Chapter 458: Snowball Exposed!


Perhaps Snowball felt that the taste was pretty good, after it had drank up all the water swords that came over piecing through the sky, it unexpectedly stretched out its little tongue and licked the corners of its mouth.




Snowball danced with joy, spitting out bubbles at Mu Dingyi, as though saying to him ‘this water is really good’, or ‘is there any more’?  

It was acting cute!

However, the other people present didn’t think so.

They stared at the cute little snowball, like they were looking at a monster. A monster that was more terrifying than the Wolf of the Red Moon.  

It should be said that although the Wolf of the Red Moon had dispersed all of Li Xiuwei’s sword qi with a roar, Li Xiuwei was still only Li Xiuwei, one of the three wild guests of Still water. The difference between his cultivation level and that of Old immortal of Still water was far too great.

Secondly, the Wolf of the Red Moon used essential yuan in his body to counter Li Xiuwei’s sword qi. He was like a man who knows how to break off a sword formation of a Sword master with the Buddhist lion roar, and the only difference was that the lion roar was instead a ‘wolf roar’.

But there was real essential qi in that roar. Moreover, the fact that one roar could dissipate the sword qi, proves that the essential yuan and qi inside the body of the Wolf of the Red Moon were far stronger and more profound than those of Li Xiuwei.

Snowball’s situation was different.

First of all, the opponent that Snowball was facing was Mu Dingyi, Old immortal of Still water, the former Sword God of West Wind, and the current West Wind Sword God’s——Father.

Secondly, Snowball did not use essential yuan or any qi, nor was there even a change in its aura or expression——

When Mu Dingyi directed the rain of thousands of swords, Snowball simply opened its mouth, and the rain of thousands swords were swallowed into its stomach, and it even belched in front of everyone.

This made Mu Dingyi feel even more embarrassed than Li Xiuwei, who was killed by Li Muyang with one punch——

“This move should not used be in a battle.” Mu Dingyi thought.  “

That scene was too shocking and simply too eye-catching.

After a brief silence, the crowd finally broke into spirited conversation.

“That puppy——what exactly is it? Why is it so strong?”

“It’s not a puppy, it’s a bunny——look, it’s clearly a bunny——”

“It could swallow Mu Dingyi’s sword formation in one gulp, what else could it not do?” ——

Chu Xianda was almost unable to control himself, pointing to Snowball who was on the shoulder of Li Muyang, he exclaimed: “Defense minister, what is that? What’s that? Why does it have such power?”

Lu Xingkong’s eyes glowed for a moment, before he forcibly suppressed the surprise and answered in a low voice: “Your Majesty, old minister, I, have seen it before running around my courtyard and it enjoyed playing with the children very much. I was very delighted to see it and asked Li Muyang about it. He said it doesn’t have a name, and he found it in Flower-language plain. He thought it was cute and brought it back. But I didn’t think it would possess such power——”  

After a pause, a smile tugged at the corners of Lu Xingkong’s mouth, as he said, “it seems that this creature has a good relationship with Muayng. It had appeared out of nowhere to help him at the critical moment. They must have a deep bond.”

Compared with the joy of Lu Xingkong, Cui Xichen was obviously a lot more gloomy.

His eyes were fixed unblinkingly on Snowball, “The treasures of Heaven and earth all have its spirit. But one that can devour all the sword intent of Old immortal——most likely only it has this ability? It is difficult for even the top fiercest beasts in the Divine continent to do so. What is this monster?”

No one answered his question.

Because no one else knew what monster it was.

Prince Fu swept a glance at his son Chu Xun, who shook his head in response and whispered, “Never seen it before, and never heard of it before.”

“Strange.” Prince Fu sighed.

That boy really was too unbelievable.

According to the set plot, this martial arts duel should have ended long ago.

Li Muyang severed by Mu Dingyi in one sword strike, the Still water sword school regained its prestige, and Mu Dingyi remained the Still water Old immortal in everybody’s eyes.

As for Li Muyang——who would care if the son of a servant was dead or alive?

However, no one thought that, until now, not only was Li Muyang not dead yet, he was alive and well——

Let alone the fact that he was still alive, he also brought out one legendary beast after another.

In truth, the fact that the Wolf of the Red Moon was used as a mount was already a huge shock to almost all the humans of the West Wind Kingdom. From the Emperor, to the ministers, to generals, who has had a more awe-inspiring mount?

What about the little pet that’s been looked down upon?  

“What a cute little rabbit.” On the Star observatory platform, Song Chenxi stared at Snowball who was on the shoulder of Li Muyang with sparkling eyes. “Once this battle is over, I’m going to find Li Muyang to borrow it. It’s so cute.”

“——” Song Tao and Song Tinyun both remained silent.

Mu Dingyi was also in disbelief.

The ‘Rainstorm sword move’ that he had always thought was invincible was effortlessly destroyed by a rabbit-like thing?  

He was not willing to accept it.

He raised the golden sword in his hand again and swung down.


Another huge hole began to emerge above Li Muyang’s head. It was like hanging waterfall, and then struck in the direction of Li Muyang.

Snowball lifted its head, like a child who was about to get candy.。

As the waterfall neared, and was about to fall, Snowball opened its mouth once again.


The tremendous waterfall was swallowed into its stomach.

The whole waterfall was swallowed into its stomach.

Mu Dingyi once again brought his golden sword up into the air, but this time it was not one waterfall, but countless waterfalls at the same time.

Snowball was overjoyed.  

No one had ever played with it like this.

Snowball felt that the grandpa was playing a game with it. Yes, it must be so.


Snowball barked a few times, then kicked its little feet on the shoulder of Li Muyang, and leapt up, voluntarily welcoming the dozens of waterfalls hanging in the sky.




It swallowed each one in a mouthful at a time. Every time it opened its mouth, there was a waterfall vanished from the sky.

As it devoured the last waterfall, there was simply a feeling of happiness that was about to explode.

It found itself in love with Mu Dingyi.

Snowball really like the old grandpa who played games with it.

Therefore, it flapped its four short legs, darting to where Mu Dingyi was.

It stood on Mu Dingyi’s shoulder, chirping incessantly at his face.

Mu Dingyi finally panicked.

There was also a sense of powerlessness.

“What is this?” Mu Dingyi thought in his heart. “I have clearly done my best, why was I not able to wound it in the slightest?”

“That’s it, isn’t it?” Mu Dingyi firmly clasped the golden sword in his hand and asked, looking at Li Muyang. The originally fluttering golden swords felt heavy to him, and there was a pressure that filled the sky——

“What are you trying to say?” Li Muyang raised his brows. When he just got on the stage, because of fear, fear of death, he did not want the fight to start immediately, and had desperately found ways to delay time. He thought that, maybe there would be a sudden turnaround and that the fight would be canceled—— “

Now it was the old guy’s turn to waste time. He was starting to feel fear, right?

“Are you afraid you’re going to lose? Or are you afraid you’re going to die?” Li Muyang smiled mockingly and coldly.

“It’s the one that helped you defeat Mu Yubai, isn’t it?” Mu Dingyi simply ignored the little pet on his shoulder, eyes staring at Li Muyang like blades. “It devoured my Rainstorm swords, and naturally could devour Mu Yubai’s sword qi. Mu Yubai was caught off guard and was defeated because of the coordination between you two——”  

“It is still a defeat.” Li Muyang raised his eyebrows and said, “These reasons you found——what does that have to do with your son Mu Yubai being defeated in my hands?”

“The Wolf of the Red Moon was devoured into its stomach. So, when you first came out onto the stage, we didn’t even know of the existence of the Wolf of the Red Moon. Since it can devour a waterfall, it can naturally devour a wolf——”

“Are you done? Can we get started?” Li Muyang was a little impatient. “Now it’s my turn to fight back.”

“Even the Red Moon Wolf King from the water illusion is extremely afraid of it, and was willing to be swallowed into its stomach——” Mu Dingyi still had his eyes fixed on Li Muyang, saying each word loud and clear. “So, it’s the legendary Heart of Weak water, is that right?”


A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples.

One sentence had awakened the confused people.  


Chu Xianda suddenly sprang up, staring at the cute little Snowball who was standing on Mu Dingyi’s shoulder, and asked with a trembling voice: “That is——the Heart of Weak water?”

“The Heart of Weak water?” Cui Xichen’s eyes flashed, murmuring, “It’s the Heart of Weak water——how would it be the Heart of Weak water?”

“Heart of Weak water, Li Muyang actually possesses the legendary Heart of Weak water——”——

Li Muyang turned to Snowball, feeling somewhat helpless.

He had originally put it into the essential yuan bottle and closed it well to ensure it doesn’t escape because he was worried about its identity being exposed.  

In the end, Mu Dingyi struck him into the sword pit, and the essential Yuan bottle was broken at that time. Snowball, not wanting to be put in the bottle again, darted out and acted cute——

Great, the Old Immortal had seen through its identity.  

The identity of Snowball was exposed. There were most likely countless people present who were after it, right?  

Who doesn’t want to put one of top three treasures listed in ‘Treasures and Weapons’ into their own pocket?

Li Muyang had tried several times, and finally couldn’t help laughing out loud. “Yes, it is the Heart of Weak water, it is Master Li Muyang’s Heart of Weak water——”




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