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457 – Rainstorm Sword!

Chapter 457: Rainstorm Sword!


One roar had broken the sword qi.

One punch had shattered the wild guest.

Everyone were staring with their mouth agape. Even the masters of Still water Sword school who wanted to charge over to assist were aghast.

It should be said that Li Xiuwei was one of the three great wild guests of Still water, a huge sign of Still water sword school, and one of the very small number of ‘teachers’ qualified to take in disciples.

According to the tradition of Still water sword school, it was only when a person’s swordsmanship reaches a certain realm that the Sword school gives them the special authority to take in disciples.  

Otherwise, poor swordsmanship would be handed down and the reputation of Still water sword school ruined.  

Li Xiuwei might not have the fame as great as the Father and son of the Gu clan, he was still an exceptionally strong cultivator of West Wind Kingdom, a powerful character that must not be bullied and humiliated in the city of Tiandu, where a large number of experts lived.

However, no one knew that Li Muyang could kill him with one punch.

That was too insulting, isn’t it?

You should have thrown out three to five punches to save his face——

What was that saying? Never create bad blood between you and anyone since you might eventually meet again.

Who would be willing to die in your hands when you did such a thing like that?

Two of the three wild guests of Still water had already died. Baili Changhe and Li Xiuwei both had died in the hands of Li Muyang.

The performance of Li Muyang was so astonishing that even the giant wolf was shocked.

When Li Xiuwei aimed the Sever technique of ‘Still water sword technique’ at Li Muyang’s body, the fire wolf had only hissed at him and that majestic sharp sword qi already disappeared without the slightest trace.

It was for this reason that Li Muyang was able to take advantage of the situation, and when Li Xiuwei could not re-issue a new sword attack in time, he punched out——

The cooperation between them was too well coordinated.

“Did you see it? Li Xiuwei was killed by Li Muyang’s punch——”

“Li Muyang is back, Li Xiuwei is dead——”

“That wolf is so powerful——what kind of monster is it?”

“Li Muyang, you killed someone of our sect, my Still water sword school will not let you live——” Elder Chengfeng roared, veins on his forehead bulging.  

Li Muyang swept a cold glance over at him, “So what?”



Wang Li, one of the three wild guests, drew his sword in a slashing stroke and roared at Li Muyang. “Li Muyang, you have killed Li Xiuwei and Baili Changhe. Do you want to kill I, Wang Li, too? I’d like to see if you can eliminate all three wild guests.”

“Then come on.”


“Wang Li, back off.” Mu Dingyi finally spoke out loud.  

His deep eyes were fixed on Li Muyang all this time, like a bystander, studying his changes with a thoughtful expression on his face.

If Li Muyang before was gentle, submissive, hypocritical and indignant when he first came onto the stage, then the present Li Muyang was dark, fierce and——arrogant.

Mu Dingyi could tell that, the present Li Muyang was filled with murderous spirit and saw other people as insignificant as weed, including Mu Dingyi.

He considered him unexcelled in the world and despised everything in the world.

He was like a wild beast that had gone crazy.

Emitting from his body was a very dangerous——beast aura.

“Why?” Mu Dingyi thought to himself.

“Why had Li Muyang undergone such a change?” Mu Dingyi could not solve this puzzlement. He had always felt that Li Muyang was a——monster hiding in the dense fog. Yes, compared to the fire wolf he was riding on, he gave a more mysterious and terrifying feeling.

Mu Dingyi stared at Li Muyang’s young face, thinking to himself: how old is he? What was I doing when I was his age?

“Have I reached the cultivation that he is now at that time?”

Definitely not.  

Mu Dingyi remembered very clearly that he belonged to the group of late bloomer. He had only reached enlightenment at middle age, when his swordsmanship greatly improved, then inherited the mantle of the Mu clan ‘Still water sword technique’, and became the Sword God of West Wind who everyone admired.

Li Muyang’s cultivation realm was not high, and there were many times that he felt his stamina was not enough. Moreover, he had always felt a sense of awkwardness when he made an attack, like——he was using a kind of cultivation technique or unique skill that he was not familiar with.

Also, how did he avoid the invincible sword qi of when his tens of thousands of sword united as one?

Li Muyang was able to withstand the sword technique that could sever even a mountain. Mu Dingyi could not understand this at all.

He believed that even that person of the Song family would not dare to forcibly receive that sword attack. Instead he would look for another method to counterattack or avoid it temporary. Otherwise, he would surely be wounded by the sword.

Also, the Red Wolf he’s riding on——how did he pull a wolf out from the sword pit?

The other people may not know about extraordinariness or the origin of the wolf, but Mu Dingyi was very familiar with it.  

The Wolf of the Red Moon, a legendary monster, was born in an unknown place, absorbed the moonlight of the red moon, possessed remarkable abilities. He had a life as long as the Red Moon.

This was a legendary mythological beast; however it had become the mount of Li Muyang.

The man who could drag the Wolf of the Red Moon out for him to ride on, if he was not a monster then what was he?

Still water Old immortal had spoken, even if Wang Li was full of reluctance, he had quietly moved to one side.

Besides, no one knew whether his ‘full of reluctance’ was pretending. After all, Li Muyang had just killed Li Xiuwei with one punch, and if he went up he may also be settled with one punch.

Mu Dingyi looked at Li Muyang, and said aloud: “I had always thought I saw through you, but now I realised that I had never looked at you closely.”

“If you had just killed me with that sword, you would have seen me through. Your sword didn’t kill me, so you found that you had not saw through me. What? Are you uncertain in your ability?”

“It’s just a matter of another sword.” Mu Dingyi said in a loud voice, looking calm and indifferent.

Although the way that Li Muyang reappeared on the stage this time was very showy, in his eyes, the final result was still to see who could defeat the opponent.

He believed that he had already predicted the peak of Li Muyang’s strength, for if he really were so strong he would not have been oppressed by him all alone and was almost severed into minced flesh.

In the process of this duel of life and death, no one would deliberately hide their strength. Besides, every thing that Li Muyang had done was earthshaking, suggesting that he was not a ‘low-key’ person.

“Come on.” Li Muyang’s eyes were blood-red, and every word he had uttered contained undisguised hatred. “This time, it’s my turn.”  

As Mu Dingyi waved his hand, the tens of thousands of steel swords hovering above his head began to swirl again.

Then turned faster and faster, and finally transformed into blue light and shadows.

Mu Dingyi stretched out his hand, allowing a shrunken golden sword to fall onto the palm of his hand.

While the tens of thousands of steel swords had already disappeared from the sky.

The golden sword was approximately a foot long, with a milky-white halo of light around it, like it was inlaid with precious gems.

Mu Dingyi, armed with a small golden sword, rapidly soared up into the sky.


In the sky, outside of the wilderness, there was a series of loud bang.

Across the mountainside of Mist Mountain, the crashing waterfall was gone and the deep lake had dried up completely.  

At the foot of Mist Mountain, a flock of water birds were swimming merrily in the river when they suddenly found it difficult to move. They looked down, realising that their bodies had fallen into sludge, and the river below had vanished.  

There were more rivers in the more distant areas whose water had similarly been completely drawn away.

Soon, streams of blue or white lake were seen pouring in from all directions, gathering above Mu Dingyi’s head.

Obtaining the water of tens of thousands of lakes with the spirit of tens of thousands of swords.

The Still water sword techniques utilised water as sword.  

Every body of water was a sword.  

Every drop of water was a sword.

Mu Dingyi had extracted all the water across Mist Mountain, only to create the strongest sword in his life.  

The real Still water sword technique——

Everybody had thought that the strongest move of ‘Still water sword technique’ was the ‘Swordless move’. It was formless and moveless, as well as containing the true will of the sword Dao.

It was similar to the Unintentional move of the Sword God Ximen Saoxue tens of thousands of years ago, unintentional and inadvertent. The sword was wielded casually and the sword was waved casually. It was the sword that the even the Lord of the Dragon clan found difficult to withstand, and was wounded and fled.

Of course, the ‘Still water sword technique’ originally had a lot of references to the methods of the Sword God, and after thousands of years of refining, a sect that was admired and respected by countless people was created.

Mu Dingyi failed to understand the ‘Swordless move’, but in his decades of cultivating in seclusion, he had perfected another move.

Rainstorm move!

It was not the tens of thousands of swords unite as one——but rather rain of swords bucketing down.

Whether it was one hundred swords or tens of thousands of swords.

It was a finite number, which after all could be withstood

But what if every streak of rain was a sword? What if every drop of rain was a sword?  

Who could be able to withstand it?

Mu Dingyi’s waved about the golden sword, like it was a flag that could call upon the spirits of water. Currents of water were drawn from the lakes of various places, converging toward the middle area and then merged into one.

The shadows in the sky grew larger and larger, it was as if the whole Mist mountain had been shrouded by a curtain of rain.

The rainstorm was like countless swords; the swords were like a rainstorm.

Before the swords had appeared, the sword qi could already wound.

The subordinates around Chu Xianda felt the danger, and someone shouted at the sky, “Mu Dingyi, what are you doing? Be careful that you frighten His Majesty and hurt his Majesty.”

Mu Dingyi did not say a word, nor did he have the intention to answer.

He naturally knew that if he allowed the rain of swords to fall, not many people on the Sword God Square and even Mist Mountain would survive.

All he had to do was allow the rain of swords to pour down on everybody’s head——

If Mu Dingyi swung down his golden sword Li Muyang’s head would be severed.


The heavy rain, like a spring, gushed in the direction of Li Muyang’s head.

Snowball, who was standing on Li Muyang’s shoulder, seemed to be tired of spitting bubbles that when it saw the majestic rain that had fallen, its face lit up with excitement.

It opened its small mouth and took a sip at the flood of water.


The currents that were like beasts, the surging swords that were like rain, were swallowed into its stomach in one mouthful.




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