Chapter 479: The might of the Wolf Army!





Every move was unusually difficult, each step felt incomparably heavy.

As Cui Jian had just said, Yan Xiangma was friends with Li Muyang when he was in Jiangnan.

No matter what Li Muyang thinks, at least this was what Yan Xiangma felt. Because except for Li Muyang, he didn’t have many friends that he could open his heart to, though he did had quite a lot of friends that he could drink with.

Otherwise, he would had exposed Li Muyang’s identity the last time he saw him at the city gate of Tiandu, otherwise he wouldn’t have helped Li Muyang take care of his family when he went away to study at Starry Sky Academy.

Of course, he mainly wanted to help him take care of his sister.

Yan Xiangma knew that the Lu family had took care of Li Muyang, also knew that Li Muyang and Li Shinian were grateful to the Lu family.

If he were to kill Gongsun Yu, kill Lu Tianyu——how would Li Muyang and Li Shinian think of him?

But if he didn’t kill them, how would Cui Jian be satisfied? How would he explain himself to the Cui family?

In the stormy seas of the officialdom, there was great danger at every step.

When Chu Xianda took his hand and said a few words to him, he thought that it was a private chat between the two, it was a secret from the bottom of the heart and would not pass to anybody’s ears.

However, when he told his paternal grandfather about the matter the next day and went to his see his maternal grandfather together, his Grandfather was aware of this and smiled to Yan Xiangma telling him to not care about the matter——

At that moment, he saw that his paternal grandfather’s face was as pale as dying embers, and was repeatedly apologising to his maternal grandfather.

He also knew that the cracks between the Cui and Yan families had been generated by his hesitation.

Now, Chu Xianda had died, the Emperor had been replaced.  

The Cui family had made the greatest contribution to this coup besides the Song family, and the benefit that the Cui family would receive would be the greatest. Moreover, if the Lu family fell from power as a result, the benefits left by the Lu family will be divided among the Song Family, Cui family and a few old guys in the military.

There was no doubt that the Cui family was now the second strongest family in West Wind. Even the strength of the royal Chu clan had been greatly reduced by this coup, and can only be rank behind the Cui family——and, of course, Prince Fu would not care about this.

The Yan family must repair its relationship with the Cui family, must board the huge ship of the Cui family, and must get a slice of the benefits of this coup. Otherwise, the Yan family would be trampled on, slowly sink and then reduced to a second-tier aristocratic family.

Until it is destroyed or eradicated, just like the Lu clan.

This was something that everyone of the Yan family and Yan Xiangma did not want to see.


Yan Xiangma slowly moved forward.

With every step he took, there was a sense of moving closer to an iceberg.

Yes, the silent black-armoured men, the mounted soldiers of the Wolf Army in black armour and wolf mask did not say a word, simply stood there quietly, like a magnificent mountain, majestic, towering, and icy-cold with a murderous spirit.


Yan Xiangma’s footsteps came to a halt.


He drew his sword, letting the edge of the blade face the Wolf Army soldiers standing together in a tight square-shaped formation.  

“Madam Lu, have you been well?” Yan Xiangma asked looking at the black carriage.

No one answered.

With a bitter smile curving his lips, Yan Xiangma, looked at the Wolf Army. “When I was a child, I already knew about the might and prestige of the Wolf Army. You triumphed in every battle and won every fight and are the Gods of death on the battlefield. You are all elites of the imperial military, heroes in the minds of the West Wind citizen. You have fought on the frontier, protected the border area, and defended the country’s territory. Older cousin and I deeply admire the Wolf army, and if not necessary, I really do not want to face you in battle——”

“That’s correct.” Cui Jian looked at the mysterious and mighty Wolf Army, persuading in a loud and clear voice, “Defense minister Lu has already fallen on Mist mountain, you are now without a Master, why not put down the weapons and join the Cui family——Our Cui family will certainly not treat you unfairly——I, Cui Jian promise on my honor——”


At that moment, there was strange feeling in Yan Xiangma’s heart.

He sensed that the iceberg was burning. He felt the ice water was boiling.

He sensed that the exhaustion of the Wolf Army was wiped away, their fighting power soared, and killing intent was rapidly rising.

It was as though they had changed to another group of people, or rather like a group of people had turned into a herd of beasts, a pack of truly immortal wolves.

There were hundreds of black-armoured soldiers, hundred pairs of eyes.

The hundred pairs of eyes were clouded with blood mist, like a group of monsters was about to pounce over and fight to death.

The voice of the leader of the Wolf army was gloomy and hoarse, like a wild ghost coming out of hell.

“Wolf Brothers, General has died in battle——”

“Kill.” The hundreds of wolf army soldiers raised their blades into the air, hissing and roaring.

“If General lives, the Wolf Army live. If General dies, the Wolf Army also dies.”


The Wolf army leader pulled a tremendous sabre free of its sheath, the tip pointing to where the three-headed snake censorate officials of the Monitor Division were.

“Kill.” The leader of the Wolf Army took the lead, spurring the horse to full speed, brandishing the saber in his hand, and charged forward.

“Kill.” The hundreds of Wolf army soldiers followed closely behind, launching suicidal attacks at Cui Jian and Yan Xiangma and other censorate officials.

In the wilderness, among the mountains.

People were howling, blood was burning.

Even the ice-cold moon hid behind the clouds and no longer dared to look at the tragedy of the fight——


Yan Xiangma was gasping for breath.

Too fierce, the soldiers of the Wolf army were too fierce.

They had the advantage based on number and had Cui Jian and a number of other top masters with them, yet their attacks had repeatedly failed. Adding to this, the Wolf Army had broken through the encirclement several times, which they thought the Wolf Army would take the chance to escape, but unexpectedly they turned the horse around and charged back.

The black carriage was still there, thus they would not flee.

Yan Xiangma could see that these elite had decided on death after hearing about the death of Lu Xingkong.

They charged again and again, rushed out through the line of besiegers again and again.

It was not to survive, but to force a way through for the black carriage.

Although that opportunity was extremely slim.




Cui Jian was wheezing too.

His whole body was stained with blood, and the hand gripping the sword was quivering.

It was too terrifying; the fighting power of the Wolf Army was just too terrifying.  

Their advance and retreat were orderly and co-ordinately. Their offensive was like waves beating the shore, like lightning struck from the sky. Wave after wave, again and again.

You move forward and I’ll step back, you attack and I’ll defend.

They were well coordinated, as though the hundred soldiers were one person.

Cui Jian had traveled for many years, and had even spent some time in the frontier army, but he had never seen such a terrifying group of people, such terrifying armed forces————

When he severed an arm of a wolf soldier, he did not dodge nor defend, and instead brought a blade at his head.

When he slashed off half a head of a wolf soldier, the body had tumbled to the ground, it still suddenly bounced up, stretched out his hands to tightly grab onto him.

When a wolf soldier had all his limbs severed off, he still thrust his head forward to strike the enemy with his head.

There were people who used their hands to tear the enemy, their teeth to bite, and still found a way to block the enemy from moving forward even when they had fallen to the ground unable to get up——

They were not people, they were a bunch of monsters.

They were fiercer than the most ferocious monsters in the world, more terrifying than the ten most evil beasts in the divine continent.

They did not fear death, they were not afraid to die.

They even rushed to die first.  


Cui Jian hissed.

He felt that he was very lucky. If he had come to intercept them by himself, he would have been torn to shreds by the group of monsters.

He finally understood why the Wolf Army would have such a great reputation, why they had won every battle under Lu Xingkong’s command, and why the enemy army would be terror-stricken at the sight of them.

The hundred men had such might and power, if there were thousands or tens of thousands of them——then who can stop them in the divine continent?


It was the wheezing of the men of the Monitor Division that were still alive.

The fight was too tragic, the offensive was too fierce.

They had a huge advantage based on numbers, but they were utterly defeated in other places.

They looked at the guys in black armor and wolf-headed masks opposite, and felt that what was behind the masks were thousands of times scarier than the mask itself.

Were they human?

The elites of the Monitor Division had encircled them, two hundred people were surrounding the dozens of people of the Wolf Army, but how many people at their side were still alive at this time?

The Wolf army had also suffered heavy losses.

Of the first 60 people that rushed out, after charging back and forth four times, there were only three people that survived.

Now, there were just over 40 people guarding the black carriage.

The leader of the Wolf Army was similarly breathless. The wolf head mask was incessantly puffing white vapour out its nostrils and mouth.

His chest had been slashed five times, and the wounds on his back were innumerable. 他

His black armour was stained with blood, and his saber was similarly dripping with blood.

Blood water gathered, then trickled down.




Beads of blood splashed onto the snowy ground that had already been stained with blood.

Once again, the leader of the Wolf army raised the bloody saber in his hand and roared, “General dies, the Wolf Army also die.”

“General dies, the Wolf Army also die.”

“General dies, the Wolf Army also die.” ”

Once again, the dozens of black-armoured mounted soldiers charged in the direction of the Monitor Division.

Lu Xingkong had died, and they had no meaning of living anymore.

All they could do now were just these four things:




And then die!



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