Chapter 452: The Emperor’s opinion and public will!


There was an ancient proverb in the kingdom: To hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed.

Li Muyang, of course, did not use the ‘Clumsy birds have to start flying early’.

He also would not have such baseless footwork at all.

In order to avoid Mu Dingyi’s Free and unfettered swords, Li Muyang had no choice but to activate the Black dragon’s ‘Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain’.

It should be said that Dragons were divine beings that were born to soar to the Ninth Heaven, and the Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain was the most basic flying bodywork that every dragon should master.

The majority of the human race practiced qi to fly, or perhaps practiced sword to fly. There were also some divine objects and pets that could assist with flight.

However, flying was a unique talent of the Dragon clan, it was their innate ability.

Perhaps their fighting strength may be inferior to some powerful human martial artists, but based on the ability to escape——there was most likely nobody that can match up to them.

Li Muyang was naturally no match for Mu Dingyi. He did not have the slightest thought to counterattack Mu Dingyi’s Free and unfettered swords.

However, it was at this moment that he fully displayed the Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain, which he had been painstakingly practicing for half a year.

He was like a divine dragon soaring in the sky, freely maneuvering up and down in the midst of the glints and shadows of swords, and the flashes of lightning and rolling thunder. He avoided Mu Dingyi’s sword formation that was composed of the three Free and unfettered swords, and calmly retreated.

He had once again escaped from death.

From the beginning, no one had ever thought that Li Muyang would win.

Of course, Li Muyang also did not think about it.

He had calculated before and the best result was to use the Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain to escape from the battlefield. No matter what, he had to protect himself.

He just did not expect that, the battle had just begun, but Mu Dingyi’s fierce swordsmanship had already forced him to use the Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain to escape.

“Shameless child.” Elder Chengfeng roared, “You actually want to exchange your inferior martial arts for my ‘Still water sword technique’?”

Li Muyang shot a cold glance at him. “Inferior martial arts can dodge your Old immortal’s ‘Still Water sword technique’? If my ‘Dragon wounding fist’ and ‘Clumsy birds have to start flying early’ are inferior martial arts, then how superior is your ‘Still water sword technique’?”

“Li Muyang—— ”

Li Muyang did not pay attention to the surrounding people, looked at Mu Dingyi to say: “You want to exchange?”



“The bodywork that Li Muyang just used are unheard of. I also have never seen them before.” On the viewing platform, Cui Xichen turned to Chu Xianda. “I am also very curious what sort of bodywork is that? Why is it so wonderful? It allowed him to easily escape from Old immortal’s Free and Unfettered sword. Moreover, when Li Muyang evaded the attacks, his movements were like that of a dragon playing in water, and there was a faint dragon cry with the wind——What is this magical martial arts?”

“How come I didn’t hear any dragon cries? I couldn’t even see a dragon playing in water.” Lu Xingkong refuted. “It’s not something that needs to be concealed anyway. Li Muyang has already answered Old immortal’s question. That punch is the Dragon wounding fist, which was taught by the Dean of Starry Sky Academy. If someone doesn’t believe it, then they can write to him to ask. As for this bodywork, it is called ‘Clumsy birds have to start flying early’, a technique that Li Muyang created himself. Li Muyang is a gifted youngster with outstanding talent, and have received guidance from the Starry Sky Academy teachers. It is not difficult to imagine that he created his own set of footwork. The Divine continent is vast, what could not happen? It’s just whether you believe it or not.”

“Everyone knows he talks nonsense. Does he think we’re three years old?”

“Since you think he talks nonsense, then you should tell your Majesty what punch that was? And what was the footwork?”

“It will come out eventually.” Cui Xichen’s sight shifted to Li Muyang on the Sword God Square, “it’ll only takes another sword strike from Old immortal.”

Mu Dingyi was indeed ready to launch another sword attack.

He looked at Li Muyang and said aloud, “Your talent is rare in the world. No matter what punch you made, no matter what the footwork is called, it is still from your hard work. There is nothing to be criticised. The reason why I made an inquiry was just to find out what is going on, and to satisfy my curiosity.”

“Since you do not want to talk, then I will not ask anymore. Today, I have met my match. Now, please take another sword of mine again. If you can take this sword, the battle will be over.” “

The square was empty and vast, therefore Mu Dingyi’s voice naturally spread widely.

“Did you hear? Old immortal said that he had met his match today——he actually said that Li Muyang is his match——”

“Li Muyang can die without regret——die without regret——

“I didn’t expect Li Muyang to be this strong——The Starry Sky Academy really has the power to change something rotten into something magical?” ——

On the Stargazing observatory.

A frail girl sat by the windowsill, resting her cheek in the palm of her hand.

Her gaze was fixed on the handsome man on the Sword God Square as she whispered, “The first time I saw him, I already thought he was special. But I could not say why he was special——and then, thinking back, his eyes are particularly bright, and his smile is particularly warm. Although it was our first encounter, but it felt like we already knew each other a long time ago. He doesn’t make people feel unfamiliar at all. One can’t help but get close to him, as though——he is a brother who dotes on me. The same as Third elder brother and Second elder brother.”

“Chenxi——” Song Tao did not like his little sister constantly mentioning Li Muyang. The more she talked about him, the less he liked him. Hearing his precious little sister constantly talking about another man gave him a very sour feeling.

“Chenxi feels that he is a peer and a companion who had grown up with me. It is only today that I know he’s this strong——At his age, he can already ‘match’ up to Old immoral——In the divine continent, isn’t Li Muyang the best of the younger generation?”

“Chenxi, don’t talk nonsense. There are countless cultivators in the world. How can he be ranked at the top?”

“The Divine continent is vast, I don’t know about the other places. But, at least he’s the best in our West Wind, right? Does Third elder brother have another candidate?”

Song Tao pondered for a while, and then sighed out loud.

He could not think of a better youngster than Li Muyang, nor could he think of someone of similar age who was more powerful than Li Muyang.

There was no way he could shamelessly say his own name out loud.

“So what if he’s the best in West Wind?” A cold voice sounded from behind and a youngster in green was seen opening the door. Looking over the Sword God Square, he uttered, “Since he’s going to die anyway.”

“Tinyun.” Song Tao turned around to look at the young man who came in and asked, “Didn’t you go to the old mansion to accompany Grandfather? Why are you here?”

“How can I miss such a good show?” Song Tinyun answered.

Song Tao, noticing the icy cold expression on Song Tinyun’s face, gently sighed.

“Li Muyang will definitely be able to take this sword.” The maiden said softly, putting her palms together and prayed——

“Muyang——” Lu Qingming, holding his hands in fists, looked at his son with a worried face. He knew that he was not badly wounded because if any one of the three swords had struck Li Muyang, then he would have been killed already.

But the more he thought, the more worried he was.

Because Li Muyang was still alive, there was hope as long as he was alive.

But this hope——also makes people despair.

Lu Qingming clenched his fists, stormed over to the battle platform, and fell to his knees with a thud in front of the West Wind emperor Chu Xianda.


Lu Qingming’s huge body knelt down on the stone platform, crunching the snow on the ground.

Lu Qingming’s eyes were red as he raised his head. He requested in a hoarse voice: “Your Majesty, can you put a stop to this battle?”

“Qingming, what are you doing?” Chu Xianda first glanced at Lu Xingkong, then asked in a loud voice.

“Your Majesty, at this point in the battle, Li Muyang has already shown remarkable combat ability and cultivation talent. Even Old immortal said he had met his ‘match’, which shows how excellent Li Muyang is. Li Muyang is the Li Muyang of Starry Sky Academy, the Li Muyang of my West Wind Kingdom, and the Li Muyang of Your Majesty. As Your Majesty has just said, the West Wind is founded by martial arts, and there are many commendations and gifts to those who practice martial arts. But why is that Li Muyang is treated like this?”

Lu Qingming slammed his head against the stone ground.

Because the force was too fierce and he did not want to use the essential qi to protect his body, Lu Qingming’s forehead was dripping blood. He ignored it and cried, “Li Muyang is still young, he has a lot of room for growth, let him practice for another 3-5 years in Starry Sky Academy and he would become a pillar of West Wind. Perhaps he could protect the people of a city, or ensure peace at the frontier. Your Majesty, you only need to give him some time, give him a few years, then he can serve your majesty——I ask Your Majesty to cease the battle.”

“I ask your Majesty to cease the battle.” Behind Lu Qingming, General Long Qi also knelt down, asking for an imperial order.

“I ask your Majesty to cease the battle.” Behind Lu Qingming, the mighty general Cai Yueguan also knelt down.

“I ask your Majesty to cease the battle.”


Behind Lu Qingming, all the Generals of the Lu family all fell to their knees.

“I ask Your Majesty to cease the battle.


Around the Sword God Square, all the people who could not bear to see Li Muyang killed were all on their knees.

Millions of people united in one purpose.

Many people had knelt down just to ask for the battle to stop, ask to not kill Li Muyang.

Chu Xianda was hesitant, his gaze shifting between Lu Qingming and Lu Xingkong who was sat next to him. He suspected that the old fellow next to him had ordered his son to act this way.

After a long while, Chu Xianda looked at Lu Xingkong and asked, “Defense minister, what do you think?”

“Your Majesty, the public will can’t be ignored.” Lu Xingkong pointed to the generals and the civilians, who were kneeling all over the Sword God Square.

He got up from his chair and then knelt down in front of Chu Xianda.

“I ask Your Majesty to issue an imperial order to cease the battle.”

“This——” Chu Xianda’s expression rapidly changed, and then he finally made up his mind: “Since everyone has this request, then I——”

“Your Majesty—“ Prince Fu smiled, looking at Chu Xianda, “Your Majesty, a battle is a matter of two people. Your Majesty, why not ask Old immortal? If Old immortal also feels that this battle should end, then it is not too late for Your Majesty to do so.”

“Yes, Your majesty. Old Immortal rarely comes out, if the battle was to end like that——he would certainly be unhappy. If this worldly affair were to affect his cultivation, then it would be a great loss to West wind.” Cui Xichen also dissuaded him.

“Your Majesty, please think twice.”

Chu Xianda was helpless.

One side were the military generals, and the other side were the civilian court officials. Adding to this the Still water sword school was the Imperial Sword school. He had to give face to the Still water sword school, and even more had to give face to Old immortal——

Chu Xianda rose to his feet and looked at Mu Dingyi in the sky, asking, “Old immortal Mu, all people have asked me to cease the battle, may you wish to agree to their request?”

“If I agreed to their request, my thoughts will be unclear and muddled.” Mu Dingyi replied, his face expressionless.

He looked at Li Muyang, saying “Do you dare to receive another sword of mine?”

“Don’t dare.” Li Muyang stated in a loud voice. “Who doesn’t know that Old immortal of Still water is unbeatable. Since you say it is the last sword, then the power of the last sword will certainly be stronger than the previous swords——It was already incredibly difficult for me to receive the previous swords, and several times it almost landed on my head. If I don’t have to take the last sword, then I naturally would be ecstatic.”

“Besides——” Li Muyang continued, pointing to the kneeling crowd on the Sword God Square, “Public will is hard to ignore. Everyone wants this fight to stop, everyone wants Li Muyang to live, even His Majesty said a few words to save the little life of Li Muyang——I would like to courageously shout ‘I dare’. But how could I be so impulsive? How could I treat my life as a joke? And how could you I let down those who knelt down for me?”

“So, Old immortal Mu, please have mercy on me?”

“——” Mu Dingyi stared at Li Muyang, regretting why he didn’t issue his last sword earlier.

He planned to force Li Muyang to take up the challenge in front of everyone, and then kill him with one sword.

In that case, even if he died, then it would be his fault, his decision. Even the West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda could not do anything at that time.

What youngster doesn’t have a bit of a temper?

What he didn’t expect was that Li Muyang would be so ‘spiritless’.

To think that Li Muyang would force him to cease the battle with public will and the Emperor’s opinion, and to have mercy on him

If he did not show mercy, that would be going against the public will and the Emperor’s opinion——

Mu Dingyi’s heart was like water.

Like boiling hot water.



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