Chapter 455: The Wolf King reappears!



Luo Qi was too deep in thought that she dropped the plum blossom porcelain teacup to the ground.

It was only then that she snapped out of her trance, and hurriedly crouched down to clean up  


Luo Qi cried out. The fragments of porcelain had cut her finger, bright red blood seeping out her.

Li Yan darted through the door, pulled Luo Qi up from the ground, and asked in a concern voice, “How did you get hurt? Be careful. If you need anything, just tell me. I’ll help you.”

He fumbled out a small white bottle from his pocket, and dripped the medicine in the bottle onto the wound on the tip of her finger. He then went to take out a clean piece of cotton cloth to wrap around Luo Qi’s injured finger. “Do not get it wet.”

“I’m fine.” Luo Qi said distractedly, “I often cut myself when I had the bun shop in Jiangnan.”

“Even if you have cut yourself in the past, does that mean you can continue to get hurt now?”

Luo Qi was taken aback. She didn’t expect her taciturn husband to say such moving words.  

She looked at Li Yan, her eyes filled with tears as she cried, “Muyang is fighting with someone, and I feel——I feel he’s in danger.”

“It’s going to be okay.” Li Yan firmly held his wife’s hand and reassured her in a comforting voice, “It’s going to be okay. Elder Lu and Master Lu are extremely caring towards Muyang, they will not allow anything to happen to Muyang.”

Tears coursed down Luo’s face as she choked up, “If he gets through this, we’ll return the son to them——I also have to accept my fate.”

Li Yan wrapped his arm around his wife’s incessantly trembling shoulders, an incredibly pained feeling in his heart.

As a father, he hated his powerlessness at this moment——


Mu Dingyi’s sword had split the Sword God Square in half, and a huge trench had divided the ground.

Li Muyang had vanished.

No one knew whether his disappearance was due to the invincible sword qi of the tens of thousands of swords that united as one, or because of the great deep pit that was of unfathomable depth.

He had rose quickly and fell quickly.

He had drawn a colourful mark in the lives of the people of Tiandu, and soon would be forgotten.

“Is Li Muyang dead?”

“He is certainly dead, that sword just now——almost split Mist Mountain into two halves, how would he survive that?”

“Still water Old immortal——is too amazing, Li Muyang is just too unlucky——”

“Muyang.” Lu Qingming flew up and darted to the trench where the giant sword had split.

He crouched down on the edge of the deep trench and yelled inside, “Muyang——Li Muyang——”

There was no answer.

The sword pit was dark and narrow, and difficult to see inside. There were rocks rolling down from above, and incessant roars from the mountainside.

Lu Qingming’s eyes were blood-red, rushing into the inside of the pit.

“General——” The soldiers tried to stop him.

Lu Qingming dodged the falling boulders, and after inspecting the inside of the sword pit he failed to find any traces of Li Muyang.

He could not even see his body.

Lu Qingming sprang out of the sword pit, stretched out his hand and a long silver spear swiftly came to his hand from the Ninth Heaven.

Lu Qingming lifted his silver spear high up, yelling to Mu Dingyi in the sky: “Mu Dingyi, did you not want to kill everyone? Then kill me too——”

Mu Dingyi was still standing tall in the sky.

He had brought out the tens of thousands of swords buried deep in the bottom of the Sword God Square and borrowed the sword qi as well as the deep spiritual qi of Mist Mountain to unite the tens of thousands of sword into one, in order to kill genius youngster Li Muyang.

After the victory, Mu Dingyi maintained a calm look across his face. There was neither joy or sorrow.

However, the calmer he was, the more the people felt that he had the manner of a powerful martial arts master.

Anybody who saw the shocking sword strike that he had just launched out had to seriously ponder about one question——whether they could bear his sword.

Li Muyang had lost.

Li Muyang had died.

This was exactly what everyone expected.

It was only that it was little later than what everyone expected.

What was unexpected was that Lu Qingming’s mood would be so agitated after the disappearance of Li Muyang.

Wasn’t he just a child of a servant? Do you have to be concerned?

The Lu clan was a family of generals for generations. They had countless soldiers and generals under their command. Would they be worried that they would have no one to work for the Lu family?  

Besides, Lu Qingming had witnessed the power of Mu Dingyi, yet he still dared to point his spear to the sky and challenge Mu Dingyi——This behavior was not like that of a provincial governor, let alone the response that a mature official figure should have.

Lu Xingkong’s eyes were also red, clenching and loosening his fists.

By the time he lifted his head to look at the sky, the fury and grief had already disappeared from his face, but there was still a strong killing intent contained in his eyes, as he said to Lu Qingming in a low voice, “Qingming, come back.”  

Lu Qingming refused to retreat, pointed his spear to Mu Dingyi and hissed, “Old man Mu Dingyi, do you dare to fight with me?”


“You dare insult our Old immortal, I will fight you instead.”

“Victory or defeat is a common occurrence, could it be that the Lu family cannot take defeat?”

Mu Dingyi cast an indifferent glance at Lu Qingming, uttering, “You are no match for me.”

“Old man——” Lu Qingming, armed with a long spear, soared to the high altitude to fight to death with Mu Dingyi.

Lu Qingming felt heartbroken, he had finally got his son back but before they could reunite, the old man had killed him.

If his wife learned the news, she most likely wouldn’t be able to continue to live anymore, right?

People dead, family destroyed.

What was the point of being alive?

Even if he died in battle, he was going to rip a piece of flesh off the old man.

“Lu Qingming, don’t be disrespectful.” Elder Chengfeng snapped, soaring into the air.

“I’ll fight you.” Li Xiuwei, one of the three wild guests of Still water, charged over, wielding a long sword.

“Why use a butcher’s knife to slaughter a chicken?” Stone gentleman, Shi Tao also flew to the high altitude.


Among the team of Generals, there were dozens of generals drawing their swords at the same time, one after another, unleashing fighting qi and incomparable killing intent. The instant that Lu Qingming issued an order, they were ready to charge up to sever the still water maniacs into minced flesh.


The hundreds of white-robed disciples of Still water sword school unsheathed their sword, preparing to go head to head. A great battle was about to break out.

No one expected that the situation would develop to such a dangerous point?

Now, it was no longer a battle between Li Muyang and Mu Dingyi.

Rather a conflict and battle between the thousands of white-robed disciples of the Sword God family’s Still water sword school and the Lu family who was in charge of the military power of West Wind——

If these two forces were to clash, it would be a great disaster for the West Wind imperial Family and the Kingdom.  

On Stargazing observatory, Song Tinyun looked at the lively scene on the Sword Go Square with a mocking smile. “Military fellows are military fellows, they are all brutish. Now it’s really when dog bites dog each gets a mouthful of fur.”

Song Tao’s face was solemn, “if the Lu family and the Still water sword school were to fight on the Sword God Square, the subsequent impact would be shocking. This is not a family matter or a mater of a school, but a huge matter of the Kingdom——If Lu Xingkong of the Lu family also helped out, can he withstand the deadly sword of Mu Dingyi? And the influence of the Lu family in the army is deeply rooted, can the Still water sword school bear the retaliation?”

“Li Muyang is gone.” Song Chenxi’s little face had gone pale. “How would Li Muyang be missing?”


“I’m going down.” Song Chenxi cried out.  


Song Tinyun and Song Tao disagreed at the same time.

Song Tao’s expression eased a little, looking at Song Chenxi with a gentle face he softly persuaded: “Chenxi, its dangerous down there, and your health is not good, if you catch a cold, Grandfather will blame us——”  

“If you can’t see upstairs, what can you see downstairs?” Song Tinyun remarked in a loud voice.

“I’m going down.” Song Chenxi repeated in a firm voice——

Lu Qingming was like a wounded wolf, also like an enraged lion, his eyes were fierce and pupils were filled with red blood.

The silver spear in his hand was buzzing, and a purple flame was blazing above the head of the spear.

It was the reaction of pouring his anger and tremendous essential qi towards the silver spear.

He did not pay the slightest attention to the disciples of Still water sword school, and the silver spear only pointed to Mu Dingyi: “Old man, you would do whatever it takes to kill a child. And now you’re afraid to take my challenge?”

Mu Dingyi let out a gentle sigh, looked at Lu Qingming and said: “You should know that you’re no match for me.”

“Is that right? Then let me try your ‘Still water sword technique’. I would like to see whether your tens of thousands of steel swords could sever the neck of I, Lu Qingming.”

“Lu Qingming, you have repeatedly insulted our Still water Old immortal, you can’t blame I, Li Xiuwei for being impolite.” Li Xiuwei, one of the three wild guests, was the one with the most violent temper. Clasping a long sword, he charged towards Lu Qingming.

“Get lost.” Lu Qingming roared without even turning his head.

“Lu Qingming, today either you die or I die——”


All of a sudden there was a rumble of boulders coming from the sword pit.

Everyone turned to the sword pit and didn’t know exactly what was going on.


Countless large and small rocks spouted out of the sword pit, shooting in all directions.

At the same time, a huge monster covered with red hair darted to the sky with the rocks.

In the sky, the tremendous red beast roared, producing a terrifying ‘ow’.

It had a wolf head, a lion body, and was as large as a giant ox.

Its four giant legs were paddling in the air, and four red flames were blazing under its hooves.

“Ow——” It opened its mouth once again, roaring at all the people on the Sword God Square.


Impacted by the strong sound wave and deterred by its imposing manner, everyone could not help but retreat back a few steps.  

“Look——” A beautiful maiden’s voice came from the Stargazing observatory, “Li Muyang is on that monster.”



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