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465 – Hit where it hurts!

Chapter 465: Hit where it hurts!


Upon hearing Chu Xun’s suggestion, Lu Xingkong could not contain his anger any longer. “Li Muyang had just fought with Mu Dingyi, and is now seriously injured. He does not even have the strength to stand up.”

Pointing to Li Muyang, who was lying on the Sword God square in the distance, Lu Xingkong fumed, “Look, do you see——how can he take your test in that state? Absurd. Shameless. Ridiculous. Just because of a word from Little Prince we have to make someone undergo a test? Then if I said that Little Prince may also be some beast of the Divine continent, then is it necessary to test him immediately?”

Chu Xun remained calm. “If Grandpa Lu suspects me, then Chu Xun naturally will want to prove my innocence. I’m willing to accept all the tests that Grandpa Lu come up with——”


From this, everyone could see that Chu Xun wanted Li Muyang dead, and he would not stop until death.

The friendship between the two men was fake, the enthusiasm and friendliness on the surface were also fake. But it was unknown where that naked hatred stemmed from.

“Could it be that Chu Xun was ordered by someone to do so?”

“The only people who can order the Little Prince are the few people at the heart of the conflict now——Then what kind of role was Prince Fu playing as?”

On the viewing platform, many people hung their head low, but their ears were perked up to listen in on the progress of the situation.

“You mustn’t forget that Li Muyang is a student at Starry Sky Academy. There are more famous teachers in Starry sky than there are stars. Wouldn’t someone have found out the secret of Li Muyang’s identity? Li Muyang was accepted as a disciple of three famous teachers, how would they not find out that Li Muyang is not a human? Besides, during the battle Li Muyang had used the Buddhism’s ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’, this incantation was created by Senior monk Luohan Shande——this is a supreme skill of capturing a dragon——Luohan Shande is the 19th Luohan Buddha, who has profound knowledge in the teachings of the Buddha and remarkably abilities. Don’t tell me his ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ is inferior to the ‘Dragon slayer song’ and ‘Dragon imprisonment curse’?”  

Lu Xingkong sneered, “I have never heard that there is a dragon who can use the ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’. I would like to hear how Little Prince could explain this phenomenon?”

“Grandpa Lu is right.” Chu Xun said aloud. “Li Muyang indeed did use the ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ in the battle just now, and I know that this secret Buddhism technique was personally passed on to Li Muyang by Kong Li. It is also because I know he is familiar with the ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ that I asked for another powerful technique such as the ‘Dragon slayer song’ and  ‘Dragon imprisonment curse’ for the experiment.

“What’s the difference?” Chu Xianda asked.

“Your Majesty, this is the cleverness of Li Muyang. He knew that there would eventually be a time when his identity would be exposed, so he specially asked Teacher Kong Li for the ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ and has been practicing it daily until his body is finally completely immune to the incantation. Not only would he not be affected by the incantation, but he could also even use it to fight and kill enemy——while the ‘Dragon slayer song’ and  ‘Dragon imprisonment curse’ are ways of how to deal with dragon, which have circulated among the people, and many people know how to sing. However the power is not the same depending on the strength of the person——because it is too common, I think this must have been overlooked by Li Muyang. There is bound to be an effect if we use these two song incantations.”

It has to be said that Chu Xun really had a deep understanding of Li Muyang.

He had hit where it hurts. Every punch of his had hit the critical parts of Li Muyang.  

Li Muyang turned to Chu Xianda, saying, “Your Majesty, old minister thinks that Little Prince’s suggestion is very inappropriate. Li Muyang had just defeated Old immortal, but someone suspects him to be a dragon, accused that he is not part of our race, and is about to put him into a place of endless suffering——What would Li Muyang think? What would the tens of thousands of citizens on Mist Mountain think? Wouldn’t they think this is because we favour Old Immortal of Still water and want to put him to death for killing Old immortal——Besides Little Prince Chu Xun was an apprentice of Still water sword school and was the one who suggested the test, wouldn’t this be detrimental to Little Prince’s reputation?”


Chu Xun fell to his knees in front of the West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda. “Your Majesty, Chu Xun is your nephew, and have the blood of the Chu clan running in my body. I am also a citizen of West Wind Kingdom, and deeply love the country that I was born and raised in——I, Chu Xun, guarantee with my character and the honour of the imperial family that I am doing all this for the imperial family’s country and the safety of all people, and is absolutely not accusing Li Muyang for my own selfishness. What I have said is the truth, and I am willing to make a vow on the spot, that if Li Muyang is not a dragon, Chu Xun is willing to stab my own eyes as discipline——”  

“Chu Xun——” Prince Fu was shocked.

He believed that there were no dragons in the world, and that the Dragon clan had long been wiped out. However, he began to have doubts when he saw that his son was so certain.

“Li Muyang really is a dragon?” “

Anybody has the right to slaughter the vicious dragon of the divine continent.

Everyone knew that if what Chu Xun said were true, Li Muyang would be targeted and would face the slaughter of cultivators of the entire divine continent——

But what if it was not true?

Cui Xichen cleared his throat. “Your Majesty, old Minister can see that Little Prince is sincere to your Majesty, and full of sincerity to the Kingdom. Since Little Prince has spoke with such certainty, then this is no longer a small matter. It is a matter of the safety of all citizens. Why don’t we follow the advice of Little Prince, and invite a few masters to test with the ‘Dragon slayer song’ and  ‘Dragon imprisonment curse’?”

“Otherwise, as long as Li Muyang’s name is not cleared, everyone would still have some suspicion and uneasiness. What’s more, the ‘Dragon slayer song’ can promote healing and enhance morale. Li Muyang is seriously wounded. It is a very suitable time.”

Chu Xianda glanced at Lu Xingkong, who looked indignant, hesitated for a moment, and then waved his hand, saying: “The world is fine and well, only idle people bring trouble upon themselves. In tens of thousands of years have a dragon been seen? Leave the matter at this, don’t mention this again. Li Muyang is seriously wounded, hurry bring him back for medical treatment. Li Fu, send imperial physician Wang and Cai to examine Li Muyang. Today, I have already lost a pillar, I cannot let such a young talent leave as well——”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Lu Xingkong bowed respectfully. “I’ll take Li Muyang back for medical treatment, and I hope he will be fine.”

“Your Majesty——”

Chu Xun slammed his head against the stone ground, bleeding badly.  

Startled, Chu Xianda pointed to Chu Xun he said: “Chu Xun, I already said, this matter will be left at that. Did you not hear what I said? Go back immediately, without my order, do not take one step out of the royal palace. Outrageous.”

“Your Majesty, this matter can’t be left at this. If what Little Prince saw is true, then——there is a dragon in the Kingdom, which is something that would rock the kingdom. I ask Your Majesty prioritise the kingdom, rectify Li Muyang’s name, but also to relieve the worry of the tens of thousands of people.”

“I also ask your Majesty to prioritise the kingdom.” Countless civil officials behind Cui Xichen also made a request.

Chu Xianda’s face darkened.

Ever since he had ascended to the throne, he had felt very suffocating, no matter what he does, there was always a large group of people dictating what he should do.

If he listened, then he would be led by them.

If he did not listen, more people would get down on their knees and request him to ‘think again’ and to ‘prioritise the kingdom’. It was as if his will and acts were not prioritising or thinking about the kingdom.  

Chu Xianda glanced at Lu Xingkong, there was a feeling of empathy.

With the wave of his hand, he said, “then bring the Masters of the Imperial Astronomical Bureau to recite the ‘Dragon Slayer Song’.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Li Fu bowed respectfully.

Following Chu Xianda’s command, several old Taoists of the Imperial Astronomical bureau immediately rushed over.

They had been serving at the Emperor’s side all along, observing the image of the sky, predicting good or bad fortune through the movements of the stars. They were important ‘advisors’ to the Emperor.   

Several old Taoists came to Li Muyangs side, and the head of the Imperial Astronomical Bureau Li Yifeng cupped one fist in the other and said to Lu Qingming. “Governor Lu, excuse me.”

Lu Qingming’s blood-red eyes were about to crack as he roared: “get lost, all of you get lost——”

Li Muyang grasped Lu Qingming’s hand, shaking his head. “Uncle Lu, do not get mad. Let them chant. Otherwise they will suspect that I am guilty so I resisted so much——”

“This is too much.” Lu Qingming gritted his teeth. He turned his head in the direction of the viewing platform, and hissed, “Those that humiliate people deserves to die.”

Cui Xichen frowned. “Governor Qingming treats Li Muyang with deep affection, but he is not stable enough after all——this is His Majesty’s decree, how dare he defy the decree in public?”

Lu Xingkong’s face was devoid of expression, his line of sight fixed on Li Muyang and Lu Qingming, and without turning to look at Cui Xichen he counterattacked: “I heard that when the news of the death of Zhaoren came, Duke also broke a table——still not stable enough after all.”

Cui Xichen’s face darkened, but no longer say any more.

For people of their status, their disputes and conflicts were not in front of the stage, but behind the scenes.

The fiercer that the person at the front jumps, the more that people would feel that this person was not cultivated enough, and cannot take up important responsibilities.

Li Muyang stopped Lu Qingming, and then forced himself to sit up, crossing his legs, and sat quietly on the Sword God Square in the midst of the snow.

He gave a cupped fist salute to Li Yifeng and said, “Thank you for your trouble Taoist Priest.”




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