Chapter 480: Muyang’s past history!




The panting was more and more intense.

The black armour on his body was tattered, and his body was bloodied and mutilated.

One arm had been severed from the elbow, blood spewing out from the fracture like a spring.

His eyes were foggy with blood mist, and from beneath the wolf mask, which was stained with blood and flesh, it gave a murderous and ruthless feeling.  

The leader of the Wolf Army had his other hand tightly around the sabre. It was only by deeply inserting the long and wide sabre into the black soil that he was able to support up his tottering body.

His chest was violently heaving up and down, and with every breath, he felt a throbbing pain at the wounds on his chest, and blood were gushing out from his throat.

The brothers behind him were all dead; he was the only one of the hundreds of Wolf Army soldiers who was still alive.

If this state of living was still considered as being alive.

He didn’t want to fall. He didn’t want to fall in front of the enemy.

As long as he still had one last remaining breath, he would absolutely not allow this to happen.

He stared fiercely at Cui Jian, who was standing opposite, and a small number of the remaining Monitor Division officials.

Cui Jian and Yan Xiangma were aghast, like they had seen a ghost.

The other Monitor Division officials were uncontrollably shaking, and were still in the midst of the nightmare battle just now.  

Cui Jian swept a glance over the numerous corpses, then ruthlessly stared at the leader of Wolf army, and praised cold voice: “Admirable, very admirably, the Wolf Army really deservers its fame——What? You don’t want to fall? You don’t want to fall in front of the enemy?”

The Leader of the Wolf Army did not say a word. For him, speaking was something that extremely wastes energy.

“I told you to serve me, I was having mercy on you——but you bastards showed no appreciation of the favour. You don’t want to fall right? You don’t want to fall in front of the enemy right? I will make you fall, I will make your head fall to the ground. I’m going to step your head into the dirt. I’d like to see if your bones are harder or the sword in my hand——”

Cui Jian’s body disappeared from where he was, a white light flashed in the air, and the legs of the Wolf Army leader were severed by him.


Like cutting tofu with a knife.

If the lower half of his body had fallen then the upper body would naturally fall down.

In order to maintain the balance of his body and to not fall to the ground, his right hand was still tightly gripping onto the handle of the sabre.

With the strength of one hand, with the support of the sabre, half his body was still suspended in midair.

As long as the sabre did not fall, his body also would not fall.

Cui Jian burst into loud laughter, a sinister expression making its way across his face. “Interesting, really interesting——”

Once again, his body disappeared and there was another silver flash.


He also severed the remaining arm of the Wolf Army leader.

The hand that held the sabre was slashed off by Cui Jian.

He had lost both his hands, how could he support his body?

The body of the Wolf Army leader swayed, uttering a groan of pain.

Then his hands——no, his two arms without hands hugged the sabre that stood firmly in the black soil.

In other words, his whole body pounced over to the blade of the sabre as if to commit suicide.


His body slid down and his two arms that were hugging the sabre also made a pulling motion.

Blood sprayed wildly, and a deep wound was dragged along the arms, the blade almost penetrated into the bone.

“Still won’t fall? Still refusing to fall?” Cui Jian did not expect the Wolf army leader to be so tenacious, and to treat him so cruel and ruthlessly. He swung his sword up and strode towards the Wolf army leader. “I want to see if you can still hold on when I slowly cut off the flesh of your body.”

Yan Xiangma disappeared from where he was.

A silver glow flashed, and the head of the Wolf army leader was already slashed off.


A huge hand landed, tumbling in the snow.

Blood were gurgling.

The General had died and the Wolf Army was wiped out.

The hundreds of Wolf army soldiers had all died in battle, and not one survived.  

“Yan Xiangma——” Cui Jian twisted around, glowered at the guy who ruined his plan, and snapped, “What did you do? Do you know what you’re doing? You think I won’t kill you because you’re my cousin?”

“Older Cousin, why?” Yan Xiangma calmly looked at Cui Jian, carrying the sword that was stained with blood. “A hero like him should be treated with respect. Why humiliate him like that?”

“I humiliated him?” Cui Jian roared, pointing his sword to the head. “Did you not see? He was the one who humiliated me. He was the one who humiliated me——”


Seeing that Yan Xiangma was silent once again he sneered, “I know, my younger cousin Xiangma has a sense of righteousness and is a good person. But there are things that have to be done——”

He pointed to the black carriage anchored in the sea of blood and mountain of corpses and said with a grin, “I’ll leave Madam Lu and Young master Tianyu to you——You should know what to do? Younger cousin Xiangma, don’t make a mistake again. Otherwise——you know the consequences better than I do.”

“Older cousin——”

“What? You don’t want to?”

“I’m willing to.” Yan Xiangma clenched his teeth.

Wielding his sword that was dripping with blood with both hands, he slowly approached the black carriage.

He stood in front of the carriage for a moment. The two black horses that sensed danger were hissing, stamping their hooves and tossing their heads.

It was only because the reins were caught in the hands of a man of the Monitor Division that they could not escape.

Yan Xiangma clasped the sword tightly, hesitating.

“Madam Lu——” Yan Xiangma called.

No one answered.

“Cousin Xiangma, what are you waiting for?” Cui Jian grinned. “If I were you, I’d better not have anything to do with them——if she really killed you, will you kill or not kill? In that case, wouldn’t it be harder to make a choice?”  

Yan Xiangma gritted his teeth.

All of a sudden he leapt to the air and swung his sword up, flashing a dazzling red glow.


The black carriage was split in half.

The the carriage cracked from the middle and then collapsed onto the snow.

There was not a single person in the carriage.

“There’s no one in there.” Yan Xiangma cried in surprise.

“Where are they?” Cui Jian darted over, lashed out with a kick to half of the carriage, and roared, “Where are they? Where did Gongsun Yu and the little bastard of the Lu family go? There’s nobody in there, why did those bastards fight so desperately?”


Then he stared more furiously at the corpses of the Wolf Army, fuming, “I understand. I understand. They were bait——they deliberately charged through the city gate with the black carriage and then lured our entire Monitor Division to chase after them. While Gongsun Yu and the little bastard of the Lu family escaped from elsewhere——They did not hesitate to die in order to conceal the little bastard of the Lu family——”

In the end, Cui Jian couldn’t help feeling a hint of respect.

Who wouldn’t want to raise a such a group of soldiers to serve them?

“The three souls and seven spirits.” Yan Xiangma said aloud.

“Yes. The three souls and seven spirits.” Cui Jian gnashed his teeth. “Lu Xingkong died in battle, his most powerful ten people are not around him. Where did they go? They certainly must be carrying out a more important task. What could be more important than protecting Gongsun Yu and the bloodline of their Lu family? If Lu Tianyu died, then the Lu family would be rootless——”

“What do we do now?” Yan Xiangma asked in a loud voice.

Cui Jian threw a fierce stare at Yan Xiangma. “Isn’t this what you hoped for?” ————



Lu Qingming was hesitant.

He knew it was time. It was time to tell Li Muyang what his true identity was. He did not want to wait any longer. He wanted to tell Li Muyang that his surname was not Li but Lu. He wanted to tell him that he is the flesh and blood of the Lu family. He was Lu Qingming’s son

However, he was worried that Li Muyang may not be able to take it at this moment? What if it sends his qi and blood into disorder, causing him internal injury? Wouldn’t that be worse?

“Uncle Lu——” Li Muyang looked at Lu Qingming with a puzzled face. He felt that Lu Qingming was staring at him with a very strange gaze.

“Muyang, I have something to tell you.” Lu Qingming said aloud. This matter couldn’t be kept a secret any longer. If Li Muyang came to know of this from elsewhere then it would be even more difficult for him to accept it.

If he told him then he would be able to comfort him on the spot, give him an explanation, and let him——not misunderstand and hate his father and the Lu family.

“Uncle Lu, if there’s something you want to say then just say it. It has come to this point, and didn’t we say that we’re a family? There is nothing we should hide from each other——”

“Well, then.” Lu Qingming swallowed a mouthful of saliva, looking intently at Li Muyang: “You are my son.”  

“What?” Li Muyang thought he didn’t hear it clearly.

“You are my son.” Lu Qingming repeated in a louder voice. “You are a child of Xiao Yu and I——your surname is Lu and not Li. I am your father and Xiao Yu is your mother.”

Li Muyang’s eyes widened in shock, face turning blue and red alternately, and then shook his head, “Uncle Lu, I don’t understand——my surname is Li, my father is Li Yan, my mother is Luo Qi, and Li Shinian is my sister——how could I be your son?”

“It’s hard to explain.” Lu Qingming flushed with shame, “when you were born——”

“I know.” Li Muyang interrupted Lu Qingming. “I’ve heard from my mother that when I was born I was struck by heavenly lightning and was turned into charcoal——But what does this have to do with the Lu family?”

“This——you were swapped by Father.” Lu Qingming fell into the memory of the past. “The day you were born, the rain poured, the thunder rolled——we waited a long time, and when you were born, suddenly a bolt of lightning flashed and your whole body turned dark with almost no features of life——”

“Your grandfather made the decision to swap you with the daughter of Li Yan who was born on the same day as you——To avoid suspicion, you were sent away from Tiandu that night and went to Jiangnan city. And Li Yan’s daughter became our eldest daughter, and your grandfather named her Qiji——She became our eldest daughter——”




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