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466 – Eyes gouged out!

Chapter 466: Eyes gouged out!


The wildfire lit up the starry sky.

Blood was bubbling across the city.

There was a hero who was standing in the darkness.

There was a vicious-looking dragon opposite him——

Under the leadership of Li Yifeng, several old Taoist priests of the Imperial Astronomical Bureau began to recite the ancient ‘Dragon Slayer Song’ around Li Muyang.

No one knew about the origin of the ‘Dragon Slayer Song’, only that it appeared during the ‘Battle of the dragon massacre’, and then instantly spread throughout the Divine Continent.

No matter whether it was Taoists priests, sword masters, children or women, everyone could flowingly recite the ‘Dragon slayer song’. When all citizens were united, the singing voice of countless people come together, the impact it had on dragons was enormous.

It could make dragons grow weak, reduce their attack, and turn their physical body fragile. It could disintegrate the rage and hostility in their hearts, leaving them with no way to exert their maximum fighting strength and destructive power.

On the contrary, it could improve the fighting spirits of the Dragon slayer warriors, by maintaining their morale at a high level, and enhance the power of their every attack.

If it were recited by the Buddhist monks and Taoist spiritual masters, it even had a healing and soul soothing effect on the wounded warriors on the battlefield.

Therefore, even if time had past like running water, tens of thousands of years had gone by since the ‘Battle of the dragon massacre’, and the dragon clan had disappeared for more than tens of thousands of years, the ‘Dragon slayer song’ was still widely circulated, past onto generations, and almost reach the point where everyone knew how to recite it.  

Of course, the effect was not obvious when recited by ordinary people due to the fact that it was not strengthened with qi. But if the ‘Dragon slayer song’ was recited by high-level monks and masters, it could really restrict a dragon, force their identity to be exposed, and reveal their true face.

The Taoists of the Imperial Astronomical Bureau were all masters responsible for monitoring the sky for the Emperor, and predicting the future from the changes. They already possessed profound strength, otherwise how could they pry into the mystery known only to the heavens? And how could they cope with the retaliatory devour of the heavenly laws?

‘Dragon Slayer Song’, was melodious with an intense sadness.

The song described the scene of how the human race warriors courageously faced and slew the dragon clan.

In the first half, the warriors suffered a great loss, repeated defeats, and had several times almost died under the powerful attacks of the dragon clan.  

At that time, the overall tone of the ‘Dragon slayer song’ was particularly sad, as though the Dragon slayer warriors would die at any time. And every person who was reciting, listening, were praying for the Dragon slayers, hoping that they could turn peril into safety, turnaround the danger, and turn defeat into victory.

The wind did not stop and the snow did not rest.

In the mists of the blizzard, Li Muyang was sat cross-legged, back straight like a spear.  

On the Sword God Square, all eye were gathered upon him. The howling wind, the frantic snow, the vast square, all seemed to exist for him alone.

Li Muyang’s face was expressionless, relaxed and visibly devoid of any emotional expression.

On the surface it seemed that the ‘Dragon slayer song’ did not agitate him, nor did it affect his essential qi and send his blood boiling. It failed to turn him into a dragon, who wanted to kill the dragon slayer warriors and the Taoist priests who recited the ‘Dragon slayer song’——

However, the inside of Li Muyang’s body was torturously hot and dry, and there seemed to be a pile of violent flames burning at his chest. He felt his body was being torn into pieces and then roasted into charcoal.

As Chu Xun had guessed, Li Muyang had immunity to ‘The Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ but it was the first time he came into contact with the ‘Dragon Slayer Song’——He had very easily hypnotised himself when he used the ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ for the first time.

He could not feel the flow of essential qi in the ‘Dragon slayer song’, but there was a natural repulse to the song. Just like the ‘Dragon Slayer Song’ was a natural enemy to the dragon clan.

Blazing fire consumed the body!

It was not just burning the body, but the heart and mind.

Li Muyang finally experienced that sort of feeling.

No, it should be said that he had once again experienced the feeling of being a child over and over again.

On countless late night, he was awakened from his sleep, feeling that his body and organs were about to incinerate. Back then everybody thought that it was because the heavenly lightning had penetrated his body, and that the fire qi could not be expelled, which led him to be attacked and assaulted by the fire lightning again and again.

It wasn’t until later that Li Muyang understood that it was not because the ray of heavenly lightning had penetrated his body, but a black dragon had drilled into his body.

Every time it blazed, he experienced a painful feeling of death.  A lot of times, he thought he might as well die, so he would never have to bear the next fire again——

Li Muyang had not experience a torment like that for a long time.

But unexpectedly, today, on the Sword God Square, under the witness of countless people, Li Muyang had once again suffered that torturous pain of his body being incinerated.

What was most painful of all was that, while the inside of Li Muyang’s body was withstanding the pain, there was not the slightest change of expression on his face.

He had to pretend that nothing had happened and nothing was going to happen.

Half was seawater and half was flames.

Half was heaven and half was hell.

This was Li Muyang’s most real feeling at this moment.

Moreover, as the ‘Dragon slayer song’ reached the climax, no only did the ball of flames at his chest weaken or extinguish, but the fire burned more and more furiously.

Li Muyang could not hold on any longer, he felt that he was about to be incinerated into ashes.

Under the long-sleeve, his arm was already wrapped in dark scales, which were then immediately forcibly suppressed back by him.

However, as the scales on the arm had just disappeared, the black crystal inside the heart of the sea had whizzed out again, and as the bursts of black cold qi extinguished the blazing flames it also wanted to take over his body at the same time——

Li Muyang knew that when the black crystal takes over, his consciousness would weaken, and the belief that the black dragon had left behind would prevail.

Transform into a dragon and massacre the human race.

That was what it wanted him to do——

Strengthen my hero, slaughter the vicious dragon.

Strengthen my warrior, become well-known across the starry sky.

When the last note of the ‘Dragon slayer song’ fell, when the old Taoist priests of the Imperial Astronomical Bureau came to the end of the song, the body of fire slowly extinguished, and Li Muyang felt as though he had escaped from a mountain of daggers and sea of flames.

He knew well that if the ‘Dragon Slayer song’ was a little longer, or that the old Taoist priests had a grudge against him and recited the song again——then he most likely would not be able hold on any longer. The secrets that he had been hiding with difficulty would come to light in front of the vast crowd.

Li Muyang didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to be an enemy to the human race.

Of course, he equally did not want to inherit the black dragon’s belief, retaliate against the human, or massacre the human race——he wanted to walk a different path to the dragons.  

Li Yifeng wiped away the beads of sweat on the forehead. The reciting had greatly exhausted his essential qi. He gave a cupped fist salute to Li Muyang, who was sat on the ground. “Gongzi Muyang, sorry to disturb you. Have a good rest Gongzi Muyang. Although the ‘Dragon slayer song’ was born to restrain the dragon clan, it has a therapeutic healing effect on human beings. There is much to gain and nothing to lose, but I still hope that Gongzi Muyang does not mind.”

“Had to trouble you Taoist Priest.” Li Muyang responded with a cupped fist salute, polite and elegant, and very easily gives a good opinion to others.

Li Yifeng nodded to Li Muyang, then walked towards the viewing platform with the several old Taoists of the Imperial astronomical bureau: “Your Majesty, the ‘Dragon Slayer Song’ has been completed. After the test, Li Muyang is confirmed to not be a dragon. Throughout the process of the ‘Dragon slayer song’, Gongzi Muyang did not show any characteristics of the Dragon clan.”   

“Thank you Taoist Priest Li.” Chu Xianda waved his hand, sweeping his eyes over the crowd. “This matter has been taken care of, and must not be mentioned again. If the citizens of Tiandu knows about this, it most likely would cause panic——”

“Yes.” The crowd answered in unison. The Emperor had spoken. They naturally would not go touch his brows at this time.  

Cui Xichen looked at Li Muyang, who was still sitting there, with a thoughtful look.

“How is that possible?” Chu Xun’s face went ghastly pale, eyes fiercely fixed on Li Muyang, screaming out in fury: “How would he not be a dragon? How would he not be a dragon? I saw with my own eyes——in the illusion, I had seen Li Muyang transform into a giant black dragon, and killed the Changbai seven sons——how would he not be a dragon? There must be something wrong with this——”  

Chu Xun was not willing to accept such a reality, turned to say to Prince Fu: “Father, I suggest a re-test. Since Li Muyang knows the ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’, that means there is a chance that he also had been in touch with the ‘Dragon slayer song,’ yes, it must be, he also has immunity to the ‘Dragon slayer song’——I suggest using the ‘Dragon imprisonment curse’, then he will certainly show his true nature. I want everyone to know that Li Muyang is not human, he is a vicious dragon——”


Prince Fu slapped Chu Xun on the face, handsome face twisted in fury as he roared: “Chu Xun, have you finished?”

“Father, you have to believe me——” Chu Xun cried, pointing to Li Muyang on the Sword God Square, “He’s a dragon, he’s a dragon——you just have to try again and his true nature will be exposed——”


Lu Xingkong bellowed, disappearing from where he stood.

By the time he reappeared, he was already in front of Chu Xun, holding two pieces of bloody flesh in the middle of his palm.

“Since Little Prince had made a promise first, then I will fulfill the promise on behalf of Little Prince——”

Lu Xingkong applied force to his right hand, crushing the two eyeballs with a ‘snap’.

“This is to prevent people from saying that Little Prince does not keep to his promise, and damage the reputation of Prince Fu.”

Blood splattered everywhere!


Chu Xun screamed out tragically.  

It was not until this time that he realised his eyes had been gouged out by Lu Xingkong and squeezed to pieces.



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