Chapter 461: ‘Hundred ghosts doppelganger’!


Li Muyang had surrounded Mu Dingyi with a big Buddha, a wolf, and a dog. It did look a bit shameless, but no one had said that he was not allowed to bring pets onto the battlefield.

If Mu Dingyi wanted to he also could find a few comparable pet assistants.

That’s only if he could find one.

It was four-sided attack.

His life was at danger.

Everyone could see that Old immortal of Still water was in a very critical situation.

It was only with a mind as peaceful as still water that one’s sword could flow like water.

Even at this moment, Mu Dingyi remained calm and indifferent, and not in any way affected by the dangerous situation of the outside world.

His body vanished where he was, and then miraculously appeared behind the man, Buddha, wolf, and dog, launching a sword strike at each of their back.

Hundred ghosts doppelganger!

One turned into four, respectively taking on one of the four opponents.


As he brought down his sword in a slash, the golden Buddha was shattered to pieces, releasing a golden brilliance before disappearing into the sky.


A handful of red hair was cut off at the red moon wolf’s butt, and at the same time destroying a large patch of blazing flames.


Li Muyang’s clothes were torn once again, but fortunately the Dragon clan’s ‘The Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain’ was hard to fathom and the trajectory was different from that of ordinary people. Otherwise, he would have been split into two halves.


Snowball looked the most frightened, chirping constantly with a tense look that was as though saying ‘I’m going to die, I’m going to die’. But it evaded the attacks very effortlessly and swiftly. At the same time that its four small fat feet were paddling in confusion, it suddenly turned to blow out a bubble at Mu Dingyi.


A powerful water sword shot towards Mu Dingyi’s body.  


The water sword pierced right through, shattering the illusory clones into fragments, and instantly disappeared in midair.

Once Mu Dingyi had repeatedly made four sword strikes, he had removed himself from the previous danger.

There were increasingly more clones, one turned to four, and from four to one hundred.

In a flash, there were hundreds of Mu Dingyi’s in the sky.

Each figure was armed with a giant sword, thrusting towards the wolf and dog who were under Li Muyang’s command.

The hundreds of clones were uniform, imposing and loud. Each sword made people feel that there was no chance of surviving, full of a fierce murderous spirit.

This time, it was Li Muyang’s turn to feel danger.

He could not find the true body of Mu Dingyi because every one of them could be the real one.

He could smash one Mu Dingyi, smash ten Mu Dingyi, but there were dozens and hundreds of Mu Dingyi, how could he defend against them all?

Even if he killed one Mu Dingyi, there were still tens and hundreds of Mu Dingyi.

But if he were struck by one of the hundreds of Mu Dingyi, he would most likely die——

“Hundred ghosts doppelganger, every time a ghost soul is shattered it will disperse into another 10, the more you kill, the more there are——”

“The West Wind Sword God is really impressive. This is the depths and foundations of the Sword God Family——”

“Although Li Muyang is a peerless genius, it is still not easy to defeat the peerless master who has already made a name for himself hundred years ago, right?”

Li Muyang knew about the exceptional power of the Hundred ghosts doppelganger. From the beginning when Mu Dingyi split himself into many clones, he was already aware of the name and origin of the secret technique.

After all, all the moves that were remembered by the Black dragon were not easy to deal with.  

Most importantly, during the ‘Battle of the dragon massacre’, there were also peerless cultivators using the Hundred ghosts doppelganger technique to massacre the Dragon clan. One body split into hundred clones and tightly surrounded a giant dragon, raising and slashing the sword simultaneously. Such a method of attack indeed caused great harm to the dragons.

Dragons were protected by dragon scales, thus it was incredibly difficult for ordinary attacks to wound their physical body.

However, if hundreds of people raised their sword at the same time, it was possible for them to strike the critical core parts of the dragon’s body, causing unignorable harm to a dragon.

It was also for this reason, that the black dragon knew how to counter the Art of the Hundred ghosts doppelganger.

“Wolf King.” Li Muyang yelled.  

The Wolf of the Red Moon immediately rushed towards Li Muyang upon hearing the call.

Li Muyang’s feet landed on the back of the Wolf King, and Snowball also landed on the shoulders of Li Muyang.

“Charge.” Li Muyang roared. “Toward the center of the formation eye.”


The Wolf King listened to the order, and with one man and one dog on his back he charged towards the wall of illusions composed of hundreds of Mu Dingyi.

The location of their attack was the central part of the wall, also where the majority of the giant swords gathered.


The Wolf King lifted his tremendous wolf claw and slammed at the human wall in front.


Snowball opened its small mouth, puffed up its cheeks, and shot a blue arrow into the wall.

Standing on the back of the Wolf King, Li Muyang’s robe billowed and fluttered out behind him, long hair danced in the breeze, as he made more than 10 successive punches into the wall.

‘The Art of Breaking body’!

‘The Art of Breaking body’ to break the formation.

Several streams of qi, red white and blue, converged in an attack.


An earth-shattering noise resounded, sending the whole sword square rumbling and quaking. Countless people covered their ears in an attempt to prevent the possibility of it piercing the eardrum.


There was only a circle of golden light seen blooming in the sky, as if the sun had all of a sudden exploded before their eyes.

Shining with boundless radiance, everyone couldn’t open their eyes.

The wind did not stop and the snow did not rest.

There was still a thunderous rumble in the air and the strong smell of the air being scorched.

After a good while, once the brilliance had completely scattered, the noise had disappeared, there was finally someone opening their eyes.

Then, one after another, all eyes shifted to the sky——

“What just happened?”

“What? Is anyone dead?”

“Who won? Where are they? Where’s Old immortal? Where’s Li Muyang?”

There were still traces of the explosions across the sky. The colourful exploding clouds had lit up the dim sky, and it looked as though a mischievous child had wiped paint all over a canvas.

Li Muyang was gone.

Snowball was gone, and the Wolf King was gone.

Even Mu Dingyi had disappeared.

It was as though everyone had burst into foam in the big explosion just now, there was only a cloud of dust and smoke remain.

A beautiful girl on the upstairs of the Star gazing platform clapped her hands over her mouth, exclaiming: “Li Muyang won’t?”

The West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda also could not sit still, turned to look at Lu Xingkong and said: “Defense minister, what does this mean? What does this mean? Where are they? Where have they all gone? Where did Old immortal go? And Li Muyang——the Heart of the Weak water cannot be lost?”  

Lu Xingkong’s face was still as water but was feeling extremely uneasy.

‘Hundred ghosts doppelganger’, although had the word ‘ghost’ in its name, but nevertheless was an extremely domineering demonic martial arts technique. Once used, the Hundred ghosts would fill the sky with extremely strong power. And the more wild ghosts one kills, the more doppelgangers there are——

Most importantly, there was no formation eye in the Hundred ghosts doppelganger, because every clone was a single individual.

This was a move that one could only master when one’s essence, qi, and spirit had reached the peak, and then fused with an invincible sword move.

Mu Yubai could not use this move but Mu Dingyi was able to.

Li Muyang had forcibly charged into the Hundred ghosts, then it was followed by the big explosion——

Even the audience could not see clearly what had happned in there.  

“Your Majesty, please be patient. They are bound to be fine.” Lu Xingkong said.

Lu Qingming could not wait anymore, fists were crackling and booming as his eyes were fixed firmly on the sky, at the direction of where Li Muyang had disappeared.

“The ancestor of the Lu family please bless and protect Li Muyang——”


A blue pool emerged in the sky.

“Old Immortal is coming out——” Someone exclaimed out loud.


The first to squeeze out the pool was ‘the Heart of Weak water’ who was known as Snowball.


Then it was followed by the Wolf King, who was burning with flames all over, and looked to be badly wounded. His flame light had weakened, he had lost a lot of fur, and there were a few very deep wounds on his back.

Although the Wolf King was an element body, but when a sword qi was too powerful it could also leave a very deep wound on the Wolf King’s body.

After the wolf and dog had come out, there was no more movement within the blue pool.

Moreover, the pool was getting smaller, constantly shaking, and looked like was going to disappear soon.

“Li Muyang——” Someone on the Star gazing platform shouted out loud.

As though trying to summon Li Muyang out with their voice.

“Li Muyang——”

“Li Muyang——”

“Li Muyang——”

After the initial shock, the audience all shouted out with a sweet voice.

The name ‘Li Muyang’ echoed across the Mist Mountain and the Sword God Square.

Once again, the blue pool began to twist fiercely, and then a white figure fell out of the icy cold pool.


His body slammed heavily to the ground, like a dead pig had been dropped from the air.

Someone exclaimed out loud: “That’s——Old immortal——”




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