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484 – A bolt from the clear sky!

Chapter 484: A bolt from the clear sky!


Li Muyang had killed his Red-eyed ghost baby, so he wanted to kill him.

If Li Muyang had not killed his Red-eyed ghost baby, then would he want to kill him?

He definitely wanted to kill him.

In other words, whether he killed his Red-eyed ghost baby or not, he was going to kill him anyway——why did he say that then?

“I’m so stupid.” Monk Wushua slapped his forehead, mouth widening in a grin.


Li Muyang felt very sad to see this.

A fool like him could cultivate and make such achievements on the martial arts road——Li Muyang could tell that this guy was at least at the higher stages of the Free clouds realm.

He also did not know whether he had shown all his strength or had been holding back all this time, if not then he most likely would be close to the Withering Glory realm or even reached the Withering Glory realm.

Cultivation was simple and mysterious, requiring both hard work and luck.  

Some people were unable to enter through the martial arts door their entire life, while some were born with divine power and could emit a dazzling brilliance with little work.

In the great Sui period, Li Yuanba was someone famous for his superb physical strength, able to fight an ox with one hand and tear a tiger with two. He had triumphed in every battle with brute strength alone, and had defeated many heroic warriors back then.

Monk Wuhua was a bit like Li Yuanba. Of course, he heard that Li Yuanba was handsome and elegant, admired by tens of thousands of women, while Monk Wuhua was just an ‘ugly and disgusting version’.

Monk Wuhua had simply stretched his hand out when the giant axe, which had been smashed into a deep pit on the ground, returned to his hand.  

“Grandpa is going to chop you up.”

As he roared, his body rapidly sped towards Li Muyang from above.

Brandishing his bronze axe that was flashing red flames, there was faintly the roar of tiger, aiming at the head of Li Muyang.

Roaring sky axe!

The roar of the tiger resounded through the heavens, slaughtering all living creatures.

Li Muyang did not expect Monk Wuhua to be in possession of a remarkable weapon listed in the ‘Treasure and weapon scroll’.

Li Muyang swiftly drew back, watching the Roaring sky axe ‘slam’ into the position where he had just stood.


A tremendous gulf was formed in the ground.

As the powerful qi of the giant axe spread, the gulf continued to extend in all directions.

The ice and snow melted and rocks were swirling in the air.

On the ground, there were fire centipedes scurrying around, digging holes.

The attack had failed.

Monk Wuhua raised the axe into the air again, launching a strike in the direction of where Li Muyang was escaping——


In the sky, there was a rainbow-like red flame.

Li Muyang fled again, and Monk Wuhua struck again.

‘The Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain’ was displayed to the fullest extent. He moved like drifting clouds without leave the slightest trace.

In the sky, there was only one illusory figure.

Monk Wuhan launched one axe after another, chasing after Li Muyang without stopping.

Li Muyang clearly sensed that Monk Wuhan’s pace was inferior to his, and was now slowing down.

Li Muyang also could clearly tell that the power of the axe was growing weaker, and sometimes it was even an aimless move.

Monk Wuhua was not stupid.

Or, not as stupid as Li Muyang had thought.

However, there will always be a time when human strength is exhausted.

Li Muyang, who had fused with the Tear of the Dragon King, possessed the recovery ability of the dragon, yet was still exhausted after the battle against Mu Dingyi.

Let alone Monk Wuhua, who simply did not seem to understand the laws of utilizing strength——

When Monk Wuhua brought his axe down again, Li Muyang knew that it was time for him to fight back.

Li Muyang roared, charging over to where Monk Wuhua was in the high sky.

He was speeding straight towards Monk Wuhua, as if to use his physical body to smash his enormous body.  

“Came just at the right time.” Monk Wuhua laughed. “Eat another axe of Grandpa.” “

Monk Wuhua once again brought the huge axe up.


Li Muyang also waved his fist in the same way.  

“Go die.” Monk Wuhua swung his axe down.

The air was burning with the scorching qi, producing crackling explosive noises in the space.

When the giant axe fell, it was as though a bronze mirror had shattered to fragment. There was an irregular sense of structure in the space, and there were countless mirrors reflecting Li Muyang.


Li Muyang’s body was severed in half.

No, severed into countless halves.

Because the countless Li Muyang in the mirrors had turned into countless Li Muyang divided into two halves.  

“Dead?” Monk Wuhua burst into loud laughter.

Suddenly, his body tensed up, as if he had encountered the sudden attack of a tiger.

He sharply spun around, pupils widening.

Li Muyang did not die.

Li Muyang had reappeared behind him.  

“Go die.” Li Muyang drew his mouth back into a sneer.

Then, Li Muyang aimed at punch at Monk Wuhua’s head.


It was like a ripe watermelon had been punched to pieces, like a fire crystal fruit being crushed to juice.


Monk Wuhua’s body slammed heavily to the ground, smashing a huge pit into the snowy ground.

The Roaring Sky Axe in his hand fell beside him, similarly breaking through the layers of ice and snow, and buried into the dirt.

Li Muyang slowly landed, casting a glance over at Monk Wuhua to confirm that he was completely dead.

It was only then that he could breathe a sigh of relief and turned to look at the situation on the other side.

With one glance, there was immediately a feeling of worry in his heart.

Lu Qingming was being besieged by three people, who Li Muyang had seen before.

One was the imperial master of Chu Xianda, Black fly, who also suddenly attacked and killed Chu Xianda’s loyal servant White Bear from behind.

This person, who was thin and small, was like a dwarf, but his whole body was shrouded in black smoke. Moreover, he moved swiftly and was merciless, making it difficult for people to guard against.

It was also he who brought great distress to Lu Qingming.

The other two were dressed in white robes, tall and thin, with poker faces.

Li Muyang did not know their name, just that they were also the imperial masters at Chu Xianda’s side.

It had to be said that the strength that Chu Xianda had kept hidden at his side was quite impressive. These years he had been recruiting soldiers and talents.

Who would have thought that all the people around him had been bribed by the old man of the Song family——

Those people had become the culprits of the backstabbing, the criminals in the subversion of imperial power.

The were simply asking for trouble by playing mind games with Song Gudu.

Li Muyang knew that he must immediately kill an opponent like Song Gudu——if not then he must quickly run away lest he be killed.

While he was battling against Monk Wuhua, Lu Qingming was taking on three enemies at once.

Most importantly, he still kept an eye on Li Muyang’s situation.

Because he knew that Li Muyang had exhausted all his strength before and could not even stand up at all. Even if he could stand up now, there was no way he could deal with such powerful masters.

If Li Muyang was in difficulty, then he would rush over to help no matter what.

Lu Qingming was fighting at full strength.  

Although he felt a feeling of powerlessness when facing peerless masters like Mu Dingyi and Song Gudu, when his opponents were these imperial masters, he was much more calm and collected.

However, after the several consecutive battles during the escape previously, he was seriously wounded and his combat power had also greatly reduced as a result. Facing the coordinated twins and Black fly who appeared and disappeared unpredictably, he was unable to cope, and several new wounds were added to his chest and back that were already riddled with scars.

Li Muyang felt his heart aching when he saw this.

Although he could not accept that Lu Qingming was his father, he had already subconsciously believed that Lu Qingming was his father.

“Lu Qingming is my biological father, and those scums are hurting my father——”

Li Muyang raged, soaring into the air, and activated the unfathomable ‘Art of Traveling through Clouds and Summoning Rain’.

“Die.” Li Muyang struck a palm at the chest of one of the twins.

It was now two against three. Li Muyang’s addition had immediately reduced Lu Qingming’s burden.

Lu Qingming saw that Li Muyang was safe and sound, not injured in the slightest, and was full of energy when he was fighting.

It was only then that Lu Qingming could relax and focus on dealing with the two masters in front of him.

“Muyang, be careful.” Lu Qingming reminded.

“I know.”

Lu Qingming felt an unprecedented sense of satisfaction to be able to fight shoulder to shoulder with his son, and keeping watch and defending each other.

All is well if one has a son!  

“My son is back.” Lu Qingming exclaimed in his mind. “Father would be extremely happy to know about this——”


Li Muyang had killed one of the poker faces with one slam, letting his body turn into a pool of blood and flesh under that fierce destructive force.


Lu Qingming swung his spear, skewering the body of the other white robed poker face into mid air. His pupils widened, and he sprayed out mouthfuls of blood.

Li Muyang and Lu Qingming exchanged a glance, and as though the father and son could read each other’s mind, with one on the right and the other on the left they moved around Black fly to outflank him.

The dwarf sensed that the situation was unfavourable and turned to escape.

Unfortunately, his bodywork, although strange, but Li Muyang was still able to capture the movements.

Li Muyang reappeared behind him, aiming a punch right at his chest.

Although Black fly had reacted rapidly, quickly attempted to escape, but in the end was still wounded by that punch and sent flying.


His body fell to the ground, gushing out mouthfuls of blood.

Li Muyang darted over with incredibly speed and stomped on his chest, trying to break his ribs and send him to the 18th level of hell.  

“Dragons are indeed ruthless and cruel.” An old voice sounded.

Li Muyang looked up to see a thin old man in a grey robe floating in the air, looking at him in a condescending way and with a faint smile on his face.

Song Gudu!

Song Gudu had rushed over from thousands of miles away within a short time.

“Song Gudu——” Li Muyang fumed, “You old dog——”

“Song Gudu, where is my father?”  Lu Qingming became agitated when he saw Song Gudu, his repressed worry was instantly exposed.

“He’s dead.” Song Gudu responded indifferently, a reverent expression surfacing on his face. “That spear——surpassed all others of its kind before and since.”

“Song Gudu——” Lu Qingming roared at the top of his voice


A mouthful of blood spouted out.



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