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483 – Red-eyed ghost baby!

Chapter 483: Red-eyed ghost baby!


In the widely circulated bedtime story of the divine continent, the dragon clan was evil. They possessed great magical abilities, and could call the wind and summon the rain. They slaughtered humans, and ate the human heart and liver. In order to save the human race and the Princess, the great dragon slayer warrior travelled over land and water, overcame all obstacles on the way, and finally found the evil dragon on a tall tower. The courageous and intelligent dragon slayer warrior tried every possible ways to kill the dragon in order to save the princess, and in the end became the dragon slayer warrior that everyone admired and lived a happy life with the Princess——

Ultimately, the Dragon slayer warrior had been playing the role of an unscrupulous character, relying on power to take a woman by force.

What Li Muyang knew was that the dragon clan did not eat humans.

At least in his sea of memory, he found that the black dragon did not have any experience of eating people——

Moreover he thought that it was an extremely disgusting thing to do. It was disgusting to even think about it.

Li Muyang could understand how he felt.

Li Muyang did not expect the bald monk to have the habit of eating human flesh, and even more did not think that evil people like him, who anybody should have the right to punish, would be recruited.

No matter who did this kind of thing, whether it was the Song family, Prince Fu or other noble clans——those people deserved to die as much as that Monk Wuhua.  

Looking at Monk Wuhua’s saliva dribbling down his chin, Li Muyang erupted with killing intent.

“How would someone like you who feed on your own kind be qualified to be a Buddhist disciple? You are cruel and unscrupulous, worse than a beast. If the heaven doesn’t punish you, if Buddha doesn’t punish you, then I will punish you——”

“Little baby—” Monk Wuhua wiped away the saliva, bursting into loud laughter, “Who said Grandpa is a Buddhist disciple? Grandpa only gave up my hair because of my natural divine power that soared to the galaxy——Grandpa eats meat and drink bowls of wine. I live leisurely and free, why would I learn the Buddhist scriptures like those baldies?”

“Good.” Li Muyang smiled coldly. Because his Master Kong was a Buddhist and he was indirectly blessed by the Buddha, thus he regarded himself as part of the Buddhism sect. At first glance, he thought that the monk was a scum of the Buddhism sect and had thought to root out such evil on behalf of the Buddhism sect.

Now that Li Muyang heard that he was not part of the Buddhism sect he felt much better than before.

Killing a man like him would be dirtying his hands.  

However, Li Muyang was not afraid to do dirty work.

His soared into the sky, charging towards Monk Wuhua.

He knew that the monk possessed incomparable brute strength, and that he had complete confidence in his divine power.

Therefore, with one hand clenched into fist, it instantly enlarged several times, a yellow current of qi flashing around his fist.  

“Little baby, what do you mean by that? You’re scolding Grandpa, aren’t you?”

“No.” Li Muyang answered frankly. “I am praising you——praising you for your self-awareness and for not tarnishing the reputation of the Buddhism sect.”

“Little baby, wait till I come and eat you——”

Monk Wuhua was infuriated.

His body rose high into the air, huge legs moving about in the clouds.

As he reached the top of Li Muyang’s head, he slammed down with a punch.

“Try Grandpa’s punch again——”


A huge black light wave that emitted a rotten smell bombarded the position where Li Muyang stood.

Li Muyang thrust his fist forward.

After the yellow stream of qi was blasted away by the force it instantly formed a hill-like shape.

Mountain shaking fist!

‘On the basis of majestic power, the Mountain shaking first is ranked first.’

This was the first passage in the ‘Records of fist techniques’, and evidently showed the status that the Mountain shaking fist had in the field of fist technique.

Confront tough with toughness, break force with force. This was the fundamental basis behind this technique.

This was also the killing move that Li Muyang specially prepared to deal with Monk Wuhua.


The black ball of light opened its huge sinister mouth, which was overflowing with disgusting black liquid.

All punches had roots, and all things were tangible.

Li Muyang could not see the root of the punch of Monk Wuhua, also could not tell what sort of species was that ball of black light. Judging by its appearance——it must not be anything good though.

Would good people grow up to look like Monk Wushua?

For the same reason, what good thing would grow into looking like——the ball of black?


The Mountain shaking fist expanded and strengthened in the air, turning into a towering mountain at a speed visible to the naked eye, sweeping away all obstacles and crushing the enemy.


The yellow towering mountain and the ball of black light flew away in opposite direction and soon met again in the air.


The tremendous mountain collided violently with the black ball.

The wind roared and essential qi splattered.

Qi swept across everywhere, like swords had filled the sky, destroying everything until there was practically nothing left.

Including space and air.

Space was shattered and air was wiped out.

It was a vacuum like state in the sky.

The space was entirely devoid of matter, with the exception of the tremendous mountain and that huge black ball of light.

The ball of light was suspended there. It did not retreat and did not land.


The black sphere burst open, revealing an ugly monster-like baby’s head.

—— Crash——

The monster abruptly widened its mouth, spouting out a large stream of black liquid.


It was aimed right at his face.

“Muyang, quickly dodge——”

Lu Qingming, who was in a battle with other people, had been keeping an eye on Li Muyang’s situation, allowing him to come over to help right away if needed.

Thus, he was able to give him an early warning.

Compared to the safety of his son, the little injuries that he had suffered were nothing.

“That’s the Red-eyed ghost baby. The most malicious thing in the world——”

Red-eyed ghost baby?

In the mind of Li Muyang, the information associated with the name appeared instantly.

The Red-eyed ghost baby was the incarnation of the most evil and poisonous things in the world.

It was created through the refinement of a premature baby, by instilling essential qi and essential yuan, and then soaking in water with hundred type of poison for 81 days.

After this, it was still not yet completed. The ghost baby had to be put together with corpses and in three years of time it will become a red-eyed ghost baby that can be controlled.

Red eye meant that its eyes were always blood-red, while ghost baby meant that——they used babies that die young. Such babies had already lost their life force and were ghosts that were most easily refined and likely to be controlled by them.

Its entire body was poisonous, and could kill upon contact.

Even its owner would not want to touch it, instead would wrap it in python skin and bring it out when needed.

After Li Muyang knew about its power, he naturally did not want the black liquid spraying out of its mouth to touch him.

With the flick of his sleeve, a blue-green transparent barrier appeared above his head.

The black water instantly turned into black smoke upon contact with the blue-green light, producing crackling noises and sparks.

Evil fear righteousness, darkness fears light.

Just as Song Gudu had said, everything in the world has something that reinforces and counteracts them.

Li Muyang used the ‘Half Moon pill scripture’ that Master Xiahou had taught him, borrowing the vital energy of the moon to eradicate the evil.

A green-blue light flashed, and the Red-eyed ghost baby evidently felt danger and discomfort.

Once again, it opened its mouth, pouncing towards Li Muyang with a ‘squeak’.

It had a triangular head, blood-red eyes and four limbs. Its feet were not feet but flippers, and its hands were not hands but claws.  

It was ten times and hundred times more ugly than the Chong Diao, one of the top ten evil beasts that Li Muyang had seen before——Does it ever look in the mirror? Even if you don’t look in the mirror, you have to drink water, right?   

Wouldn’t it think that an evil enemy is about to attack it when it sees a reflection in the water?

“Ugly people will do all kinds of weird things to get attention.”

Li Muyang punched out, but the Red-eyed ghost baby unexpectedly made a 360-degree rotation, cleverly avoiding Li Muyang’s fist.

Li Muyang punched out once again, but the Red-eyed ghost baby still swiftly avoided.

Li Muyang was furious.

It was so ugly; it was so devious——

Li Muyang repeatedly slammed out more than twenty punches.

The Red-eyed ghost baby evaded all the attacks, ‘squeaking’ incessantly.

In the course of its evasion, it was also getting closer and closer to Li Muyang.


As its body landed above the top of Li Muyang’s head, it opened its mouth and spurted out a mouthful of black water towards Li Muyang.

Perhaps in the eyes of the Red-eyed ghost baby, Li Muyang was also earthshakingly ugly——

“It even dares to insult people——” Li Muyang grew more furious.

Ever since he went to Starry Sky Academy, no one had dared to call him ugly——

The Red-eyed ghost baby fiercely pounced towards Li Muyang, brandishing its claws again.

It stretched out its claws to catch Li Muyang’s face, head, and body.

Its legs lengthened all of a sudden, trying to wrap around the body of Li Muyang and to tie him to it.

As long as it can climb onto Li Muyang’s body, it can fuse into one with him, infect his body with its toxins, or directly cut open his chest, and then penetrate into his body and become his host.

His body looked very tasty.

This time, it was Li Muyang’s turn to evade.

In any case, he could not be caught by the ugly evil spirit.

His body fluttered in the air, moving East and West, occasionally rotating 90 degrees and displaying the Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain to its peak.

And who could capture the trajectory of the Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain?

Li Muyang ran in front, with the Red-eyed ghost baby chasing closely behind him.

At first glance, the scene was as though an ugly child had been abandoned by his father and wanted to come home with his father——

“Hahaha——” Monk Wuhua howled with laughter watching Li Muyang miserably being chased by the Red-eyed ghost baby. He did not believe that Li Muyang would be able to have the strength to dodge forever and would eventually be caught by his ghost baby and then eaten.

Li Muyang took a sharp turn, and then turned abruptly again.

He skilfully activated the Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain.

He reappeared behind the Red-eyed ghost baby, aiming a punch at its thin, pitch-black back that was covered with maggots.


Frighten dragon fist!

The red-eyed ghost baby was nowhere to be seen.

Probably, it was taken up to the Ninth heaven by the lightning dragon?

Monk Wuhua flew into a rage, pointing to Li Muyang he fumed, “Little baby, you even destroyed my Red-eyed ghost baby——I’m going to tear you apart——”

Li Muyang was really amused by Monk Wuhua. Do bad people not need intelligence?

“If I didn’t destroy your red-eyed ghost baby, you wouldn’t want to kill me?”

“——” Monk Wuhua was taken aback, pondering over the question.



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