Chapter 454: Never to be seen again!


It was said that the founder of ‘Still water sword technique’ Mu Gubei chose to establish the school on Mist Mountain. It took three years and thousands of people to build this Sword God Square. He had personally put tens of thousands of steel swords into the bottom of the ground as the foundation. This was to obtain the sword qi of these swords and that the disciples of the sword school can attack with sword intent.

The Sword God Square was also named after this.

Now, in order to defeat Li Muyang, the last sword of Mu Dingyi was one that unexpectedly drew out the tens of thousands of swords under the foundation to form a sword formation.

This was to reach his goal no matter what.

Tens of thousands of steel swords filled the sky, like an army of thousands soldiers, waiting for Mu Dingyi’s order to launch an attack at Li Muyang.

“Mu Dingyi——” Lu Qingming roared, “You really have to go this far?”

Lu Xingkong’s eyes flashed a piercing cold light as he hissed, “Mu Dingyi you dare to do this? Do you think our Lu family is easy to bully?”

Cui Xichen also did not expect Mu Dingyi to be this determined. He did not give face to the West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda. When Chu Xianda made it clear that he wants to let Li Muyang go, he still insisted on Li Muyang receiving his last sword——

Moreover, since he had brought out the tens of thousands of swords, then it was obvious that he wanted to sever Li Muyang into tens of thousands pieces, right?

Prince Fu’s face was crossed with astonishment, and then a ruthless smile curved his lips.  

“This really is interesting.”

Chu Xun’s face was also flushed with excitement. The battle he anticipated had finally come.

In his view, the previous attacks and defenses were just games, and he had no interest in them at all.  

“That liar.” Li Muyang looked at the forest of swords in the sky in shocked disbelief. “We agreed on one sword only, but you brought out a sword formation of tens of thousands of swords——living on to old age just to be a pest——”

Mu Dingyi had his eyes closed. He simply did not care about Li Muyang’s noisy complaints and dissatisfaction.

He raised his hands horizontally, sending blue sword qi surging out from his palms.

The tens of thousands of swords, controlled by his strength, were quivering rapidly and producing melodious tinkling.

Of course, such a sound was not pleasant at all; it will only make people tremble all over.

When a woman, no matter how beautiful she is, holds out a blade to your chest, you will not feel that she’s beautiful and instead there will be a strong sense of fear——

At this moment, Li Muyang was fearful of the power of the tens of thousands of swords.

Mu Dingyi clenched his hands into fists and the tens of thousands of swords immediately screeched and rotated.

They formed a huge vortex, like a giant tornado made up from the rolling sword qi current.

“Tens of thousands of sword unite——strike.”

Mu Dingyi thrust out his hand, and the black tornado, made up of steel currents swept towards Li Muyang.

The wind was howling and the snow was whirling.

Li Muyang was standing in the middle of the Sword God Square, and at his foot were the cracks and trenches arranged in a crisscross pattern.

Compared with the high and mighty Mu Dingyi, he felt so small and insignificant.

Compared to the tornado that was engulfing over, he felt so weak and vulnerable.

His white robed flapped about and his black hair danced with the wind.

The bruises and scares on his face did not reduce his beauty, but added 30% of vigour and 70% of unswerving determination.

When the daughters from wealthy family saw Li Muyang, they couldn’t help feeling pity for him. Each and every one of them wished to hug him tightly and comfort him.

Li Muyang felt  danger.

This one sword was not one sword.

It was an attack of tens of thousands of swords.

Tens of thousands of swords uniting into one.

He had fused together thousands of swords into one, and then formed an all-encompassing and innumerable sword formation to devour Li Muyang and tear him into shreds.


He naturally was scared.

With the slightest carelessness, Li Muyang would be severed to pieces. His parents and sisters would most likely not even be able to find his complete body.

Most importantly, Li Muyang still had not thought of how to counterattack.  

He did not know how he should face the sword attack.  

Frighten Dragon Fist? The dragon would most likely be swallowed up by the tornado as soon as it charges out?

Mountain Shaking Fist?

‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’?

‘The Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain’?

Or should he bring Snowball out to swallow up the tens of thousands of swords in a mouthful?

Of course, the best thing to do was to let Snowball come out to swallow the swords——but, what about afterwards?  

Snowball’s identity would be exposed. The heart of weak water would reappear in the divine continent, and at that time, Li Muyang would encounter attacks from cultivators all across the divine continent. In the end, he would be killed and Snowball would be taken away.



Snowball, who was in his arms also felt the danger of the outside world, was constantly spitting out bubbles.

However, because it was put into the glass bottle that Li Muyang formed from essential yuan qi, it could not escape or come out and help.

Li Muyang felt a chill down his spine. As the tornado came right at him, all his hair stood on its ends.

He felt injustice, an irrepressible hostility in his heart.

“On what basis?”

“On what basis does he want to kill me?”

“On what basis do I deserve to die?”——  

“If you want to fight, then I will fight.” Li Muyang roared to the sky, his eyes blood-red.


The hair-raising, spine-chilling tinkling of steel swords drew nearer and closer.

The pitch-black hole was right above his head, and could devour him in one gulp.

“Go die.” Li Muyang punched out.


A white lightning dragon rammed towards the huge tornado.

As expected, Li Muyang’s prediction was right.  

The black giant mouth of the tornado, made up of tens of thousands of swords, suddenly grew larger, devouring the huge white lightning dragon in one mouthful and then returned to their original position.


He seemed to be able to hear the unwilling roar of the lightning dragon as it disappeared without a trace in the tornado.

As Li Muyang punched out, his body had already moved elsewhere.

The tornado, as though had grown a pair of eyes, followed after, opening its huge mouth to where Li Muyang was at.


Li Muyang retaliated with another punch.

A towering mountain slammed towards the tornado. It was fierce and swift, as if aiming to perish together.

Mountain shaking fist!

Mu Dingyi shook his fist and loosened it, then flicked all ten fingers out.


The tornado of tens of thousands of swords all of a sudden dispersed into fragments, breaking up from a single individual and scattered towards both sides.


The great mountain unobstructedly slammed into the centre of the steel swords, flew skywards, higher and higher, until it disappeared completely.

Mu Dingyi clenched his hand into a fist once again.


The tens of thousands of swords were once again gathered, combined, assembled and rotated to form a powerful current of steel, turning into a steel tornado.

Once again, the huge tornado charged towards Li Muyang.

Boom Boom Boom——

Li Muyang punched out again and again, until he was exhausted, but there was still nothing else he could do.

Under the control of Mu Dingyi, the tens of thousands of steels swords were like living beings.

They could assemble into a variety of formations, and a variety of sharp tools, looking for ways to sever Li Muyang to pieces.

Li Muyang fled, and they gave chase.

Li Muyang fought back, and it opened its mouth to devour all the power of his punches and anger.

Li Muyang moved at lightning speed. He had no time to care whether the people would suspect that he was activating The Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain. It was only through the unfathomable bodywork that he was able to evade the attacks of the tornado.

But, at one point, he would still be exhausted.

There was always an end to a day.

This high-intensity way of fighting had rapidly consumed his essential qi.

Everyone saw that Li Muyang was exhausted.

Everyone saw that Li Muyang was moving slower than before.

Everyone saw that Li Muyang’s counterattack was getting weaker.

Everyone knew that Li Muyang was in deadly danger. Li Muyang was on the verge of death.

Li Muyang was panting.

Li Muyang stumbled and nearly fell.

Li Muyang was riddled with scars, clothes ragged and soaked in blood.

Li Muyang——

He couldn’t withstand any longer.

“It’s not that Li Muyang is too weak, but that his opponent is too strong——”

“Li Muyang is a rare genius, but unfortunately he met Mu Dingyi——”

“Old Immortal, let Li Muyang go——please have mercy on him——”

Some people murmured, and some wept bitterly.

Li Muyang, a poor and ordinary youngster who rapidly became a well-known genius youngster, was going to perish today.

The genius was going to be killed and the miracle destroyed.

All of a sudden, Mu Dingyi clapped his hands together, and then raised them high toward the sky.


The tens of thousands of swords began to change shape, converging toward his hands, and then turned into an endless giant sword.

Mu Dingyi looked at Li Muyang, there was admiration in his eyes, but there was more of pity.

“It’s over.”

Mu Dingyi swung his hands down.

The giant sword made of tens of thousands of steel swords sped towards him with the force of thunder and lightning.

Li Muyang darted fast and fled desperately.

He ran with all his strength and was as miserable looking as a stray dog.

He fled towards the Viewing platform where the West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda was sat, as he knew he was his only chance of survival.

Because he knew that even if Mu Dingyi wanted to kill him, he had to hold back his strength where Chu Xianda was located.

However, no matter how hard he tried, it was difficult for him to escape from the shroud of the giant sword.


A huge hole on the Sword God Square appeared where the giant sword struck.


The Sword God Square was split into two, and even the mountainside of Mist Mountain was affected.

In the depths of the trenches, there were still crackle and rumbling.

The remaining sword qi continued to split the rocks, and the rocks above tumbled down the pit.

The Emperor and the Flying feather army behind him as well as the civilians on the high platform were divided into two groups, and the noble families near the Sword God Square and the civilians far from the square were divided into two groups.

The Monitoring Division, who was in front of the Emperor, and the Flying feather army, which stood in front of the civilians, were divined in two groups.

Brothers, families and friends were divided into two groups.

The great trench had divided the Mist Mountain into two worlds.

Everyone held their breath.

All eyes were wide with shock.

Everyone stared blankly in front at the——natural chasm.

After a long while.

A delicate voice from the Star gazing platform broke the silence, exclaiming: “Li Muyang is gone”.

It was only then that everybody discovered that Li Muyang’s figure had disappeared from the Sword God Square.

It was as thought he was struck by that earth-shaking sword into pile of red mud, a wisp of smoke.

Never to be seen again!  



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