Chapter 481: Dragon scales reappear!


“Life is like a basket of buns, no one knows what filling the next one will have.”

“Life is the best novelist, because nobody can guess what kind of scene will appear next.”

Li Muyang’s mind had gone blank, and in that white screen there were constantly flashes of two sages repeating similar famous remarks.

When Li Muyang heard Lu Qingming said that he was his son, he really felt as though there were waves beating against the shore of his heart.

He was the son of Li Yan, the son of Luo Qi, the brother of Li Shinian——In all these years, this idea had been ingrained in his mind, every hair of his body, every bone and in the depths of every drop of blood.  

Moreover, Li Muyang had very clearly felt the deep love of Li Yan and Luo Qi. There had been countless nights, countless times when he woke up from a high fever, straining to keep his eyes open. The first sight he saw was always the two busy figures of Li Yan and Luo Qi, and that worried smile——

“Why would they have done so much for me if I’m not their son?”

“If I’m not their son, why would they——take care of me as though I was their son?”

Li Muyang had also seen the children of the neighbours, had also met the parents of other students. He had never noticed anything strange and had never felt that he and others were any different.

The only difference was that he was more stupid and ugly than others.

In his memory, his father and mother were very fond of him. Even if he had let them down countless times, even if he had received the worst test results in the whole school countless times, their love for him was not in the slightest reduced and still constantly took care of him.

Li Muyang had always felt that he was lucky and fortunate.

Even in his toughest days when he was as dark as charcoal and was constantly bullied, he still felt more laughter than tears, more joy than pain.  

Father Li Yan, Mother Luo Qi, Big brother Li Muyang, and Little sister Li Shinian——there four people were a family, these four were one. In Li Muyang’s heart, this was an unbreakable domain, an inseparable body.

This was the Li family.

And may also become the Li clan in the future.

But Lu Qingming had jumped out to say that he was the flesh and blood of the Lu family, the son of him and Gongsun Yu——

What was more shocking was that he was not only the son of the Lu family, but he had also swapped identity with Lu Qiji——Lu Qiji was a Phoenix, the mother of the human race.

What was going on in this world?

Had he gone crazy or had Lu Qingming gone crazy?

Li Muyang stroked his face to be certain that he was not dreaming or having a fever.

What, Lu Qingming——looked very serious and normal.

“Muyang——” Lu Qingming saw the horror in the eyes of Li Muyang but also notice his conflicting feelings and hesitancy at this moment.

Yes, he understood that he was an intruder; he understood that he still belonged to a stranger in his emotional area.

“You must have had suspicions before. Why did Father send out his most powerful three souls and seven spirits to escort you to Jiangnan——You must have questioned why Spiritual Master Ziyang would travel all the way to Jiangnan to treat your illness, why he had time and time again saved you from death——why you have came across so many dangers in Jiangnan, why you have encountered one assassination after another——Some happened in places you saw, but there were more happening in places that you couldn’t see——In order to keep your family safe, we lost 20 experts in Jiangnan——”

“And why you ended up enrolled into Starry Sky Academy when you got into West Wind University. Why Gongsun Yu repeatedly couldn’t control herself to get close to you when you returned to Tiandu. But the secret had to be pushed back again and again, back to a place that you cannot see——”

“And my father, he clashed with the Song family again and again in order to protect you, even battled against Song Gudu on the top of Mist Mountain——”

Li Muyang’s expression looked extremely complicated.

What Lu Qingming had said was also what Li Muyang had been puzzled about all this time.

He was not an idiot, on the contrary, after fusing with the tear of the Dragon King, his intelligence was much higher than that of ordinary mortals.

Why would the old Taoist who treated his illness be one of the seven Taoist Spiritual Masters, Master Ziyang?

Why was he accepted by the mysterious Starry Sky Academy when he did not enroll to the school?

Why did Aunt Gongsun send him gifts and clothes——and most importantly the clothes were made in advance, and each one fitted him perfectly?

Why would Lu Xingkong protect him at all costs, after all, in the eyes of such political figures, he should only be the son of a servant——


Everything was clear.

He was the son of the Lu family, a son who had been sent away by the Lu family to be raised by a servant——

Li Muyang lifted his head to look at Lu Qingming. It was the first time he had so seriously, so clearly but also with such a complex expression looked at him.

“This man is my father.”

“This man is my biological father.”

For some reason, Li Muyang did not feel joy at all, but felt——felt a kind of feeling of betrayal to his father Li Yan.

Li Yan was his father, his father for more than 10 years, his father who had sacrificed a lot for him——

“I——” Li Muyang opened his mouth to speak, but did not know what to say.

It was a reunion between Father and son, should they cry on each other’s shoulder?

Or should he blame his father for leaving him in Jiangnan for so many years?  

“My original name should have been Lu Qiji?” Li Muyang asked.

“Yes.” Lu Qingming nodded firmly. “Your name should have been Lu Qiji. It was your grandfather who decided on this name. Before you were born, he had looked through countless ancient books to choose a good name for you——The name was chosen, but he couldn’t give it to his own grandson.”

Worried that Li Muyang would hate his father, Lu Qingming explained: “Muyang, there must be a reason that your Grandpa made such a decision. You are his grandson, the hope of the Lu family that he had always wished for. It must have been more difficult for him than any one else——It was just that he had to be more decisive than we are. Because that’s the only way he could really——keep you safe.”

Li Muyang lifted his head to look at Lu Qingming. “You——what do you know?”

“Muyang, I saw it——” Lu Qingming said aloud.


“Dragon scales. When the Taoist priests of the Imperial Astronomical Bureau recited the ancient ‘Dragon Slayer Song’, the back of your hand was covered with scales. Although you tried to cover them up with your clothes, but I still saw it——”


Li Muyang felt his head was about to be blown open.

His body was hot and dry, and his blood was boiling.

His pupils were blood-red, and his body was burning with rage and anger.

In the depths of his brain, there was an old voice yelling at him:

Kill him!

Kill him!

Kill him!

Time and time again, one roar after another.

His body was getting hotter and hotter, like he was being burned.

His palms were itchy, as though there was something about to break out of his body.

There was also a bizarre feeling of the blending of pain and pleasure, like innumerable centipedes and scorpion were climbing around his body.

Kill him!

The old voice sounded more hurried and grew louder.

He wanted to break out from the body of Li Muyang, penetrate out from his head, destroy the shell, and to soar up the sky.

“Muyang——” Lu Qingming panicked when he saw Li Muyang’s present state.

Li Muyang did not respond.

His eyes were a more intense blood-red colour than before.

His palms were trembling more violently, and there were pieces of black scales covering the back of his hand, and then disappearing——

“Dragon transformation.” Lu Qingming exclaimed.

He knew Li Muyang was entering the state of dragon transformation.

His body was still out of his control, and he still——had the possibility of turning into an evil dragon.

“Muyang, I am Lu Qingming, I am your father——” Lu Qingming used the family’s ‘wave motion’ to break through the barrier that blocked the sound and emotions of the outside world, letting his voice enter deep into Li Muyang’s mind.

Li Muyang’s pupils had turned red, turning into two balls of blood.

His forehead was beaded with sweats, and then his eyes suddenly shot open——


Li Muyang’s fiercely gasped for breaths, his clothes already drenched in sweat.

“I——” Li Muyang did not know how to explain his physical condition to Lu Qingming.

For some reason, his mood was very bad today. His body was filled with pent-up hostility that he wanted to vent.

He wanted to yell, he wanted to roar and he even more wanted to incinerate everything.

“Muyang, are you all right?” Lu Qingming asked worriedly. No matter what, a Father was most concerned about his child’s physical condition.

Even if he was still palpitating with fear after the scene he had just seen, even if it had made him suspect that there was a dragon Li Muyang’s body.

Just like how he did not show any response when he saw the scales on Li Muyang’s arm on the Sword God Square.

However, he had never doubted that Li Muyang was not his son.  

“I’m fine.” Li Muyang shook his head. “I——”  

“Want to kill.” An old and familiar voice sounded in his ear.

Li Muyang sprang up from the boulder.

He looked around but no figures were seen.

He had clearly heard the voice of Song Gudu, but did not know where Song Gudu was.

“Come out.” Li Muyang roared. “Song Gudu, come out——” That sort of feeling made him panicked and felt sullen.



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