Chapter 462: Break the blue dome of heaven!


No one had expected the man to fall out of the blue pool this time to be Mu Dingyi.

And it was in such a ‘humiliating’ way.

Mu Dingyi was the Old Sword God of West wind, the Old immortal of Still water.  

This time he was not floating high in midair? He was not standing in front of everyone in a white robe untainted by a speck of dust?

“What happened just now?”

The crowd could not help asking.

Moreover, Old immortal had come out from the blue pool, then what about Li Muyang?

The blue pool shook more and more fiercely, and the hole was getting smaller and fainter. It seemed that this space was about to disappear.


The water waves rippled, and Li Muyang, clad in white, drilled out of the ice-cold pool.

As his body was about to stagger to the ground, the Wolf King promptly rushed over and put him onto his back.

Li Muyang’s body softly leaned on the back of the wolf, casting a glance at Mu Dingyi who was lying on the ground.

It had to be said that the attack just now was just too dangerous.

As Li Muyang was charging toward the center of the sword formation riding on the Wolf King with Snowball, administering a three sided attack, the sword formation was on the verge of collapse. It fused with the invincible sword qi contained inside, then collided and exploded.

As soon as Mu Dingyi sensed the danger, he immediately cut out a separate space with his sword, and then drilled through the water mirror.

All he had to do was pass this tribulation, and when he got out, he could kill Li Muyang.

However, what he did not expect was that, just as his body had just entered the field, Li Muyang also rushed in.

Since Li Muyang had come in, then the Wolf King and Snowball naturally wanted to find ways to come in.

Since Mu Dingyi failed to block Li Muyang, he naturally could not stop the pure element bodies of Wolf King and Snowball——

Thus, in that narrow space, Li Muyang, a wolf and a dog ended up in a tragic brawl.

What was worse was that, because the water field space was too small, Mu Dingyi could not escape not evade, and had to forcibly take on the attacks.

The most deadly thing was that he needed to separate out a wisp of divine thought to protect the space from breaking.

If the space were to explode, then all the people inside would be crushed into dust——

As to what would happen to the wolf and the dog, it was unknown.

In other words, with no courage to die with Li Muyang, and unwilling to lose this battle, Mu Dingyi ended in a quite miserable state.   

“Old Immortal, what’s wrong with him?” West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda asked.

Prince Fu stood up and said to Chu Xianda, “Your Majesty, it seems that Li Muyang is going to win because of this——how about we put a stop to this battle now?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, Old immortal had fallen to the ground with serious injuries, his life may be in danger——if Old Immortal died in a battle within the Kingdom, then our country would lose a great pillar——” Cui Xichen also persuaded.  

“You’re right——” Chu Xianda looked at Lu Xingkong, asking: “Defense minister, what do you think”

“Your Majesty, let’s just wait and see.” Li Muyang is still high on the back of the Wolf, Old immortal——may still have the power to fight again. Let’s wait until we determine the physical condition of Old immortal, then decide on the next step.” Lu Xingkong explained. “Besides, Your Majesty has just advised them to stop fighting. However, Old immortal refused. If Your Majesty’s suggestion is rejected by Old immortal again, it would be detrimental to Your Majesty’s prestige——”

“Defense minister is right.” Chu Xianda agreed.  “Then let’s wait and see.”

Evidently, the Emperor was still resenting Mu Dingyi for not giving face to him and rejected his request to cease the battle.  

“Old Immortal——” A ball of white light flashed. It was Elder Chengfeng darting toward Old immortal, who was lying on the ground. He reached out in an attempt to help the old Master Mu Dingyi, only to find that an invisible wall of qi had prevented him to do so.

“Old immortal——” Astonishment crossed Elder Chenfeng’s face.

Old immortal was clearly motionless on the ground, how would he still have such strong defensive strength?

And, what was he going to do?

The little golden sword was suspended in the air, rotating incessantly above his head.


There was a wound appearing on Mu Dingyi’s arm.  

There was blood flowing out of the wound, seeping into the little golden sword.


There were more than 10 wounds forming on Mu Dingyi’s body.

Blood similarly flew out the wounds, like threads of red silk, flowing towards the golden sword and fusing with it.

The golden colour of the sword gradually dimmed, then turned cyan, light red, and dark.

At last it was as red as blood.

Blood continued to inject into the sword as before, blood violently raged.

The entire body of the golden sword was wrapped in blood, transforming into a blood red sword.

Mu Dingyi’s body floated up, like a paper duck blown up by the wind.

His eyes were closed and his body stood upright in mid-air.

Because of the loss of blood, his face grew more and more pale, and his body increasingly thin and dry.

Soon all that left of him was a skinny, bony body, like a horrifyingly dried up corpse.

“Blood sacrifice——he’s offering his own essence and blood to the sword spirit——” Lu Xingkong wore a solemn look on his face, urging: “Your Majesty, please quickly put a stop to his such an action. Otherwise it will hurt the innocent people, not many people on Mist mountain will be able to survive this——”

“That serious?” Chu Xianda’s face was twisted with shock.

“It’s true.” Cui Xichen added in a loud voice. “Unfortunately, the blood sacrifice has began, and there is of course a beginning and an end. There is most likely no way to stop it now?”

“Protect Your Majesty.” Li Fu yelled, “Come and protect Your Majesty.”

The Monitoring Division gathered towards the Viewing platform, and the flying Feather Army assembled into formation around the Viewing platform.

A number of expressionless court masters had showed up around Chu Xianda. These masters were always hiding themselves and would not appear until danger arrived.

“Old Immortal——” Tears were running down Elder Chengfeng’s cheeks, “Old Immortal, you must not do this.”

He was sacrificing his blood to the sword spirit.  

In fact, it was to combine his essence and blood with the sword, pouring all his essential qi into the body of the sword. He would become the sword, and the sword would be him. In this way he could display the greatest fighting strength and the most destructive power.

Once the sword was unleashed, there was no return.

In other words, no matter whether this sword could kill Li Muyang or not, Mu Dingyi would never return.

Because he had exhausted his essential qi, destroyed the soul, and released all the essence and blood within his body—

Mu Dingyi stretched his right hand out and held his hand aloft.


The blood red sword fell into Mu Dingyi’s right hand.

Mu Dingyi clasped the blood sword. Blood qi saturated the air, and blood were bubbling.

The sword pointed to the sky, stormy black clouds rolled across, thunder roared menacingly and lightning flashed.

Even the tremendous Mist Mountain seemed to fear the mighty power of the sword. Rocks tumbled down the mountain, and hundred trees withered and snapped. There were countless branches and thorns destroyed by the sword qi, and claps of thunder resounding through the valley.

On the blade of the blood sword, a white bolt of lightning had appeared.

The lightning was soaked in the blood on the blade, and then turned into a red bolt of lightning.


The red bolt of lightning exploded in the sky, flashing and emitting a noise that sends a chill down one’s spine.


As the bolt of red lightning suddenly exploded, the large masses of black cloud in the sky vibrated furiously, and a huge figure appeared in the middle of the solidified black cloud, as if to split the sky apart.

“This sword is not only aimed at Li Muyang, it is intended to——he wants destroy the starry sky. Could it be that this old man had broken through the starry sky?” A black robed master on the viewing platform spoke.

“Your Majesty, please immediately head back to the palace, you must not stay any longer——”

“Come, protect Your Majesty——form the defensive wall—”

“I’m afraid it’s too late.” Cui Xichen’s eyes were like lighting, staring firmly at Mu Dingyi who was like a white-robed corpse in midair. He found it incredibly absurd and unfortunate that the Sword God of West Wind, Old immortal of Still water, was unexpectedly pushed to this point by a nobody. To the point that he would unhesitatingly use the blood sacrifice sword to initiate a suicidal attack.

“Is that Li Muyang really this strong?” Cui Xichen thought. “Could it be that he is the biggest unstable factor in the overall situation?”

“Is it coming?” Li Muyang looked at Mu Dingyi, who had now lost the graceful demeanour of a master, and looked more like an evil spirit in a white robe and with dishevelled hair. The people of Tiandu would most likely have nightmares thinking about this person, right?

Li Muyang felt that he had finally gotten his revenge when Old immortal was pulled down from the altar and the whole world saw his true face——

You’re going to kill me, and I’m going to kill you.

It was fair.

“It’s finally coming to an end.” Li Muyang thought to himself, a feeling of relief in his heart.

He looked at blood coloured sword that was extending all the way across the horizon, piercing straight through the clouds.

Then, he flew up from the back of the wolf, similarly standing straight in the sky.

Waiting for the strongest sword that Mu Dingyi had exhausted his spirit and soul for.

Li Muyang clenched his fists. His pupils were shrouded in blood-coloured mist.

There were two huge white balls of light flashing in his hands, like two extremely rare dragon pearls.


Mu Dingyi swung his sword in a slashing motion, creating a huge ditch in the sky.


Li Muyang hurled the pearls across the sky.


The two white balls fused into one in the air, and then collided into the blood coloured sword that was speeding over.


The giant blood sword shattered the tremendous ball of light and continued to accelerate, shooting towards Li Muyang in midair.

The ground quaked and the mountains tottered.

The heaven and earth lost its colour.

The heavy snow stopped and rivers flowed backwards.

It was like the end of the world.

In the sky, blood water had filled the air. Li Muyang’s small body was also shrouded in blood coloured light, when he all of a sudden disappeared without a trace.


Mu Dingyi was gazing at the sword that he had just launched out.

He grinned only to find that his smile was so stiff.


His body ruptured into little specks of dust, floating all over the place.

The Sword God of West Wind, Old immortal of Still water.  

Mu Dingyi had died in battle!





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