Chapter 453: Tens of thousands of swords covered the sky!  


Wind City. The City Lord’s residence.  

The City Lord’s residence was also Wind City’s military residence because Wind city was close to the frontier of the Peacock Empire, and the two countries often had disputes and conflicts. In order to defend the people at the border, the West Wind Kingdom had stationed massive military forces there.  

Back then, the genius king of the Peacock imperial court, Ying Qianhu, suddenly united with the Tawu country to swallow up West wind and Daizhao, the two countries that they share a common border with. At that time, under the command of the ninth prince Chu Yufeng, they fought back and finally led a large number of heroes to battle against the Peacock King in Wind city. The Generals who followed Chu Yufeng were all rewarded according to merits, and their fame and deeds were written into the historical records.

At that time, the ancestor of the Lu clan Lu Fengshou was only a little guard in Wind city, who followed Chu Yufeng onto the battlefield. He had fought thousands of battles, established outstanding achievements in the war, and eventually became a top General who commanded all military forces.

And the Cui family’s ancestor Cui Yu was originally a military leader of the Prince mansion, who followed Chu Yu north and south. Cui Yu was Chu Yufeng’s shadow and shield. When Chu Yufeng went up to kill the enemy, Cui Yu led the troops to fight on the front line, used his body to block and had again and again dragged Chu Yufeng out from the pile of dead people.

After Chu Yufeng had won tremendous successes, he also became a shadow behind Chu Yufeng. Everyone knew of his existence, but did not know where he existed.  

Chu Yufeng bestowed the position of Head of the Monitor Division on him because of his loyalty and bravery, and it was at that time that the name of Monitor Division first appeared in West Wind Kingdom. The role assigned to the Monitor Division was to monitor the hundreds of officials and the army. The power of this position was too great, and could make one live and die with one thought. Almost everyone was afraid of him.

Chu Yufeng gave the military forces to the Lu family and the power of the Monitor Division to the Cui family. Later, the imperial family was married to the most powerful and richest Song family, who were later bestowed with the position of minister and took control of the civil officials system and issued decree to the citizens on behalf of the Emperor.

The three powers stood like the three legs of a tripod, but were also like three tigers fighting against each other.

Chu Yufeng slept peacefully and free of worries, and after his death, the Kingdom and power that he had established continued for thousands of years.

The Lu clan was born in Wind City and also raised in Wind city.

Although the core figures of the Lu clan had all moved to live in Tiandu, but the Lu clan’s ancestral temple was still in Wind city. The head of the Lu family would choose an outstanding descendant as the City Lord of Wind city to guard the old mansion of the Lu family and to protect the frontier for the Kingdom.

Lu Wuyoung was the current City Lord of Wind city, an outstanding descendant personally selected by Lu Xingkong.

Lu Wuyong was only around 40 years old, but because of the harsh wind and sand in Wind city during the autumn and winter season, the fierce sun during the spring and summer seasons, and that he often hangs around the military encampment, Lu Wuyong had dark skin and his beard made him look imposing and domineering.  

“The north wind swooped down and the white grass snapped, snowfall begins in the eight month in Wind city——I heard that the snow is also particularly heavy in Tiandu this year. How is everyone?”

Lu Wuyong was drinking tea and enjoying the snow in the study, when a servant came to report that the Young Master had returned from Tiandu.   

Lu Wuyong did not lift his head up, saying, “Tell him to come to the study.

“Yes, City Lord.” “

Very quickly, clad in a black combat outfit, a weary-looking Lu Lin came into the study, bowing and paying respect to his Father.

“Father, son is back,” Lu Lin said respectfully.

“The journey to Tiandu is far. I asked you to offer birthday congratulations on my behalf, it must have been tiring.” Lu Wuyong gazed at his son with a glad look in his eyes.  

“It’s a child’s duty to help Father with his worries and difficulties, how would it be tiring?” Lu Lin said with a smile.

“Well. Tell me carefully about what you’ve seen and heard in Tiandu. From the moment you step into Tiandu, don’t cover up any details.” Lu Wuyong said in a low voice. “

“Yes, father.” Lu Lin, after organising his thoughts, began to recount his trip from the moment he stepped through the Tiandu city gate. He told his Father everything, from the situation in Tiandu, the Lu family’s treatment to him, the relationship between various sides and all kinds of rumours he had heard in Tiandu.  

Lu Wuyoung listened very carefully, and every now and then furrowed his brows.  

When Lu Lin finished, Lu Wuyong asked aloud, “that Li Muyang——is really so amazing?”

“There were originally undercurrents bubbling in Tiandu, but since that Li Muyang came to Tiandu, all the wind and clouds had gathered around him.” Lu Lin said with a smile. “I left on a hummingbird after offering birthday congratulations and only arrived in Wind City today. Calculating the time, today happens to be the day of the showdown between Li Muyang and Old immortal Mu Dingyi of Still water sword school——In my humble opinion, when the battle ends, it will be the beginning of a conflict. Father has to be prepared.”

Lu Wuyong’s thick brows were once again deeply scrunched together. “You think it would be difficult for the Lu clan to get through this?”

“Father——” Lu Lin’s expression was serious, whispering: “The Lu clan is now a target, as long as Grandfather Lu holds onto the military power and unwilling to let go, those people will not let leave our Lu clan alone——”

“Even if we let go of the military power, will the Lu clan have a good ending?”

“This——Son does not know.”

Lu Wuyong again sank into deep thought, then asked after a long while: “What cultivation realm is that Li Muyang in?”

“High Mountain.” Lu Lin answered.

“What?” Lu Wuyong was stunned.

“I deliberately asked Uncle Qingming. He said he is in the High Mountain realm, and also just reached the High Mountain realm.”  

“Wasn’t it rumoured that he defeated Mu Yubai of the Still water sword school?”

“That’s what all the people in Tiandu say.” Lu Lin said. “But I suspect it was a way for the Lu family to make him famous. To deal with a powerful master like Mu Yubai, they would need to call out the ‘Three Souls and Seven Spirits’ that are always with Grandfather Lu, right? They must have ordered the Three Souls and Seven Spirits to surround Mu Yubai, and then put all the credit onto Li Muyang alone. It is said that at that time the apprentice of thousand-faced poison King Miss Hong Xiu was also at the scene——she also helped Li Muyang.”

“Three Souls and Seven Spirits——” Lu Wuyong let out a gentle sigh. “I’m really curious what kind of people they are.”

“This time, I’m afraid they’re going to reveal their identities?”

“No matter what the situation is in Tiandu, Wind City can’t be messed up. If Wind city is in chaos, then it is over for the Lu clan, and there will no longer be a place for the Lu clan to stand in West Wind.”

“What does Father mean?”

Lu Wuyong waved his hand, “A girl called Shinian had been sent here from Tiandu——”

“Ah? Li Shinian?” Lu Lin exclaimed.

Lu Wuyong noticed the excitement in his son’s eyes and said, “Go and greet the guest.”

“Yes. Father.” Lu Lin hurriedly went outside.

Lu Wuyong walked to the window, looking at the bare iron cherry blossom trees in the courtyard, and was silent for a long while before he shouted: “Come.”

“City Lord.” A black-robed man appeared behind Lu Wuyong

“Notify the messenger, I will meet them tonight.””

“Yes.” The body of the man in black turned into a cloud of smoke and then disappeared in the study—————



Li Shinian was sitting in a snow-wrapped stone pavilion, eyes dull and restless.

She had learned what was going on, and remembered the bowl of chicken soup that her brother gave them.

Calculating the time, today was the day of the duel between her brother and the old monster of Still water sword school.

“Did Brother win?”

“Will my brother lose?”

“Can my brother survive——”

The same question was transformed into tens of thousands of question in her mind.

She had never been so worried.

When her brother disappeared in the illusion, everyone told her that Li Muyang was dead, but she didn’t believe it. She believed her brother would be alive and would come back to find them.

As expected, her brother came back in the way she expected.

This time it was different from the past.

The last time it was unknown, this time it was known.

She knew the gap between her brother and the old monster, and she knew that the old monster would not let go of her brother easily——

The unknown world can depend on luck.

The known world depends on strength.

Brother, does he have the strength to defeat the old monster of Still water?

In the eve of the battle he suddenly sent us away, does that mean Brother did not have the confidence to win?

“Brother——” Li Shinian put her palms together, muttering, “Must live.”

“Worried about your brother?” A man’s voice suddenly sounded behind.

Li Shinian suddenly turned around, saw that it was Lu Lin standing behind, and asked in a surprised tone: “Gongzi Lu, how come you’re here?”

“This is my house.” Lu Lin smiled softly, “I should be the one asking——why would Miss Shinian be here?” “

“I——” It was only then that Li Shinian came to her senses.

“I understand.” Lu Lin stopped Li Shinian trying to answer the difficult question and said with a smile, “I know you’re distraught at this time, so I specially told people to bring over some tea and cakes, I will wait with you.”

“Gongzi Lu you don’t need to.”

“Miss Shinian doesn’t need to be polite with me. You are a guest, I naturally should be taking good care of my guest.”

With the wave of his hand, the servants who followed him brought over all kinds of cakes and hot tea.

“Is Miss Shinian cold?”  


“Go bring the Fire lion heart from my room.” Lu Lin said with a smile. “During the battle against the Marquis of the Peacock Empire, I mistakenly came to the Sky fire summit, but coincidentally met a male Fire lion. I killed the Fire lion and took its heart. This item emits warmth, Miss Shinian will not feel cold.”

“Gongzi Lu, there really is no need for this——”

“Miss Shinian——” Lu Lin looked at Li Shinian, the corners of his mouth curled with a faint smile. “Why keep a thousand miles of distance from me?”

Li Shinian suddenly looked up at Lu Lin, “Gongzi Lu, what do you mean?”

“My feelings towards you, does Miss Shinian really not know?”



Tiandu. Lu residence.

Gongsun Yu also did not go to Sword God Square today

Not only did she not go, she also did not let her young son Lu Tianyu go.

This made Lu Tianyu quite disgruntled, like a little beast trapped in a cage, he stomped around the house, sighing.

“Mother, can you let me go and see it?” Lu Tianyu asked again. He went over and took Gongsun Yu’s hand, “I’ll only watch from afar. Father and Grandpa are there, it will be fine.”



“There is no reason.”


Gongsun Yu took a deep look at Lu Tianyu and said: “I have decided, don’t ask again.”

“Yes. Mother.” Lu Tianyu sat beside her mother and waited with her.

Although he did not know what he was waiting for.

“Mother, say, do you think Big Brother Li Muyang will win?”

Hearing Lu Tianyu address Li Muyang as ‘Big brother’, Gongsun Yu’s mood was slightly better. She reached out to hold her son’s chubby little hand and reassured softly: “Will win. He will certainly win.”

“But they say that the old monster of Still water is very powerful——”

“Your Big brother Muyang is more powerful.” Gongsun Yu said firmly, “because, he was born extraordinary.”

Lu Tianyu looked at his mother in puzzlement, and thought, how could he be born extraordinary?

Isn’t he just the son of a servant?

However, for some reason, seeing the expression on his Mother’s face, he did not have the courage to ask about his puzzlement————


“So, Old immortal Mu, let little boy, I, go, what do you say?”

Li Muyang forcibly demanded for the battle to end, and asked Mu Dingyi to let him go.

From the beginning to the present, this duel was the decision of Mu Dingyi alone, Li Muyang had never thought to compare himself against a master like him.

At this point, Mu Dingyi was naturally unwilling to let Li Muyang go.

He planned to sever Li Muyang to revive the reputation of Still water sword school, and also to avenge his son, who was carelessly defeated by Li Muyang and was now in a self-closing state unwilling to wake up——

However, the fact that several consecutive swords could not kill Li Muyang had already damaged his prestige and reputation.

When Li Muyang earned his prestige, it was the process of his prestige falling. As they say, when one is rising, the other is falling.

From the Viewing platform, to the Sword God Square, and to the mountainside of Mist Mountain.

From the Emperor, to the Generals, and to the civilians.

All line of sight and attention were gathered on Mu Dingyi.

Whether the battle continues or not decided by him.

Mu Dingyi’s line of sight was fixed only on Li Muyang, saying: “This battle——will continue.”

“This battle will continue.”

This was Mu Dingyi’s answer to Li Muyang.

This was also Mu Dingyi’s answer to the Emperor of West Wind Chu Xianda and all the people who had knelt down.

This battle will continue!

Continue till one dies!

He still planned to strike out that last sword!  

“Did you hear? He said the battle continues?” Someone said out loud.

“Why do you have to kill Li Muyang?” Someone kneeling on the ground cried out in indignation, “Old Immortal, why must you kill Li Muyang? Are you afraid of being replaced by him?”

“Old Immortal——how can you disappoint the public like that—”——

Mu Dingyi looked at Li Muyang. “Take another sword of mine.”

His body floated in the air, looking up at the sky, his eyes closed, and his hands stretched toward both sides.

The wind howled.

The snowflakes whirled.

The snow that had stopped for half a day, once again appeared before everyone.

In the sky, two powerful streams of blue qi gushed out from Mu Dingyi’s hands, drilling into the ground of the Sword God Square.


There were countless cracks spreading across the hard lapis floor of the Sword God Square, and as the blue qi poured in, the cracks multiplied and grew.

Mu Dingyi thrust both hands forward with force.


A mottled steel sword drilled out of the gap and sprang up.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh ——

Countless steel swords similarly penetrated through the gap, and leapt toward the sky.

Tens of thousands of swords covered the sky, the blade aiming directly at Li Muyang on the ground and completely shrouded overhead.



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