Chapter 489: The dragon nail hit the dragon!


A glance of thousands of years.

Song Gudu had the ability to lengthen time infinitely and shorten it instantly.

When Song Gudu wanted to capture Li Muyang, when he had this ‘thought’, he had already ‘done’ it, because time was shortened by the rapid speed, the distance between them was closed instantly. It looked like that Song Gudu had already clutched at the neck of Li Muyang the moment he reached out his hand.

Li Muyang simply had no time or chance to fight back at all.

Unless he also stepped into the Astral projection realm to understand the laws of ‘A glance of thousand of years’, or possessed a cultivation base and realm that was higher and more ferocious than Song Gudu.

Song Gudu’s hands were thin, shriveled, gentle, and did not seem to have much strength.

It was such a simple grip, but no matter how hard Li Muyang struggled he could not make it budge an inch.

As Song Gudu had said, this really was much simpler.

The way Song Gudu held Li Muyang’s neck was as though he was carrying a little chick to be slaughtered.

Song Gudu condescendingly stared into Li Muyang’s eyes: “Li Muyang, what’s your answer?”

“I have already spoken of my conditions.” Li Muyang said in a loud voice. He spoke normally and his breathing was normal. Although he had a hand around his neck, it did not bring him the slightest pressure or feeling of death. “Let go of my family and release all the people of the Lu clan, and I’ll tell you the secret of the dragon clan’s longevity. Otherwise, I’d rather die with them——”

Li Muyang knew that, given the fact that Song Gudu paid no attention to all things in the world and only cared about longevity, if he were to tell him the secret of the dragon clan, he would immediately kill him, his parents and family.

At that time, all the people would be dead, and only he would have eternal life——or a chance to live an eternal life.

Li Muyang’s family ran a bun shop. He knew that before the customer put money in his hand he must not pass the buns to them.

Because there was a saying: Throw a meatball to a dog and it will never be seen again.

Facing someone like Song Gudu, he may lose not only buns, but also his life.

Therefore, Li Muyang had to act tough.  

“Whether I kill you or let you go, can be decided with one thought.” Song Gudu exerted force with his hand. His grip on Li Muyang’s neck had only tightened a little, but Li Muyang immediately felt a shortness of breath, as though all his muscles and bone were about to be snap. “Why irritate me? That won’t do any good to you or your people. Tell me the secret of the Dragon clan’s longevity, and maybe I’ll let you go——”   

“Impossible.” Li Muyang said between gritted teeth, face turning purple.

He understood Song Gudu’s meaning. He might let him go, but it was more likely that he would kill him.

A proud old fellow like him would be unwilling to say a lie such as, ‘I promise you’ or ‘I will never kill you or your family’——which proves that his behaviour and actions were completely dependent on his nature.

Of course, Li Muyang knew that there was another possibility why he was unwilling to agree to his request.

Longevity was not something that can be built overnight; it required a long period of time to complete.

He would never let him or his family go until he had achieved longevity, or before he was certain that he can live forever——

In other words, he was going to imprison him and his family for life.

As long as he was alive, Li Muyang and his family were able to live.  

If he died, then it proves that Li Muyang had tricked him, and how would he let Li Muyang live alone?  

Besides, Li Muyang knew that there was indeed a secret to the dragon clan’s longevity, but that secret method was achieved at the cost of his life. If he were to tell him the secret and then died, how would his parents and sister have a chance to survive?

He had to make Song Gudu keep his family safe, and he had to be certain of their safety before he could feel reassured.

Song Gudu looked at Li Muyang. “You should know that, even if I let your family and the people of the Lu clan go, they are only temporarily safe. Wait till I obtain the secret of eternal life and kill them under rage——where can they escape to? So, what’s the point of your persistence now?”

“I want you to send someone to take them to the Peacock imperial court.” Li Muyang clenched his teeth, his face was red, and his mouth and eyes were covered with blood. “Only when they are safe with the Peacock imperial court will I be reassured to tell you the secret of the Dragon’s longevity. Otherwise——I will not obey even at death.”

“Li Muyang——” Song Gudu was still exerting force. Of course, he restrained himself because he did not want to strangle Li Muyang to death before he has his hands on the secret. “You are such a nuisance.”

“You’re——the same.” Li Muyang said, gnashing his teeth.

“Are you sure the Peacock imperial court will protect your family?”

“Yes.” Li Muyang firmly replied. “I am certain.”

“Oh.” Song Gudu nodded, “but I don’t want to promise you. After all these years, no one had dared to make a deal with me. Your grandpa Lu Xingkong also attempted to make a deal with me, and you know what happened to him.”

“Then kill me.”

“That’s against my will too.” Every word of Song Gudu was calm and indifferent, and on his face there was not the slightest trace of sadness or anger. However, his actions were incredibly ruthless, making one feel as though they can neither live nor die.

He said the gentlest words, but did the most vicious thing.

This old man who seek eternal life was simply a cold-blooded and ruthless abnormal person.


Li Muyang really wanted to kill this old man.

He hated the fact that he was unable to slice off his skin and flesh and slash him 3,654 times.  

Li Muyang had never met such a hateful person, who he hated down to the bones, yet could not do anything about it.

He couldn’t beat him, nor could he kill him.  

Even scolding——didn’t have any effect on him. Because his will was as tough and powerful as the tall mountain and vast sea. If you were to shout to the tall mountains and vast seat, at best, you would only get a few echoes. What other impact would it have?  

“Li Muyang, I am extremely curious about the Dragon clan——” Song Gudu looked at Li Muyang’s blood-red eyes, such eyes made his eyes light up. There was a faint smile curving his lips, and the cold blood in his body had a hint of warmth. He liked this feeling, this provocative feeling, which brought a refreshing feeling.

His blood had been cold for tens of years, and his heart had been still for tens of years.

He had been waiting all this time, waiting for the winter plum blossom to bloom, waiting to tread across the starry sky, waiting to become that immortal person who lives as long as the heaven and earth.

There were thousands of great Dao in this world, can one live forever?

It was only eternal life that was the ultimate goal to be pursued by the top cultivators.  

“I also have a slight understanding of the Dragon clan. I know that tens of thousands of years ago, before the Dragon slayer battle, those starry sky cultivators or dragon slayer heroes had met the Dragon clan. They used an extremely cruel way to torture the dragons, in order to complete a variety of fair or unfair trades——‘The Dragon Nail of the Netherworld’.”

“Song Gudu——”

Song Gudu noticed Li Muyang’s frightened expression: “You see, you should know about this kind of technique. Using the power of the netherworld, the coldest and most sinister qi underground is condensed into a nail, and then pierced into the bones of the dragon. In the end, those dragons can neither live nor die, suffering the most unbearable pain——As it turns out, I also know a little bit of this technique.”

Song Gudu’s left hand was clutched around Li Muyang’s neck, right hand spread open, palm facing down.


A white glow radiated from the palm of his hand and then spread towards the depths.

Soon, the white beam of light was turned black, and masses of black smoke, like wandering souls, were gathering toward his palm.

What’s the dirtiest place?

The underground was the dirtiest.

Ashes return to ashes, dust to dust.

Whether it was the dirty toxins or human or animal skeletons, will eventually be turned to mud, integrating with the soil.

Moreover, there were 18 layers of hell underground, with every layer of hell imprisoning countless evil spirits.

The Netherworld Dragon Nail gathered together the dirtiest, most toxic and coldest qi underground to form a black dragon nail.

The tormenter will strike this nail into the bones of the dragon, making him bear the pain of the Dragon Nail day and night, in constant suffering. The pain and torment grows stronger every day.

At that time, the Dragon would be unlike dragons, more like evil spirits, or monsters. In the end, even their powerful physique would not withstand, or be tortured to death, or accept the deal proposed by the human race.


The black body of qi rose, and those malicious spirit-like things accumulated around Song Gudu’s palm.

In the palm of Song Gudu’s hand, a black ball of light took shape, growing larger and larger, longer and longer, wide at the top and thin at the bottom, until condensed into a nail.

Then, Song Gudu raised the black nail into the air, placing it above the top of Li Muyang’s head.

“Li Muyang, since you know the pain of the dragon nail, then why make senseless struggle? Tell me the secret of the longevity of the Dragon clan, and I will spare your life——”

“Let my sister go——let my family go——”

“Stupid.” Song Gudu sighed.

Then his hand, which was carrying the black nail, slowly pressed down.

“Ahhhhh——” Li Muyang screamed out tragically.

The black nail pierced his head, drilling down inch by inch.

It will drill through the skin of Li Muyang, the flesh of Li Muyang, and pierce into the bones of Li Muyang.

Finally, it will turn into a toxic thorn, a cold nail in the bone.



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