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460 – Formation of aroma soar to the sky!

Chapter 460: Formation of aroma soar to the sky!


Outside the capital city Tiandu, the Song family’s old mansion.

Song Gudu was lying on stone bed, without saying a single word and without breathing for several days. He was motionless. Had he not kept his eyes open, it would have looked like that he was dead.

Suddenly, a strong aroma wafted up his nose.

Song Gudu jolted, and vigorously drew a deep sniff. That aroma was even more intense and distinct.

It was not a hallucination!


Song Gudu abruptly leapt out of bed, looking out with astonishment at the trees in the courtyard.

In a world of ice and snow, the plum blossoms that Song Gudu had hand-planted were blooming with abundance.

The patches of red, like the red lips of a beautiful woman, were alluring and dazzling.

The red flowers were so densely clustered that it was as though the branches of the trees were covered up with beautiful fairies.

Because the flowers were too red, the whole courtyard was shrouded in a red halo.

In a world of snow the red flowers were infinitely bright.

All this was wrapped in that red light, which looked bizarre and extremely illusory. It was as though the little courtyard had entered a mysterious space.

Moreover, the fragrance was too strong, more intense than the most famous ‘fragrant man’ in the West Wind Kingdom.

The aroma of plum blossoms filled the little courtyard and then spread to the old mansion.

In the sky there were red flowers dancing and aroma billowing like a dragon.

The tumbling red flowers and the condensed aroma had fused into one, sprinkling the fragrance across the courtyard and toward the capital city in the distance.

Formation of aroma soaring to the sky!

The old housekeeper of the old mansion lifted his head to look at the long line of red across the sky, his eyes welled up and then he ‘plopped’ to the ground.

Behind him were more servants of the old mansion kneeling down.

At the city walls of Tiandu, the soldiers guarding the city looked up at the long formation line of flowers, and were so stunned that they were speechless. They found that there was as though something stuck in their throat. Their faces turned red and their breathing was laboured.

On the street, people who were busy doing business or walking, upon smelling the rich plum blossom aroma, looked up one after another.

Their expression was one of panic, emotional, and madness.

The fragrance of flowers pervaded the city of Tiandu. The rain of flowers filled the sky.

The long line of flowers scattered and turned into a massive rain, sprinkling across the capital.

“It’s raining, it’s raining flowers——”

“What beautiful flowers, it’s a miracle from the heaven——”

“It’s amazing, there is a Saint descending onto West wind——”

The long formation line of flowers was still sweeping across and spreading further into the distance, and it was in this way that they announce to the world:

Song Gudu had stepped past the Starry sky, leaped into the Astral projection realm————

There was a fishy sweetness in his throat; it was the taste of blood.  


Mu Dingyi was no stranger to this taste, when he was young he had tasted it countless times. It was only after he had a deep mastery of swordsmanship that he began to make others taste it. Once he was known as the ‘Sword God of West Wind’, or ‘Old immortal’, he had never again felt what it was like to bleed. Of course, he also rarely made others taste what blood is.

Among the vast Divine continent there were very few people who were worth him doing such a thing to them.

Powerful qi surged within his body, striking the severely damaged acupoints of the meridians.

He was well aware that the shock wave of the previous three-sided attack had a very huge impact on him. Especially when his body had entered that space, he found it difficult to withstand effectively.

Mu Dingyi fumbled out a white handkerchief from his pocket, carefully wiping the bloodstains at the corners of his mouth.

Seeing the spots of red blood on the robe, there was a sense of powerlessness.

He waved his hand at the disciples of the Still water sword school, motioning them not to come up and help.

Then, with a calm faced he looked at Li Muyang, “in that case, let me witness your true——strongest power.”  

Li Muyang coldly smiled, “As you wish.”

As he was speaking, he had already stepped onto the top of the Red Wolf, and kicking his feet, the Red Wolf’s huge body charged towards where Mu Dingyi stood.

It was as though he was going to use his strong physique to knock Mu Dingyu to pieces.


Flames were blazing, red fur fluttering, at this moment the Wolf of the Red Moon looked incomparably majestic, blood boiling.

The Wolf King sped headlong to the position where Mu Dingyu was.


The wolf’s head hit the ground hard, and a huge fire pit broke out on the ground.

The lapis slab stone was smashed into pieces, and the giant pit was surrounded with crackling sparks.

What about Mu Dingyi?

Everyone watched with bated breath, staring at the increasingly fierce battle before them.

If the Wolf King’s attack had struck, then Old immortal of Still water would have turned to——old cured meat of Still water, right?

“Old Immortal won’t be killed, would he?”

Li Muyang felt danger.

As the Wolf King’s body was about to slam into the ground, he stood on his tiptoes, soaring into the air.

His body flipped around in a beautiful butterfly form, before he slammed out a punch into the air.


A towering mountain stood up in front of him, shooting up into the sky.

Mountain shaking fist!

The punch did not have the destructive power of the Frighten Dragon Fist, but the scope of the attack was larger, as well as having a defensive effect.


A white-robed figure appeared in the sky.

Firmly clasping the golden sword, Mu Dingyi leapt up high and brought the sword down at Li Muyang.


The blue brilliance flashed, bringing an aura of death.

The blue sword qi collided with the Li Muyang’s white fist qi. The sword intent had cleanly and effortlessly split the tremendous mountain like cutting tofu with a knife.

Then brilliance flashed again, as the sword qi of the blue sword suddenly sped up, continuing in the direction of Li Muyang.


Li Muyang successfully evaded with the exquisite bodywork of ‘The Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain’, but the Wolf King’s butt fell in the field of the tremendous sword attack.


Wolf King’s swiftly reacted, and with a hiss, his two front paws pounded down with full strength.


A lapis lazuli stone block that was as tall as a man was bounced up by the force, crashing towards the blue sword qi.


The moment the stone had severed the blue sword qi in half, Wolf King also got a chance to take a breath. He slammed his four claws, blazing flames raged, and his huge body soared into the air.


After the blue sword qi had shattered the stone, the momentum of the sword was still fierce as before, and heavily stuck the huge pit.

In the end, the huge pit that the Wolf King had created with a head slam was split into two parts, gravel splattering in all directions.

The sword of the Sword God was indeed unstoppable.

He had just issued a sword strike, yet had split Li Muyang’s Mountain shaking first, the giant lapis stone block that the Wolf King threw out, and finally divided the huge pit into two halves.

Mu Dingyi’s sword failed to achieve the desired result, but it did not stop there.

After he unleashed that sword attack, his body continuously flashed and maneuvered in the air, then quickly made another nine sword strikes.

Nine divide by nine becomes one!

Nine swords and nine blue sword qi formed a large blue net, which tightly shrouded the body of Li Muyang.

Whether Li Muyang moved forward or retreat, whether he flies to the sky or penetrate into the ground, it was difficult for him to escape the nine swords or withstand the nine swords.

‘The formation of nine divide by nine becomes one’!

Li Muyang pinched his fingers into a hand seal, chanting to himself.


A golden Buddha appeared out of nowhere in the sky.

‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’!

The golden Luohan, wielding a subdue demon pestle, slammed down into the ‘The sword formation of nine divide by nine becomes one’, which consisted of nine blue sword qi.


That sword formation unexpectedly had a strong counterattack force, deflecting the subdue demon pestle.

Enraged, the golden Luohan swung the radiant subdue demon pestle into the air and struck the second time, the third time——


The great formation finally shattered, splashing all over the place as blue sword rain.

Someone exclaimed on the viewing platform.

“‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’, he actually used my Buddhism’s ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’——”

“Li Muyang did not lie, it seems that he is indeed a disciple of Starry Sky Academy’s Kong Li. Only a talented person like Kong Li who is valued by the Buddhism sect is qualified to give away the ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ as a present——”

“Even Old immortal’s ‘Sword formation of nine divide by nine becomes one’ had been destroyed. This secret Buddhist technique indeed lives up to its name, it is indeed the best sect in the Divine continent——”

While the golden Luohan attacked the sword formation, Li Muyang took advantage of the situation, and speeded up to the peak, reappeared behind Mu Dingyi with the exquisite footwork of the ‘The Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain’ in a flash, and aimed a punch at his back.

At the same time, the golden Luohan, who had shattered the sword formation, did not disappear, instead, under the control of Li Muyang’s incantation and hand seals, made another attack at Mu Dingyi.

A simultaneous frontal and rear attack!

No, the Wolf King was a vengeful fellow. Moments before, Mu Dingyi’s sword had almost killed him. He hated Mu Dingyi——this behaviour was in a way similar to how Mu Dingyi resented Li Muyang for defeating his son Mu Yubau.

They were all animals anyway.

The Wolf King hissed, charged down from the left side, raised his blazing claws and aimed for Mu Dingyi’s head.

Snowball did not stay still either.  

As though incredibly fond of Mu Dingyi, Snowball had been standing on the shoulders of Mu Dingyi all this time. As Mu Dingyi entered into the space, it also followed him. As Mu Dingyi soared into the sky, it also followed him. As Mu Dingyi landed, it also followed him.

When Mu Dingyi was wounded and spurted out blood, it also followed him and blew out bubbles.




It had to be said that this foolish behaviour of Snowball had really brought great distress and had substantial effect on Mu Dingyi.

While he was fighting against Li Muyang and the Wolf King, he was always on the lookout for Snowball, that simple looking but extremely evil dog, in case it suddenly launches a deadly attack at him——

However, he was not able to get rid of it.

Because the Heart of Weak water was an energy body. As long as it wanted to stick to a person, the average person would not be able to escape at all.

One man, one Luohan, one wolf and one Snowball.

A four-sided attack!  

Mu Dingyi felt immense pressure.




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