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456 – Blood in the snow!

Chapter 456: Blood in the snow!



The Wolf King roared, and the tens of thousands of beast fell silent.

Across the mountainside of Mist Mountain and the valley of the forest, all animals knelt to the ground in fear, afraid to look up.

There were countless wolves rushing out onto the empty and precipitous cliffs, roaring in the direction of where the wolf of the red moon was.


They could tell from the voice that it was the King of the wolf clan, a powerful presence that they had never experienced before.

The Wolf of the Red Moon, the King of the Red Wolf, the guest from the illusion of water, the one who could absorb the light of the red moon and live forever with the red moon.

It was a semi-divine being like the dragon.

Or perhaps, it was a little more powerful than the dragon.  

Because the life of the Dragon was limited and the life span of the Red wolf was infinite. Moreover, its body was a body of energy, which was similar to the heart of weak water. An energy body will never disappear or perish.

However, the Wolf of the Red Moon Wolf did not have a body as strong as that of the dragon, nor was it as powerful.  Moreover, the Dragon was exceptional in learning, and was an animal of high intelligence, which the Red wolf was far inferior to.  

However, since his encounter with Li Muyang and his ancestor, the wolf had undergone a subversive change.

The encounter with a dragon had harmed his life!

Or rather, the Dragon clan had oppressed him hundreds and thousands of times, and he had treated the Dragon clan as his first love.

He lent his wolf pearl to Li Muyang and protected him in the void of the heart of the weak water. In the end, Li Muyang tricked him into letting the heart of the weak water swallow him, which he said would allow him to absorb the water elements of the Heart of Weak water.

The good thing was that the little Snowball, though small in size, had a big appetite.

After the tremendous Wolf of the Red moon was swallowed in one gulp, Snowball did not even a let out a ‘belch’.

Snowball’s stomach was a huge subspace, in that it was changeable, strangely shaped, and could take in any and millions of objects.

Otherwise, it would not have been able to devour all the water elements in the illusion. The devouring of a wolf or the sword qi unleashed from Mu Yubai’s sword strike, was just a small demonstration of its impressive skills. It was a starter dish.

Since it had nothing to do anyway.

The Red Moon had the attributes of fire, and the Wolf King of the Red Moon naturally had fire attributes.

He wanted to blend water and fire, and to raise his strength dramatically, which the best way to do so was to directly take in the purest water elements.

And inside the stomach of the Heart of Weak water was the mother of water, the mother of all water. There was nothing more pure and powerful in the world than the water element in its stomach——

The Wolf King entered the stomach of Snowball, like a pervert into a brothel, a glutton into the palace, a flower-loving man into the Flower language plain——

He could finally desperately absorb the elements of mother water for his usage, and then fuse the fire elements in his body with water elements.

If successful, his invisible body could be turned into a tangible body.  

In that case, he would be free to travel in and out various spaces, and not just confined to the Fenglin continent, absorbing the light of the Red Moon day and night in order to live.

However, he had been in the stomach of Snowball for far too long, and there were no other living things in it beside him.

Therefore, the Wolf King still felt a little lonely.  

Now that there was a chance to come out, he naturally had to howl a few more times to express his feelings of excitement.


Li Muyang was sitting astride the wolf, his clothes were ragged and his appearance was shocking. Although riddled with scars, it did not hide his elegance and awe-inspiring presence.

Snowball was standing on the shoulder of Li Muyang, and as Li Muyang was about to be struck by the ‘Tens of thousands of sword unite as one’, he timely crushed the essential qi bottle to let Snowball out.

As expected, Snowball, whose mind was in sync with that of Li Muyang, once again leapt out to save its Master, shielding Li Muyang with its soft and tough body, and blocked the invincible sword qi of the tens of thousands of swords.

If Snowball had not appeared in time, Li Muyang would most likely have been severed into minced flesh.

In that kind of life and death situation, Li Muyang had no time to consider other things——

It did not matter whether or not he would reveal his identity as being part of the Dragon clan.  

It did not matter whether or not he would reveal the background of Snowball.

At such a critical moment, the only thing that a person could do was to——live.

Try hard to live and do whatever one could to live.



Snowball was also very happy, spitting out bubbles non-stop.  

It didn’t like to be trapped in a bottle, it liked to fly and play, it liked to be put in a cage to sleep, and of course, liked to be held in the arms of Li Shinian——

However, that sword strike of Mu Dingyi was too fierce, too domineering.

Even though Snowball, a natural divine creature, had used its body to forcibly take on the impact, it was still wounded by the sword qi.

There was a wound on Snowball’s back, which blood was constantly flowing out from, as well as water elements.  

The water elements were condensing in the air and then dispersed. There was a growing number of water elements gathering together.

“Heavens, Li Muyang is not dead, he’s alive again——”

“What is that monster he’s riding on? Looks very terrifying——”  

“It looks like a wolf——but I had never heard of a giant wolf with blazing flames all over his body——”——

Everybody were discussing spiritedly.

And because of the imposing manner and power of the giant wolf, they dared not to speak too loudly, for fear of angering the fierce wolf. Everyone was very cautious and careful, aiming their eyes at the sky when they spoke. As soon as the sight of the giant wolf was aimed at them, they would immediately clamp their mouth shut.

“Li Muyang is not dead——” Song Chenxi excitedly shouted. The little maiden, with her hands clasped, exclaimed with joy, “Li Muyang is not dead, Li Muyang is alive and on the wolf.”

Song Tinyun’s face darkened. Nobody knew what he was thinking.  

Song Tao was staring at the giant wolf with a puzzled gaze. “What monster is that? Why would Li Muyang be riding on it? Could it be one of the ten fiercest beasts of the divine continent? But I have never heard of a beast that looks like this——”

“Li Muyang is alive.” The focus of Song Chenxi was only on Li Muyang.

“Muyang——” Lu Qingming looked up at the sky, where Li Muyang was, and shouted: “Muyang, are you okay?”

On the viewing platform, Lu Xingkong’s face was first crossed with astonishment, then instantly turned to relief, and there was undisguisable proudness.  

“This is my grandson.” Lu Xingkong mumbled to himself.  

“Li Muyang——” West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda’s face was twisted with shock. He turned to Lu Xingkong, asking: “Defense minister, what is the situation? Why is Li Muyang——able to return safely? What kind of mythological beast is he riding on?”

“Your Majesty, Old Minister does not know.” Lu Xingkong answered.

Prince Fu simply glanced at his son and Chu Xun understood the meaning of his father and said aloud: “That is the Wolf of the Red Moon, born in the continent of Feng Lin, and absorbs the brilliance of the red moon day and night to live. It is said that the Wolf King lives as long as the Red Moon. As long as the Red Moon exists, the Wolf King will live forever. It’s just that he’s been confined to the Fenglin continent all his life. It is impossible for him to survive without the light of the Red Moon as food. He’s going to die soon.”

After a pause, he continued: “I don’t know why it came here, let alone how Li Muyang was able to summon it out——”

The one who was the most shocked was Mu Dingyi.

Tens of thousands of sword united as one, beheading a genius in fury.

He had thought that, after that sword, the battle would be over.

No one could escape the power of that sword, even his son, in the face of that sword, would most likely be powerless.

However, Li Muyang had successfully dodged his attack.

He was still alive, reappearing before him.

To make it worse, he came back riding a giant wolf——

Although he was very old, he remembered very well that there was no giant wolf when Li Muyang just appeared. There was no giant wolf when Li Muyang was struck by the sword and disappeared without a trace. There was also no giant wolf in the sword pit that Li Muyang fell into——

So, the question was where did the ferocious-looking beast come from?

Li Muyang’s pupils were red, filled with blood, and were ferocious and murderous looking.

The grievances of many days, the thin line between life and death, had caused a complete outburst of hostility in Li Muyang’s heart.

He wanted to kill.

He wanted to take revenge.

He wanted to retaliate.

The people who wanted to kill him, he was going to kill them all.

Li Muyang fell into a state of hysterical madness.

Li Muyang was sitting astride the wolf, and because the Red Wolf’s body was blazing with flames, it looked like Li Muyang was also surrounded by many flames.

Crazy, fierce, and murderous.

Li Muyang’s piercing cold eyes glared at Mu Dingyi, hissing: “Old man, prepare to die.”

“Li Muyang, you dare to humiliate Old immortal of Still water——” One of the wild guests of Still water, Li Xiuwei, fumed, charging towards Li Muyang wielding a long sword.

He flew above Li Muyang’s head, swinging down his sword.

The Sever technique of Still water sword!


The huge Red Wolf jerked his head back and roared in the direction where Li Xiuwei was.

His voice contained an unimaginable burst of strong qi, which completely eliminated the invisible sword qi that was surging over.

Taking advantage of the fact that Li Xiuwei’s attack had failed, his body was still fluttering down, and it was too late for him to change to another move, Li Muyang clenched his fist and threw an upward punch.  

“Go die.”


A white lightning dragon pounced onto Li Xiuwei’s body, the dragon head charged all the way forward, slamming into Li Xiuwei’s chest.


Li Xiuwei let out a miserable shriek and was brought to the higher sky by the white dragon.


A loud noise resounded in the sky.

It was the explosion of the white lightning dragon’s body.

White qi was frantically dispersed, tearing Li Xiuwei’s body to shreds.

The wind did not stop and the snow did not rest.

However, blood dripped onto the spotless snow on the ground.

Someone reached out his hand and rubbed his face.

The palm was stained a dark red.




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