Chapter 459: White robe stained with blood!


Wealth and riches are not known to others, unlike dressing up in silk robes for a night walk.  

Li Muyang used to be a famous trash youngster in Jiangnan city. After he entered Starry Sky Academy to study, and was accepted as disciples of three famous Starry Sky teachers, what he looked forward to the most was the holidays. He would ask Senior brother to borrow a white crane and ride it back to Jiangnan city just like when Senior Brother Wuyou went to deliver his letter of acceptance.

“Wow, that is the Li family’s Li Muyang——”

“I heard that the child is very impressive now, who would have thought that he would have a day like this——”

“It’s good to have a son like Li Muyang, if only my child was half as good as him——”——

The compliments in public and the criticism in private were great contribution to the achievements that Li Muyang had now.

Of course, Gongzi Muyang naturally did not care about these underserved reputations, but his parents certainly cared, and Li Shinian certainly cared——

Wherever his father Li Yan and Mother Luo Qi went, the neighbours were incredibly respectful and courteous to them, and gave them a thumbs up for giving birth to a good son like Li Muyang.

Father Li Yan was a man of few words but he must have been delighted to hear thse compliments. Mother Luo Qi would clap her good son on the shoulder and say ‘what does my good son want to eat tonight, mum will make it for you’——

This was the little happiness that Li Muyang wanted.

Unfortunately, before his dream was accomplished, there was a series of changes in the family, and his parents and sister were taken to Tiandu by the Lu family.

Home was where his parents was.

Although Li Muyang was not very familiar with Tiandu, he needed to pretend to be awesome where his parents were.

However, Li Muyang not only needed to pretend to be awesome, also had to change his appearance and name.

Li Muyang could not bring glory to his parents, and if his identity was revealed it may also bring danger to them.

However, the situation gradually worsened, pushing him to a point of immediate danger.

Since his identity could not be concealed anymore, he thought that he might as well not hide it.

Through the defeat of the West Wind Sword God and the corpse of Baili Changhe, one of the three wild guests of Still water, he made a powerful announcement to Tiandu: I, Li Muyang, has returned. What can you do to Master, I?

Now, the Wolf King was spat out because of Snowball’s back injury, and Snowball darted out to act cute because the essential qi bottle it was trapped in had been broken.

Now, the identities of Wolf King and Snowball had both been exposed——

Thus he might as well announce it to the entire Divine continent.

Yes, the Wolf King is my mount.

Yes, the Heart of Weak water is my pet.

What can you do about it?

Aren’t you going to kill?

Aren’t you trying to take possession of the treasures? Then bring out all your killing moves and fight?

The Wolf King is mine, the Heart of weak water is mine, and my life is mine.

No matter who wants it, I won’t give them away.

It was just death!  

“Today’s limelight is all I, Li Muyang’s.”

Moreover, Li Muyang felt great to be able to call himself ‘Master’ in front of so many people.

What Still water Old immortal nonsense, what West Wind Sword God nonsense, he was just a scum who had lived for decades. Which of the things that he had done made him worthy of being called Old immortal?  Which one of the things that he had done had the manners of a Sword God?

Li Muyang wanted to tear off the old scum’s hypocrisy and fake appearance to let the people of Tiandu know that this person was just a bit older and had a little more superior swordsmanship——in fact, he was no different to the hooligans on the streets.



You want to kill me, don’t you?

Even if I didn’t say these, you would still want to kill me anyway——Since you made me unhappy, I naturally want to make you even more unhappy.

Snowball was not a good ball, when it heard Li Muyang mentioned the name ‘Heart of Weak water’, it danced about on the shoulders of Mu Dingyi, producing ‘pff’, ‘pff’, ‘pfff’ and spiting bubbles, as though saying I am proud——

The Heart of Weak water, ranked third in the divine continent’s ‘treasure and weapon list’, was a divine weapon that people only knew about but did not know what it looked like.

If it were not recorded on the ‘Treasure and weapon list’, the world would not have known that it existed. Even so, some people still think that the three divine weapons ranked in the top three of the ‘Treasure and weapon list’ were made up, were baseless items that the author had added to the book in order to become famous.  

Now, the Heart of Weak water was before their eyes?

That——the little ball that was acting cute?

“The Heart of Weak water——” On the viewing platform, handsome youngster Song Tinyun exclaimed with a surprised look, “I understand, I understand——”

“Song Tinyun, what do you understand?” Song Tao asked.  “

“The illusion of water.” Song Tinyun’s eyes were red with excitement. “The formation eye of the water illusion is in Starry Sky Academy. It is also the reason why the Starry Sky Academy has been sending students into the illusion. They say that it is for training or treasure hunting, but is in fact, to let students go in to find the Heart of Weak water——”

“The Heart of Weak water was in the illusion, therefore it was called Water illusion. Li Muyang took away the Heart of Weak water, leading to the collapse of the illusion, and the water illusion disappeared as a result. The formation eye located in the Water moon heavenly cave of the Academy also was permanently closed——”

“I see, I see——at that time everyone thought that Li Muyang died in the illusion, but did not know that the collapse of the illusion was because of the fact that Li Muyang took away the Heart of Weak water. The Starry Sky students who failed to leave the illusion had actually died in the hands of Li Muyang——”

Song Tao knitted his brows in a frown, “Tinyun, be careful with your words. This kind of thing needs evidence.”

“What evidence do you want?” Song Tinyun responded with a question. “Most of the students at Starry Sky Academy come from a remarkable background. If their friends and relatives knew that they had died in the hands of Li Muyang, do you think they would spare Li Muyang?”

“Seventh Elder brother——” Song Chenxi turned to face Song Tinyun, asking softly: “If you had the opportunity to take away the Heart of weak water, then will you not take it away?”


Song Tinyun felt that his precious little sister was becoming more and more unlovable.

The shock brought about by the appearance of the Heart of Weak water was astonishing and lasting.

Even Chu Xianda, who had always kept the composure of an Emperor, could not sit still. He leaned on the railing and shouted to Li Muyang over the Sword Square, “Li Muyang, bring the Heart of the Weak water over to me to see, you must not lose——”

Cui Xichen looked at Snowball with a scorching gaze, palms gently trembling with an uncontrollable urge to rush up there.

However, his outstanding cultivation allowed him to remain calm, and his intelligence told him that this was not the best time to do act——”

The Heart of the Weak water was something that everyone wanted to see and take possession of.

From today, there was most likely going to be another rain of blood in the Divine continent.

Lu Xingkong was both shocked and overjoyed. He thought that Li Muyang only had the Red Moon Wolf King, but did not know even such a heaven-defying divine weapon like the Heart of weak water was in his hand——

Last time, Li Muyang’s victory against the West Wind sword God, Mu Yubai, had already caught his attention, and he specially summoned Hong Xiu to carefully ask about the battle process. Hong Xiu only said that Li Muyang suddenly unleashed a killing move, but did not mention what role this Snowball had played in that battle.

After that, the expression in Lu Xingkong’s eyes grew concerned.

He gazed at Li Muyang in the sky, thinking to himself: silly child, a person’s wealth will arouse the envy of others, how could this object be presented in front of the world?

Even his greed was aroused, how would other people not want to take possession of it?

Lu Xingkong swept a glance over Cui Xichen, and softly said to West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda: “Your Majesty, Li Muyang is now on the battlefield. If Your Majesty can persuade Old immortal to stop this battle, then Li Muyang can bring the Heart of the Weak water over for Your Majesty to see——just that Old Immortal may not agree to it?”  

Chu Xianda widened his mouth and was about to shout out, but at the thought of Mu Dingyi’s unyielding attitude before, his face darkened.  

He looked at Lu Xingkong and said aloud, “Defense minister is right, when the battle is over tell Lu Muyang to bring it to me to have a look at it. Such a divine object, no matter what, must protect it and not lose it. It would be best if it stays in my West Wind Kingdom——You persuade Li Muyang later on to stay in the West Wind Kingdom no matter what.”

“Yes, Your majesty.” Lu Xingkong bowed.

Chu Xianda let out a sigh and said, “When you have finished, take him to the palace to see me. I also have a few words to say to him. Such a talented younger had emerged from my Kingdom, he should be treated well and serve the country. My heart would hurt if I were to lose such a talent.”

“Your Majesty is right.” Lu Xingkong answered. “Old minister will try my best.”

Cui Xichen remained calm and indifferent, as though did not hear the conversation between Emperor Chu Xianda and old rival Lu Xingkong.

A wave of colour flushed Prince Fu’s cheeks, as he reached out and patted the red-mouthed parrot standing on his arm. The red-mouthed parrot immediately soared and sprang into the distant sky.

“Father——” said Chu Xun in a low voice.  

Prince Fu reached out to stop him: “Wait and see.”

“Yes, father.” Chu Xun wanted to say something but then hesitated.

“That Li Muyang——” Prince Fu had a regretful look across his face, “It is a pity.”

Chu Xun did not utter a word, but the corners of the mouth were curved upwards in a cruel smile.

“Is it a pity?” Chu Xun coldly said in his heart. “It will eventually make the whole Divine continent shocked, and then crazy——”

“Pfff——” Snowball spat another bubble into Mu Dingyi’s face.

Mu Dingyi was expressionless, indifferent to everything.

Even if Li Muyang had admitted in front of everybody that the little Snowball was the legendary Heart of Weak water, he still did not glance at the little Snowball. He completely ignored its presence.

His attitude was calm and his body was relaxed.

However, he was relaxed outwardly and tensed inwardly. The outward laxity was to not display any flaw. The inward tenseness was being ‘on guard’ and also ‘counterattack’.

The little Snowball was nearby, and it was possible that it may find a chance to attack if he was careless.

His son Mu Yubai must have underestimated the enemy, allowed Snowball to come near him without knowing how terrifying it was——

So, he was not going to give that little ball any opportunity.  

Firmly gripping the Golden sword, Mu Dingyi, looked at Li Muyang, saying: “The Wolf King of the Red Moon, the Heart of Weak water, any one of the two can make one move unhindered across the Divine continent——what heaven-defying luck do you have to be able to both of them? I have to say, you really are a different kind of man. Also a young man who makes one envious.”

“Are you admitting defeat?” Li Muyang’s voice was icy cold, “I don’t accept it.”

“Cultivation and breaking into the next realm, a martial artist sought nothing more than the strongest power. To have the opportunity to experience stronger power was extremely beneficial for every cultivator. If one were to gain knowledge of the correct path in the morning, one would be able to die at sunset. Without such an obsessive and courageous spirit, how could one obtain that the greatest power? How could it be possible to break into the Dragon slayer realm and become the most supreme of the Divine continent?” “

Mu Dingyi raised the little sword in his hand and bellowed to Li Muyang, “Come, use your strongest power——”

Li Muyang looked at Mu Dingyi, and said in a sincere tone of voice: “I have to say that I admire your courage. But I still have to say that you are a shameless old rogue——””

Li Muyang patted Wolf King on the head. Wolf King was already getting impatient, as soon as he received the instruction, immediately opened his mouth and charged toward Mu Dingyi. 。


He hissed at Mu Dingyi. 。

A powerful shock wave spread out towards Mu Dingyi.

At the same time, the Wolf King’s body rapidly rose. His colossal body suddenly stood up, brandishing his sharp claws and pounced toward Mu Dingyi’s head.


The purple fire blazed and the flames soared.

Ahead was the powerful qi of the wolf’s roar and above were the flames of the sharp claws.

Moreover, Li Muyang also made a move all of a sudden.

His body disappeared where he was and suddenly reappeared behind Mu Dingyi.


He punched out.

Frighten Dragon fist!

A white lightning dragon roared, aiming into Mu Dingyi’s chest.

Attacks from three sides!

Mu Dingyi’s pupils turned blue, as he brought his golden sword up in a slash.


A body of blue water appeared in the sky.

Mu Dingyi’s body penetrated into the body of water, disappearing in an instant.


Wolf King hissing strength, Wolf King patted the Claws, as well as Li Muyang came out of the Frighten Dragon Fist, three strands of powerful gas collide together.


Space seemed to have been distorted and torn.

There were mottled and ugly cracks across the sky.

Spread out and scattered about like stars in the sky.


The crack was still spreading to the distance.

It was as though trying to blow up that part of the sky.

The waves of explosion ceased, and the cracks came to a still.

It was only then when the crowd discovered something: Mu Dingyi had disappeared.

Still water Old immortal Mu Dingyi, under the cooperative joint attack of Li Muyang and the Wolf King, had unexpectedly escaped and disappeared.

On the Sword God square, where even the drop of a needle could be heard, everyone were waiting with bated breath.

Everyone was dumbstruck by the scene just now.

The guardian of Tiandu, the Old immortal who was never be defeated and would not die——had fled from Li Muyang?  

“Where’s Old immortal? Where did Old immortal go?”

“Old immortal is not dead is he?”

“No way, that’s absolutely impossible——”

However, Mu Dingyi still did not appear after a long while.

Above the sky.

The Wolf King was majestic and awe-inspiring, his red fur fluttering in the cold wind like blazing flames.

Li Muyang’s white robe——was torn and ragged, but he was still as elegant as before. The wounds and scars across his body only made him appear more aloof and cold, like a jade-faced God of war.

The cooperation between him and the wolf was too well coordinated, that even a peerless master like Mu Dingyi, in the face of attacks from all three sides, also felt powerless to counterattack.

What he could do was simply cut through the space and find a place for temporary shelter.


In the sky above the viewing platform, there was once again a body of water.

That pool did not seem particularly stable, changing in size constantly and faintly visible.

Abruptly, a white figure fell from the pool.

White robed, white hair, and bare feet; it was Old immortal of Still water, Mu Dingyi.

Mu Dingyi’s body fell onto the square, staggered forward a few steps, before he abruptly recovered himself and stood upright.


A mouthful of blood spouted out and landed on the spotless white robe.

The white robe was stained with blood, like plum blossoms falling onto snow.

“Old Immortal——”

The hundreds of elites of Still water sword school darted up from the ground, drawing their swords, and tried to rush out to save Old immortal.

“Stop.” Elder Chengfeng bellowed, “Stop what you’re doing.”

“Old Immortal——” A look of shocked disbelief crossed Chu Xianda’s face. His gaze hovered between Mu Dingyu and Li Muyang in the sky, with an extremely complex expression.

He turned to glance at Lu Xingkong, but saw that Lu Xingkong was calm and composed, he then sat back on the stone chair.

Mu Dingyi was unexpectedly wounded.

He was beaten to the point of spurting out blood.

The scene had simply overturned everyone’s perception. It was unthinkable that this duel would progress to this.

As Mu Dingyi lifted his head, his eyes became more and more complex and deep.

He had clearly escaped, cut open a space with unmatched sword intent, and then hid in a corner of space, in order to avoid the joint attack of Li Muyang and the Wolf of the Red Moon.

What he didn’t expect was that Li Muyang’s punch was too fast and too powerful——

Just as he entered the space, and before the body of water had yet to completely disappear, he was impacted by the waves of qi created by the three powers.

He was unable to budge an inch in the water and had no choice but to forcefully take on the heavy blow.

It was for this reason that he was trapped in the body of water for so long before he could break out. If it had not been for his profound and powerful cultivation base, he most likely would have been trapped in the body of water forever.

In was the first time in decades that Mu Dingyi began to consider the word ‘death’.

Perhaps, he thought, he may die in battle.




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