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471 – A peep into the truth

Chapter 471: A peep into the truth!


Often, the truth didn’t matter, and it was more important to know what the intention the person that was speaking had.

For example, now. Although countless people were speculating the reliability of what Song Gudu had said, and whether it was true or false, for them, what they first had to consider was why would Song Gudu say something like that; what was he trying to achieve?

“It was a fight between a Dragon and Phoenix?”

“Are there really dragons in the world? As well as a divine Phoenix?”

“But I’ve never heard anyone talk about it before? However, what Old immortal Song said must be true——”——

The civilians had all been forced down the mountain by the Flying Feather Army, and those that could stay at the Square of Mist Mountain or the observatory platform were either civil or military the Flying Feather army, the elites of the Monitor division or the white robed swordsmen of Still water sword school.

This was after all the home of Still water sword school, and where their school was located.  

Having witnessed Still water old immortal Mu Dingyi’s death, they were in grief, indignant and heartbroken. All were staring at Li Muyang with a piercing glare.

It was only because now the Still water sword school was now without a leader, and a new wave had rose before the previous had subsided that they have not had time to jump out to avenge Old immortal. After Little Prince Chu Xun had jumped out, his eyes were gouged out and then the Eye of the Starry Song Gudu had appeared——

This made many people of the Still water sword school have this thought: What bad crimes did Li Muyang commit in his past life? Why do people all over the world want to kill him?

If they had known about this earlier, their Master Mu Yubai and Old immortal would have no reason to go and fight with him? As long as they waited quietly for a few days, wouldn’t he be killed by someone else?

The people present were experienced and knowledgeable, but after hearing what Song Gudu had said, they all broke into discussion.

Of course, they lowered their voices to the lowest pitch possible because of Song Gudu’s status. Those who wanted to keep a good relationship with Song Gudu would speak loudly, hoping that Song Gudu know that they were on his side.

“A battle between a Dragon and Phoenix?” Lu Xingkong’s face was still entirely devoid of expression. “It is my first time hearing this. However, it has been so many years since that matter, it would be difficult to find evidence now. Therefore, what State minister said must be right. After all, it is impossible for State minster to be wrong.”

Song Gudu understood what Lu Xingkong meant by ‘what State minister said must be right’, no one dared to refute what he said anyway.

However, this was the most ridiculous rebuttal.  

Song Gudu’s mood was not in the slightest affected by Lu Xingkong’s rude words. Lifting his finger to point to the square where Li Muyang was he said in a loud voice: “Who said that there is no evidence? He is the best proof of the strange spectacle that day. You want to know if there was a fight between a dragon and Phoenix that day, you just need to prove whether Gongzi Muyang is a dragon or not——The birth of Gongzi Muyang and the various arrangements of the Lu family, isn’t it suspicious?”

Lu Xingkong sneered. “At the end of the day, State minister just wants to kill Li Muyang. In other words, you want to kill a genius, but want to keep the face of the Song family, so you made up this excuse——What I want to say is that, has State Minister been cultivating for too long? Thus you are not accustomed to having contact with people. Your ability to make up a story had also greatly worsened. To say that a genius youngster is part of a race that had disappeared for tens of thousands of years, do you really think anyone would believe this? Do you think your way of handling this matter can block the criticism of the world?”

“Whether it is true or not, we will know after a test. Just now the ‘Dragon Slayer Song’ recited by the Taoist priests of the Imperial Astronomical Bureau did not make him expose his true form. Why not let me give it a try——If he is a dragon, then that proves Little Prince did not lie. Then Defense minister will have to compensate him for gouging out his eyes. If Gongzi Muyang is not a dragon, then it will still have a healing effect on him. Although the ‘Dragon Slayer Song’ is not as orthodox as the one recited by the Taoist priests of the Imperial Astronomical Bureau, its healing effects would not be inferior in the slightest. This, I have a little confidence in.”

Song Gudu turned to look at West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda, asking, “What does Your Majesty think?”

“This——I naturally have no problem with it.” Chu Xianda looked at Song Gudu who was wrapped in a grey robe, gazing at his clear but extremely deep eyes, and found that he could not refuse and had to say yes.

“What if I don’t agree?” Lu Xingkong interrupted in a cold voice.

“I don’t understand, it clearly is a good thing for everyone, why would Defense minister disagree?” Cui Xichen looked furious, as though he had been insulted. “Elder Song has made his words so clear. If Li Muyang is a dragon, then, needless to say, everyone knows what to do. One who is not part of my race will be different. Anybody has the right to punish him. But if Li Muyang is not a dragon, then it will have a healing effect on him——Under the Starry Sky, how many people would have the good fortune of having Elder Song recite to him the ‘Dragon Slayer Song’?”

“Soldiers can be killed but not humiliated.” Lu Xingkong’s voice was calm, but his tone of voice was unprecedentedly resolute. “The first time when someone said that Li Muyang is a dragon, I already allowed the old Taoist priests of the Imperial Astronomical Bureau to do the test. Now, someone is saying that Li Muyang is a dragon and he has to take a test again——If it doesn’t work this time, then what if a third person jumps out to say that Li Muyang is a dragon again, or a fourth person jumps out to say that Li Muyang is a dragon. Are you going to make him go through all the tests? Repeated rumours become a fact, the voice of people is something to fear. If that happens all the people of Tiandu will think that Li Muyang is a dragon——Even if Li Muyang recovers, how can he establish a foothold in the Tiandu after this event?”

“That’s not right.” Cui Xichen refuted. He and Lu Xingkong were old rivals, thus he naturally would not let go of the chance to drop a stone at him. “It is precisely because some people say that Li Muyang is a dragon that we have to help him with injustice. Moreover, we can assure that, after Elder Song had conducted the test, no one will ever come forward to accuse Li Muyang of being a dragon again, nor would he have to do any more tests——Is the character of Elder Song not worthy of everyone’s trust?”

“Exactly. Elder Song is the backbone of the country, how would he tell lies?”

“Since Elder Song suspects that Li Muyang is a dragon, we also have this suspicion——if Elder Song is personally going to conduct the test, who would dare to talk rubbish?”

“Defense Minister, let Old Immortal Song have a try, after all, Li Muyang has nothing to lose——”

The civilian court officials also spoke out one after another, and those who favoured the Cui family and Song family also made clear their stance.

Even if the Generals of the Lu family wanted to chime in, they were powerless and weak. More importantly, they were arranged to sit down below with Lu Qingming, and were being intercepted by the Monitor Division. There was no way they could get close to the center of the Imperial power.

Lu Xingkong did not listen.

He was not even willing to respond to the statements of those who had ulterior motives.

Lu Xingkong lifted his right hand into the air.

Rumbling—— —

A white bolt of lightning appeared across the sky.

The lightning ripped through the black clouds, and then through the snow that were incessantly falling down in the sky, and landed rapidly on Lu Xingkong’s hand.

Heavenly Emperor Spear!

“Come, armour.”

Following a violent bellow, the Heavenly Emperor armour, which was handed down from his ancestors, similarly fell from the sky.

Following burst of ‘kacha’ sounds, the set of white armour had tightly covered Lu Xingkong’s body, except for his eyes. His whole body was almost covered by the white scales of the Heavenly Emperor armour. ‘

“Lu Xingkong, have you gone crazy? Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Escort, quick escort——protect Your Majesty——”

“Lu Xingkong, quickly lay down your weapons and surrender, or you are commiting the crime of rebellion——”

Song Gudu stared at Lu Xingkong with a thoughtful expression on his face. “Just want to do a little test, why would Xingkong respond so fiercely? Don’t tell me——you already knew something since long ago? Just what are you hiding?”

“I know State minister has just stepped past the Starry sky and entered the realm of Astral projection. I also happened to be learning a new type of spear technique——” Lu Xingkong pointed the long spear straight at Song Gudu. “I want to practice it with State minister.”

“What are you hiding?” Song Gudu still fixed a calm gaze at Lu Xingkong even if the spear was pointing right at his face. “Or, you have long known that the strange scene that day was a fight between a Dragon and Phoenix, so you hurriedly sent Li Muyang and his family to Jiangnan?”

“Please excuse me for being rude.” Lu Xingkong uttered, a blaze of red light erupted from the spear, and a purple flame was seen blazing above.

“You already knew that Li Muyang is a dragon, you were the first to know that Li Muyang is a dragon——” Song Gudu yelled. “When he was born, you already knew about the identity of Li Muyang. In order to protect him, you sent him away that night——otherwise, who would send a woman who had just given birth and a seriously ill baby all the way to Jiangnan?”

“Not only did you know that Li Muyang is a dragon——”

The flame grew fiercer and fierce, and the purple glow burst out, shrouding the entire observatory platform.

Civil court official retreated back, while Generals and soldiers drew their sword.

The West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda, under the escort of Li Fu and other people, left the observatory platform, fleeing to a distant place.

The Flying Feather Army drew back repeatedly, while the Monitor Division was the last line of defense.

“You also know——”

Powerful qi had been stored up on the Heaven Emperor spear; its fighting force had reached its peak.

“Li Muyang is your grandson——”


A loud boom resounded across the mountains, drowning Song Gudu’s low voice, and drowning all the sounds above Mist Mountain.

The sky shattered and the earth cracked, Mist Mountain quaking incessantly.



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