Chapter 474: Prince Fu’s rebellion!


Tiandu. Lu residence.

Gongsun Yu, who was sitting on the main chair of the main hall, looked like the head of the household guarding this huge family.

Little fatty Lu Tianyu was sitting up straight at his mother’s side, even if his mind was on the battle happening on Mist Mountain. However, he could not leave the house. The only thing he could do was to accompany his mother, stay at her side——His mother was extremely strict with him, and he would be punished if she saw that he was sitting in a hunched position.

The requirement of etiquette in noble families was almost harsh.

Lu Tianyu did not understand why his mother would not let him go out?

It was said that the entire Tiandu had gone to watch the battle of the century——Even Old immortal of Still water was there. It was the greatest event in decades.

Moreover, on the other side of the duel was Li Shinian’s older brother, who Lu Tianyu saw as his own brother. Also he was the one who saved his father’s life. He was the saviour of the Lu family, but also Lu Tianyu’s saviour.

There was a proverb in Tiandu: ‘Children with father are like treasures, children without dads are weeds’.

He couldn’t help trembling at the thought of the miserable days he would have if he lost his father.

Deep down in his heart, he was respectful and fond of Li Muyang.

It was just that he didn’t like the appearance of Li Muyang.

What kind of man did not have a few pounds of fat on his body? Lu Tianyu was quite satisfied with his chubby figure.

Moreover, Li Muyang was so good-looking, like a woman——and not at all manly.  

A man should be like his grandfather and father, like Uncle Li and Uncle Meng——

With the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear, and beard all over his face.  

One more thing he couldn’t figure out was that Li Shinian and her family, who lived in the back courtyard of the Lu residence, had all of a sudden all disappeared. Besides Li Muyang, who had to have a duel with Mu Dingyi, the others had all left Tiandu without anybody knowing.

“Why did you leave?”

“You should have at least said goodbye?”

“What actually happened?”

Lu Tianyu did not know what kind of secret lies behind these matters, but since he was born into the rich and powerful Lu family it was no surprise that his political acumen was extremely high. He knew that a disaster was coming. And the Lu family was at a position where the wind and the waves would be the fiercest.

The housekeeper of the Lu residence was constantly going in and out, bringing the latest news to Gongsun Yu.

“Madam, the battle has already begun, Mu Dingyi’s offense is fierce, but the strength of Young Master Muyang is not weak either——”

“Madam——good news, Young Master Muyang defeated Mu Dingyi, and Mu Dingyi died on the spot——”

“Madam, the Song family’s old grandfather Song Gudu has appeared. The situation seems unfavourable to Young Master Muyang——and some people saied that Young Master Muyang is a dragon. How would Young Master Muyang be a dragon? How can there be dragons in the Divine continent?”

Gongsun Yu’s face flickered between joy and worry.

When she heard the good news of Li Muyang, her face was radiant and lit up with excitement.

When she heard that Li Muyang was in crisis, her face was worried and distraught.

In Lu Tianyu’s heart, his mother was a gentle, dignified and calm woman. But, for some reason her mood had fluctuated too much today——as though the man in the duel was her son.  

However, Lu Tianyu was also clear that Li Muyang was his Father’s saviour. His father trusted him greatly and his mother was incredibly grateful towards him. Even his usually stern grandfather had a smile on his face when he saw him——

“Could it be that Mother really treats him like her own son?” Lu Tianyu speculated in his mind. He was initially jealous and uneasy at the thought that another man was taking away the love and status that belonged to him.

But when he thought about Li Muyang’s help to the Lu family and his desperate struggle against the old monster who had made a name for him for decades, and that he could be killed at any moment, he felt that Li Muyang was actually quite pitiful.

Looking at his mother growing more worried because of Song Gudu’s sudden appearance, Lu Tianyu moved over and gently rubbed her shoulders. “Mother, don’t worry, brother Muyang will be fine, Grandfather and Father will also be fine——”  

“Tianyu——” Gongsun Yu clenched her little son’s hand, looked at his sincere chubby face, and murmured, “It’s all right. It’s going to be okay. Everybody’s going to be okay.”

“Yes.” Lu Tianyu nodded firmly and smiled: “Brother Muyang is so powerful, he even killed Mu Dingyi, he must be the strongest in Tiandu, nobody can beat him.”

Gongsun Yu shook her head and then nodded again.

She knew in her heart that Song Gudu was not Mu Dingyi. Moreover, the butler had just come to report that Song Gudu had stepped into the Astral Projection realm and was now officially the strongest of West Wind Kingdom.

Someone who had just treaded past the Starry sky had gone to Mist Mountain to find Li Muyang. Can Li Muyang withstand this onslaught? Can the Lu family survive this tribulation?  

However, she did not want Lu Tianyu to bear the same suffering and worries as her.

She clenched Lu Tianyu’s chubby hand and said aloud, “Yes, your brother is the strongest in West Wind. Nobody can beat him.”

At this moment, there was a commotion at the door of the small courtyard.

The housekeeper of the Lu household was scampering over, shouting, “Madam, not good, not good——the Qilin army is heading towards our Lu residence, trying to surround us.”


Gongsun Yu jerked up and shouted, “How dare they do that——who gave them the order?”

“The man leading the Qilin army is General Song Lang——”

“The Song Family.” Gongsun Yu’s eyes grew cold, anger spreading out.

However, she knew that when the family was in danger, and her Father-in-law and her husband were not at home. She had to stay calm. “Did they say anything? It is a great crime to have the army besiege the Defense minister residence for no reason. Don’t tell me they want to plot a rebellion?”

“Madam, General Li of the City Patrol has gone to talk to them, and General Li asked me to pass on the message to Madam, saying that she should prepare for the worst——”  

“Prepare for the worst——” Gongsun Yu’s heart abruptly sank. She pondered for a long while, before she resolutely issued the order: “Begin to carry out the ‘Spring Breeze’ plan.”

The housekeeper looked shocked, “Madam——”

“Immediately carry it out.”

“Yes. Madam.” With a shocked and frightened expression, the housekeeper took a deep look at Gongsun Yu and then walked heavily toward the outside.  

A clan of thousands of years, the mansion of the Lu family, would it——would it collapse, just like that?

At the door of the Lu residence.  

Two teams stood opposite each other in confrontation. The first team wore light blue-green armour, on warhorse and wielded long blades. They were the elites of the City patrol led by General Li Kefeng.

The other team was clad in heavy red armour, armed with long spears and imperial swords. It was the Qilin army of the Kingdom, which only carried out special mission, and was led by the jade-faced General Song Lang.

Li Kefeng was sitting astride a large horse at the forefront of the team.

His face darkened, and it almost seemed that fire was about to spew out from his eyes.

“Song Lang, have you gone crazy? Do you know what you’re doing? You are not complying with the imperial orders. Without the tiger tally you dare to mobilise the Qilin army in the capital city. You really have gone too far, you dare tell them to attack the official residence of Defense Minister——Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Who says I don’t have the imperial order? Who says I don’t have the tiger tally?” Song Lang had inherited the Song family’s good genes, his jade face was flawless and his eyes were clear and bright. Wearing a set of red armour, he looked majestic, awe-inspiring and incredibly charming.

“Where’s the imperial decree? Where’s the tiger tally?”  

“The imperial decree was issued by His Majesty, who dares to fake it? As for the tiger tally, because it is an urgent matter I came out too hastily, so forgot to bring it out. However, I have sent someone back to retrieve it. It will arrive in a minute——”

“You do not have the imperial decree nor the Tiger tally, yet you secretly dispatched the Qilin army to besiege the official mansion of the Defense minister, this is a crime of rebellion——” The volume of Li Kefeng’s voice suddenly raised, bellowing to the Qilin army: “Song Lang intends to rebel, do you also want to follow him to rebel? Everybody, think about it. Even if you don’t think for yourself, think about your families——”

Song Lang sneered. The way he looked at Li Kefeng made him emit a condescending feeling, as if he was looking down at Li Kefeng.

This was one of the characteristics of the Song family. Their deep family background and profound knowledge made them look down on and despise all living beings.

There was no suspicion.

There was no movement.

The Qilin army was in unison, all looking at their General Song Lang with a look of reverence.

They believed every word that Song Lang said, and they would follow every order of Song Lang.

Ever since the first Emperor founded the West Wind Kingdom, the commander in chief of the Qilin Army had always been appointed and held by someone of the Song family. This was not so much the Qiilin army of the West Wind Kingdom, but rather Qilin army of the Song family.

Obviously, Song Lang also had plenty of confidence in his control of the Qilin army.

He looked at Li Kefeng with a cold look on his face and sneered, “General Li, you are also a military man, and have fought in many battles and war. Don’t you know that suspicions between General and soldiers is a big taboo?”

“The General is the soul of an army. If a few words could make your City Patrol Division go against you then does that not prove you, the General, has failed? In the same way, if your false accusations could make the Qilin army betray me, then that proves that I, Song Lang, is incompetent. I deserve to lose this battle and deserve to die.”

“It seems that your Song family is determined to commit treason. Since you are so resolute on dying, then don’t blame me not being polite——” Li Kefeng said aloud.


Li Kefeng’s sword flashed out the sheath, pointing to Song Lang in front. “As long as I am around, no one will take a step near Defense minister’s residence. City Patrol, listen to order, if someone dares step across this boundary, kill with lawful authority.”

“Yes.” The soldiers of City patrol drew their knife in unison and shouted.  

With a sarcastic smile tugging the corners of his mouth, Song Lang sneered, “When did the City patrol division have such awe-inspiring authority? You’re just a few city gate bailiffs who arrest thieves and rogues. That’s all. Do you serious think you’re a master of hundreds of battle?”

Li Kefeng’s face was distorted with rage, darkening to a deep red.

He was originally a General responsible for guarding a strategic frontier town with innumerable soldiers under his command. However, because he was a person of Lu Xingkong, and Lu Xingkong was pushed aside on the Kingdom’s imperial court, he and other closely related troops were transferred back to Tiandu from the army. 原

Although Lu Xingkong did everything he could to arrange a good post for them——But how could the City Patrol Division be compared to the armed forces on the frontier of the Kingdom?

Of course, it was extremely difficult to hold any military power in the imperial capital. A number of his military colleagues in the military had been placed into civilian posts. That would be worse than death for him.

“Soldiers can be killed, but not humiliated.” Li Kefeng, although was choking with rage, he remained calm in the tense situation and boosted the morale of his soldiers with the help of Song Lang’s words. “The outcome is unknown, the City patrol is prepared to fight till death.”

“Prepared to fight till death.” The elites of the City patrol roared in fury.

They had all heard the words of Song Lang. Everybody were fuming rage, and after Li Kefeng’s incitement, they were itching to charge over and kill to their heart’s content.

Song Lang’s face suddenly grew solemn, his arrogant and conceited thoughts fading.

He originally wanted to call the City patrol Division ‘city gate bailiffs’ to impact their morale, make them fear, and quickly settle this battle.

But Li Che had unexpectedly took advantage of this and found a flaw to counterattack. Not only did their intentions not succeed, but the morale and battle strength of the City patrol division had greatly soared.

Song Lang was able to feel the rage and killing intent of the city patrol soldiers when they roared, but no one could stop the Qilin Army.

Because they were the army of the victors.


Song Lang pulled out the sword hanging at his waist, bellowing: “Qilin army, charge.”


The Qilin Army soldiers raised their long spears and stormed towards the City patrol.


Li Kefeng took the lead, spurred the horse forward, waving his long sword.

The battle was ignited with one touch.

The blue-green City patrol and the Red Qilin Army clashed. Their roar shook the sky, and their flesh and blood splattered about————




“Li Fu, Li Fu, I have always said that you’re a good dog——you are indeed a good dog, just not my dog, but a good dog that others have placed beside me——”

Chu Xianda bellowed with indignant laughter.

He had no idea that chamberlain Li Fu was also their man.

He had always regarded him as a confidant, handing him his most confidential affairs to him to take care of, and placing his greatest power in his hands.  

How many times had he discussed with him which subjects were useful, which subjects were disloyal. And how many nights was he standing there pouring tea while he was discussing secret matters with his core subjects.

At that time, he thought he was a natural chasm between him and the outside world.

It was only now that Chu Xianda understood that Li Fu was a spy, a traitor.  He was their chess piece that knew him inside out, the trump card in their plot.

The more he thought the more annoyed he was, the more he spoke the angrier he was.

“You old dog, you old dog——” Chu Xianda pointed to Li Fu’s face, fingers shivering, and let out a mournful roar, “I will kill you, I will kill your whole family, slaughter your whole clan——”

Li Fu made a deep bow to Chu Xianda, “Old slave must thank our Majesty for your trust all these years of, but one can’t always do as one like on the imperial court. Old slave has indeed let Your Majesty down. But, Your Majesty, Old slave is just a pawn. When Old slave, I, was placed to serve the late emperor, my fate today had already been decided——”

“Everyone has their own corresponding position. Your Majesty is the supreme ruler, the son of the heavens. You wield absolute power and have the power to control the lives and deaths of countless people. But, Your Majesty, old slave, I, had no other choice. My fate had already been decided decades ago——I was one of their people before, and even if decades had passed, I am still their people. Even if I wanted to jump ship, the previous ship will also not allow me. Wouldn’t Your Majesty also treat Old slave, I, as trash?”

“It makes sense. It really makes sense——” Chu Xianda’s eyes blazed with killing intent, bellowing, “White bear, kill that old dog Li Fu.”

“Yes, Your majesty.” There was a buzzing noise.

A white figure appeared behind Li Fu, raising a bronze battleaxe in his hand and aiming it at Li Fu’s head.

The giant axe was burning with dark yellow flames. This person, who was born with incredibly strength and pure essential qi, was a human shield-like person at Chu Xianda’s side.

He was at the forefront of every assault and when charging and breaking through the enemy lines. He was someone that Chu Xianda trusted absolutely.


Black smoke filled the air, shrouding White bear’s tall and burly body.

By the time the black smoke had dissipated, White bear’s tremendous body had become bony, his hair dried up, his muscles shrunk, and the giant that was alive before had become lifeless.

Behind him stood a short little person.

“Black Fly——” Chu Xianda’s stared at the small and ugly person with a face of shocked disbelief. “Even you——”

The little hand of Black fly left White Bear’s chest area, where he had burnt a hole.

“Your Majesty——”With an expressionless face, Black fly gave a cupped fist salute to Chu Xianda, “Please excuse me.”


“Older Brother, don’t get angry——” Prince Fu came over with a smile across his face, looking at Chu Xianda with a complacent and arrogant face. “If you’re angry it will affect your health, and wouldn’t that be a good thing to me?”

“Prince Fu——” Chu Xianda gnashed his teeth and glowered at Prince Fu. “It’s you——I didn’t think it would be you——”


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