Chapter 470: The battle between the Dragon and Phoenix!


“Then kill me.” Lu Xingkong took a large step forward, standing right in front of Song Gudu.

This step was like a flying solitary peak, an unsheathed sword, or a waving saber.

The raging wind precedes the mountain storm.

It was the collision between powerful cultivators. Both sides had not really made a move nor showed any fighting intent.

But the invisible power and pressure from the fierce collision between the two current of qi had made all the surrounding people feel their muscles tensing up. Their hair was standing up on their ends, and it had even caused their qi and blood to roam wildly around the body. With a little carelessness, after a ‘boom’ one’s body would be badly mangled and torn to pieces.

Some kills with a sword!

Some kills with qi!

Some kills with an incantation!

With one thought, one’s body would be crushed to pieces, killed horribly and tragically, similar to being punished by the Gods.

Lu Xingkong was burly and a head taller than Song Gudu.

Lu Xingkong kept an incredibly face calm, making it difficult to tell that his emotions were fluctuating.

However, the courage he had developed throughout the bloody fights on the battlefield, the murderous spirit that had resulted from beheading countless enemies, as well as the domineering spirit from commanding thousands of men and horses were all fused into one with his body. He had only simply taken one step forward, but his aura surged out violently, like ten thousand stampeding horses going full speed ahead to crush the enemy.

The elites of the Monitor Division, who were standing behind Song Gudu and opposite Lu Xingkong, as well as some civil officials, all unexpectedly couldn’t help but take a step back.

With one step he could force enemy soldiers to retreat.

Compared to Lu Xingkong, Song Gudu was just a little old man.

He was dressed in a thick grey robe, which wrapped his thin body tightly. He looked cold, and the thick robe did not seem to fend off the cold wind for him.

Others retreated, but Song Gudu did not budge an inch.

He was like a Nighthawk in the midst of a storm, a lonely boat in the ocean, the lion King that thousands of beasts look up to, or the Commander in chief of an army of thousands of men and horses.  

No matter how the surroundings changed, he did not move in the slightest, nor did his expression change at all.

Song Gudu looked straight ahead. He was shorter than Lu Xingkong but his tone of voice carried a sense of condescending majesty.

Looking at Lu Xingkong in front, Song Gudu asked: “You are willing to fight for him?”


“Are you willing to die on his behalf?”


Song Gudu thoughtfully looked at Lu Xingkong like he was caught in the memory of the past. “If I remember correctly, Gongzi Muyang is 15 years old this year, and is the same age as Miss Lu Qiji. The two were born on the same day of the same year, isn’t that right?”

“That’s correct.” Lu Xingkong said in a low voice.  

“Fifteen years have passed, but even now I still have a vivid memory of that night. Rain poured down from the sky, lightning tore apart the sky and thunder roared. It was as if the entire world was about to undergo apocalypse——Gongzi Muyang and Miss Qiji were born under such weather.”

Lu Xingkong’s eyes were as fierce and piercing as a sword. “What does State minister want to say?”

“That was the worst flood in thousands of years since the founding of the West wind. That year many areas were disaster-stricken and the people were devastated. The Imperial Household Department allocated a lot of money from the state treasury and food to help the disaster victims——who was the minister that year?”

“It was Song Liren.” Chu Xianda reminded in a quiet voice.

“Oh, it’s Liren.” Song Gudu nodded.  

“It was also on that night that the Lu family sent away two servants, a driver who had served the Lu family for many years and his wife who had just given birth to a child, and fled to Jiangnan——Of course, they brought with them their newborn son, who was already suffering from severe illness.”  

“State minister also wants to take control of the family affairs of the Lu family?” Lu Xingkong clenched his fists tight, but remained calm and collected on the face.

“They all say that Lu Xingkong treats his soldiers like sons, and is extremely caring to the people in your household. I thought one must be really heartless to do such a murderous thing? To drive out a servant of your household who had just given birth? The rain was heavy, and it was flooding all over the place, that would be pushing them to death, right?”

“Luckily State minister had sent people to escort them, otherwise they would not have safely arrived in Jiangnan city.” A sarcastic smile curved Lu Xingkong’s mouth. “Now that you mention it I should thank State minister. Although this thanks is too late, I hope State minister would excuse me because of my sincerity.”

Song Gudu did not deny it, unexpectedly nodded in front of everybody. “The children of my family told me about this matter, and said that they want to send people to escort them. Since they have that curiosity, I also let them——I just didn’t expect that Xingkong had already sent the Three Souls and Seven Spirits to escort them, and they killed all those curious people.”

Song Gudu ran his eyes across the crowd and smiled: “I think, there should be a lot of people who are full of curiosity about that night?”

No one spoke.

It was better to not admit to that sort of thing.

With a puzzled face, Song Gudu looked at Lu Xingkong. “They were just two servants banished from the Lu family, was it necessary for the Lu family to do something like that? You even sent out the incredibly mysterious Three souls and seven spirits——there must be other secrets working behind the scenes?”

“A cabbage sent into the palace would become a dish criticised and envied by everyone.” Lu Xingkong said aloud. “Although Li Yan and Luo Qi were expelled by my Lu family, they don’t deserve to die. I feared that those who hated the Lu family would take this opportunity to do something, so I ordered my people to escort them away, what’s wrong with that?”

“Not only that, but I also do not know what method the Lu family had used to be able to ask one of the seven Taoist spiritual masters, Master Ziyang, to go to Jiangnan to treat the illness of the son of a servant——Was this also because of the deep bond between a Master and his servant?”

“That’s correct.”  Lu Xingkong said in a hard voice.

“It’s really interesting.” Song Gudu’s voice was low and gentle. He spoke in a tone that seemed as if he was telling a story of the past, and as if he was about to uncover a great secret. “No matter how you deny it, I think there’s something else——For example, what exactly does the Lu family have to do with that kid? If he were just the child of a servant, why would the Lu family treat him this way? Why would Xingkong fight to death for him?”

After listening to Song Gudu, the crowd also found that something was not quite right.  

“Yes, what exactly does Li Muyang has to do with Lu family? Why does the Lu family treat him so well?”

“Indeed suspicious, they are nothing but servants. That family had already been banished and went away to Jiangnan, why did Madam Gongsun of the Lu family travel thousands of miles to bring them back——”  

“Three souls and seven spirits and Taoist spiritual master Ziyang are legendary masters, yet were sent to protect the son of a servant——It’s hard to believe this this right?”

All gazes swept back and forth between Lu Xingkong and Li Muyang, pondering what sort of relationship the two had.

All the people present were intelligent people, and with Song Gudu’s information the clouds were dispelled and the sun was seen. Everyone began to have a vague understanding about this matter.

But, it was still too absurd.

“I don’t know if you still remember, at that time there was a extraordinarily strange scene in the sky. There were two balls of white light sparkling in the sky——The Imperial Astronomical Bureau also recorded this even, and it was known as ‘Two dragons playing with a pearl’.”

“I remember, I saw it with my own eyes at the time——”

“Yes, after the spectacle of the Two dragons playing with a pearl, there were flashes of lightning and roars of thunder, and the torrential rain lasted for at least half a month before it stopped——”

“Could this matter have something to do with the birth of Li Muyang?”

At this moment, even Li Muyang, who was sitting on the Sword God Square, began to get nervous.

When Song Gudu invited him to the old mansion of the Song family as a guest, he had also mentioned this matter to him. However, at that time he acted like an idiot and pretended that it had nothing to do with him.

But he could tell that Song Gudu did not believe him.

Li Muyang just did not think that he would come all the way here today, still clinging to that matter.

Could it be that, more than 10 years ago, when he was born, he already knew——knew that he was a dragon?

Li Muyang felt a chill down his spine. His forehead beaded with cold sweats.

If that were the case, the old man really was too terrifying.  

Moreover, the repeated attacks that he had encountered in Jiangnan City were they also directed by the Song family? Was this to test him or to prevent against future troubles?

There were countless mysteries in his mind that were hard to unravel.

Seeing Li Muyang’s face growing paler, Lu Qingming felt his heart aching unceasingly, and reassured him: “Muyang, nothing will happen. Nothing will happen. Father is here, I am here, the Lu family is here. We will absolutely not let anyone hurt you.”

“Thank you Uncle Lu——” Li Muyang forced a smile.

“It was not two dragons playing with a pearl.” Song Gudu stated loudly.

Everybody was dumbfounded.

Because that matter had caused too much of a noise back then, and a disastrous flood had happened in the capital as a result of the flood. Therefore, the many people that were present vividly remembered that period of time.

However, whether it was among the officials or ordinary citizens, the two chasing balls of light were rumored to be ‘Two dragons playing with a pearl’. Everybody agreed on this matter.

Now, Song Gudu overthrew this in front of everybody.  

“Elder Song, if that was not two dragons playing with a pearl, then what is it?” Chu Xianda asked.

“If my guess is correct——” Song Gudu uttered softly, “It was a fight between a dragon and Phoenix.”




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