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477 – Why?

Chapter 477: Why?


The wind was sharp like a blade, the moon curved like a drawn back bow.

Hu hu——

The cold wind sighed in the ears, and sparkling snowflakes were incessantly falling on the shoulders of people. Then they were instantly swept away by the cold wind without leaving a trace.

Carrying Li Muyang in his arms, Lu Qingming sped towards the north of Mist Mountain.

East of Mist Mountain was the capital city, which Lu Qingming obviously had no intention to return to. He brought Li Muyang to flee to the northern border of the Kingdom.

After Xianyang city, Han city, and then through the cold valley, they would eventually reach the birthplace of the Lu family——Wind city.

Li Muyang had heard Lu Qingming talk about the history of the Lu family before, and although he wondered why Lu Qingming told him this, it was also because of this that he knew where Wind City was located.

When Li Muyang saw the direction of where they were heading, he knew that Lu Qingming was taking him to Wind city.

“But what about the Lu family?” Li Muyang thought in his mind.

As a safety measure, Li Muyang had already sent his parents and sister to the far away Wind City; they should be safe for the time being.

But the Lu family did not leave at the same time. Gongsun Yu and Lu Tianyu as well as other core figures of the Lu family were still left behind in the Lu mansion of Tiandu when Li Muyang left for his duel against Mu Dingyi on Mist Mountain.

Of course, at that time no one thought the situation would develop into such a state——Who would have thought that a clan of thousands of years old would fall apart so easily?

If Grandfather Lu died and Uncle Lu couldn’t go back to protect his family because he had to take him to safety, then the Lu would be massacred, and Aunt Gongsun and Lu Tianyu——what sort of fate would they face?

With this thought, Li Muyang’s heart felt heavy.

But he couldn’t say anything now, and couldn’t ask, because they were running for their life and the pursuers that had been sent by the traitors were following closely behind them and would catch up immediately if there were careless.

On their way, they had already gone through more than 10 rounds of battle.

Li Muyang was out of strength. Lu Qingming was severely injured. If it were not for Snowball and the Red wolf’s tenacious struggles and fierce fighting along the way, Li Muyang and Lu Qingming most likely would have been killed by the powerful pursuers.


Lu Qingming swooped down toward the depths of a jungle of a mountain peak. As a result of the cold winter weather, the leaves had withered and fallen, and the branches were covered in heavy snow and icicles. It resembled a white jade mountain, crystal clear, beautiful and magnificent.

Of course no one had the mood to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the mountain at this time.

Lu Qingming flicked his sleeve, clearing away the accumulated snow and ice on a flat boulder. Li Muyang could even feel a warm heat coming from under the butt.

Li Muyang knew that Uncle Lu was worried that he would be cold so specially heated the boulder, leaving a strong force on it to keep him warm.

Lu Qingming thought that the physically weak Li Muyang would not have any resistance. However, Li Muyang was still in a state where dragon blood was boiling and did not feel cold at all.

Of course, Li Muyang could not tell this to Lu Qingming, otherwise there would be even more explaining to do.

Li Muyang landed, followed by Snowball and the Red Wolf at the same time.

Snowball, like a mischievous baby, was darting around the jungle, chasing the fluttering snowflakes, making ‘chirping’ noises.

However, the wound on it was still shocking, and seemed like it wouldn’t heal for a while——

In order to protect Li Muyang, Snowball had taken on a full strength sword attack of Mu Dingyi. Even if the composition of its body was an energy body, it was still affected by the sword qi and seriously wounded

As the Red wolf landed, Li Muyang cast a glance at him and he immediately understood Li Muyang’s meaning. He landed on a raised boulder and took charge of keeping watch.  

After Lu Qingming had set Li Muyang down on the flat boulder, he reached out to check Li Muyang’s pulse. “The breathing is steady, but the qi and blood are dry and hot, it shouldn’t be a big deal.”

Li Muyang reassured, “Uncle Lu, I’m fine——”

“I’m glad.” Lu Qingming smiled. However, the smile was extremely bitter and troubled.

Thinking of Lu Xingkong who was facing Song Gudu when they left, the two felt anxious, depressed, and extremely worried, but still tried hard to not let each other see the worry on their faces.

It was as if the two were carefully keeping a secret, and as long as the secret was not known Lu Xingkong would never die——They were afraid to touch the answer to this question. They were afraid that their own sensitivity would result in the other side feeling grief and indignance.

“Let’s take a break here.” Lu Qingming said aloud. Standing on the edge of the cliff, he studied the surroundings. “They shouldn’t be able to find us so soon.”

Li Muyang nodded. Noticing the wounds all over Lu Qingming he suggested: “Uncle Lu, you should treat your injuries——”

Li Muyang fumbled out a small white medicine bottle from his bosom and handed it over. “This is a thousand-year-old Snake King ointment that I found in a cave. It has wonderful effects on wounds——”

In order to prepare a gift for Lu Xingkong on his birthday, Li Muyang specially went to a dragon cave not too far away from Tiandu, where he found the ‘Xumi spear’ box, and of course brought back some other essential items. The thousand-year-old Snake King ointment was one of them. No matter how deep the wound was, as long as there was no injury to the heart and soul, it had the ability to bring someone back to life.

Dragons inherently had strong flesh and strong muscles, but that did not mean they would not be injured, thus Li Muyang specially brought back this healing ointment.

Li Muyang’s wealth was comparable to that of a country. It would be good if he could live to enjoy it.

Sadly, he hasn’t had a chance to enjoy what the Black Dragon had left for him until now.

Lu Qingming did not refuse, receiving the Snake King ointment from Li Muyang’s hands.

He knelt down on the ground, took off his upper outer garment, exposing his strong and stocky body.  

Both the back and the front chest were riddled with scars. There were a few bone-deep sword wounds, the flesh was mutilated, and blood was flowing steadily. It was an extremely hideous sight.

Fortunately, Lu Qingming had a deep martial foundation, which allowed him to fly thousands of miles carrying Li Muyang despite his severe injuries. If he was an ordinary person, he would be dead already.

Lu Qingming took off the bottle cap and smeared the powder inside onto the wounds. Following a burst of cool sensation, the wound site began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Lu Qingming, with an astounded expression, exclaimed, “This is comparable to the replenishing pill of Buddhism and the restoring talisman of Taoism——”

“I inadvertently obtained it.” Li Muyang stated.

Lu Qingming looked at Li Muyang, lips moving like he wanted to ask something, but in the end simply let out a sigh.

Li Muyang also tensed up when he saw his expression, feeling unceasingly nervous. He knew that he wanted to ask his real background. He knew he wanted to ask if he was a dragon——Chu Xun had said that he was a dragon, and Song Gudu also had said he was a dragon. Moreover, in order to not let Song Gudu test his identity, Grandfather Lu did not hesitate to fight with his life——It was reasonable for Uncle Lu to have such suspicions.   

“Uncle Lu——” Li Muyang looked at Lu Qingming, asking: “What’s the situation in Tiandu?”

“I don’t know.” Lu Qingming shook his head, the worries on his face deepening.  

“They won’t be——”  

“As long as Father is alive, they won’t be. If Father’s died, they will.” Lu Qingming knew what Li Muyang wanted to ask and answered bluntly.

“I hope Grandfather Lu is safe.” Li Muyang murmured.

Lu Qingming looked distraught.

He didn’t want to touch on the topic, but he wasn’t as optimistic as Li Muyang.

Li Muyang was at the lower stages of the High Mountain, yet defeated Mu Dingyi of the Starry sky realm. This kind of success was a miracle in the eyes of martial artists.

In the cultivation of martial arts, there was a saying that the gap of one realm was equal to a world of difference. The difference in realms was like the distance between the heavens, and

Given this fact, Li Muyang’s identity was even more suspicious——

Facing the extraordinary sword skills of Mu Dingyi, he was able to escape in one piece. Who else but the Dragon that was born a demi god could create a legend like that?

“He will certainly be fine.”  Lu Qingming stated out loud.

Li Muyang looked at Lu Qingming and urged, “Uncle, you should go back.”

“Go back? Go where?”

“Tiandu.” Li Muyang said in a loud voice. “Back to Tiandu, and stay together with Aunt Gongsun and Tianyu. They need you at this time——you are the future of the Lu clan, the hope of the Lu family. If you aren’t by their side at this time, I’m worried that——”

Li Muyang couldn’t continue.

His wife and children had encountered difficulties, his family was in a disaster, and may be killed by traitors at any time.

Lu Qingming was the pillar of the Lu clan, the husband of Aunt Gongsun, the father of Lu Tianyu. At this time, he should be there to take care of them, to protect them.

Li Muyang had indeed saved Lu Qingming’s life before, but he had already done too much for him, an outsider——  

Moreover, there was a thing that Li Muyang was deeply worried about. In order to protect him, Grandfather Lu had clashed with the old monster Song Gudu, and if he tragically died——then Li Muyang would feel guilty his entire life.  

“I can’t go.” Lu Qingming shook his head and refused. “I can see that the main target of their pursuit is you. If I leave you at this time, how can you defend yourself against the imperial masters and the hawks and hounds of the Song and Cui families? How can you withstand? How can you flee?”

“Uncle Lu——We have run so far already, they won’t necessarily be able to find our hiding place. Besides, I have Snowball and the Wolf King with me, and as long as you I am careful, they shouldn’t be able to find me——”

“But Aunt Gongsun, Tianyu and the others are not the same, they are in the capital, trapped in the enemy camp. There may be enemies in all directions——”  

“Before this, we had already made some arrangements. Moreover, the three spirits and seven souls are in the house, responsible for protecting them. And if the situation is critical, they should be able to rescue them in time——”

Lu Qingming lifted his head to look at the sky, but because the snow had filled the sky, the sky was a huge expanse of whiteness and it was not easy to estimate the time.

“Now, they most likely have evacuated?”


“There’s no but.”

“Uncle Lu——” Li Muyang’s eyes were glistening with gratitude. “Why do you take care of me?”

“Because——” Lu Qingming’s lips trembled, words stuck in his throat, and he did not know how to express it. “Because——”




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