Chapter 482: Monk Wuhua!


“Song Gudu, old dog, old fart, come out——” Li Muyang tried to force him out by angering and enraging him.

His eyes were sweeping around, searching for the figure of Song Gudu, while keeping a sharp lookout for Song Gudu and against any sudden fatal attacks.

He knew how strong Song Gudu was, and if possible it would be better not to be enemies with him——but if he accidentally made him an enemy, then he would do everything he could to kill him, otherwise he would be awakened by nightmares every night.  

“No need to look.” Once again, the old voice sounded in his ears. “Even if I’m thousands of miles away, I can already feel your presence——”

“——” Li Muyang’s face was twisted with shock.

In the Astral projection realm one can take someone’s head from thousands of miles away.

Could that old man Song Gudu already be that powerful?

If this was the case, then Lu Xingkong——his Grandfather, who was battling against him on Mist Mountain, would he be able to escape?

“I know your heart is full of hostility, and I know that the dragon in your body is becoming more and more unwilling. It does not want to be dormant, it does not want to be completely devoured by your consciousness——”

“The more you absorb, the more complete your fusion with the evil dragon’s consciousness will be. And the more likely you will be influenced and controlled by the dragon’s emotions. However, if you do not want to integrate and absorb, and you cannot use the Dragon skills, you must quickly improve your cultivation base——All things in the world are like that, they reinforce and counteract each other——”  

“What do you want to do?” Li Muyang was no longer yelling. He instead chose to talk to him in the depths of his mind.

“I feel the anger in your heart.” Once again, the voice of Song Gudu came. “I feel the killing intent in your heart. This killing intent started because of me.”

“So, as long as I think of you in my heart, as long as I want to kill you in my heart——you can feel it?”

“Silly boy, how could it be so simple?” There was a hint of ridicule in Song Gudu’s voice. “In the Astral projection one can kill with one’s thoughts, take someone’s head from thousands of miles away——but is also restricted by the cultivator’s ability and cultivation level. The stronger the cultivator, the stronger their perceptual ability, and the wider the range that can be manipulated. If the cultivator is not strong enough, then the range that can be manipulated is extremely limited——”

“But you’re different from others, you have a dragon hidden in your body. The dragon’s resentment is stronger than that of the human race, and the dragon’s killing intent is more intense than that of the human race——so I can perceive your presence more clearly——perceive the killing intent in your body that is on the verge of going out of control——”

“Where’s Lu——Grandfather? How is he now?”

“Looks like you already know who you are?” Song Gudu said calmly. He noticed the pause and hesitation when Li Muyang addressed Lu Xingkong. “Lu Qingming has told you everything? Come to think it’s only right that he did so——how does it feel to reunite with your father?”

“Where is my Grandfather?” Li Muyang roared. “If——”

“If what?”


When Li Muyang was about to answer his question, suddenly he was startled as a strong sense of danger struck.

He flew up, lifting Lu Qingming’s body, and leaped towards the other side.


The boulder that Li Muyang was resting on before was broken into pieces, and a strong energy of smoke were emitting from inside of the heap of gravels.

A bolt from the clear sky.

There was no wind, and there was no snow.  

But suddenly there was a loud crack of thunder. As though the bolt of lightning had grown eyes, it sped towards where Li Muyang had just stood.

If Li Muyang was a step slower, he most likely would have been incinerated by the bolt of lightning.

This made Li Muyang once again realise the strength of Song Gudu. Even if he was thousands of miles away, he could still kill with his thoughts.

The Astral projection realm was like a celestial being traveling around.  

Lu Qingming was also aghast, asking: “Muyang, what just happened? Who were you talking to?”

Lu Qingming only saw that Li Muyang talking to someone, but when Li Muyang realised that Song Gudu was in fact talking to him in his mind and began to use a ‘inner vision’ method to converse with Song Gudu thousands of miles away. Lu Qingming was naturally puzzled.  

“Song Gudu——” Li Muyang said aloud. “He is able to perceive my presence and able to attract lightning thousands of miles away——”

“In the Astral projection realm, one can take someone’s head from thousands of miles away.” Lu Qingming increased his vigilance. “Muyang, we need to get out of here quickly.”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave.”

A huge figure appeared in the sky, like a hill or a giant was descending to the ground.


A ball of flame fell from the sky, like a meteor shooting toward the position where Li Muyang stood with incredible speed.


A huge pit of about two metres deep was created by the impact, and inside the pit was a giant bronze axe burning with red flames. The axe was so tremendous that it even looked a little larger than Li Muyang.


At the same time, the son of the Red Moon, who was on guard on the top of the mountain, began to roar, pouncing over to the number of figures appearing in the sky.


Another battle began in the sky.

This time there was a total of six masters. Two people were left in the air to fight against the Wolf King, two people took the initiative to charge toward Snowball, and the other two people’s goal was the exhausted Li Muyang and the seriously wounded Lu Qingming.

The new Emperor of the West Wind Kingdom had gave orders to kill Li Muyang and the remaining members of the Lu family at all costs.

Lu Qingming looked at the giant man who descended from the sky, held his long spear in a defensive guard, and moved Li Muyang behind him.  

He did not care whether or not Li Muyang was a dragon or any other evil beast, what he knew was that he needed to keep him safe, protect him from being hurt by the evil people.

Whether it was Mu Dingyi, Song Gudu, or these assassins before him, he was going to shield him.  

“Muyang, look for a chance to escape.” Lu Qingming said aloud.

“Lu——” Li Muyang opened his mouth and was about to call him ‘Uncle Lu’ when he realised the title was not quite appropriate. However, he really could not address him as ‘Father’ at this moment.

Even if Lu Qingming had told him about his past, he was not able to close the distance between them.Instead, it created a inexplicable barrier.

Since he didn’t know what to call him then it would be better to not address him at all.

“I’m fine.” Li Muyang responded in a loud voice. After the battle with Mu Dingyi, he indeed was exhausted and almost lacked even the strength to stand.  

However, he had been resting and recovering while Lu Qingming was carrying him. Coupled with the powerful constitution of the dragon and the unequalled physical body, his ability to recover was much more superior to that of the human race——

It may take 10 days or even half a month for ordinary people to regain their strength, but a few hours was already enough time for him.

This was also the reason why Song Gudu attracted a bolt of lightning to attack Li Muyang, thinking that he could kill Li Muyang with one strike?

He didn’t know about the Dragon clan well enough.

However, the Dragon clan had been extinct for tens of thousands of years. How many people in the vast Divine continent could really understand the Dragon clan?

Thinking about the terrifying wounds and scars across Lu Qingming’s body, Li Muyang really couldn’t bear to let Lu Qingming continue to stand in front him and shield him with his life.

Taking advantage of the fact that the bald giant had not descended from the sky, Li Muyang clenched his right hand into a fist. His fist started to crackle as it flashed with white light.


A dragon sprang up into the sky.

Frighten dragon fist!


The white dragon dragged its long tail towards the bald giant, brandishing claws of malice.

The bald giant widened his eyes, feeling the majestic strength and qi that the dragon contained.

It had to be said that Li Muyang was really impressive for his age. At such a young age, his punch had already contained earth-shaking force. In time, he most likely would break through the starry sky and into the dragon slayer realm.

The bald giant was called Monk Wuhua*, no flowers and no fruit, no afterlife and no previous life.

*means no flower

Monk Wuhua was born with divine strength. He was able to lift an ox with one hand and fight against the most powerful beast with bare hands. Later Monk Wuhua was taken in by Monk San Chi as a disciple, and finally had a place to make use of his brute strength. He majored in the ‘force’ character martial arts and made rapid progress in his cultivation, establishing a great reputation across the Divine continent.

More than 10 years ago, he had disappeared all of a sudden and the world thought that he was killed or was hiding in some deep valley for training. Nobody thought that he was recruited into the Song family to become one of their lackeys.  

Seeing the white dragon roaring over in his direction, Monk Wuhua did not evade nor hide. Clenching both hands, he slammed his fists into the dragon’s head.


A blue-green tiger emerged in the sky, its roar resounding through the sky as it opened its huge mouth, and sped towards the white dragon.

A battle between a dragon and tiger!

The white lightning dragon and the blue-green tiger were like living animals, racing, slamming, and biting to tear the opponent into pieces.

When the white lightning dragon wrapped its body round the giant blue-green tiger, the tiger also opened its huge mouth to tear into the white lightning dragon’s neck.


As a dazzling brilliance flashed, the white lightning dragon exploded and the blue-green tiger also vanished at the same time.

Monk Wuhua was greatly affected by the explosion blast, body propelled into the distance.

When he returned again and stood high in the sky, he looked at Li Muyang on the ground with a grin on his face.

“Little baby——very exceptional——” Monk Wuhua laughed heartily, licking his lips, “soft skin and tender flesh, let Grandpa stew you to have with wine——”

Li Muyang’s eyes flashed cold, surging with killing intent.

The bald monk——had the habit of eating human flesh?



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