. He really hated Li Muyang, there was not a single word that came out his mouth that was genuine.

According to the etiquette of the Divine continent, when people ask you what sword move or what footwork you use, you just need confidently shout it out—–One to become famous, and secondly to make your martial arts well known.

Every time that Li Muyang was asked such a question, his answer was always strange and obviously was a random lie. It was not sincere. This way, it would be extremely difficult for others to calculate the origin and background of his masters.

“Because I am afraid of death, I run away early when I see someone else’s sword coming at my head, so I named it the Clumsy birds have to start flying early footwork. I created it myself, isn’t it good?” Li Muyang said with a smile. “You seem to be very curious about the martial arts I used? You asked about my punch and now asked about my footwork——If you don’t mind, we don’t have to fight today. I will write out my fist technique and footwork technique for you in exchange for your Still water sword school—–What do you say?”




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