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473 – Take a chance!

Chapter 473: Take a chance!


“Father——” Lu Qingming leapt into the air, grabbing hold of Lu Xingkong who was about to fall.

Looking at Lu Xingkong’s deathly pale face and the blood at the corners of his mouth, he asked anxiously, “Father, how are you?”

“Don’t worry.” Lu Xingkong’s voice was hoarse, qi and blood boiling in his body, and his heart and mind were unceasingly agitated. Looking at the silver dragon in the sky that had been severed into two by a giant golden hand, he said, “No need to worry.”

“Father, withdraw from the battle, let son fight the battle for you.” Lu Qingming’s eyes were red, voice quivering with grief and indignation.

They had expected this hurdle to be extremely difficult to get through.

However, no one had thought that it would be this hard. The opponent wanted to kill the entire Lu family to the last one, capture them all in one go

Li Muyang was seriously wounded by them, exhausted to the point that he couldn’t stand up, and even now they were still accusing him as being part of the Dragon Clan.

Now, it was his father’s turn——did they want to kill his father, too?  

Li Muyang couldn’t die. Li Muyang was the hope of the Lu family.

His Father can’t die, either. His Father was the backbone of the Lu family.

So, he would die in their place.

If the Lu family had to abandon a human life on this Mist Mountain, then Lu Qingming hoped it would be his life.

Only then would he be willing to accept this worst outcome but the best result.

“No.” Lu Xingkong’s voice was deep like a tiger’s roar. “Cultivation is similar to climbing a mountain. The closer you are to the top of the mountain, the more difficult it is to climb. The tiniest gap of difference in cultivation realm will be reflected. There is not that much difference between him and I, but there was still nothing I could do. Your realm is too far away from his, I fear you will be defeated in his hands after but one round.”

“But Father——”

“No need to say anymore, I don’t agree.” Lu Xingkong lowered his voice to a whisper. “Qingming, Promise me one thing.”  

“Father, just say it——whatever it is, I will promise you. Lu Qingming, holding onto Lu Xingkong’s body, slowly landed on the ground, and reached out to transfer his essential qi into his body to help balance Lu Xingkong’s body of qi as well as to recover quickly.

“Don’t waste your strength.” Lu Xingkong stopped him. “You need to save these strength to do something important.”

“Father, what do you want me to do?”

Lu Xingkong swept his eyes over to the battle platform. From the beginning to now, he had been continuously making a move, but Song Gudu was still standing there motionless.

On the basis of this, it was already clear of how terrifying the gap between the two was.

In the face of an even more powerful force that one was unable to contend with, that helplessness and sullen feeling deep in one’s heart were difficult to make known to others.

“In a moment when Song Gudu and I are fighting, find a way to escape with Li Muyang.” Lu Xingkong said in a low voice. “Don’t go home, the farther you go, the better——”

“What does Father mean——” Lu Qingming looked terrified.  

“It started early.” Lu Xingkong drew a deep breath. “Song Gudu has suddenly stepped into the Astral projection realm, and immediately launched an attack at our Lu family. It seems he is already impatient. The situation is so chaotic that it is necessary to bring them away immediately. Otherwise I’m afraid it’ll be too late.”

“Is it really that dangerous?” Lu Qingming said unbelievably. “Is it really that easy for them to uproot a family of thousands of year old?”

“If they were just after my Lu family, the situation would be a little more simple.” Lu Xingkong stated with a worried face. “They are after even more.”

“Now – is it really——the best time?” Lu Qingming murmured.

Lu Xingkong fixed his eyes on the high platform. “If I were Song Gudu, I would also make the same choice as him. There is no better time than today.”

“But Father——”  

“Remember what I said. No matter what, find a way to flee with Li Muyang.” Lu Xingkong repeated, worried that Lu Qingming’s softhearted nature would ruin the plan. “Xiao Yu’s side, I’ve already made some arrangements. When your side have fled, they will also act at the same time——Go, the further the better. Go to Wind City. Follow the strategy we discussed earlier.”

“Yes, Father.” Lu Qingming said, biting his teeth. “But, father, what about you?”

“I have a way to escape.” Lu Xingkong said sternly. “Because Song Gudu has stepped into the Astral projection realm, it really ruined some of our deployment, making things worse to our already bad situation——but, in the end, there will be a solution.”

Lu Xingkong pushed Lu Qingming away, shook off the dust on him, soared, and once again leapt to stand in front of Song Gudu.

“You’ve handled your future arrangements?” Song Gudu said aloud.

“What does this remark mean? I don’t understand.” Lu Xingkong’s face was devoid of expression. Even if the two consecutive attacks had failed, he would not change his countenance even if Mt Tai collapses right before his eyes.

“If I were you, the first thing I would do is to get Lu Qingming and his people to flee Mist mountain with Li Muyang, and run as far as possible——” Song Gudu said indifferently, those muddled eyes seemed to have the ability to see through the human heart and the affairs of the world.

“Why should I tell Lu Qingming to run away with Li Muyang?”

“Because if they don’t leave, they most likely won’t be able to leave later.” Song Gudu said very frankly.

“The Eye of the Starry sky can oversee the starry sky, all affairs of the world is under your control——even if I tell them to escape now, would they have a chance to survive?”

“A mouse kept in a closed iron cage will know to search around for a hole that it could escape from the cage——let alone a human? Human have seven emotions and six desires, how would they not take a chance?”

“Do you think you’ll be able to kill me? Do you really think I will die here today?”

“That’s exactly why I’m here.” Song Gudu stood still, black robe billowed and fluttered out behind him. The snow was falling again, at the same of it covering up all things the two exceptional masters on the battle platform were also shrouded in it. “If that’s not the case, why would I be involved in this farce? Xingkong, I know you received a gift from Li Muyang on your birthday. It was a remarkable spear technique called ‘Xumi spear’——”  

“That is the spear I just used.”

Song Gudu nodded.

His eyes were gentle, and with some sincerity, saying softly, “if that spear wasn’t so powerful, you would not have the courage to challenge me? Come on, bring out your most powerful strength. I haven’t fought with anyone in years. I hope today I met an opponent that deserves respect——”

“In that case——” Lu Xingkong once again lifted up the Heavenly Emperor spear. “As you wish.

The Lookout Pavilion of Mist Mountain.

At the beginning of the great battle, West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda was brought here for protection by the many subordinates and guards around him.

Looking at the battle platform in the distance, Chu Xianda seemed extremely distressed.

“Still water Old immortal Mu Dingyi has already fallen in the previous battle. Adding to this the West Wind Sword God Mu Yubai was wounded by Li Muyang. The Kingdom has lost many pillars. If any unexpected accident were to happen to Elder Song and Xingkong, the foundation of the Kingdom will weaken, and the country will most likely be shaken——”  

“Besides, Elder Song has just stepped into the Astral Projection realm. You are an immortal-like being, why argue with a mortal over some insignificant matters? This battle should stop.”

“Your Majesty——” Cui Xichen interrupted. “The battle has already begun, battle intent has been stirred up, is it not a bad time to stop the battle?”

“Why not?” Chu Xianda said coldly. “Don’t tell me you want to wait until Elder Song or Defense minister had fallen before this battle can be stopped? Everyone here can see that Elder Song is stronger, the outcome of the battle is already known. But if the battle continues, it’s a battle of death. It is really not what I want to see, nor is it the blessing of West Wind.”

Chu Xianda turned to look at Li Fu, shouting in an unyielding tone. “Li Fu, I order you to immediately go pass on the words——say it is the Emperor’s order to put a stop to the battle.”

Li Fu bowed, saying awkwardly: “Your Majesty, isn’t that too difficult for me. Old Slave, I, is just a slave, even if I went over there the two ministers won’t listen——”

“You old dog——” Chu Xianda snapped, “You dare to disobey my order?”

Li Fu smiled more bitterly, “Your Majesty, it is not Old slave, I, who want to disobey Your Majesty, but that——the two ministers will not listen to your order.”

The rage on Chu Xianda’s face deepened into purplish red as he repeatedly kicked Li Fu’s body.

“You slave——have you eaten the guts of a leopard——” Chu Xianda fumed. “You dare to disobey my order? Do you believe that I will cut you up into pieces later?”

Hearing Chu Xianda’s words, Li Fu suddenly straightened up his back.

After all these years, he finally stood up straight in front of this man, and was able to look at him in the eye.  

Li Fu, with a mocking and relieved smile, spoke in a tone of unspeakable sympathy, “Your Majesty, you did have the power to chop me up into pieces before——but I’m afraid it will be difficult to do so in the future?”

The unbearable expression on Chu Xianda’s face became more unbearable, and then he began to calm down.

He stared at Li Fu, saying: “You’re one of them?”

“I hope that Your Majesty will allow it.” Li Fu gave a cupped fist salute and said with a smile.

“Hahaha——” Chu Xianda laughed wildly, until his face went red and was breathless. “Old dog, I have long known that there are his people around me, I just didn’t expect the person, that person to be you——it is unexpectedly you——”




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