Chapter 468: Too reckless!


The flowers whirled around, before soaring to the sky.


All of a sudden, the flowers began to scatter and disintegrate, petals of plum blossoms descending.

Petals rained for a long while over the Sword God Square.

In the midst of the whirling snow and flowers, the ‘Eye of the Starry Sky’ Song Gudu fluttered down.

His grey robe was flapping in the wind, looking like a smear of ink in a world of ice and snow or a Northern goshawk hovering in the sky.

“It’s the ‘Eye of the Starry Sky’ of our Kingdom. The State minister has not shown himself for many years. I did not expect him to come out today——

“The Grandfather of the Song family is here, this show is becoming more and more lively——Since something so shocking has happened, even Old immortal Song could not sit still——”  

“The Old immortal of Still water has died and Old immortal Song has come out. He said that there are divine dragons in the divine continent——Could there really be dragons in the divine continent? Where’s the dragon?”

Because of Song Gudu’s arrival, spirited discussion broke out around the Divine sword square.

Li Muyang, who was sitting on the square, was dumbstruck by this sight.

The reason why the most exceptional cultivator was exceptional, the reason why a master is a master, was firstly because they leapt down from a very high place. Secondly, the way they appear was extremely earth shaking, rarely seen in the world, and could be said to be extraordinary.

Mu Dingyi’s appearance consisted of him drilling out of a tremendous waterfall that hung across the sky.

The old guy of the Song Family was even more impressive. He descended from the whirling petals in the sky. The stream of fluttering flowers resembled the form of a dragon, and its aroma was enough to destroy the city—

Li Muyang had read many strange novels, where the Masters in it were extremely low-profile and also extremely simple. They did not wear any embellishment, and were only clad in a dog-skin coat that had been worn for tens of years. They would even turn that over and wear it when it’s dirty. It was as though if they were to change into another outfit, they would lose the style of a Master.

No dazzling skills, no showing off, and walked awkwardly, while staggering and stumbling. Their moves were incredibly simply, without any fluctuation of strong qi, and they would not even shout out loudly the name of their martial arts move——

However, today Li Muyang had encountered two of the strongest masters of the Kingdom, Mu Dingyi and Song Gudu. They were completely different to how masters in novels were written.

“Are these two guys fakes?” Li Muyang couldn’t help such a suspicion forming in his mind.

However, he was still very envious of Song Gudu.

Compared with Mu Dingyi, he much preferred the way of how Song Gudu appeared.

Whirling flowers filled the sky, while he slowly descended in a white robe——

Handsome, confident, and as ethereal as a deity.

There were tens of thousands of Gongzi in West Wind, but who could match up to Li Muyang?

There were plum blossoms swirling around when Song Gudu appeared, while peach blossom scattered when Li Muyang appeared.

After all, he was given the nickname ‘Peach Blossom Young Master’, if he did not sprinkle some peach blossoms then he wouldn’t live up to his elegant reputation, right?

However, Song Gudu’s manner of appearance was not only cool, but his sudden appearance made Li Muyang feel very uneasy.

He knew that Mu Dingyi did not like him, and that Song Gudu also did not like him.

He could not understand why all the old men of this world would want to kill him when he had not even provoked anyone?

Did he sleep with their servants or did he snatch their wives from them——

Peh, peh, peh. [TN note: Sounds of spitting]. He obviously would not snatch the wife of an old man.

If he had really done such a thing, then Mu Dingyi and Song Gudu would have killed him hundreds of times already.

However, he had never done such a thing, nor even thought about it——

Why would they want to kill him?

“He came with malicious intentions.” Lu Qingming’s eyes were fixed in the direction of Song Gudu.  

“If soldiers approach, generals are sent to stop them; if water approaches, a dam is made from the soil.” Li Muyang said aloud.

Lu Qingming moved his eyes away and turned to Li Muyang. “Don’t worry, In any case, we will protect you.”

“Thank you Uncle Lu——”Li Muyang smiled. “You’ve already done too much for me.”

“It’s far from enough.” Lu Qingming couldn’t look him in the eye. “We owe you too much.”

“Uncle Lu——” 

On the Star gazing platform, Song Chenxi was waving spiritedly to Song Gudu on the Sword God square, “Grandpa, Grandpa——”

From a distance away, Song Gudu seemed to hear his granddaughter’s cry and nodded to her with a kind smile.

Song Chenxi exclaimed, “Grandpa saw me, Grandpa saw me——”

Song Tao and Song Tinyun exchanged a glance, before Song Tinyun said aloud: “Why did Grandpa come?”

Song Tao’s expression was cold and solemn, looking down at the battle platform, as if there was something about to happen.  

“Third elder brother——” Song Chenxi, who was extremely observant and sensitive, noticed the solemn expression on Song Tao’s face. ‘Grandpa came——to find Li Muyang?”

“Chenxi——” Song Tao kept his gaze fixed straight in front of him, as he said in a low voice. “No matter what Grandpa does, it is for the Song family, it is for us. Don’t stop him, and even more don’t complain.”

“Is that right?” Song Chenxi looked puzzled. “But, Li Muyang does not want to hurt the Song family. Just because of the Song family, Grandpa could hurt anybody?”


If there was someone in the West Wind Kingdom who had an influence greater than Mu Dingyi then that person must be Song Gudu.

If there was someone in the officialdom of West Wind kingdom that had an influence greater than Chu Xianda then that person must be Song Gudu.

Therefore, when Song Gudu all of a sudden appeared on Mist Mountain, appeared in the sky above the Sword God square, the people present all had a different expression, yet all had no choice but to put on a welcoming face and gesture.

The Emperor of West Wind Chu Xianda took quick strides over to Song Gudu and asked with a concerned tone of voice: “Elder Song has come in person? If there is something, just tell the juniors of the family to do it. Why did you come? It’s freezing outside, take care of your health.”

“Don’t worry.” Song Gudu responded indifferently.  

“Pays respect to Elder Song.”

“Pays respect to State Minister——”  

Everybody came forward to greet Song Gudu, even some people farther away who did not qualify to go forward also bowed respectfully.  

Cui Xichen seemed to have quite a strong friendship with Song Gudu. He entusiatically stepped forward to exchange greetings with him. “Congratulations Elder Song, congratulations Elder Song. Just now I saw the aroma formation soaring to the sky, flowers bloomed all over the capital——If my guess is right, Elder Song must have made a breakthrough again, right? For many years, the capital had not seen such a flourishing blossoms. It is indeed a blessing to be able to see it again today.”

Song Gudu nodded. “I was somewhat enlightened, so came out to observe for a bit.”

“Elder Song should come out and see more.” Cui Xichen said: “The capital is changing with each passing day. There are more and more heroes emerging. When I see it every day, I also could not help feeling emotional. This world is ultimately the world of young people, we old guys should spend our remaining days happily.”

“Old is not in the age, but the mentality.” Song Gudu stated. “If one’s mind is not old, then one will not be old. The Withering Glory realm renews one’s youth. It is not only because one is entirely free from worry, broad-minded, understanding, and qi and blood flowing——Therefore, only then can one overcome the sun and moon and the stars, and change the Heavenly law.”

“Understood.” Cui Xichen bowed his head.

Although Lu Xingkong did not like Song Gudu, the old man still had a great status, and thus he still went over to greet him: “Pays respect to state minister.”

Song Gudu cast a thoughtful glance at Lu Xingkong, then finally spoke after a long while: “Xingkong recently had a great harvest, it seems that you have made a breakthrough on the path of cultivation?”

Lu Xingkong was a little startled. He had already tried hard to conceal all traces, but still could not hide the truth from the old man’s eyes.

He maintained a calm expression. “Just a little harvest. Compared with State Minister stepping into the Astral Projection realm in one leap, there is still a great difference. Can the light of a Firefly compete with the brilliance of the moon?”

Song Gudu shook his head. “Every progress is progress, every bit of harvest is still a harvest. If one does not accumulate in little steps, how can one reach thousands of miles?”

“State minister is right.” Lu Xingkong said in a deep voice.

Song Gudu’s line of sight shifted to Prince Fu, whose face was filled with hatred, eyes bloodshot. “Pays respect to Elder Song.”

Song Gudu looked at Chu Xun whose eyes were gouged out, knitted his brows in a frown and asked: “What happened? How can someone dig out someone’s eyes at a slight disagreement? He’s just a kid.”

“Elder Song——” Like he had met a friend, Prince Fu burst out sobbing with rage and pain: “Elder Song, you have to seek justice for us. That old man Lu Xingkong has gone too far, Chu Xun only said something wrong and he gouged out his eyes——He bullied and humiliated the weak because of his strength, I ask Elder Song to get justice for my son.

“What happened?” Song Gudu asked.

Prince Fu hesitated a little, but still truthfully answered. “Chu Xun had some suspicions about Li Muyang’s identity. He said he might be a dragon——In the end Lu Xingkong that old man flew into a rage and responded with violence.”

“Prince Fu that’s not quite right.” Lu Xingkong counterattacked. “Little Prince made a promise first. He said that after the test, if Li Muyang is not a dragon, then he would blind himself as an apology——Everyone at the scene can be a witness. Has Prince Fu forgotten already?”

“Children’s words carry no harm, how can it be taken seriously?” Prince Fu snapped. Although Chu Xun was not his only son, he was his favourite, and he was his chosen successor. But now Lu Xingkong had blinding him. It was simply the same as cutting his life roots and letting him ‘die without descendants’.

“Children’s words carry no harm?” Lu Xingkong laughed wildly. Pointing to Li Muyang who was sitting on the Sword God Square, he continued, “How old is Little Prince? How old is Li Muyang? Li Muyang and Little Prince are the same age, but under your pressure he had to battle against Mu Dingyi. He was riddled with scars, and narrowly managed to escape. However, just as he had a chance to gasp for breath, someone jumped out to accuse him of being a dragon and wanted to kill him——Is this how someone treats his peers? Your family’s children are children, and other people’s children are not children?”

“I see——” Song Gudu turned his head to look at where Li Muyang was. “Is Li Muyang a dragon or not?”

“Elder Song may not know.” Chu Xianda said aloud. I ordered several people to recite the ‘Dragon slayer song’ to test whether it is true or not. Li Muyang did not show any reaction, or reveal the slightest characteristics of the Dragon clan. Taoist Li Yifeng personally made the evaluation. Li Muyang is not a dragon, but one of us——”   

“Li Yifeng——” Song Gudu chewed over these words, and then gently sighed: “Utterly absurd. The truth is not yet clear, but he has already gouged out someone’s eyes and destroyed someone’s reputation. This is too reckless.”

The whole audience was dumbfounded by the remark.




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