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472 – A glance of thousands of years!

Chapter 472: A glance of thousands of years!


He was clad in the Heavenly Emperor armour and was armed with the Heavenly Emperor spear.

As the spear was shot out, his body was also pushed by the powerful force, propelling backwards towards the sky.

At this moment Lu Xingkong was mighty and domineering, as though a deity had descended onto earth.

How could the lion that had fought a hundred wars be provoked by any cat or dog?

Of course, if it were a tiger who provoked him, then it would be a different story.  

Like a giant demon had appeared on the ground or a fickle man had broke his vows, a bolt of heavenly lightning sped over, and made sure to incinerate them into charcoal with no chance of returning.

Lu Xingkong pointed out his long spear, guiding the heavenly lightning to where Song Gudu was.


It dragged out a fiery red tail across the sky.

An eruption of white light illuminated the entire observatory platform like an illusory sun light.

The wrath of the lightning made all living beings bow their head.

As the spear was shot out, the sky and earth lost its colour.

Across Mist Mountain, all beasts were cowering in their home, their heads hanging low and afraid to look up.

The already wrecked Sword God square was buzzing again, and a huge amount of gravel tumbled down into the sword ditch that Mu Dingyi created before, producing crackling and rattling sounds from time to time.

Even those who were rushed to the foot of the mountain, terrified by the sudden clap of thunder, also looked for somewhere to hide, wailing like doomsday was about to strike.

Xumi spear!

This spear was the Dragon clan spear technique that was hidden in the little box that Li Muyang had given him.

After Lu Xingkong received this spear technique, he went into an illusionary world, where he practiced endlessly, and time and time again poured in powerful qi to activate it, allowing him to observe the mystery of the spear technique over and over again. Finally he made a breakthrough, and absorbed it for his own use.

This spear was a spear technique of the dragon clan.

This was the Dragon clan spear given to him by Li Muyang.

He knew that in a battle against a top cultivator like Song Gudu, the slightest difference could lead to a huge loss.

It may just be a small mistake, but it would be infinitely magnified and then become the fatal point of counterattack.

Therefore, he used the Xumi spear right away.

He did not know how much Song Gudu knew about the Heavenly Emperor spear, whether it was 10 percent or 90 percent or whether it was more or less.

But he would never take that risk.

What he chose to use was the Xumi spear, a spear technique of the Dragon clan, but also one that Song Gudu would definitely be unfamiliar with.

Lu Xingkong wanted to kill him in one move.

Even if there was no way he could achieve this, he wanted to use this spear to cause substantial harm to Song Gudu.


Song Gudu remained motionless.

He was still standing where he was, on the observatory platform below Lu Xingkong, who was operating the Xumi spear technique.

On top of his head, the lightning dragon’s claw was roaring over. There was the possibility of it incinerating his thin body any moment, and then tearing it to shreds.

But, it was at this moment that a smile of relief formed across his face.  

“That’s it.” Song Gudu remarked. Although none of the words he said could be heard, and he was probably the only one who could hear them.

Of course, he was just talking to himself.

The knot in his heart had been untied. He instantly felt light and relaxed.

His thoughts were unobstructed, and his consciousness was instantly cleared up.

The question that had been in his heart for many years had finally been answered today.

When he said ‘Li Muyang is your grandson’, all the mysteries were unbelievably resolved.

Li Muyang was Lu Xingkong’s grandson, while Lu Qiji was only the ‘raccoon dog’ that was swapped with the Crown prince.

Li Muyang was his grandson. Li Muyang was possessed by the Dragon Clan. Lu Xingkong knew all of this and thus exchanged his grandson for a granddaughter. And on that very night he sent the real descendant of the Lu clan to Jiangnan——

In order to protect the two servants and his seriously ill grandson, he even sent his most powerful Three souls and seven spirits to escort them.

He did not even hesitate to ask Master Ziyang, one of the seven Taoist spiritual Masters, to heal the child who was seriously ill because a dragon had penetrated his body——

For more than 10 years, the Song family had secretly and openly dispatched more than 10 masters to investigate this mater, but in the end were all killed by Taoist spiritual master Ziyang.

When the Song family dispatched a master, presumably the other families also did not stay still and do nothing. In the end, Li Muyang was still alive, not only alive and well, but also enrolled to Starry Sky Academy. He grew stronger, and finally became a formidable monster. Even Mu Dingyi of Starry Sky Academy was defeated in his hands.

To break through Taoist Spiritual Master Ziyang’s interception, only a master of his level was able to do so. It was just that the target was too great, and the slightest movement would attract the attention of countless pairs of eyes——

He couldn’t have done that crazy thing until he had determined the true identity of Li Muyang.

Unless he was ready to tear into the face of the Lu family, unless he was already to uproot the Lu family tens of years ago——

But, at that time, was the Song Family ready?

Song Gudu raised his head, casting a glance at the lightning dragon speeding over in the sky.

The whites of his eyes had completely disappeared, his black pupils instantly expanded, and his eyes had fallen into darkness, like a pitch-black night sky.

In the darkness there were specks of stars. There was a cold moon ascending.

That lightning dragon was also in the darkness.

Among the tremendous darkness, it was like a swimming silver snake, extending and moving toward the unreachable other side.


The silver snake was gone from the pupils.

The lightning dragon above Song Gudu’s head had also vanished.

The attack that Lu Xingkong launched with all his strength, not only did it not cause any damage to Song Gudu, it did not even touch his clothes.

“A glance of thousands of years.” Someone exclaimed.

“A glance of thousands of years, stretching time infinitely——In our eyes, that lightning dragon above Old immortal Song’s head may fall at any time, but in his eyes, the time of the lightning dragon’s attack had been infinitely stretched out——and then disappeared in the long river of time, no longer able to stir up any wind or waves——”

“A glance of thousands of years. It sounds mystical and mysterious, and is even more unimaginable and bizarre——It’s the ability to turn time into space, and then infinitely stretch it out——The Astral projection Realm, one can decide life and death with just a single thought——”

Lu Xingkong didn’t think that Song Gudu would so easily dissolve his attack. Moreover, what he used was the Xumi spear technique that the entire Divine continent was extremely unfamiliar with.

Could it be that, even if the gap between Song Gudu and him was only one realm or two stages, the difference in strength between them was that huge?  

Song Gudu had just tread past the Starry sky, leapt into the Astral Projection realm. His present realm should be the bottom stage of the Astral projection realm.

Lu Xingkong was at the Starry Sky realm, even if he was strengthened with the Xumi spear, he still only belonged to the middle stages of the Starry Sky realm. There was only the difference of one realm between the Starry sky and Astral projection or two stages between he and Song Gudu.

Cultivation and breaking into the next realm was like a boat going against the current. The more you climb to the top, the stronger the force when hit by the flow of water.  

The more you climb up, the harder it is.

Song Gudu already reached the high stages of the Starry Sky more than 10 years ago, and was known as the ‘Eye of the Starry Sky’. What it meant was that he was the strongest below the starry sky.

What no one knew was that it would take him more than 10 years to jump from the Starry Sky to the Astral projection realm.

He even more did not imagine that the reason why he was able to break into the next realm was because he was enlightened by the words of Li Muyang——

A glance of thousands of years was not a cultivation technique, not a sword skill, it was called a ‘miracle’.

The first spear had silently disappeared. Lu Xingkong felt incredibly sullen and unwilling to accept the result.

Could the distance between he and Song Gudu really be that great?

Lu Xingkong was unwilling.

He couldn’t give up either.

If he were to give up at this time, then Li Muyang, Lu Qingming, and the entire Lu clan that was sheltered by him, as well as the thousand year old life veins of the West Wind

Kingdom——would perish in Mist Mountain, and would be buried in the dust of history?

He was standing in midair, a spear in his right hand. He made an abrupt thrust toward the sky.

The long spear in his hand transformed into a silver flying dragon, soaring through the layers of clouds, like a real divine dragon was roaming around the Ninth Heaven.


The dragon descended from above the clouds, widening its huge mouth as it charged towards Song Gudu.

It was not just a lightning dragon; it was not just light and shadow.

It was a real gigantic dragon.

It was the dragon that was hidden in the black box.

He was summoned out by Lu Xingkong, and then sped toward Song Gudu.

Song Gudu still tilted his head, looking up, eyes wide open, pupils dark as ink, and without a trace of white in his eyes.

Inside his pupil, the giant silver dragon was darting around again.


All of a sudden there was a huge golden hand in the darkness.

The giant hand pinched the dragon’s neck, instantly applying immense force in an attempt to twist the dragon’s neck.


The body of the silver dragon was seen desperately struggling and twisting about, and its head was shaking wildly.

It wanted to break free of the clamp of the invisible giant hand, dive down to swallow the little head into its stomach.

However, no matter how hard it tried, there was no way it could break free from the giant golden hand.

The old man looked so thin, so small, yet possessed the power that could move mountains and drain seas. Any species in front of him seemed so small, and any power in front of him seemed so weak.

It was an invincible power.

A little gap in the realms could make a world of difference in a battle.

Song Gudu closed his eyes and then opened them again.


There was a snapping sound.

The head of the dragon, which was clamped by the golden hand, was broken in two.


Impacted by the strong qi, Lu Xingkong, who was flying in midair, spurted out a jet of blood, before he staggered and slammed toward the ground.




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