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469 – Kill with a sword!

Chapter 469: Kill with a sword!


“Too reckless.”

Song Gudu had remarked that Lu Xingkong’s way of handling was too reckless, implying that Lu Xingkong had misunderstood Chu Xun.

Chu Xun’s suspicion may not necessarily be wrong, and that Li Muyang might really be an evil dragon——

“Li Muyang really is an evil dragon?”

This was the thought that sprang up in the mind of many people.

It must be said that when Chu Xun came forward to identity Li Muyang as a dragon, everybody only thought that ‘a child’s words carried no harm’ or ‘a youth without facial hair cannot be relied upon’.

Everyone only thought it was a joke, or there was another mystery behind this verbal attack.

Nobody would really take Chu Xun’s words to heart or seriously——How could there be dragons in the Divine continent?

In the nine countries of the Divine continent, there were countless brave warriors. Has anybody found a real dragon? Has anybody been promoted to Dragon warrior?

However, if this remark came out of Song Gudu’s mouth, then it would not be the same and carried much more weight.

A clan of tens of thousands years, a powerful family of a thousand years.

The Song clan had too much of a dazzling ring of light around them and mysterious radiance.

Before the West Wind Kingdom was founded, the Song clan was already an overlord.

Or perhaps, before the West wind, the Eastern Sui, or the Western Sui period, or even the Taikang imperial court and Yehuo imperial court, the Song clan was already a force that no one dared to ignore.

After the founding emperor established the West Wind Kingdom, in order to keep the Song clan at his side, he proposed to marry the daughter of the Song clan. The Song clan allowed it, and from then on, several emperors also married the women of the Song clan or those closely linked with the Song clan.

There was a proverb in Tiandu: The Chu and Song shared the world.

In fact it should be, the Song and Chu shared the world. If it was arranged in the order of power, then the Song family should be in front of the Chu clan.

Because while the women of the Song clan were firmly in control of the chambers of imperial concubines, the outstanding descendants of the Song family were dominating the power of the imperial court.

There were two ministers, the right and left minister in the Kingdom. The position of right minister had always been held by the direct descendants of the Song family. Including ‘the eye of the Starry Sky’ Song Gudu.

Most importantly, the Song family was called the ‘Imperial Library’, in order words, the selection of historical books, the evaluation and grading of the world’s outstanding scholars were all decided by the Song family.

Whoever the Song family wanted to promote would become a scholar of the highest educational institute overnight and be admired by everybody.

Whoever the Song family wanted to step on would become someone that the entire world would look at with disdain.

The heart of the scholars of the world was always facing the Song family.

All scholars in the world knew the Song family.

Thus, nobody in the Kingdom dared to provoke the Song family, a family that could take direct control of public opinion and the scholarly families. Who would dare to offend all the scholars of the world? Who would want their clan or family be detested by everyone? Who would want to leave a bad reputation that will long be remembered?

Brush were like swords, and sometimes those who write were fiercer and terrifying than those who wielded swords.  

Even the West Wind imperial Chu clan also had to maintain a respectful and humble attitude in front of the Song family, and dared not to consider themselves as superior.

Fortunately, the Song family had a sense of propriety and forbearance. Although they knew that they were powerful and had great influence in every aspect of the Kingdom, they understood the essence of hiding one’s ability and pretending to be weak, and would absolutely not grab the limelight from the Chu clan on the surface. Song Gudu had long stepped aside and lived outside the city in the old mansion, watching over the capital as a West Wind guardian and did not let foreign enemies step into the city.

The previous heads of the Song family also did the same, and had won the hearts of the citizen. No matter how much the Chu clan was dissatisfied, they would not dare to complain in public, and also constantly had to put them up on the pedestal.

The head of such a tremendous family had come forward to say that Lu Xingkong was not fair in the way he dealt with this matter——no one present dared to look at this sentence as a light criticism.

Chu Xianda, with a look of consternation on his face, said aloud: “Elder Song, you mean——there are other possibilities?”

Cui Xichen remained quiet, observing the development of the situation with a ruminative gaze. He was thinking whether Song Gudu’s finger was pointing to Lu Xingkong or Li Muyang who had just defeated Mu Dingyi?

Did he also feel the threat of Li Muyang, or did he want to take possession of the Heart of the Weak water, a precious treasure of the Divine continent?

There were countless thoughts flashing in his head.   

Lu Xingkong raised his brows, staring at Song Gudu. “What is State minister’s intention?”

He did not ask Song Gudu ‘what did he mean’, but questioned what his ‘intention’ was, implying that everybody know that what he said was extremely absurd. But since he had said it out loud, it meant that he had other goals to achieve. Don’t beat around the bush, just say what you are thinking.

“I’ve come too late, and made a junior suffer.” Song Gudu let out a lightly sigh, a compassionate expression on his face. “Everybody here are the elites of the Kingdom, but is not as good as a junior——”

Chu Xun sobbed out loud. He did not expect someone like Song Gudu to stand up for him, let alone support his point of view.

“Grandfather Song, what Chu Xun said is true——I saw it with my own eyes in the illusion. I saw that Li Muyang transform into a black dragon. I saw him kill the Changbai sevens sons one by one through cruel methods——I didn’t lie, what I said is the truth.”

Song Gudu stretched out his hand, sending a cloud of pink flowers whirling toward the eyes of Chu Xun.  

The petals of plum blossom got into Chu Xun’s eyes before they disappeared, and the wound that was still bleeding had recovered immediately. Moreover, even the two empty and unsightly black holes were smoothed and covered by several plum blossoms, making much more comfortable and pleasing to the eye than before.  

“Don’t be impatient.” Song Gudu comforted. “The truth is true, the false is false. Who can hide the sky and cover the earth? If you were seriously wronged, I will make sure justice is served.”

“Thank you, Grandfather Song——” Chu Xun sobbed.  

Song Gudu cast a glance over at Li Muyang was and said: “Let the Flying Feather Army escort the people down the mountain.”

“Elder Song——” Chu Xianda tried to stop him.

“To prevent harming the innocent.” Song Gudu interrupted Chu Xianda.

Chu Xianda knew that he could not refuse Song Gudu. The General of Flying Feather Army Chu Yuxuan gave a cupped fist salute and then with the wave of his hand, the many generals around began to issue the order to force the spectators to head back down Mist Mountain.  

“Why did you drive me away? The great battle is not over yet, I’m not leaving——”

“Big Brother, let me take another look, let me take another look, I’ll give you this bag of gold coins——”

“Do you know who my father is? I’m telling you, if you know you would be scared out of your wits——”——

The brief disturbance soon subsided, whether it was the people that wanted to bribe the soldiers or threaten them with power, all were forced back to the foot of Mist Mountain.  

“I wonder what Elder Song intends to do?” Chu Xianda questioned.

“I’m going to personally test Li Muyang.” Song Gudu said. “If Li Muyang really is a dragon and exposed his form, then there would be a large number of deaths and casualties on Mist Mountain——A dragon is ruthless and powerful. We must not be careless.”

“I won’t agree.” Lu Xingkong refused.

It was a rejection, and it was an attitude.   

His voice was not loud, but was very powerful. That power was like a blade of grass breaking through the soil, a roar that choked the throat, a fight against a fierce beast, or dancing with a wolf.

The sound was so abrupt, and was so bizarre.

Everyone had a look of disbelief, staring blankly at Lu Xingkong and did not think that he would unexpectedly disobey Song Gudu in front of so many people——

Even Song Gudu was bit surprised. In so many years there had been no one that dared to say the word ‘no’ in front of him.

Oh, except for his favorite little granddaughter, Song Chenxi.

His took at deep look at Lu Xingkong, before he asked aloud, “You don’t agree?”  

“I don’t agree.” Lu Xingkong repeated. It was still that tone, it was still that expression. But because of this repetition he seemed more determined and resolute.  


“You might as well kill him.” Lu Xingkong said. “Ever since he came to Tiandu, you have attacked him again and again, pressured him repeatedly. The Sword God of West Wind become a murderous assassin. He waited in ambush just to kill an ordinary boy. Old immortal of Still water Mu Dingyi is a cultivator well known across the Divine continent, but still shamelessly sent a written challenge to kill him in front of everyone. This was all to wash away his son’s mistakes and erase the shame that he had to bear——”

“With the blessing and protection of the heavens, Li Muyang is still alive. He survived the ambush of Mu Yubai, and also defeated Mu Dingyi. He is exhausted, but before he could take a rest, someone jumped out to accuse him of being a dragon and incited people to test him——”  

“Now, State minister is going to personally undertake the task just because someone has said that the pitiful child is a dragon——” Lu Xingkong looked Song Gudu in the eye, his expression was calm, but the words spoken were incredibly powerful.  “State minister, you might as well kill him with a sword?”

Pointing to Li Muyang, who had collapsed on the Sword God Square, Lu Xingkong said aloud: “He is now riddled with scars, his essential yuan is exhausted, and even lacks the strength to stand up——State minister doesn’t need to do the job yourself, that would destroy your reputation. Why don’t you order someone else, you have so many trusted aide here. Anyone here would be able to take Li Muyang’s head——”

“There is no need to do a test, kill him with a sword——” Lu Xingkong raised his voice, there was unconcealable grief and indignation. “Why go to so much trouble, State minister?”

Song Gudu stared at Lu Xingkong for a good while, and finally answered: “What if I insist on this?”

“Then kill me first.” Lu Xingkong took a step forward, standing right in front of Song Gudu.




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