Chapter 464: Chu Xun launches an attack!


Lu Qingming took Li Muyang down from the back of the wolf, placed him on the Sword God Square, and then leaned his upper body in his arms.  

“Muyang, are you all right? Do you feel any pain?” Lu Qingming asked Li Muyang, while he transferred a stream of warm essential qi into his body.  

He had already noticed that Li Muyang had almost exhausted his essential qi long ago, and now his body was cold as ice, like an outer shell without the slightest of warmth.

Li Muyang’s lips shivered, saying weakly: “my whole body feels uncomfortable.”

This time, Li Muyang was really wounded.

Mu Dingyi had sacrificed his blood to the sword, poured his essence and blood into the body of the sword, in order to fuse with the sword. The power of that sword was really not what a human could withstand.  

Li Muyang was shrouded within the blood sword, unable to move, unable to escape. His blood vessels were bubbling, like boiling water was scattering in chaos around his meridians.

Wherever he looked was a vast sea of blood.

The power of that sword could sever the heaven and earth, break the blue dome of the sky.

This was the most powerful force that Mu Dingyu could display.

All the light and shadow were the sword qi.

When Li Muyang was trapped by the red light, he indeed felt that he was on the verge of death, there was no room to advance or to retreat.

The aura of death had enveloped him, and the God of death was waving his sickle and grinned at him.

The Heart of Weak water was wounded, the Wolf King was blocked outside of the red light, and if Li Muyang did not transform into a dragon, he really had no way of countering the sword.

Therefore, Li Muyang transformed.

As the red light erupted, as the sword was coming at him, Li Muyang transformed into a dragon, and then used the Dragon King’s secret skill [Breaking Dragon Wall] to break through the blood barrier and soared to the Ninth Heaven——

Moreover, in order to conceal his dragon body, he had charged up from the middle of the blood coloured lightning that was connected to the heaven and earth.

In order to withstand the attack of lighting with one’s energy and physical strength, one required ultimate speed, but even more need an extremely strong physical body.

As it happened, these were all the basic skills that dragons had.

These were something that half-divine beings could do.

The Frighten dragon fist attracts lightning to attack oneself, and it was because Li Muyang was enlightened by this fist that——he had a crazy idea, and made that almost suicidal attack.

This was why he was able to escape in one piece under the blood sword.

If Mu Dingyi knew about this, he most likely would jump out of the boundless ghost prison and fight Li Muyang again for 30,000 rounds, right?

The battle that they might find enjoyable and satisfying would be tiring to the audience.

The idea was very plump, but reality was very bony.

It was only after Li Muyang had turned into a dragon and stormed into the lightning that he really realised how powerful the force of the lightning was. He fought with all his strength, counterattacked, so that he would not be incinerated by the force of lightning.

When he rushed beyond the Ninth Heaven, to break out of the force of the lightning, his yuan qi was completely depleted and his body was devastated by the lightning——

Then he plunged down at an extreme speed.

Fortunately the Wolf King had caught him in time, or Li Muyang would have fallen to his death from the sky despite the fact that he had successfully escaped from the blood sword of Mu Dingyi.

Of course, these were all secrets, secrets that could only rot in his stomach. Li Muyang would not speak of this to anyone.

“It’s all right. It’s going to be okay.” Lu Qingming wrapped his arms around Li Muyang’s body, looked at his pale face and his wound that was constantly flowing out blood, and said with eyes brimming with tears: “Let’s go home. I’ll take you home right now.”

“Good.” Li Muyang said with a smile, “let’s go home. I need to go back to find Father and Mother, and Li Shinian, and I’m going to tell them that I have beat the old monster of Still water sword school. Shinian must be very angry for sending her away like that——Uncle Lu, you have to help me then.”

“I will.” Lu Qingming felt the pain of his heart being torn, saying with red eyes: “I will. I’ll tell Shinian that it’s all my idea, I was the one who told you to do it and it has nothing to do with you.”

“Haha, Shinian won’t believe it.” Li Muyang shook his head with a smile. “Shinian is very clever, the average person can’t deceive her. I’ve never lied to her either, but she often tricked me.”

“Let’s not talk about this, save your strength, I’ll help you clear the meridians, calm the sea of qi, and then will take you back.” Lu Qingming forced a smile. “Your Aunt Gongsun——she is also waiting for you at home. Waiting for you to return safely.”

“Okay.” Li Muyang slowly closed his eyes——  

“He’s a dragon.” Chu Xun said out aloud.  

A wave had not subsided, when another wave had come to attack.

Everyone was shocked by the earthshaking news that Chu Xun had thrown out.

Everyone was speechless, looking at Chu Xun with shock, and then at the young man lying on the ground.  

“Li Muyang is a dragon? How is that possible?”

The first person to respond was Prince Fu.


Prince Fu slapped Chu Xun across the face, sternly yelled: “Chu Xun, are you crazy? Do you know what you’re talking about? How could Li Muyang be a dragon? How could there be dragons in this world?——For thousands of years, have anyone seen a dragon? What nonsense. Go back, go back home immediately. Without my order, you’re not allowed to leave the royal palace. Otherwise, I will personally break your legs.”

The reason that Prince Fu reacted so fiercely was to protect his son.

Who was Li Muyang?  

The person who defeated the Sword God of West Wind Mu Yubai, the person who killed Old immortal of Still water Mu Dingyi——Based on only these two events, it was enough to make people look up in admiration.

It was a serious matter, and his son had indeed accused him in public. And what he accused him of was something so absurd——

Yes, there were indeed dragons in the Divine continent tens of thousands of years ago.

But that was tens of thousands of years ago. Prince Fu was well-read, and he knew more than anyone else that the dragon clan had been wiped out by the human race.

His son had just accused the person who had killed Mu Dingyi to be a dragon in front of the Emperor and tens of thousands of citizens. Was that not bringing contempt upon himself?

If the old guy of the Lu family were to fight back then he really didn’t know how to take it.  

“Exactly.” Chu Xianda nodded. “Chu Xun, as a member of the imperial family, you should be careful with what you say, and set a good example to the citizens. You mustn’t act so recklessly in the future.”

“Yes.” Chu Xun bowed his head.

He ignored the purple-red handprint on his face, looked stubbornly at his father and the West Wind Emperor, Chu Xianda, and repeated, “But Li Muyang is indeed a dragon, I saw it with my own eyes in the water illusion.”

Lu Xingkong’s eyes flashed with an intense killing intent as he coldly looked at Chu Xun and warned: “Little Prince, do you have evidence? If there is no evidence, I’m afraid even the Starry Sky Academy won’t forgive you from the way you slandered you own Starry Sky classmate? Even if Starry Sky Academy lets you off, I, Lu Xingkong, will absolutely not.”

Noticing the firm and calm appearance of Chu Xun, Cui Xichen spoke out, “We should always let people speak first. The Little Prince is a famous person, as well as a young talent of Tiandu, he naturally knows about the seriousness of the matter, and certainly will not talk nonsense. Besides, even if he is wrong, it’s just some gossip between children. It’s not that important right? Who would argue with someone less well-informed? They would be seen as petty instead.”

“Gossip can destroy a person’s reputation.” Lu Xingkong stated coldly, “If I were to say that someone is a dragon, he most likely wouldn’t be too happy, right?”

Chu Xun was part of the imperial family, if Lu Xingkong said that Chu Xun was a dragon then the whole imperial family would be furious——Therefore, he could only say ‘someone’. But the point was still quite obvious.

As expected, Chu Xianda had a change of expression and glowered at Chu Xun. “Chu Xun, don’t talk too much, immediately return home.”

Chu Xun refused. 。

Looking at the West Wind Emperor, Chu Xianda persuaded, “Your Majesty, and all ministers, don’t you have any puzzlement in your heart? As we all know, Li Muyang had just been training for two or three years of time, but even Mu Yubai and Mu Dingyi, two powerful masters, had lost to him——How did he do it? Is it really because he’s gifted? Is it because he breaks through the realms like breaking bamboos?”

Cui Xichen nodded. “This is also what I failed to understand. It seems that Little Prince does know certain secrets that are not known to anyone.”

Chu Xun nodded: “Li Muyang and I entered the illusion the same time, I saw him turned into a vicious dragon to slaughter the seven sons of Changbai——you should know, the Changbai seven sons are very strong. If the seven of them attack together, they are one of the strongest in the Divine continent. However, they were on the Starry Sky Academy’s list of death. Most likely even the Changbai sword sect doesn’t know that the successors that they have trained for many years had died in the hands of a dragon, right? I saw it with my own eyes, I saw Li Muyang transformed into a black dragon, sped across the sky, breathed out dragon breath, and killed the Changbai seven sons——”  

“Little Prince, you need evidence to back up what you have said.” Lu Xingkong snapped. “If you can’t produce evidence today, then don’t blame me for wanting justice for the saviour of the Lu family, little friend Muyang.”

“I’ve been gathering evidence all this time. I’ve been waiting all this time, waiting for him to reveal his true nature during his fight against Old immortal——it’s just that I didn’t expect him to hide it so well even till now. He had won against Old immortal without transformation.”

“Little Prince must be disappointed, right?” Lu Xingkong sneered. “There’s only one possibility of him not revealing his ‘true nature’, because he’s not the dragon that you say he is——who has ever seen a real dragon in tens of thousands of years? Have anyone here seen one before?”

The audience was silent and no one said a word.  

“Whether he is a vicious dragon or not, we just need to do a simple test to know——” Chu Xun looked at Lu Xingkong with an unusually calm face, his voice was cold but also incomparably clear. “Do we not have the ‘Dragon slayer song’ and the ‘Dragon imprisonment curse’? We just need to invite the masters of Taoism and Buddhism to chant the ‘Dragon slayer song’ or ‘Dragon imprisonment curse’, and he will expose his true body, unmask the dragon form——at that time, you will know what I said is the truth.”




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