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463 – He is a dragon!

Chapter 463: He is a dragon!


On Sword God Square of Mist mountain.

There was a huge crack overhead like a blood red bridge hanging across the sky.

The colour was beautifully dazzling, moving and sad.

The scars of the sky would slowly restore, and then disappear completely.

However, the scars on the human body were always difficult to heal.

The wind blew gently, and the snow fell slowly.

And just like the masses of people who were standing quietly, even the fairies dared not to disturb the serenity above the square.

Mu Dingyi was dead.

His body had exploded in midair, turning into wisps of dust and drifting onto the ground.

This was the truth that everyone had witnessed with their own eyes.

Everyone looked up at the place where Mu Dingyi had exploded, eyes wide in consternation.

“Old immortal——he’s dead?”

“How could the guardian of West Wind, Old immortal, die? How could he be killed?”

“Old Immortal——”

They had witnessed the final outcome of the battle with their own eyes, but found it difficult to accept the facts.  

To the people of Tiandu, Mu Dingyi was the Sword God of West Wind, the guardian of the Kingdom, a super cultivator who was much older than them.   

He was like the two white horses at the door of the White horse temple, one of the Buddha statues in the Thousand Buddha temple, the two divine birds engraved on the South Gate, and the Deer supremacy garden, which they would occasionally think of but never disappear. Like a distant relative of their family or an Elder, like a mole on the foot or butt.

But how could he die?

On Star gazing observatory.

The bright girl and her two incomparably handsome older brothers stood before the window. There was shocked disbelief etched across the trio’s faces.

“Third elder Brother, I’m not mistaken, am I? Did my eyes see it rightly?”

“You are not mistaken, your eyes are fine——Li Muyang had indeed defeated Old immortal——”

“How is that possible?” Song Tinyun seemed annoyed. “Given Li Muyang’s cultivation level, how could he defeat Old immortal——what demonic method did he use?”

Song Tinyun all of a sudden became agitated. He turned to look at Song Tao and added: “Yes, he must have used some sort of demonic method——otherwise, it is impossible for him to do so. I know what he’s capable of, I’ve seen him fight against Chu Xun. At that time he had only started his cultivation and was just a beginner——even if he is a genius, even if he has made rapid progress in his cultivation, it is still impossible to kill a famous person like Mu Dingyi——Can a so-called genius defeat a person who had made a name for himself decades ago?”

“Tinyun, calm down.” Song Tao shouted. “I know it’s hard for you to accept what’s happening in front of you. You don’t want to accept it, and I also don’t want to accept it. But this battle is happening before our eyes, and we saw it with our own eyes. Li Muyang is indeed very powerful, he’s already not the same level as us——we’re far inferior to him. That’s the truth. We must accept this cruel fact since humiliation gives birth to courage. Only by doing so would we have the opportunity to rise again. Otherwise, we will be trampled by him for the rest of our lives, with no possibility of turning over.”

“I don’t believe it.” Song Tinyun’s eyes were filled with wisps of blood, staring at Song Tao he roared: “How could there be someone like him? How could there be such a person in this world? What does that Li Muyang have——to be able to defeat Mu Dingyi with just a mere training of two years. If that’s the case, then if he practiced for a few more years, even Grandfather——”

Song Tinyun did not go on, but his meaning was quite obvious.

Given the speed of Li Muyang’s progress, it was most likely that in a few years even their Grandfather would no longer be his opponent, right?

Song Tao went quiet.

After a good while, a soft voice broke the silence. “Each age brings forth new geniuses, and each rule its own domain for hundred years. Grandfather, he already has an era that belongs to him, and next, it’s up to us——”  

“Where’s Li Muyang?” Song Chenxi asked aloud.

Her question interrupted the thoughts of the two brothers, who simultaneously turned to look at the Sword God Square.

“Where’s Li Muyang? Has Li Muyang been killed under Mu Dingyi’s sword?”

Yes, after the sword, Li Muyang had disappeared with the light of the blood, as though had been struck by the sword and melted in an instant.

However, everyone felt that Li Muyang would not die so easily——

Previously they had never thought that Mu Dingyi would die, but in the end Mu Dingyi was dead.

At this moment, they were full of confidence in Li Muyang’s strength——

Based on the battle today, Li Muyang could become a legend of West Wind, become an exceptional cultivator that the entire Divine continent would pay attention to.

“Old Immortal——” Elder Chengeng darted to the high air, rushed to where Old immortal had fallen, and reached out his hand, and what fell into the palm of his hand was only snow mixed with specks of red. Elder Chengfeng looked up at the sky, tears pouring out his eyes like rain, as he cried: “Old Immortal has become an immortal, Old immortal has become an immortal——”

“Old immortal——”

Shi Tao and the other higher-ups of the Sword school knelt to the ground.  

“Old Immortal.”

Hundreds of white robed figures knelt to the ground.  

Chu Xianda looked at the sky, muttering, “Old immortal he——has left?”

“Your Majesty, I am sorry for your lost——” Cui Xichen comforted the Emperor, his line of sight still fixed on the sky, trying hard to search the sky but still did not see the figure of Li Muyang. It had to be said that Li Muyang’s performance had really surprised him.

If there was anyone who hated Li Muyang the most in Tiandu, then it was certainly the people of the Cui family. The Cui family saw Cui Xichen as the leader, in other words he was the one who most wanted to kill Li Muyang.

The news that Li Muyang killed Cui Zhaoren had spread across the entire capital, and he had even sent nine batches of masters to chase after Li Muyang.

Unfortunately, those people either died at the hands of Li Muyang or those who protected Li Muyang. Gu Mo chased him down to the foot of Nameless Mountain, but still failed to stop him from advancing up Broken Mountain.

At that time, he knew that this boy was not ordinary.  

However, he was only a youngster, a junior who had only been cultivating for a few years. No matter how much talent he had, how much can be achieved in a short period of time?

Later, Li Muyang entered Starry Sky Academy and he had no choice but to put the revenge on hold. He did not want to provoke Starry Sky Academy because of a little Li Muyang, and even more did not want to create a big feud with the monsters of Starry sky.  

When Li Muyang came to Tiandu, he knew that the opportunity for revenge had come. In any case, this time he must leave him in Tiandu——

It just didn’t come to mind that someone was more anxious than he was, and someone was ahead of him.

A series of bizarre things happened: Baili Changhe died in battle, Mu Yubai was defeated, and this was followed by Mu Dingyi’s death——

“Today’s battle, if it was me——” Cui Xichen couldn’t help but ask such a question in his mind. “What are the chances of winning?”

“Yes, your Majesty, in war sometimes there is victory and sometimes defeat. It’s a result that no one wants to see, but since both experts had made the final choice, we have to respect their decision. Old Immortal offered his essence and blood to the sword spirit, and finally unleashed the strongest sword. He was able to see the mighty power of the sword with his own eyes, and when Old immortal went away——there was a smile on his face. He left with a peaceful mind, and Your Majesty should not feel bad.” Chamberlain Li Fu comforted Chu Xianda.

Lu Xingkong was still staring unblinkingly at the sky with fierce eyes.

Mu Dingyi deserved to die.

He did not care whether Mu Dingyi was the Sword God of West Wind or not, whether or not he was the guardian of the Kingdoom, or whether he was the Old immortal of Still water——he was the person who challenged Li Muyang, the one who tried to killed Li Muyang.

Therefore, he deserved to die.

If he did not die, then the man who died would have been Li Muyang.

He only cared about one thing: Where was Li Muyang?

“Where is my grandson Li Muyang?” Lu Xingkong was burning with worry.

He was aware of the destructive power of the sword.

He knew that the average person would not perform the blood offering to a sword unless he was a madman——

When Mu Dingyi came out of the body of water and fell to the ground, it was quite clear that it was difficult for him to kill Li Muyang.

However, he was not willing and did not want to stop there.  

For Pride? Dignity? Or a martial artist’s pursuit of the strongest power——

He performed a taboo sword move to burn his life.  

Was that respectable?

“Pah.” Lu Xingkong scolded. “Old dog, you can die if you want, but why do you want to take away my grandson?”

Liu Qingming was just as anxious. His eyes were blood-red, and he darted to the ditch above the ground, moving from a large pit to another large pit. He had again searched all the deep ditches of the whole Sword God square, worried that Li Muyang was wounded by that sword and fell into one the deep ditches.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find him anywhere.

“Li Muyang——” Lu Qingming simply ignored his image, nor did he care about his identity, yelling out above the square.

High in the air, a ball of white light was quickly landing.

The ball of white light fell faster and faster, like a comet had streaked across the sky and descending onto the ground.


The Wolf King howled, and then sped forward, timely catching the ball of white light.


Li Muyang’s weak and exhausted body landed onto the wolf’s back.

Snowball heard the voice of Li Muyang, cried, and darted towards Li Muyang, paddling its four little legs.

“Li Muyang did not die——” Someone cried out with joy.

“Li Muyang——”

“Li Muyang——”

“Li Muyang——”

All citizens on the Sword God Square were united.

Everyone cried out the name with a look of excitement.

The youngster who they were concerned about, the youngster who they were expecting to come back, the youngster who they didn’t want to die——had finally returned.

He was not dead

“Muyang——” A smile appeared on the dark face of Lu Xingkong. So faint, but so sincere and happy.

“Muyang——” Lu Qingming soared into the air in the direction of the Wolf King.

His body landed on the back of the wolf, holding Li Muyang’s severely injured and exhausted body in his arms, and eyes brimmed with tears he asked: “Muyang, how are you? Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I’m fine——” said Li Muyang, with a weak voice: “I’m still alive——”

“I’m glad that you’re alive.” Lu Qingming’s face was covered with tears as he smiled, “I’m glad you’re alive.”  

“Li Muyang did not die.” Chu Xianda also revealed a smile, beckoning to the sky he shouted: “Li Muyang, glad you’re alive, I must reward you properly.”  

“Of course Li Muyang would not die.” The corners of Chu Xun’s mouth were curved upwards in a cruel smile.  

Prince Fu knitted his brows in a frown, and turned to look at his son, “be careful of what you say. Li Muyang is the winner, and you and him are classmates, in a moment you have to go up to congratulate him——”   

“Father, I am not going to congratulate him.” Chu Xun laughed.

“Bastard. Do you dare disobey me?”

“Father, I have no intention to disobey you. It’s just that, how can I congratulate a murderous beast who is not one of us?” Chu Xun stared at Li Muyang, who Lu Qingming was holding in his arms, and explained in a loud voice.

“What did you say?” Prince Fu was astonished, staring at his son with a fierce gaze, he questioned further: “You say he is not one of us? What does this remark mean?”

“Chu Xun, tell me clearly what do you mean——you say Li Muyang is not one of us? What does that mean?” Chu Xianda asked in a loud voice. He was sat next to Prince Fu, and Chu Xun did not deliberately keep his voice down, and thus he naturally heard his words.

“Little Prince, You say Li Muyang is not part of the human race?” Both Cui Xichen’s spirit and mind were shaken. “If he is not part of the human race, then what race is he?”

“Prince, the Little Prince had slandered Starry Sky classmate Li Muyang. I, Lu Xingkong, must speak for the junior——On what basis are you saying that Li Muyang is not part of the human race? The battle was first started by the Still water sword school. It was also Mu Dingyi who challenged Li Muyang. Even if thousands of people and His Majesty had asked for the battle to stop he did not do so——now because Li Muyang had defeated Mu Dingyi he is ‘not part of the human race’?”

Lu Xingkong glowered at Chu Xun, as he warned: “Little Prince, I have a lowly status, and is inferior to Little Prince. But I still have to say that——everyone is responsible for what they say, do not arbitrarily destroy one’s reputation——otherwise, before you hurt people you may hurt yourself first——”

Prince Fu’s brows became more deeply furrowed. He also felt that his son was being unreasonable. “Chu Xun, stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and apologise to His Majesty and to all the ministers——”

“Father, I did not lie.” Chu Xun said with a stubborn look on his face. “Li Muyang is really not part of our race——”

“If Li Muyang is not a human, then what is he?” Prince Fu said snappily, feeling that his son was really stupid.

Without a factual basis, how can such a thing be said casually?

“He’s a dragon.” The smile on Chu Xun’s face gradually faded, as he uttered each word loud and clear.





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